Tucker Carlson pointed out one truth that every Democrat hated to hear

Democrats tell one big lie over and over again.

They repeat it so often it gets accepted as fact.

That’s why Tucker Carlson pointed out the one truth every Democrat hated to hear.

Democrats say that Trump’s proposed border wall is racist and immoral.

But not every liberal once felt that way.

In fact, many current Democrats believe some walls are necessary.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Tucker Carlson ran a segment on his show Tuesday night dedicated to The Daily Caller’s latest installment of “Walls Across America,” a series dedicated to pointing out those who have walls around their homes while disapproving of President Donald Trump’s desire to build a wall along the nation’s southern border.

“Well that couldn’t be clearer. But wait. There’s a caveat. There always is. Some walls aren’t evil at all. Some are necessary and good. So for those of you keeping track of the theology at home, we offer you now a brief tour of walls the Democratic Party has deemed perfectly moral,” Carlson began. “We begin with border barriers in Tunisia and Jordan. Democrats voted to pay for those walls, so obviously they’re okay. Israel has walls too.”

He continued:

Here in the U.S., it turns out we have plenty of moral walls too. Just this Sunday, Kamala Harris announced her campaign for president. For security, huge swaths of the streets of Oakland, California, were blocked—walled off, you might say. With her own security at stake, Senator Harris had no problem with this. They were moral walls. And there are many more moral walls. Benny Johnson of the The Daily Caller has set out across America to find more of them. And as you might have guessed, a huge number of the most moral walls we have protect the homes of Democratic donors.”

Democrats like Nancy Pelosi also have no issues with walls or fences around their homes.

Segments like this are why Tucker Carlson is one of the most popular hosts on all of cable news.

Carlson points out the elites’ hypocrisy and lies that they use to maintain their own power at the expense of the rest of the population.

While this has made Carlson one of the most popular hosts on Fox News, it also makes him the target of left wing-activists that want to silence him by threatening his advertisers.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Democrats tell one big lie over and over again.
    They repeat it so often it gets accepted as fact.


  2. Moderate Democrats needs to break with radical Pelosi… 2020 around the corner and most are not pleased with Pelosi…. sj P.S. I want to thank the 20 newly elected moderate Democrats who voted against Pelosi to retain Speak of the House title…. You done a big favor for the moderates.

    • LBJ said that black people will vote DEMON RAT because he started welfare of course he did NOT say black people! The Demon Rats ARE the racist party they buy votes then do nothing for people that BELIEVED THEM! The Bblack men and women or WISE to their BS and are starting to vote their pocket books! They know what the job rate is UNDER DEMON RATS and under GOP!!

    • Illegal invaders should receive no government assistance, no college scholarships, no drivers license, no sub housing or rent, no eligibility for Social Security, no automatic birthright citizenship…. come to America legally or don’t come.

      • No they shouldn’t Not on MY TAX PAYING DISABLED $$$
        That’s one of reasons that I can’t make ends meet because the DUMBOCRAPS are so generous with everyone else money but their own!! thus robbing disability accounts for people like me who have worked and paid taxes for over 40 years and now can’t anymore

    • Reply to CarlBujan
      You are so right. If they want to come here the right way like they did years ago and follow our laws, okay. But now they just want to come here for what they can con out of the democrats


  4. Once the illegals start to realize they are being used by the democrats for illegal votes the democrats won’t be so safe. When the trouble starts, and it will, they–meaning the democrats–will be the first targets by the illegals. They know where the good food and expensive goods are. The homes of the democrats.

    • Estell, whereas that’s a wonderful thought. Unless the jilted illegals know which Democrats live where or we all wear either blue or red arm bands, the chaos may spill over to all Americans. Those deceived illegals may not distinguish you or I from a Democrat. This is why NO American should relinquish their right and facilities to self defense.

  5. Betty it wasn’t Trump who sold a Russian business man 20 percent of the US stockpile of uranium it was Obama and Hillary then the Clinton foundation excepted a140 million dollar donation from the same Russian now that’s treason so swallow deeply!!!

    • Neal, please remember, Betty is incapable to understand truth. She has been indoctrinated by the Democrat rhetorical playbook too long. Betty is a puppet with Nancy Pelosi’s voice, A.O.C. moving her lips and CNN providing the lighting.

  6. The liberal/leftist/democrats had no intention of doing anything but stalling for 2020. It has nothing to do w/ the wall. They voted for it before. Trumph offered them more than they asked for & they turned it down.

    The Conservatives have Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, & the rest of the RINO’s to thank.

    Obama put enough liberal leftist judges in office to keep Trump delayed. He put Muslim Brotherhood members in every alphabet agency. If you believe there is any honor in a single one of them, you have never had to deal w/ them.

