Tucker Carlson just revealed one secret about why CNN wants him off the air

The left smells blood in the water and they are gunning for Tucker Carlson.

Liberals at supposed “news” outlets want Carlson silenced.

But Carlson went on TV and revealed the one secret about CNN wanting him off the air that they didn’t want you to know.

Carlson refused to bow to the online outrage mob trying to force Fox News to fire him in the wake of the Media Matters smear campaign.

The popular Fox News host revealed that the liberals out to get him don’t care about what he said.

Their real goal is to silence all dissent so liberals can control the flow of information heading into the 2020 election.

The Daily Caller reports:

“But what if we stopped pretending for a minute?” he asked before arguing that the Left ultimately seeks power by silencing the opposition.

The Fox News host then criticized Republican leaders for being complicit in “calling for the destruction” of the latest mob target.

Liberals demanding “total conformity” have “been working hard to kill” his show, Carlson contended, adding that “one of the only places left in the United States where independent thoughts are allowed is right here, the opinion hours on this network.”

CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and all the other mainstream media outlets all sing from the same sheet of anti-Trump music.

Fox News is the only major network where voters get an honest appraisal of the world.

CNN, their media reporters, as well as other Democrat activists in the so-called “mainstream” media want to chip away at the ability of Fox News to broadcast the news from a fair and balanced perspective.

If liberals control what news Americans see by censoring all good stories about Donald Trump, it will make it easier for Democrats to defeat Trump in 2020.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. They also copy what each other says. I cannot believe how they take one word and all use it to describe something. They can’t think of another word to describe it. Don’t they have enough “smarts” to do better than that. No, they don’t realize how dumb they come across. They lie and lie, and when they’re caught, they refuse to admit that it was a lie. I can’t stand to watch them. Even if I never got to see any news, I wouldn’t watch them.

    • Exactly Tucker Sean hannity Laura Ingram and judge Jeanine pirro tell the real truth and I back them completely and always will

  2. It is time That the real Americans say Enough is Enough. We need to
    stop this commie crap. I already wrote Trump about bringing in the military. Take out the traitors, of this Country. I asked why George Soro is still allowed, to still finance these people. We either make a stand now, or our Kids and Grandkids , Will pay a big price, because We didn’t stop this now.

    • According to Open Doors, 128 Christians were killed in Egypt for their faith and more than 200 were driven out of their homes in 2017. It attributed the rise in persecution to “the overspill of Islamic terrorists driven out of Iraq and Syria”.

      Last Easter, two church bombings killed 49 people, and another 29 were killed when extremists attacked people travelling to a monastery in May. More than 15 girls in Minya governorate were kidnapped in 2017 to be forced to marry Muslims and convert to Islam, Open Doors said.

  3. The Democratic party is using tactics simular to the former USER communist regime to silence any opposition to them and now that tactic is being used by their proxies ie the CNN (the communist civil liberties union) to slander Tucker and dig up as much dirt on him as possible to throw him off the air so they can continue to bash Donald Trump.

  4. I hope Nick the Covington teenager gets every penny of the $275 million from the cnn rag …. cnn deserves it and more!

    • I so agree, I love to hear Tucker speak, he only speaks the truth and the libtards do not want anyone telling the truth about their agenda. However, many of us are basically intelligent and have know for a long time how these dishonest people will do anything to silence anyone who calls them out.

  5. if you look at cnn,msnbc and all the other liberal news outlets all you see is a bunch of bobble heads agreeing with each other. looking at these idiots is some what looking at the 3 stooges.

    • He is definitely the best – the only one I will not miss, so always record it so if I’m not home, I can still listen. Don’t get proud though Tucker, like some other people. That would spoil your influence. I trust you, brother!

  6. Tucker don’t let these dumb fecal pellets with the fake news media bother you. Keep
    up your good work. I support you 100+ percent.

  7. Love and support you Tucker! My husband and I watch you all the time. Especially love your opening. Keep fighting and don’t back down!

  8. Luv u Tucker.
    U r fair to both sides.
    Luv ur sense of humor.
    Fox News is the best and most honest
    Of all media. God bless u & President Trump❤️

  9. Using personal attacks, based on real or fabricated data, is recommended political strategy in Rules For Radicals, the evil political hitman guidebook written by Saul Alinsky – Hillary Clinton’s mentor. This book recommends every dirty trick in the book, and it is all used by Democrats.

