Tucker Carlson reported on one truth that left Ilhan Omar fuming

Ilhan Omar uses identity politics as her biggest weapon in politics.

If anyone criticizes her, Omar fires back that her attackers are racist.

But then Tucker Carlson reported on one truth that left Ilhan Omar fuming.

Omar’s anti-American statements and false claims that Donald Trump is a racist are putting new scrutiny on her questionable biography.

There are already strong allegations that Omar married her brother to commit immigration fraud and that she filed tax returns while being married to two men.

Now, Tuckler Carlson reported on explosive charges from investigative reporter Dan Steinberg that presents compelling evidence that Omar faked her identity in order to win refugee status in America.

The Daily Wire reports:

In 1995 Ilhan entered the United States as a fraudulent member of the Omar family. That is not her family. The Omar family is a second unrelated family which was being granted asylum by the United States. The Omars allowed Ilhan, her genetic sister Sahra, and her genetic father Nur Said to use false names to apply for asylum as members of the Omar family. Ilhan’s genetic family split up at this time. Ilhan’s three other siblings, using their real names, managed to get asylum in the United Kingdom.'”

“Steinberg goes on to say Ilhan’s brother was one of those three siblings and that she was later legally married to this man, her biological brother, from 2009 until 2017,” Carlson stated. “It’s a shocking claim, so far it is unproven. Omar has denied the story, but she hasn’t disproven it. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Omar’s local newspaper responsible for a lot of fawning coverage about Omar, has tried to investigate the matter. They say they can neither confirm nor rebut the allegations. Omar is not participating. Last month, the paper noted that Omar has refused even to provide the full names of her immediate family. Let’s read that again, the paper revealed last month that Omar will not even reveal the names of her family. None of her relatives have come forward to comment on this, by the way. It is all bizarre, but it deserves to be investigated. There is far more smoke here than ever was for the idea that say, ‘the president colluded with Russia to rig the election.’ So, we’d like to know more.”

If these allegations are true then Omar could get deported.

The charges are serious.

And the reporter making them has a track record for ferreting out Omar’s lies and fraud.

These allegations deserve a serious investigation.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. A couple DNA tests would answer 2 questions, 1) is Omar a real blood relative of the Omar family, 2) is Omar really married to her blood relative brother. Both test will solve the mystery.

    • Send this dirt bag back to where she originated from she’s a joke and danger to the United States the United States and American civilization impeach and deport this dirty Moslem back to the hellholes where she belongs.

  2. She has no idea when she should keep her mouth shut. The very idea she was married to someone who was her brother and gave birth to 2 children whom no telling who there fathers are and them committed all kids of fraud against numerous government agencies and she calls all of those in government names on a regular basis is reason enough she should be evicted from American soil and never allowed to return. All those living with her should be deported also. We need to send the message to others do not try such, our door are not open to them.

  3. Here we go again. More birther nonsense. Meanwhile, this site follows along with Trump’s distractions. Trump claims that Omar is “anti-Semitic”, yet he is the one who has praised vicious, extreme anti-Semites. Not a word about that here.


  5. Tucker Carlson is a miserable cock-sucking pissy-bitch idiot moron. He wouldn’t know the truth if is boned him up the ass for being the pansy douche-bag that he is. He’s been fired by both CNN and MSNBC for being a spoiled little cry-baby that couldn’t put out a good story even if it was pre-written for him.

    • What makes you such an expert in defining what Tucker is or are you just mouthing off a lot of profane garbage because you disagree with how he is aggressive in exposing truth that you are so quick to deny without any basis in fact.

      • It pisses the demoncrates when they here the truth. ANYONE who says Republicans are racist is really taking about themselves. It’s getting old . If we divided America 50/50 their half would be a garbage dump. The whole party is a bunch of mixed nuts. Too many idiots trying to make America run there way.hells gate. God will favor us. In Jesus name we pray amen.

    • WOW Frances you said a mouthful….I’m sure you felt the need to expell some of the crap you been being spoonfed by your liberal masters. Do you need to be burped now?

