Tucker Carlson pointed out one Democrat double standard that will leave you red with rage

The coronavirus pandemic has shown Democrats at their worst.

They’ve used the lockdowns to punish their enemies and reward their political allies.

And Tucker Carlson pointed out one Democrat double standard that will leave you red with rage.

Carlson showcased the latest example of Democrats’ double standards when he pointed out Washington, D.C.’s Democrat mayor Muriel Bowser exempted the funeral for the late Congressman John Lewis’ funeral from her coronavirus restrictions.

“Those rules do not apply, those quarantine rules, to the hundreds of Democrats who huddled together at Congressman John Lewis’ funeral slash political rally last week,” Carlson stated. “Remember that one? That the networks aired for hours, where Barack Obama shouted about Senate procedure at a funeral?”

Carlson noted how ordinary Americans were hassled by police and faced criminal penalties for carrying out everyday tasks.

Mayor Bowser – like all Democrat mayors – pretended that there was no spread of the coronavirus at left-wing political events, be it Black Lives Matter riots or campaign rallies at John Lewis’ funeral.

“The people who went to that are exempt because somehow shouting left-wing slogans in church is “official government business,” unlike having a church service in Michigan, for example, or conducting a neighborhood cookout in Washington,” Carlson added.

Carlson concluded by noting that tens of thousands of Americans never got to say goodbye to loved ones because Governors banned funeral gatherings and religious services as part of the disastrous and failed lockdown policy.

“They are not in Congress,” Carlson declared “And those guidelines recommend limiting funerals to immediate family members. So they don’t get to say goodbye to those they love at large funerals. They don’t have the same privilege as John Lewis’ friends. But our leaders don’t care. They don’t want you to complain. You shouldn’t be allowed to complain.”

Instead, what Democrats want is for Americans to be angry.

The point of the lockdowns is to drive anger at President Trump and to push voters to remove him from office.

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