Tucker Carlson just exposed the real danger Trump contracting the coronavirus posed

Donald Trump testing positive for the coronavirus was a bombshell moment in American life.

Americans tried to process the threat to Trump as well as what this meant for the trajectory of the virus in America.

Now Tucker Carlson just exposed the real danger Trump contracting the coronavirus posed.

On Monday night, Donald Trump walked out of Walter Reed Medical Center, boarded Marine One, and landed on the White House lawn.

The President then strode onto the White House porch, saluted the service men and then filmed a video telling the American people not to be afraid of the coronavirus and that America can beat the pandemic.

Tucker Carlson took note of how healthy the President looked and noted that was in stark contrast to the Fake News Media coverage all weekend that portrayed the president as on death’s doorstep.

Carlson explained that the Fake News Media didn’t want Americans focusing on this reality so they immediately launched into a sideshow over the President removing his mask.

“These are dangerous facts. If you’re allowed to think about them too much, you might draw the wrong conclusions. You might conclude the coronavirus isn’t quite as scary as they are telling you it is. You might regret giving up your constitutional rights in a panic last spring or letting them destroy the American economy in response,” Carlson added.

Carlson explained that if people trusted what they saw as opposed to what they heard they would question the failed shutdown policies and other measures to suppress the virus that so-called “public health experts” imposed.

“And above all, you might stop believing the news media. Why are we watching this crap? It’s not news. It’s propaganda. They’re lying to us. We just caught them again,” Carlson added.

The media was livid that Donald Trump survived the coronavirus.

So-called “reporters” were actually upset that the President of the United States recovered from the coronavirus.

But as Tucker Carlson explained, they weren’t upset purely for partisan reasons – although they hate the President and want to see Trump get his comeuppance – but also because the President surviving this illness proves that they have been lying to people for months about the coronavirus.

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