    • Too bad you think that. He does a great show, is brilliant and entertaining. Let me guess, youre still at CNN being told what to think do and day, arent you? You could have had a show like Carlson’s if you were smarter and not a spoiled child that cant deal with failure.

    • HAHAHA you democrats are so pathetic it is laughable. Do you realize people laugh at you for your idiocy and ignorance? I DOUBT IT.

    • Wow! FRANCES S.Is their more like you at home ? Your Parents must be, so very proud
      of you ,and your inability to express a single thought without useing profanity. If this behavior is a representation of your true character. You truly should seek help

    • Your opinion of Mr. Carlson is so crass…so over the top?…..it immediately goes to the bottom of the barrel.

    • Oh Francis are you really this thick? The left loves to say everybody else who don’t agree with them is dumb, racist, knuckle dragging homophobic / Islamophobic / white supremacist block heads… NEWS FLASH – the left are high if they believe 5% of the crap being spewed. Instead of giving away everything to the human debris immigrating here uninvited maybe take a little of that money and put it towards educating the population to the reality that teachers have brainwashed the students for the last 30 years with warped ideas and this is how we ended up here… Liberalism is perversion that should be eliminated!


  7. She’s part of the Commie Quad Squad, enough said. In other words they are right up there with Hillary ( Can`t touch this! ) Clinton.

  8. WHEN can we expect something to happen….!!!???? I’m still waiting for Crooked Hillary….among many others…..to be held accountable…!!! Omar is obviously quilty of FRAUD…!!! When can we expect her to be deported..!!?? She hates our country anyway so there will be absolutely NO LOVE LOST on either side..!!! SEND HER BACK…!!!!!!!

  9. It is illegal to be married to more than one person in this country and requires jail time. She does not belong on the hill and does not belong in this country. Stop playing games with these people now.

  10. If it’s proven that she committed tax fraud and nothing happens, all bets are off. That means we can all commit tax fraud and use her as a defense.
    I can dream……………

  11. Sad to say but I fear nothing will be done. I know they located the brother she was.”married” to in the islamic fashion. No church, no paper record, not a n actual marriage by normal standards but one in which they just say in front of a group of people they take each other as husband and wife which our brilliant lawyers have come to call a “cultural marriage”. She brought him here and he attended the same university as she did, the University of South Dakota. Disillusioned with life in the U.S. he returned to England where he now resides. The journalist tracked him down and before the brother realized it he dropped some pretty damning statements before he saw where the interview was going. The race card has been played so often that it is now used even to discourage people who are not of color to disagree with them. Hence no investigation and no charges will ever be filed. Two tiered justice at it’s very best. What else do you expect when everyone failed to look them in the eye and call them out for lying and half truths. This is what happens when you allow one race to feel.entitled because you “felt bad about them being slaves”. If truth be known with all the Dominicans, Haitians, Cubans, Jamaicans, Somalies, Kenyans who now populate our nation were NEVER SLAVES while on U.S. soil. Get over it and instead start treating them as people like your neighbors or family. You sure wouldn’t put up with a bunch of B.S. from them! You would call them out and get things straight right now no matter how much name calling takes place.

  12. Ilhan Omar, please, when you’re invited to someone’s house don’t try to change their decor and criticize the food they feed you it’s very rude.

  13. I doubt she’s hardly fuming. She’s been a legal citizen longer than the current Mrs. T has. And these are nothing more than nonsensical allegations with absolutely zero credibility, other than by those who hang on and believe every word of the liar in chief who neither comprehends or understands the Constitution, history, civics or science. Sad mistake, folks.

    • Commies lie and cheat their way thru life. Slimers can lie and cheat whitey and it is okay with Sharia Slimers. So she would cheat and lie to gain entry to the greatest country ever on Earth, then bad mouth us is so stupoid. So AG Barr, do your duty and investigate with a grand jury. See what happens. And not just deport, prison for bigamy and false statement to US Immigration. Lock the Skank up. Along with Hitlary

      • Dan, there are what, 460 members of Congress and 100 Senators… and you and others here are going uncontrollably crazy over a couple of freshman representatives. Wow. Are you quivering under your bed? Sheesh… there are crazies on both extremes. This country once had a sensible middle… until your supreme leader took office anyway. (and the petitions are nice, but useless as they were duly elected by their states/districts.)

