Tucker Carlson just shut down the biggest lie the Fake News Media tells about Adam Schiff

There is no question the so-called “mainstream” media is trying to use impeachment to turn Adam Schiff into a national hero.

That effort just came a screeching halt.

And that’s because Tucker Carlson just shut down the biggest lie the Fake News Media tells about Adam Schiff.

After Adam Schiff’s over two hour opening statement in the oral argument phase of President Trump’s impeachment trial the Fake News Media swooned.

Left-wing CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin claimed Schiff was “dazzling” and turned in the “second best courtroom performance” Toobin ever witnessed.

“I thought it was dazzling,” Toobin gushed. “I thought the way he wove through both the facts of the case and the historical context was really remarkable. It was the second-best courtroom address — since it’s like a courtroom, that I ever heard.”

Toobin went on to praise the partisan and flimsy case Schiff presented as airtight and overwhelming.

“When you consider the volume of information he covered using the video . . . the witness testimony, the documents, it’s very persuasive stuff. And, you know, if people are listening, it’s very hard to imagine that they will think that the Democrats and the House managers are just making this up,” Toobin continued.

Toobin was not the only Fake News Media member to fall head over heels in love with Schiff.

Amazon’s Washington Post National Security “reporter” Greg Miller swooned over Schiff like a 13-year-old school girl in love with her favorite pop music star.

Tucker Carlson took on the media fawning over Schiff and compared it to pornography.

“They were too deep in bliss. To the mouth-breathers on cable television, an Adam Schiff speech is like a brainstem massage, surging waves of ecstasy flood the central nervous system. Linear thought ceases. All that’s left are satisfied grunts of pleasure.”

Carlson added that “we want to apologize to any viewers under 18 who may have just watched that. It was obviously pornographic and not suitable for children.”

There was also another aspect of media hypocrisy surrounding so many fake news reporters praising Schiff.

CNN and the Washington Post love to catalogue Donald Trump’s supposed lies.

What they really do is claim the President is lying when he disagrees with Democrats on issues.

But Schiff spent three years lying to the American people about having evidence of Russian collusion.

Schiff fabricated the contents of a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

And Schiff also lied about colluding behind the scenes with the supposed whistleblower.

The media’s supposed love affair with “facts” and “truth” seems to disappear whenever the topic of discussion turns to Adam Schiff.

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