Tucker Carlson may end up in court because of this letter from Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden is furious with Tucker Carlson and Fox news.

Things are about to get ugly.

And Tucker Carlson may end up in court because of this letter from Hunter Biden.

An email on Hunter Biden’s laptop listed a company named Owasco P.C. as his current residence with no address included.

In the “monthly rent” section, Biden listed a payment in the amount of $49,910.

At the time of the application, Hunter Biden claimed to own the Delaware home where a search turned up Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents.

Tucker Carlson was one of the many media figures who raised questions about this arrangement.

“Miranda Devine of the New York Post has also done extensive reporting on it, and the document raises quite a few questions, not all of which we can answer, by the way,” Carlson stated.

“Did Hunter Biden actually buy his father’s home in Delaware? Was he making rent payments to live there?” Carlson added.

It turned out that the payments were to an office in Washington, D.C. owned by the House of Sweden that Hunter shared with his father.

Since Hunter Biden is worried about pending criminal charges, he and his lawyers decided to go on the offense by threatening to sue Tucker Carlson for defamation unless he apologizes.

The New York Post reports:

Bryan M. Sullivan, another lawyer now representing Biden, sent a separate communication to [Tucker] Carlson and Fox News demanding that they correct falsehoods from his recent show or risk a possible defamation lawsuit.

“He is not going to sit quietly by as questionable characters continue to violate his rights and media organizations peddling in lies try to defame him,” a source close to Hunter Biden told the Post.

Biden’s lawyer demanded an immediate retraction from Carlson.

“We demand that you immediately retract these statements by spending a significant amount of air-time on such retraction,” Sullivan wrote. “If we do not receive this written confirmation, we will assume that you both are not interested in acting responsibly and professionally and willing to reverse its actual malice reporting.”

Hunter Biden is now admitting the laptop is his and everything on it is real.

This is a shift in strategy from 2020 when Joe Biden falsely claimed the laptop was Russian disinformation.

But some suspect there are more damaging revelations to come from the laptop.

And Hunter Biden is going on offense to try and blunt the fallout.

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