        • Snott27 we don’t need a “middle “. It’s either a constitutional government or not. And the left assholes like you want a global community. We will fight that shit with every drop of our blood. Don’t doubt me. Our freedom is at stake. You people don’t care, but millions of us do.

      • O Possum as long as you keep your head up your ass you will have a shi#ty outlook and smell bad too. The FUBAR 4 SQUAD is staged Dumbocrat BS

      • Cowgirl… who says they are “true”? Did you get that from your cousin’s best friend who overheard it in a conversation at the grocery store? Prove it.

    • Scott, you have no clue of the truth. What you said is a LIE!!!! Pres. Trump understands what this country is all about. YOU do not. And muslims have NO BUSINESS being in this country and should be nowhere near our government. Islam is our ENEMY!!! Read the Quran if you know how, which I highly doubt. The goal of islam is TOTAL world control…either you serve Allah or die. There is NO FREEDOM in islam. The goal of islam in the U.S. is to replace our Constitution with sharia law. muslims are very dangerous, but you have no concept of the truth about them. WAKE UP!!!

  14. Does anybody remember when Teddy Kennedy drove his car off the Chappaquiddick bridge? They suspected foul play and the police polygraphed him but he couldn’t pass the polygraph. So Teddy introduced legislation to render a polygraph inadmissible evidence. This is an example of what you’re up against when you try to get to the facts about these people. A brick wall!

  15. Send the bitch back to Somalia!!!!!! Lying disgusting person her race has nothing to do with the lying communist bitch. Trump has the right idea!!!!! Send the whole squad back too their country their ancestors are from.

      • Works for me. Get Out. It’s bad enough that you broke every treaty with us you ever offered. Now you’re disrespecting your OWN Constitution.

        • Larry, what was done to Native Americans was horrific, but they weren’t the only people displaced, and that was an abomination. When the country became settled, and the lawyers and judges moved in, they also displaced American settlers. James Fenimore Cooper’s father (or it might have been his grandfather) was murdered to steal his land. Daniel Boone also lost his homestead to the Land speculators. Especially during the Salem Witch trials, when people fled the persecution) when the madness died down, many people lost their homes because they didn’t have the papers to prove ownership (there weren’t courts to register ownership.) The courts were then turned against them and their homes were confiscated by Land Speculators. Nice to steal someones home after the land has been improved.

          Now, the Left is looking to do away with private property today. So the big land grab is looming in the future. Note, in Russia, after the Soviet Union fell, and privatization came back, guess who snapped up the best property, the so-called ex-Communists. Much of Russia’s land should have belonged to the people, such as forests, oil deposits, etc. Why don’t you see how Gorky Park was bought for pennies on the dollar (Rubles). I think the Russian people would feel like the Native Americans, when they saw new Billionaires gobble up their country. For that matter, ask how Pelosi’s husband became the realtor for the Presidio.

          The Left isn’t about equality and a fair share in distributing the wealth. It has become the new aristocracy.

          Its all about theft, money, and greed. The

  16. So, why is she still here and a Representative??? Why are Democrats immune from the law? Time for a wholesale crackdown.

  17. Omar should be deported to GITMO for her support of TERRORISTS. She has committed many crimes that should get her removed from office and stripped of anything America got her. She is a TRAITOR to America and all Humanity.

    • Blame it all on the anti-American racist Barack Obama! Arrest this woman, put her on trial, convict her of violating our laws, tax fraud, bigamy, revoke her US naturalized citizenship, send her back to Somalia, and ban her from reentering the US. She’s a dog who should return to her vomit. She’s a felon!!

  18. Not a lot of conservatives in the 5th district, the most democratic district in the state. Also, the mini voters elected radical muslim and wife abuser Kieth Ellison to heard their law enforcement community.

  19. So?
    Immigration Fraud? Nobody’s going to DO ANYTHING about it!
    You have to run a stop sign to get law enforcement interested…..

