Tucker Carlson looked into the camera and delivered this jaw-dropping warning to Trump

Antifa thugs and Black Lives Matter rioters sent the nation spiraling into a state of fear with a coordinated campaign of rioting and looting in cities across the country.

The country waited on the President’s response.

And Tucker Carlson looked into the camera and delivered this jaw-dropping warning to Trump.

On Monday, the President finally addressed the lawlessness that swept the nation as leftist radicals burned cities, looted stores, and destroyed businesses.

Tucker Carlson applauded President Trump for threatening to call in the military if the nation’s Governors and Mayors did not restore law and order to their streets.

But Carlson warned that President Trump took far too long to respond and that he put his Presidency at risk by failing to immediately control the riots.

“What Americans want most right now is an end to this chaos. They want their cities to be safe. They want this to stop, immediately. If the commander-in-chief cannot stop it, he will lose in November. The left will blame him for the atrocities they encouraged and some voters will agree. Donald Trump is the president. Presidents save countries. That’s their job. That’s why we hire them,” Carlson began.

Carlson pinned the blame on this strategy of inaction on the President’s son-in-law Jared Kushner who in his heart is a New York City liberal.

Kushner is always trying to cut deals on amnesty and criminal justice reform that benefit Democrat voting constituencies and hurt Trump supporters.

“Jared Kushner, for one, has made that point out loud,” Carlson added. “No one has more contempt for Donald Trump’s voters than Jared Kushner does, and no one expresses it more frequently. In 2016, Donald Trump ran as a law and order candidate because he meant it, and his views remain fundamentally unchanged today. But the president’s famously sharp instincts, the ones that won him the presidency almost four years ago, have been since subverted at every level by Jared Kushner. This is true on immigration, on foreign policy and especially on law enforcement.”

Carlson believes the President needs to take a firmer hand in dealing with these riots.

The future of his Presidency may be at stake.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. The antifa group is very similar to Castro’s regime when he took over in Cuba. The island was in bad shape to begin with and it needed change. Castro made the country a totalotarian government with one party under a Dictatorship. Look at it today , the country hasn’t changed much since Castro took over the counrty. It is still a welfare country with a Dictator.

  2. In my opinion, Trump acted accordingly to allow the state police handle the situation. It’s time to prosecute the people funding BLM, Antifa, etc groups trying to overthrow the government which is nothing more than a coup and treason. They used to hang people for treason and maybe it’s time for everyone to see people who commit treason hang…..
    one would definitely remember.

  3. Antifa has declared war on this form of government sojust arrest them or shoot them as invaders.


  5. Pres. Trump only went part way with declaring ANTIFA a domestic terrorist organization. He needs to include NAACP, BLM, SPLC, and a few more. If Pres. Trump wants to MAKE AMERICA RESPECTFUL AGAIN, he needs to make those declarations and direct the IRS to cancel their tax exempt/non profit statuses. Furthermore, Pres. Trump needs to direct federal agencies to terminate federal food stamps, welfare, municipal assistace, etc. to states, counties, or cities where historic monuments were removed/relocated or historic roads, etc. renamed. Keep the welfare, etc. cut off to those places until all the monuments are restored at the locations they were removed from, and the place names restored. If local authorities won’t deal with looters and vandals, bring in the FBI, facial recognition software, and put the troublemakers on trial for federal hate crimes.


  7. to
    Rivahmitch : What ??? “Either IS Acceptable ” ???
    you must ‘be Ready To See God’…
    ? Have You given up ???

  8. To Gab : your Prev. ‘twitter’ post Was Completely
    ‘Twisted’/Ready Made IN ‘dissent’ For ‘the Weak, & ‘nimble’ minded ppl….
    U NEED WAkeTFU ”’

  9. Whew… Thank you Dan, for ‘clarification’…
    > My Mother = D. Father = R. NEVER, EVER 0nce, did i ‘hear’
    them Argue ! AMEN !!! 🙂 & Believeme, I Would’ve..
    > WAS ‘Forced’ To join Union (late In Life) For a damn
    jobbee… I Almost ‘invoked ‘The Beck Law’ when i realized
    ‘ Biggee Dues'<< I
    ‘suffered ‘the KrAAP’… & receive 1/2 ‘pension’… & V. Thankful (at this Point).
    > WHEW. Wowza. & Soo Now, Dan… &&& Y’ALL… know an ‘itty -bitty personal Truth’…&&& THERE’S MORE !!! LOL>> TGIF … &&& “TAKE Those Damn ‘Maskos’
    0FFF!!! Lika YESTERDAY !…

  10. Our president tries to let the governors of all of the states take care of their own Common Wealth, Parish, or Territory before he steps in. That is the way it is suppose to be. 50 states with their own state laws united together under (1) one flag. If those states step out of line and are circumventing the federal laws then, he has the right to try to bring them back. He is under the Constitution which gives him certain rights.