    While everyone is entertained by the wall, they are trying to box Trump in internationally. They have an agenda to put liberal/leftist in office so they can manage them. As a total group, they are in America what the KGB was in The Soviet Union. These people are only interested in control in the end. They all get rich, untouchable, except when one of their own goes rogue or two major figures have an ego fight.

    If the liberal/leftist win in 2020, there will never be another conservative Government in this country. 20-30 years from now there will be a revolution, maybe, have my doubts about that.

    If I were in Trump’s shoes, I would not trust a damn thing coming from alphabet soup or the military elite. I would trust the word of sargents.

    • You hit it on the head. No one is listening until we speak louder and more often. Unfortunately we have to wait for the back lash of the violent left.

    • Well said. Ever since November of 2018 the Democrats have been grasping at straws trying every trick(none of the in the books) to try and impeach President Trump.
      The Democrats are the ones who shut down the Government by flipflopping on Immigration.
      Most of us in the know have seen videos of Obama, Schumer and Biden talk about increasing Border security and how much of a danger and a drain they are to America.
      So when Pelosi and Schumer talk of things immoral, what could be more immoral than serving America up to the ones that want to steal from America.

  7. Betty: You need your mouth washed out with soap. Please stop bad mouthing my President and me. You communist Muslim obama tried to turn my country into a 3rd world shithole and almost succeeded. He needs to be tried, convicted and hung as a domestic terrorists. Your party is the lowest, most corrupt that our country has ever seen. You really have been drinking way too much of obama’s kool aid. Too bad your eyes and ears have been closed all these years to have such a negative attitude toward President Trump and all the good things he is doing for our country. I guess you are like the rest of the communist democrats – you really hate the United States. I happened to love my adopted country that I waited on a quota system for 5.years and became a proud US citizen when I was a Senior in HS.

    • We’ve complained about this hypocritical garbage for years and we continue to complain about it. Everyone is too afraid to go after these people. Especially the blacks. I haven’t figured out how ‘affirmative action’ 50 years ago helped whites? How many of our politicians used affirmative action and screwed more qualified people? Eliz Warren is a prime example. How many true American Indians didn’t get to go to her college? How many blacks got in to schools less qualified than another ethnic groups?
      Most Asians have much more knowledge than others and yet they are a minority and still don’t get the perks the blacks do. Believe it or not, I’m not racist at all. Just open minded and honest. Wait for it, wait for it. I can hear it now. Yet so many people I’ve talked to agree.

      • My neighbor’s cousin died because of the Marxist Demoncrats “Affirmative Action” program. He studied very hard and passed the University of Colorado entrance exam only to get passed over for an African American who got a lower score than him. He felt so distraught because he did all that studying for absolutely nothing and committed suicide. I always believed in the saying “two wrongs don’t make a right”.It’s apparent that the left doesn’t think so.

  8. Democratic comments are noted for their extreme vulgarity. but Betty is an expert that puts most in an amateur category. I wonder what Communist training camp she attended.
    Vulgarity is a poor substitute for intelligence.
    Elmer Werth

    • I guess there are some people who can’t put together a sentence without crude profanity. “The heart of the righteous studies how to answer. But the mouth of the wicked pours forth evil.” (from Proverbs 15)

  9. Nancy Pelosi grinds her teeth and bites her tongue and forgets the subject because she doesn’t speak the truth. Her address book full of Wayne Friday’s international sex traffickers, and Paul Pelosi and Gavin Newsom’s tricks to political trade offs with Mikhail Gorbachev Foundation and the Presidio Partnership brought about wth the mall owner Herbie Simon and Diane Meyer Simon’s friendship with Gorby and Raisa until her demise and John ‘Marine’ Murtha’s coverup of the Hunters Point Shipyard and million dollar payoffs with Brac-Brac-and more Brac from Treasure Island, NAS Moffett Field, NAS Alameda and Mare Island!!

  10. Tucker is unbiased. He’s continued to bring out how far the left has gone. Dangerous for our country and him. I’ve tried watching msm but after the first two statements of ‘Hate Trump’ I know not much else will be reported.
    Sadly, the liberals are trying to make a name for themselves so their base will hear them, they’ve become extremists.

  11. When it comes to LYING, Nobody compares to CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump. LIAR is the almost the third name of mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM!

    • Anyone who can seriously sit in front of their computer and accuse President Trump of being a liar, when and as they ignore the people with a patent and copyright on a volume of lies so deep, they make the Library of Congress jealous, that is the Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, Comey, Holder, Obama, ooops, The Obamas, Mueller, and pick any 50 Congressmen with a “D” after their names, is woefully ignorant and a fool! Get a grip, Betty. Your perception of truth makes you not only ignorant, but proving your depth of stupidity!