    • Because 1rst, WE do not do a real effective protest and demand to use the law against Islamic-Democrat party congressmen lies;use tax money to do crimes like false investigation “Russia Colution”, or “impeach” when actualy is a coup to remove President Trump!Or use of ; their paramilitary army to physical attack Republicans:Maxine W, Bernie Sandares Inciting to physical violence, intimidation and actual shooting to kill!! 2nd- Everybody is afraid of the UN, THEY ARE THEIR WORKERS FOR THE NWO- AKA NGD OF AOC! Their open lies and violent agressive behavior is the same in the world for other refugees Muslims that do real criminal acts like rape and physical attacks, KILLINGS and so is PROTECTION for the VIOLENT Central American. Mexicans have to be ignored by their govt of the UN “refugee” lies actually invasion part of “Agenda 21/2030” of the global project for human control! Nobody? Is you now!

  20. why is it so difficult to just do a DNA test on all parties to disprove
    a fraud has not been committed on the United States. The government has
    an obligation to protect the United States from illegal aliens who might
    be anti Americans to come into this country illegally and if she refuses
    then she has committed another crime and her election to Congress will be voided

    • Why bother wasting time with this. She could get caught on live television, shooting a Christian in the back of his head, twice, with two different calibers, and shed say the guy committed suicide. And the mainstream media would report it that way, even though it’s already been on tv, with her pulling the trigger. Oh, wait. That’s already happened, with one name Hitlery. Sorry about that. My bad.

        • What is tragic is that you folks continue to believe this is all about Hillary losing… that’s a fairy tale…. but then if you believe the liar in chief, your supreme leader… well, what can I say.

          • Snott27 the sleazy bitch lost. And shove your popular vote. I doubt she really won that but she still is a pathetic loser.

          • Scott
            I have been ignoring you but will you please do the world a favor & kill yourself before you reproduce!

          • So Scott, has Trump been perp-walked out of the oval office and thrown in jail yet? No? But hey, keep on believing the left wing conspiracy theories and keep on hating, since that’s all your slavery party has left.

          • Scott. Fairy tale?? It is YOU who lives in fantasyland. And you accuse Pres. Trump of lying, but it is just fine with you that Hillary lies every time her lips move. You can’t stand anyone who doesn’t believe what you do. Get help with your hate. It is a sickness

          • No one lied so often and badly as did Clinton and Obama. Their lies were harmful to citizens and tax payers.

      • You are absolutely spot on! I keep waiting to hear about the indictments….we already know the left has & continues to break every law on the books. I wish they’d quit pointing out how this & that has come to light & the libs are running scared. The libs know good & well it don’t matter because their never going to face charges! & yes that makes me damn mad!!

      • Simply, there is no justice applied to Progressives, Clintons above all else. Our legal system is not the semi-justice that it used to be.

    • So, by that logic, Tom, we should test your DNA to ensure you have not committed in heinous crimes? My gosh, please get a grip on reality.

  21. America we do have an OPTION to remove OMAR from CONGRESS. It is called VOTE-HER-OUT. That is correct. CALLING ALL Conservative Constitutional Loving American’s living in MINNESOTA in The 5TH DISTRICT. To Run For OMAR’S Congressional Seat! FYI- No Republican’s Ran Against HER? She only won by 20,000. Votes. Guess What? You Need ZERO Experience. The Pay is Magnificent. The Benefits are Amazing. Go Fill Out The Forms TODAY!

  22. I believe that every man, woman and child living Minneapolis should be given emergency psychiatric evaluations to determine how completely demented they are to have been stupid enough to vote for this anti-American lunatic

    • You only need to look at all the the things that their Governor has said to realize they have 3 teams in Minnesota. The Twins the Minnesota Vikings and the Minnesota Morons.

  23. So was it her dad or her brother that she married? & didn’t this marriage produce 2 children? & when oh when will these criminals face charges??


  25. Hey Lisa. What scares the shit out of me are the mindless idiots that voted them in. Try resting your mind on that.

    • I, and tens of millions, grapple with that question everyday… regarding who are the humans that elected our current prez.

      • Scott…Pres. Trump loves this country and has done a lot of good for it. That is why we elected him. But you live on hate and lies. You have no clue about the truth. Hillary is extremely vile and corrupt and would have continued Obama’s destruction of this country. THANK GOD she did not win.

