Tucker Carlson issued one coronavirus warning that stunned Fox News viewers

Tucker Carlson has been sounding alarm bells for weeks about the Chinese coronavirus.

Carlson went so far as to see Donald Trump in person over his concerns about the virus.

And now Tucker Carlson issued one coronavirus warning that stunned Fox News viewers.

Donald Trump announced on Monday new Centers for Disease Control guidelines recommending all bars, restaurants, and gyms close and Americans practice social distancing by limiting gatherings to fewer than 10 people.

Tucker Carlson – despite his previous concerns about the dangers of the Chinese coronavirus – expressed his worry that mass shutdowns and quarantines would destroy the economy and cost millions of Americans their jobs.

“So if you ask an epidemiologist what we ought to do next, the answer is simple: shut it down, close every public space until the virus passes,” Carlson began.

“From a public health standpoint, that makes sense, but what would be the consequences of doing that?” he asked. “Millions and millions of people would lose their jobs, some of them for good. We would enter a severe recession with mass unemployment and it could get worse from there. It’s not a joke, that could happen. You would see an awful lot of people in poverty in middle America and that poses its own kind of public health risk. Poor countries are never healthy countries. If you want great health care, you’ve got to pay for it and you have to have money to do so,” Carlson continued.

Donald Trump views the health and safety of the American people as more important than the stock market or the economic impact of the virus.

As Tucker Carlson notes the economic consequences of this Chinese virus on the American people are very real.

But President Trump also stated that this was a public health crisis and once that was solved the economy and the stock market would come roaring back.

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