  11. Zee I was raised in a democrat union family. In 1993 I saw the light. I even converted my parents,(rest their souls) I haven’t voted anything but republican since.

  12. To Craig Michael Vandertie. = I KNOW !!! As + many)… 🙁
    A ‘conundrum’ InDEED for ‘daddy’… ( He just DOESN’T ‘GET IT’,
    0r Does he… ??? V. Dangerous ‘stuff’….
    > We KNOW, Daughter = jewish by ‘proxy’ @ jared.
    > IFFF, she were my ‘daughter/+ in-law etc, I WOULD ____
    (You fill In ‘the blank’) …

  13. Dan!!! You better Re-phrase your Comment
    ie ” Stand against fascism and communism. > RITE,Dan.]]]
    >>> BUTT, “That’s why that I quit the commiecrat party a long time ago.”
    WHAT ??? Meaning, You Were THERE &&& QUIT ??? Verify,…

  14. Gab I stand against fascism and communism. That’s why that I quit the commiecrat party a long time ago.

  15. There is no group called Antifa. It’s a loose term meaning antifascist and I hope we all stand against fascism and communism. Anticom

  16. Since I was permanently banned from Dorsey’s facist website I can no longer access The Real Donald Trump page, but for those who can still access Twitter access TRDT page and demand POTUS Trump fire his son in-law and daughter for the good of us true patriots that is if he truly wants to remain POTUS.


  18. Repost. >>> CORRECT, Scott… (for 0nce) &&& i’m ‘frosted’ re this
    (family? ‘stuff’/ivanka/jared = ‘flaming Liberals) It was Chris Christie
    re jared’s dad, At that time…
    JUNE 3, 2020 AT 5:13 PM
    mbr722… Kushner has and never has had any business being in the position he’s in. He and Ivanka managed to earn $182 million last year while holding high offices in the white house. Kushner comes from a corrupt real estate company (his dad served time in federal prison). But it wasn’t he who thought he could broker a peace deal in the middle east. It was his father-in-law, your president, who assigned him that task.

  19. Soooo, Tucker, ‘finally’ Has the ‘gonads’
    To Tell Truth re jared Kushner… ( A Huge Liability,
    To 0ur Pres. )

  20. Snott27 it’s time for Trump to rein in the states that let crime and mob rule go on. You’re a fool, so I don’t expect you to realize that. Our country is on fire and you commiecrats can do nothing but jerk off over the idea of taking Trump down. You are brain dead and part of the problem, not the solution.

  21. No, Yamile, he cannot step over the states. As much as he wants to be, he is not a third-rate banana republic dictator. Maybe you should review your civics lesson.

  22. Tucker in a way is right although I think the President has already had directed Governors and Mayors to take the right action to stop the rioters Who they really are to blamed BC they didn’t do anything allowed the situation to get worse, the President can’t over step right away reason He came out telling them if you don’t stopped and do not send guards He would sent the MILITARY

  23. Listen to some other media than Fox News and find out what is REALLY happening!

    Ooooh like Rachel Madcow and Don Lemonhead! LOL!

  24. Just like the virus, leaving anything to our Governors and Mayors should have taught a lesson. Most don’t have a clue.

  25. Are you “Republicans” thinking or are you just following your cult leader?

    Demonrats are weird how they term the Pres a cult leader. Must have been something they learned from their occult Muslim “messiah” Obummer.

  26. Are you “Republicans” thinking or are you just following your cult leader? That is what the rest of the US and world are thinking. Get informed! Listen to some other media than Fox News and find out what is REALLY happening!