  10. I am glad for Fox News, Tucker, Hannity, And Laura. If the fake news channels would present the news with truth, and a unbias stories their ratings would be going up instead of going down. The truth always set you free. Lying always takes more lies to cover up the first lie. My wife and I stopped watching CBS, ABC, NBC a few years ago. True journalism is reporting news with out pushing an agenda. These fake news outlets have pushed so much hate for a man that won the Presidents office, and has done more than any other President in my life time, he has done so much for the American people, these news outlet can’t give him any credit. Mr President we the American people are thankful for you turning our country around, keep up the great work.

  11. We all know that there are 2 people that get under the Liberals and the Democrats skin. They both hate it when their ideas are not accepted as “the gospel”. They also don’t like to be called out for the lies they tell. They choose people who are easily influenced. As an independent thinker, I refuse to buy into their hateful propaganda,cand that makes them angry!They must accept that they are not the Chosen Ones, as they seem to think! We support Tucker, Hannity and everyone else for giving us a platform to disagree! Thx Fox Network! Your ratings are blowing them out of the world Ater! Amazing!!!

  12. President Harry Truman used to say, “Give ’em hell!” And I say, “Give ’em hell, Tucker!” I applaud you for having the GUTS to stand up and tell the truth! And that goes for Fox News channel, too! If it weren’t for that network, ordinary people like me would never know what is REALLY going on! And always remember that those who stand up for truth and justice will be like that proverbial salmon that swims upstream while all the other fish are just following the current. I’m praying (and ROOTING) for you!

  13. We all make mistakes in our younger and dumber days. We learn not to do dumb things and with God’s help rise to a better way of living. No liberals care what AOC did while she was 19. The old LIBERAL DOUBLE STANDARD AT WORK ONCE MORE!

    • Go Tucker!! I know these evil idiots won’t get you down because you are strong and stand by the truth. Love your show, is my favorite and one I don’t miss. Those lying networks are very jealous because you expose their lies, cynicism, and hypocrisy. Keep it Up!

  14. Thank you Tucker for all you do. Love Hannity and Laura and Martha! Hang in there, you are appreciated and respected for all the hard work you do!!

  15. GO Fox news, all the rest are trash. I will not listen to any of them. They have shamed the first amendment if our founding fathers are not rolling in their graves Then I am a monkey’s Aunt.


      • As much as I appreciate
        and love watching Fox News I would also quit watching and would dearly miss it, but if Tucker is let go I’ll make a resolution and stuck with it!! I’ll go back to watching NO NEWS!!


  17. Love your hour every night! Truth, honesty and the American way. Stand strong! We got your back. Without you and the rest of Fox team we would have nothing!

  18. Stay in there Tucker, Hannity, Lou, Judge Jeanio, we love you and we need honest reporting. Sure want get it from
    CNN the other stations. Can’t be honest.
    May God be with our First Lady and our President. Our great country.
    Don’t give up fight for us we are right we are with you.

  19. Never miss you, Sean and Laura. Martha is great also, but miss her often due to the hour of her show on the West Coast. You are the light in the dark. Know that you are needed and watched. They eventually will not win. Bless you and your family.

  20. We’re behind you Ticker. Many of us have had similar experiences when it comes to the left. If they don’t like what we say, they unfriend us and try to silence us also. We won’t let them silence us and we will stick with you also. Keep up the good reporting.

  21. Hold your head up with pride, Tucker, you know when they attack you they’re afraid of you just as they’re afraid of Trump! They don’t hate him, they FEAR him. He is truly a friend of the common people unlike most others both dems and republicans!

  22. Tucker, thank you for sharing the truth every week. I pray God keeps you, your family safe during the hit job from the left. You must be doing a great job to get the left to attact you.! Thanks for not giving up.

  23. So the liberals lost the respect for American freedom of speech. Let censor their messages, like FaceBook, Googles, and Twitter did. Ban ‘em all. They haven’t tried to put themselves in our shoe.

  24. The left still smells Bill O’Reilly’s blood in the water. And like the anti-American great white sharks they are, they cannot help themselves!

  25. FCK: CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe and the other fake news sites.

    Hang in there Tucker.

  26. Tucker is informative, entertaining and unlike most liberals has a good sense of humor. Hang in there, Tucker we have your back.

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