Tucker Carlson issued one coronavirus warning that stunned Fox News viewers

Tucker Carlson has been sounding alarm bells for weeks about the Chinese coronavirus.

Carlson went so far as to see Donald Trump in person over his concerns about the virus.

And now Tucker Carlson issued one coronavirus warning that stunned Fox News viewers.

Donald Trump announced on Monday new Centers for Disease Control guidelines recommending all bars, restaurants, and gyms close and Americans practice social distancing by limiting gatherings to fewer than 10 people.

Tucker Carlson – despite his previous concerns about the dangers of the Chinese coronavirus – expressed his worry that mass shutdowns and quarantines would destroy the economy and cost millions of Americans their jobs.

“So if you ask an epidemiologist what we ought to do next, the answer is simple: shut it down, close every public space until the virus passes,” Carlson began.

“From a public health standpoint, that makes sense, but what would be the consequences of doing that?” he asked. “Millions and millions of people would lose their jobs, some of them for good. We would enter a severe recession with mass unemployment and it could get worse from there. It’s not a joke, that could happen. You would see an awful lot of people in poverty in middle America and that poses its own kind of public health risk. Poor countries are never healthy countries. If you want great health care, you’ve got to pay for it and you have to have money to do so,” Carlson continued.

Donald Trump views the health and safety of the American people as more important than the stock market or the economic impact of the virus.

As Tucker Carlson notes the economic consequences of this Chinese virus on the American people are very real.

But President Trump also stated that this was a public health crisis and once that was solved the economy and the stock market would come roaring back.

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  2. First, I think Trump is a great President! He has done an amazing job growing US economy, bringing job back from oversees, protecting us from terrorists and preventing criminal illegals from flooding the country. Second, I do agree with Tim Beach. Timing of the virus “accidentally leaking” in China is highly suspect! It was right after the Schiff Show “impeached” the President on false pretenses, but couldn’t dig up any solid evidence that would stick in the Senate, so nervous Nancy held up the articles of impeachment for…. 45 days! That’s when the communist virus just happened to “leak”. And sure thousands of people are sufferings and dying. But the the communists they are just collateral damage in the war against the free world and against Trump as its leader.

  3. Aww Phyliss, always saying it straight out! Well said! Unfortunately some people were born brainless, they always become democrats.

  4. Fake Dan he was trying to keep down panic until he found out more about it. But after that the leadership of Trump is outstanding. Even Omar the rag head squad skank spoke favorably about it. It’s the idiots on the left, like you, that that makes political crap out of serious situations that isn’t the fault of our president. So take your meds and go away. If we’re lucky, you will OD. You commie fake asshole.

  5. One must remember, just 2 weeks ago this was just another “hoax”, then a few days later, “don’t worry when the warm weather gets here it will be gone”, then a few days later “a national emergency” and now “he is a war time president!” WOW, if only he would have taken action prior to his 1st comment. He VERY obviously didn’t LISTEN to medical experts because we ALL know Trump believes HE is an “expert” on ANY and EVERY subject. The only ting is an “expert” in is being a “CON MAN!!!!

  6. satan will do all he can to bring this country down and he has the dems on his side. They are very evil in trying to blame the virus on Pres. Trump. Their goal is total control over our lives and they will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. They do not care about right and wrong. They have no morals.

  7. Every American with a functioning brain? Now that’s funny right there. I don’t care who you are. You’re like the meat head guy on the old all in the family show. Dead from the neck up. You’re just another brain dead commie troll with the IQ of retard like Biden.

  8. Every American… It is very obvious that YOU do not have a functioning brain. You have no concept of the truth. You just come here and spew your sick hate, lies, and name-calling. Your ignorance is profound. This is a conservative Christian site, NEITHER of which you know anything about. You just spew your sick hate, lies, and name-calling all of which God forbids. Take your sick hate somewhere else

  9. America will recover and move past this malady. Just as we have always done. Coming out stronger and smarter for the experience. Those that politicize this are the scum at the bottom, easy to spot and must be eliminated for the good of all.

  10. Mike T and Julio. This crisis escalated more than he thought. Trump is showing great leadership. And take notice that he’s trying to work with both sides. And he would be that way even if he was in his 2nd term and wasn’t going to face the voters again.

  11. How do you break up protesters in Hong Kong without running over them with tanks and have the world on your back again…Simple, Bio-Warfare… Chinese have never worried about collateral damage, you stand in their way, you disappear without a trace…Their economy drops, so will yours.

  12. I have a couple of questions that I have not seen asked or answered on TV.
    1. Why does everyone treating this virus needing a hi-tech breathing mask?
    2. Is the virus totally air-born or must it be actual contact to catch it?
    3. If air-born, how long can it live without a host?
    4. How long is the virus active on a surface (not a live person) and still able to react with a live host?
    It looks to me as if this virus actually can be transmitted via the air breathed by people (animals???) and if it is we need to know how long it can survive in the air. Further, we need to know how effective the filter must be to prevent the virus from traveling through the filter. Yes I am aware that if this information is made available to the general public it could and probably would create more panic than it already has. This is especially true if the protective masks are not available for immediate purchase/given to the people. I am quite sure Congress has been advised of how to protect their families and I would like to know so I may protect mine. For myself I am an 82 year old disabled vet who has had a long and memorable life but I also have young grandchildren whom I want to protect if different procedures are needed.
    Robert Taylor A proud DAV.