  27. Scott27, go hang out with ilk of your own kind elsewhere instead of trolling GOP / Conservative sites.

  28. mbr722… Kushner has and never has had any business being in the position he’s in. He and Ivanka managed to earn $182 million last year while holding high offices in the white house. Kushner comes from a corrupt real estate company (his dad served time in federal prison). But it wasn’t he who thought he could broker a peace deal in the middle east. It was his father-in-law, your president, who assigned him that task.

  29. Did not know Kushner was such an idiot, but I should have! Anyone who thinks they can broker peace in the middle East lives in La La land!

  30. Well, Karen. Check out the Atlantic this month. Your saying it, with such conviction even, says only that you’ve bought into the alternative facts and alternative realities you’ve been taught the past 3-plus years.

  31. Scott27; you have it completely backwards. It’s the democrats that have abandoned their principals. The democrats used to stand for free speech. Not anymore. The democrats used to stand for civil liberties. Not anymore. The democrats used to care about the working man. Not anymore. The democrats used to respect the 2nd amendment. Not anymore.
    My parents would be shocked to see what their party has become if they were still alive.

  32. What the demturds are doing is an atrocity they don’t care becuz soreass has paid them all off and paying for rioters etc etc anything that crests havoc and wow that’s what the demturds are doing. Now you know who they think is their boss (soreass). If Trump doesn’t win their won’t be a demturd left anywhere. Just watch. The left thinks Americans have laid down. They’ll find out quick when they start disappearing. That’s my presumption. American ppl have had it with the lieing crooked politicians. I’ve seen it coming for many years. When the demturds started going towards communism I said it won’t be long now till the biggest civil war breaks out ever… and ppl will come together to beat out the crooks

  33. Dan.. I’ve tried twice to recommend an article to you that is an in-depth, reasonably intellectual examination of why the right has abandoned their principles, but this site won’t let me.

    The one-line, bumper-sticker, mindless insult posts are tiresome and not at all what this country needs right now.

  34. Just remember, a fascist state would send in the military to quell a riot, and that is exactly what the organized ANTIFA rioters are trying to do – provoke Trump into sending in the military so they can accuse him of being a fascist. It’s not hard to figure these people out.

  35. If President Trump is not reelected it will be a crime of major proportions. How a decent and intelligent man who brought his experience to Washington to be demeaned and lied about 24/7 is a sign of just how sick Americans have become. Sick, in that Americans were to stupid recognize obvious lies and believed the hatred generated by the “Human Crap” at CNN, MSNBC & ABC. How what these assholes did wasn’t sited as a crime is an indicator of the last days of our once great nation

  36. Tucker has forgotten the constitution on states rights. Law enforcement at the local and state levels come first. We are not a police state but a free society. Local authorities and state authorities had to react first.
    We are a country of laws. Democrats have clearly demonstrated they want chaos but in order to prove abuse one must permit the abuse to occur that’s a fact. The President isn’t the problem Democrats who won’t and refuse to have the backs of police are to blame! Governors can declare martial law and order up National guard troops as needed. The military is not suppose to be used for civil unrest the National guard is the exception. Once police decided to ignore Democratic mayors and Governors who counter command there actions and feed into emboldening rioters not peaceful demonstrators the police did the right thing ignore these reckless foolish Democratic orders. The Democrats and George Soros is behind Antifa. Soros is guilty of sedition and some Democrats appear to fall into that category as well. Tucker you need to pull back and stop acting like a petulant child

  37. Come Nov the SATANRATS will be dumped into hell where they belong for life. POTUS is smart and doing his job the way our forefathers wrote the CONSTITUTON. Which the SATANRATS AND SORASS AND SONS DISPISE NOT HATE DESPISE and have for last 200 years. One has to remember that all aforementioned are inch worms lowest form of life on planet earth

  38. The biggest killer of the man black, his black men. Put them in one city and within a year more than halve would be dead. There’s you’re eradication wap head.

  39. How sad the United States of America is so divided. I’ve been a republican all my life and never have I seen a president disgrace the office as this person has. Seriously what are you all thinking? During the 60’s even though we had disagreements we were at least able to talk without hateful language and demeaning remarks. Stop pointing fingers we’re Americans so let’s all grow up and learn how to live together and have a decent conversation.

