Tucker Carlson leveled CNN with one reality check about the coronavirus vaccine

Tucker Carlson regularly mocks the propagandists and political hacks who try to pass themselves off as journalists over on CNN.

CNN provides a target-rich environment.

And Tucker Carlson leveled CNN with one reality check about the coronavirus vaccine.

CNN hosts and so-called “reporters” recently attacked Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe for announcing she refused to take the coronavirus vaccine because it was a “giant middle finger” to Joe Biden’s “tyranny.”

Boothe explained she was young and healthy and at such low risk of a bad outcome that she felt it was ridiculous that Joe Biden wanted to force her to take the vaccine.

Carlson defended Boothe from CNN’s smear campaign noting that Boothe was old enough to grow up in a time where America was still considered a free country and not a fascist biomedical surveillance state.

“Just the other day, CNN’s propaganda slandered our friend Lisa Boothe for turning down the shot,” he said. “Now, Boothe is in her thirties, she’s healthy, and more to the point she’s an American citizen. She grew up with the now outdated belief that she was allowed to choose her own medical care,” Carlson began.

Carlson then noted Boothe was a responsible person and unlike Joe Biden, Boothe would never cough into her hand and then shake hands with other people using her germ infested hand.

“But more than anything – and this is really the point tonight – Lisa Boothe is a responsible person. She cares about others. She would never under any circumstances even consider for example, coughing spittle into her own hands and rubbing it on other people without telling them,” said Carlson.

Just the other day in Virginia, cameras caught Joe Biden coughing into his hand and then shaking hands with other prominent Democrats.

Carlson proceeded to mock the unsanitary Biden as a threat to public health.

“There’s not a chance Lisa Boothe would do that because Lisa Boothe is better than that. She’s not Joe Biden. She’s not an imminent threat to public health,” Carlson concluded.

CNN wants to ban anyone from speaking online or cancel them on cable news if they oppose mandatory vaccination.

Lisa Boothe and Tucker Carlson showed they will not back down in the face of a mob demanding the government stick needles in the arms of every American.

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