  13. I wish democrats would stop making everything about race or politics and actually work with republicans to fix problems. All the democrats do is point fingers and try to blame other people, or accuse them of what the democrats themselves are actually guilty of.
    Think what could have been accomplished if democrats had worked for the American people instead of wasting 3 years with Russian collusion and impeachments. Now the new thing is to try and blame this new virus on Trump. Democrats will never change it seems.

  14. TIM BEACH – The % death rate for Covid-19 is much greater than H1N1 and there was a vaccine developed. Additionally, the transmission is much easier, as its been proven to last on surfaces (countertops, shopping carts, cash, etc.) for a much longer period of time. Lastly, people can be asymptomatic and still spread it.

  15. Uncle Hoppy,
    The government borrows money from the “private bankster” Federal Reserve who charges us interest on it. The money is digital, created out of thin air. It is the FED who gets our tax money and decides what they wish to do with it. Fishy, huh. Should we worry about the FED who has made off like a bandit for many years?

  16. Well Bliss, if you remember a few short weeks ago, Don was mocking anyone and everyone that said this was a serious issue. He lied repeatedly about preparedness and available testing. He appointed goofy Pence who is as inspirational as a goat.
    Don has run up a trillion dollar deficit as the great growth he predicted with tax cuts never happened. He spent all that money (debt) in an expanding economy when most administrations would have been reducing the deficit. But not Don. The self proclaimed “King of Debt”. He sees the US just as he saw his casinos. A great way to plunder for his own gain. And to screw the workers and investors with stories about how great the places were. Five bankruptcies later, they all had nothing. But he raked his money in.
    Don is a con man through and through. And you are among those most easily conned.

  17. Tucker Carlson should let Trump, the best president in my lifetime, do what he has to do. He’s proving real leadership.

  18. Victims of CNN CNBC….propaganda need not regurgitate the nonsense that’s been pounded into their simple minds, it’s gotten old boring and meaningless to an informed public

  19. The Main thing right now is keeping low this tiny virus who put the whole world on its knees…. If you can stay home…. and listen do everything Mr Trump and his great team says…After,…. CHINA must be accountable of this. It is astonish, sick and evil… to hear fake news just because they hate our amazing president to side with CHINA. A COMMUNIST COUNTRY who has no credibility their governments 100% devious, liars. I do feel bad for its people all been brainwash by this evil. USA doing business with china because labor is cheaper there??? not worth it. Under the radar China had other motives more sinister. Time to put china out.

  20. What we need to do is BUSSEINSS AS USUAL! But with some guide lines for the cutting down of the number of people on the streets and in stores. Let us apply that old practice of ODD NUMBER and EVENUMBER DAYS for people to be on the STREETS and Stores! Those whose streeNumbers are Odd on certan days and those who are of Even Numers on others edays of the week.

  21. The President is correct. The American people health is more important than being with people and going out. We still need to live and get food and supplies.

  22. The President is correct. The American people health is more important than being with people and going out.

  23. Looks like the president has one big mess on his hands, but thank God we have a real president in office and not a dingbat democrat running the show. Donal Trump is going to be reelected and the economy will bounce back. Hopefully we willalso win baxk the house and keep the majority in the senate, maybe wven pick up some more governerships and elect another Supreme court justice! The main thing in the next election is to beat the communists on the left!

  24. Trump, Carlson, EVERYONE at Fox Noise, ALL trumptards, Republitards are lying, imbecile, traitor scum.

  25. This virus is the only chance the democrats have of winning in November.
    If they can convince enough stupid low information voters that this whole thing is Trump’s fault, and it will never happen again if we put sleepy Joe in office then they win.

  26. Profound wisdom Uncle Hoppy.

    Hopefully, containing the virus, to save lives, will be a brief temporary interlude. Considering the tech and medical sophistication, a vaccine will be forthcoming.

    Government $1,000 relief checks will uplift money and health fears.

    The priority is the health of Americans. Saving lives, not money.

    Thank God for President Trump. In God We Trust.

  27. Tucker is okay, he is just a worrier. The Trumpster will handle this crisis and we will be okay. The real question is what is wrong with Joaquin Phoenix? What an asshole.

  28. I just cant understand all the panic over this virus compared to the several others that swept through our country. When Obummer was in office we had Swine flu and H1N1 that killed many more people than this one has. And nobody ever said a single word about shutting the whole country down. It seems amazingly coincidental to me that as soon as the FAKE Impeachement failed miserably that all of a sudden up pops this virus. Plan B?????

  29. I wonder how the government is supposed to pay it’s bills if it has no tax revenue because it closed the country? Nobody working – nobody paying taxes. No money to dole out.
    The good news is we found a cure for the patient.
    The bad news is the cure will kill the patient.

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