  40. Trump has already lost the election, he should have asked for prime time
    to address the American people, I love the guy but he shoots from the hip
    and seems to think he cant loose in 2020.
    I think its already too late he is cooked

  41. Wake up Tucker, Trump did as he should! He is the best president we have had in many years! Liberals are the reason cities are I ruin!

  42. Jim… what planet did that information come from? Cite some sources or statistics, please.

  43. Dan, talking about southern democrats some 60 years ago is hardly relevant today. Likewise, republicans being the party of family values and fiscal conservatism is no longer relevant. Neither party today has any resemblance to 60 years ago. In fact, there is no longer a republican party, it’s the trump party cult.

  44. Far more white men are killed by black cops then blacks killed by white cops why doesn’t the media ever report when that happens the media sucks

  45. I also believe that this President is no dummy! He knows what he is responsible for and to blame him for not moving fast enough is out of line. He responded with his voice…he responded with allowing governors and mayors to control their areas, and if it became too much for them, they were to call the President for help from the military. That is what was done….therefore, nobody (unless you do not have a brain) can say he did not respond properly. Boo hoo Tucker….I am disappointed in your commentary….I hope the lefties are not getting to you.

  46. Sorry Tucker you are WRONG! Trump gave these DEMOCRAT MAYOR AND GOVERNOR the chance to prove that they can control their city and state! So TUCKER HOW ABOUT DOING SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH WITH A LIE! PRESIDENT took all the time he could! But so did these POLITICAN who are trying to keep him from winning in November. Only thing it backfire on them! It has hurt them more than it hurt Trump! The people could see that this was PLANNED BY THE LEFTWING AND DEMOCRAT PARTY.

  47. No matter what our Great President Trump does,
    The retard demos., and the dumbest of dumb news media are going to turn it all around and blame him. He’s got broad proud shoulders and he can handle all you stupid idiots.
    Go eat some more ice cream Pig Losi NanNan, the infamous ice cream lady.
    We love our President Trump.
    Trumps the best. Trump, More jobs.
    Obama, No Jobs and Clinton, blow jobs, Pig Losi, ect., ect., ect. (To many democrats to mention).,ice cream lady, (She so proud of her refrigerator and her ice cream). Ohhhhh NaN. You are IDIOTS. Wanna be’s. Uglier than SIN.

  48. I disagree with trump over sneak attack on people who were having a peaceful demonstration just so he can stand in front of a church he doesn’t attend with bible he’s sick coward sorry excuse of a man he’s not strong only thing works on him his mouth which is full of lies

  49. Tucker screwed the pooch with this monologue. Very little of what he pronounced included the whole truth about any of the points he tried to make. His researchers included a large number of fallacies that the MSM and leading Democrat elites have passed as truth, when in fact they were obfuscations designed to deflect blame.
    Disappointed in you Tucker.

  50. This is just another respected individual going off the deep end by not reporting concise information. Its not a shock as the disney influence will ruin Fox!

  51. Unfortunately Tucker Carlson is becoming careless with the facts. He needs to go back to the beginning of his report about what happened at the White House before President Trump’s walk to the church. Much false reporting there. Normally he has been spot on, but lately he seems to be on the wrong side. Too bad.

  52. Anthony Lukatella.
    What a sick, demented, eaten up with evil jerk you are! You dare call Trump and millions of American fascists, yet you hold to fascist ideals by calling for the “eradication” of those opposed to your political ideals! How very Hitler (or Mussolini, or Stalin) of you! I think that you are an excellent example of a brainwashed puppet for the evil that has consumed the Democratic party. That you could even make such a hate filled remark tells me you need professional psychiatric help. I hope you find God soon, for your sake and everyone else’s too. So sad…

  53. President Trump has been walking a tightrope on several issues, uncertain about which way to jump. Coronavirus, violence and collateral damage to private property in our big cities. President Trump has done an excellent job. Tucker is right. It’s time to clamp down and get tough. These thugs are TERRORISTS and it’a time to call out the NATIONAL GUARD and treat them like they are enemies of this country.

  54. Tucker should be a bit milder and more gentle.
    Considering that ALL of the affected cities are Democrat operated and that New York was very lax in how they were tending to the problems, The President had little in the way of support from any of these folks and would probably not have liked the comments from them had he been more forceful. He gave them time to solve their problems, they didn’t, so he moved in. A proper response I would judge.

