Tucker Carlson just exposed this secret Joe Biden plan to destroy America

Everything Joe Biden touches turns to failure.

But the consequences of Biden’s latest policy push are frightening.

And Tucker Carlson just exposed this secret Joe Biden plan to destroy America.

Tucker Carlson warned that even though Joe Biden is in the hip pocket of Communist China, he is still trying to provoke a war with China over Taiwan.

Carlson said Biden – who appears to be compromised by the Communist Chinese through business ties to his son Hunter – is the most-pro-China President in history.

But Carlson warned that the administration’s saber rattling with Communist China over Taiwan only made sense if you wanted to purposefully destroy the United States.

“Biden has been more pro-China than any President, and yet he seems to want a war with China. Now, this does not make any sense at all. In fact, it only makes sense if the Biden White House is intentionally trying to weaken and destroy the United States,” Carlson told viewers.

Joe Biden kicked tens of thousands of service members out of the Armed Forces with his tyrannical vaccine mandate.

And the United States just fell far short of its recruiting goals as Americans recoiled from Biden’s woke military, which teaches Critical Race Theory and wants to train members of the Armed Forces to use the correct pronouns.

Carlson explained that Biden was trying to goad Communist China into a war in Taiwan the same way he opened the door for Russian President Vladimir Putin to order an invasion of Ukraine.

“There’s no other logical explanation for what we’re seeing now. And in fact, the template is very familiar. What’s happening in China looks very much like what happened in Ukraine earlier this year,” Carlson continued.

Carlson also expressed dismay over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – who he called completely unqualified – traveling to Taiwan during the biggest global flashpoint since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

“The administration sends the least capable possible emissary to a flashpoint in a faraway part of the world in order to provoke a violent response,” Carlson added.

Carlson compared Pelosi traveling to Taiwan to Biden dispatching Kamala Harris to Europe in a disastrous effort to stop Russia from invading Ukraine.

“This is lunacy. Nancy Pelosi, clearly you just saw the tape, has no understanding of what she is doing or what might happen if she does it. No one wants to say it out loud. But the truth is she can’t know because like Kamala Harris, she’s never even been in a bar fight. She has no understanding of violence or its consequences,” Carlson concluded.

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