    • Wow, did you swallow the old liberal bull, hook, line and sinker! Robert Reese has it right. You can hear the truth and have it slap you right in the face but you’ll still find a way to make excuses for the lies and corruption of the democrats! What do they have to do, actually kill someone in front of you before you’ll believe they are not the perfect saviors they claim to be? Wait until your children or grandchildren start suffering from their ridiculous resistance! Even if it makes sense and is something they wanted, they will not approve anything Trump asks for just because they are hateful vindictive a**wipes! And you brag about how wonderful they are and how horrible Trump is. Will you please tell us what nasty thing he did to you or your family to make you hate him and wish such horrible things upon him! Give us one honest thing that deserves to have a duly elected President impeached, not wishful thinking or surmised fairytales from sorry losers! I’ve asked that so many times and I have yet gotten a reasonable answer.

    • Why can’t you keep a civil tongue? All you do is spread more hatred.
      If you would step back, take a breath (without uttering some ugly accusation), you may see the hypocritical nature of those Democrats who have walls, have money only to curse the needs of the American people of ALL Walks legally in this country. All the Democrats barking about the wall, social security, taxing the rich, giving to the poor blah blah blah, don’t give a hoot about you or me.
      I count the days when you will run out of meaningless rhetorical insults.

    • Oh, and while I’m on a roll. Consider all the Democrats that want to abolish the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights. No matter what they say about sensible Gun control, they do not trust the American People who have arms. They want to confiscate all of them. Also consider your front door. If you don’t want a wall, leave your front door open tonight. Not just unlocked, but wide open. And confront anyone who enters with your warm an fuzzy feelings.
      The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights were not written to control the Citizens, they were written to control Government.
      If you want a Government to control you, move to another Country.
      Any government strong enough to give you everything you want, is powerful enough to take everything away from you.

      • They are inching their way in to getting rid of guns. I can only hope ‘we the people’ aren’t that naive to think they will keep their words about ‘restricting’. Another blatant lie.

        • Absolutely. “Restricting” is Demo-speak for confiscation.
          there are no “Sensible gun laws” as Kamala Harris says.
          Laws only affect law abiding citizens while those criminals who commit gun violence are ramping up their efforts to make this happen. Gangs and criminals Know full well that Democrat law makers don’t know the real case at hand.
          I have a booklet published by the county I live in and I was amazed at how many gangs exist in all the cities thereof. I want to mail a copy to all those self righteous Democrats that think more gun laws are going to make a difference and ask them, which one of these gangs are going to surrender their guns. Because once we are stripped of out ability to defend ourselves, the only ones that are safe are those hypocrites in government who have Secret Service or private armed security details around them. Also as the “privileged” bottom feeders like Madonna, Robert De Nero and Alyssa Milano.

  12. I had some Richard Cranium from California tell me how people from California love Harris and Pelosi. If that is the case, why does she need protection in her own hometown?


  13. Enough “Social Justice” scams just to get Democrat votes; their job is to represent and provide for Americans; not Foreign Nationals. Security must be first on their list.

  14. I wonder if we could do a Google Maps search for democrats with walls around their home. Talk about morality and hypocrites. But that is the alt-left for you. Sickos all (and now they are pushing for infanticide.

  15. I’m sure that many liberals secretly wanted the wall but afraid to act. They let the a-hole Trump to deal with it, but the American majority like this idea.

    Go for the wall!

        • Go away, far, far away demonRat. The demonRats have no morals – the only things they Do have are LEMMINGS for an electorate, and Greed- coupled with a lust for power.

      • If the time ever come (God) forbid the Demorats are in a rude awaking.what goes around comes around. Get your mudflats and boots on their will be a lot of shit you will have to eat

    • He is America’s a-hole – especially for a-hole like yourself.Hypocrite, no wonder normal Americans dislike you a-holes on the alt-left. Try being more normal for a change.

    • You got it REDMAN! The time for that act is LONG overdue.
      DEMOCOMMUNISTS need to be arrested, tried,CONVICTED, and imprisoned to await their HANGING. Build a gallows with SEVERAL NOOSE..(no waiting)
      (That is the supposed to be the punishment for TREASONOUS TRAITORS)
      Make sure it is RAN on National TV and MANDATORY ALL NETWORKS CARRY IT.
      I can DREAM can’t I??

    • “ Treason” doesn’t began to compare to Insanity. Just ask any of those 800.000 federal workers who suffered cause of the Insanity of that Oval Office Two Faced Pile of Walking, Talking Gutter Trash, That Oval Office Selfish, Stupid, Stinking Sick Minded Spoiled Brat.

      • I vacationed at a National Park in Southern California 2 weeks ago, and when some Park Rangers showed up, I thanked them for being there during the Gov shutdown. They told me that they had made other arrangements to get some income, and they were 100% in support of the Border Patrol for a secure wall. And my American Legion gave income to 200 of our Coast Guard, so Americans are doing their part to get through this.

  16. I wish Fox/Tucker, would do a segment on the many politicians that have a wall around their homes. Not just words, but actual aerial pics of them. These politicians are the worst when it comes to their own security, but not the public.

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