  55. I just thinking, is why mostly demoratic states released all criminals from the jails, right before of this chaos ? The civil war is already knack in your door !

  56. It is people like you Anthony Lukatella that are scum and don’t deserve to live on this planet you and people like you in the US should be hung or beheaded so your not taking up space and breath the same air as the folks that voted for President Trump..

  57. I hope Trump listens to Carlson because many conservatives I know agree with him about Kushner

  58. The democrats are at fault in everything that is going on right now. It was orchestrated by them and it is happening. And I include even the coronavirus in that! They have made all this happening, just when the voting started and you think this was not rigged! They have always sided with China so this is no surprise. President Trump, just hang in there. These democrat miscreants should have been thrown in jail in 2016!

  59. I hate Trump and all who voted for him. He is a fascist and his followers are all useful idiot sheep. Only when those people are eradicated can America ever move forward.

  60. President Trump is the best president we’ve had in a long time and he’s doing his best. If he eere a Democrat the Democrats would be behind, but he isn’t, thank God. The Democrats have proved that they aren’t to be trusted ever again!

  61. While I generally agree with Tucker, in this case I must disagree, as the initial responsibility for protecting states, cities and communities falls first upon the elected governors and mayors. Trump rightfully awaited the response of these elected officials and when dissatisfied with the job they were doing, firmly addressed the American people to tell them that if and where necessary, he would intercede to guarantee their protection and safety. The liberals, who orchestrate anything and everything to put pressure on the Presidency, will not be satisfied by anything that Trump does, so just exclude them from the equation. The President has never once attacked or spoken ill about peaceful protests, but in my opinion, made it perfectly clear to the thugs (Antifa, White Supremacists & any other rioters) that he will use the force necessary to end the violent rioting, destruction of property, attacks on people and looting. That is what he is paid to do, after state & local governments fail to take appropriate action.

  62. The Demoncrats are just waiting for the President to move too quickly in a reaction to this latest outburst. But the local law enforcement must control their problems or call for more law enforcement’s. If the President were to move without that; they can call him a revolutionary; they are ready to over throw him and take him out of office. At this point since nothing the Democrats have done they are trying to do unseat, Trump they are now using the rebels; to burn and lout, to do what they can not do. It is a sad day in America that criminals and thugs run the Democratic side of our Government. If things do not change,there is coming a day when America will be no different than Russia of Cuba; or maybe even Syria ifif, Trump does not win this elect;; America will begin a downward spiral we may (I will guess, we will; we would not ever) recover from. If the Democrats should ever take back control of Washington; ( they already have most of it) it will take another civil war to get a Republican or some other Party in office. At one time I believed there were some Democrats who were good and honest politicians; but I no longer believe that.

  63. The left is responsible for the riots. The left is funding the riots, and busing the professional rioters into the cities. Their goal is to blame Trump for the riots.
    If Trump doesn’t do anything they will blame him. If Trump does call out the military they will blame him. Anything and everything Trump does he will be blamed for.
    All roads lead to Trump. This isn’t about justice. This is about stealing an election, and taking over a country.

  64. Susan I also disagree with Tucker. Trump sat back and allowed the governors to have a chance at doing their duties. But many didn’t. This happened in blue states. Trump would have been attacked severely if he had waded in at the beginning. Just like the commiecrat governors in the southern states refused to uphold the rights of blacks, and the US Government had to step in. The movie Mississippi Burning was a true story.

  65. You would THINK? TUCKER CARLSON would know the CHAIN-OF-COMMAND? … When you have A RIOT in an AMERICAN CITY. It is up to the MAYOR OR GOVERNOR of that STATE To CALL-THE-PRESIDENT and Ask for the Assistance of The NATIONAL GUARD. (“IF” The MAYOR’S or GOVERNOR’S Do Not “CALL-THE -PRESIDENT????) Then The NATIONAL GUARD “WILL NOT” SHOW UP. You understand Therefore! Presidents Hands Are Tied!???

  66. Sorry, disAgree with Tucker. If the president would have acted too quicky before giving the local police, mayor etc a chance to quell the problem, they would have called him a war monger, a radical, against the right to protest, etc etc. When he realized the state governors, mayors, etc were just not getting it done, he did call in the National guard. It was one of those, your named if you do and damned if you don’t.

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