Tucker Carlson had the biggest scare of his life when he ended up in the hospital for this emergency

Tucker Carlson broadcasted his shows like normal this week.

But Carlson was hiding something from the viewers.

And Tucker Carlson had the biggest scare of his life when he ended up in the hospital for this emergency.

Motherboard obtained audio of Tucker Carlson talking to his crew about the emergency back surgery he underwent on Wednesday morning before returning to broadcast his show that night.

Carlson described being in unbearable untreatable pain and was given opioids to dull the pain which had no effect.

“They hit me up, they told me this morning, with such a huge dose of dilaudid, which is more powerful than morphine, when I got there, that I had trouble breathing,” Carlson said on the recording. “Scared the shit out of me. Didn’t have any effect at all. And then all night, I lay there, the nurse finally upped my dosage of dilaudid to the point where every eight minutes I hit it and it was like getting shot. Just like bam, feel it hit me, and it didn’t touch the pain.”

Carlson added that he hadn’t felt this fearful since he was in a plane crash 20 years ago.

But Carlson told his crew that he had a newfound appreciation for America’s opioid crisis which is killing working class Americans in disturbing numbers.

“I said this to [an associate],” Carlson added, “and he had such a deep response. He goes, ‘That’s why all the houses in Maine are unclean and have toys on the front lawn. Because the people are on fentanyl, they’re on opioids, and they’ve lost their dignity, their self-respect.’ That thing that makes you super uptight when you look at your house and you’re like, ‘Ah the shutters need painting. F*ck.’ Maybe you paint them or maybe you don’t, but it bothers you, because you have dignity. That’s gone. So you’re like, ‘Oh, there’s a half-chewed rawhide toy on my pillow? Okay! Lie there with it.’ I don’t live like that. Have you ever been to my house? We’re not crazy but we’re orderly people, cause we have self-respect.”

Carlson woke up in severe pain on Monday but broadcasted his show on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday without making any mention to the audience about his suffering.

Finally on Thursday, Carlson took a day off.

Carlson showed his dedication to his viewers and his role in reporting the news by not letting any of this get in the way.

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