Tucker Carlson interviewed a whistleblower that is bad news for Joe Biden

Joe Biden counted on the Fake News Media and Big Tech companies to censor a bombshell story concerning allegations of corruption and pay-to-play schemes involving Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings.

But now, the American people will learn the truth.

That’s because Tucker Carlson interviewed a whistleblower and it’s bad news for Joe Biden.

On Tuesday Night, Tucker Carlson devoted his entire show to interviewing whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, who claims to have evidence Joe Biden had direct knowledge of Hunter Biden’s scheme to make tens of millions of dollars in a deal with a Communist Chinese government connected energy company.


Bobulinski appeared at the last debate and presented multiple mobile devices that contained text messages and emails that Bobulinski claimed were evidence of influence peddling.

The FBI interviewed Bobulinski and now, despite the blackout from the rest of the media, he told his story on a major platform for the first time.

Joe Biden has claimed repeatedly that he never discussed Hunter Biden’s business dealings with him.

Bobulinski says that is not true and stated that he had a 2017 meeting with Joe Biden about the deal with the Communist Chinese aligned energy company that Hunter Biden described as the Biden family legacy.

The Fake News Media’s censorship campaign may be forced to end as Bobulinski appeared on a show that draws more than on average five million viewers per night.

Refusing to cover the story now just shows the Fake News Media is more of a lapdog for Biden than a “watchdog” for the country.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.