Tucker Carlson issued a coronavirus warning that made everyone sit up and pay attention

Tucker Carlson was one of the first members of the media to raise the alarm about the dangers of the coronavirus.

Carlson has been a truth teller at a time when many in the fake news media misled the American people about this pandemic.

And now Tucker Carlson issued a coronavirus warning that made everyone sit up and pay attention.

China claims to have the coronavirus under control in Wuhan, where the outbreak started.

Almost no one believes these claims.

Chief among them is Tucker Carlson who warned Americans that China allowed the “wet markets” – where authorities claim the virus originated as Chinese consumers ate bats – are now open again.

“Well, we still don’t know where the coronavirus came from originally in Wuhan, and anyone who tells you we are certain of that is lying to you,” Carlson declared.

“But many people believe it could have originated in the wet market in Wuhan. That’s a place where consumers buy the meat of wild animals to eat including bats. Wild animal wet markets have long been recognized as a major pandemic threat,” Carlson continued.

“As coronavirus spread, China announced it would crack down on them, obviously, but it looks like the crackdown didn’t last long. According to Daily Mail, across China, wet markets are reopening and selling the same animals that they did before.”

China covered up the virus’ outbreak and lied about the true nature of the infection for weeks.

Had they come clean at the beginning the coronavirus could have been contained to Wuhan and not spread across the globe.

But now – even after all the death and economic devastation their dishonesty and recklessness caused – Tucker Carlson warned that China is still inviting global catastrophe by setting up a powder keg that could explode into a new viral pandemic at any time.

“Again, we have known for more than a decade that wet markets are a disease timebomb,” Carlson added. “This is not the first virus to emanate from them. But it looks like even after a global crisis, China continues to threaten the rest of us with wet markets.”

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Dan Tyree, why do you support Trump in one comment, then bash him in another comment. Were you just being sarcastic? Do you support him or not???

  2. My Fellow Republitards: After much reflection on this pandemic and how poorly it has been handled I have had a change of heart toward our inept leader trump. He has endangered us all with his abnormal reasonings. He has been slow to react, refused critical aid, called the pandemic a democrat hoax, stated- soon it will all go away and lots of other asinine comments. I have come to realize he is truly an idiot and not American friendly. We must remember all this in November and vote his sorry ass out!!!

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  4. MacArthur wanted nuke this zipperhead bastards along time ago, naturally Truman fired him. MacArthur new the problems they would cause in the future due to the fact they can’t be trusted. Look at Korean and Vietnam, has their foot print all over it. My dad told me one thing when he came back from the Korean War, was that Chinese are fearless fighters…And guess what, there’s a lot more of them!!!

  5. Why are our federal agencies allowing the Communist Chinese to buy up such large U.S.food producing farms and factories often above market value. They have especially bought a large section of U.S. pork farms and processing plants. Has anyone else noticed for example, bacon is at a ridiculous price. The communist Chinese should not own anything is this country using their front companies. Just exactly do we own in China. Something smells!

  6. They eat dogs in China and Vietnam on a regular basis. Seen some Vietnamese eating soup with dogs eye balls in it. That was the day I made a decision not to ever trust one of them. Seems old Robert watches Bill Maher and John Oliver, two biggest idiots on late night TV…Little Bill can take his electrical car and stick it right up his ass Julio the Culo…

  7. Rivamitch it is a fact that at the behest of those evil tyrannical Chinese politicians the Covid-19 virus was Bioengineered.

  8. The Wet Markets as they are defined in China have reopened for business, back to Chinese citizens eating bat, rat, lizard and things your average United States citizen would never ingest the flesh of, thank goodness that most of the Chinese citizenship have finally become enlightened enough not to eat dog meat or what I found completely offensive and repulsive eating the flesh of puppies.

  9. Robert, you are a liar, but that is what dems do, conceal the truth. Since they have no morals, lying is okay

  10. Robert as soon as Trump found out that this thing is serious he took action. That’s more than mulatto Obama did with the flue on his watch. Be proud of our president and stop whining snowflake

  11. Thank you fluffy pillow it seems as if the libtards have to be dismissive when it doesn’t fit there agenda. When all else fails throw out the race card. The sad part is how long did China lie about it and how long has it been in the U.S.?

  12. Bill Bradshaw…I am with you! I do believe the Population Controllers knew exactly what they were doing….and funny that this virus really affects the older people, who are probably mostly conservatives, who understand what the New World Order will do to America! Young people need to be awakened to the history of America and why keeping America a “Republic for which we stand” is essential to our future as a nation.

  13. Fox News said the virus wasn’t a big deal. Rush Limbaugh said it was nothing more than the common cold. The right said I was the New Democrats hoax, I.e. the president himself. Wow!!!

  14. When Trump blocked travel from China, the demoncrats called it “racist”.
    Now the demoncrats are claiming Trump didn’t act quick enough.
    Fellow Americans, don’t be stupid. Don’t vote democrats into power.
    Voting democrat is no different than voting for the Chinese communist party.
    They are one and the same. Democrats HATE America and want to make it something else.

  15. we need to cut the head off the snake or as soon as this virus war is won there will be another following right on its heals — at this time the virus has mutated 8 times and will continue to mutate–the wuhan labortries are owned by the most evil hateful perons in the world george soros and his son — bill gates the cheap hippie swindler that stold the idea for computers owns labortories in the eastern usa — hillary clintons daughter married soros nephew –connect the dots people — the longer these evil people exist on this earth the longer these problems will continue to exist

  16. The only place old Joe should be going to is the old folks home! Throw in the towel Sleepy Joe!! Your DONE!

  17. Well, to be blunt, China allows such wet markets as they WANT people to get sick and die as it is a given that China has a problem with overpopulation. Allowing these markets to stay open is a way for the Chinese Communist Gov’t to “Thin the herd” as it would be called if we were mere cattle. To China people are just that, cattle, to be used and then discarded. They have many people but lack empathy and raw humanity.

  18. Communism is a failed ideology. Karl Marx really wasn’t all that bright.
    The only way to keep communism afloat is to hide it’s failures, and hide the mistakes of the overlords that manage it. This is why communists must block news, and internet access to the outside world. They did it in the former Soviet Union, and still doing it today in China, and Cuba, and other communist countries.

  19. The chinks gave us coronavirus. Let’s give them our commiecrats to test their antibiotics on. Start with Nancy, shift and chucky. Send retard joe. He could pretend to be president over there.

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