          • Good morning Mary
            Thank you, you are living proof that not all democrats are brain dead slaves to the liberal masters. Good for you Mary!

  26. gm 03jul19
    AOC(incl. Rt & Io) is a Pathological liar (also called pseudologia fantastica and mythomania) is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying, she can look you straight in the eye and tell you ‘bareface lies’, and, if questioned will turn the table on you, lest she be cornered, and she will move away for a more receptive crowd. She prefers a gullible audience and not one waiting to trap her and, that she does not like. She has the support of democrats like rep. Elijah Cummings and others who encourage her to speak freely and backs her up. What she is doing is to incite the crowd into believing what she sees and what she says about a situation knowing fully well she will lie about it and her audience will listen. AOC knows how to make it up as she goes.This young woman is full of tricks and needs to be caught out by questioning her. Her problem is she lacks factual and moral observation and is ready to shoot the shit the way her democrat leaders have advised coz they do the same thing. She is the trashbag for the democrats the way they are themselves. The democrats are in league with Central American countries for this crisis south of the border and play a game of silence to put unnecessary pressure on PTrump to ridicule him to handle this situation created by demon-rats. A full investigation should be conducted with Central American Countries to find out who is responsible for this sudden invasion of the USA border in effect to create problems for the Trump admin. Most msm play political games along with democrats to heightened levels of intensity using this crisis to blame Trump. This is your dirty demon democrat devils disruption. However, sedition, treason and subversion continue without any charges being laid or culprits being apprehended, we remain a quagmire of lawlessness. It tells democrats and some republicans by their bad example, that they can also do what they want and get away with it, we are above the law, we don’t recognize this president and it will be played out till 2020. These miscreants know one thing when you stand up and throw-the-book at them and bring them to reality for what they have done. Tough-love!
    Ps: supporters have been hoodwinked by ConArtists Cortez (AOC), RT & IO and, there is a likely connection with Iran, as time will tell. They will divert peoples attention from the truth, and, intimidation by Trump will only make them flare-up and that’s good.

  27. Gm 5jul19
    Abolish democrats rat infestation party of corruption, ICE excels in their performance but democrats want open borders so that drug cartel money finds its way into their pockets, as well as illegals will be taken better care off than american citizens whom they would like to replace with cheap labor, it benefits dems. in every way possible. And, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Justin Amash, Linda Sarsour & others would like to invite their friends from the Middle East to come through the borders to assist them in subversion, sedition and treason as the democrats have been doing for the past three years, we the people are a witness off, the never ending attacks by dems. and no work being done in the House accept milking the cow dems. are good at.


  29. As much as ALL the main stream media is so bias, at least Mr. Carlson is trying to do the right thing.Since I never watch the news on any channel any longer, someone told me Mr.Carlson and his family were threatened for telling the truth about “The squad” members.Is this what America has come to? Have we become Nazi Germany because of the evil Democratic party?? It’s truly frightening……

  30. Yeah, deport her. Do it! Do it! It’s the law. Let the law set her as an example. I don’t give a friggin ass if she’s a House Representative. In her position at Congress, she’s also called as a lawmaker! We can’t have a lawbreaker working at the law-making legislature.

    Other than that, it’s the law that she must be deported along with her family members. I hope that the government would uphold this law.

    • Man from Grey – Ilhan Omar is a non-existent name. That is not her family name so therefore her candidacy as House Rep is fraudulent. She needs to be brought up on charges of impersonating a non-existent person with the intent of defrauding the U.S., tax fraud, immigration fraud, marital fraud, bigamy, election fraud – am I missing anything? Also, isn’t there a U.S. law that prohibits marrying your close blood relative? One might be able to marry their 1st cousin and beyond, depending on state laws, but not mother, father, sister, brother. I don’t know what it would be called besides incest.

  31. Nothing will happen to her, no one will charge her with anything. That’s the way it works for the democrats. Just like the Clintons and all their cronies including Obama. There is more than enough proof to put them all in jail, yet they are still walking around free and still causing trouble. If a Republican were to do just a fourth of what any one of them has done and they would never see the free world again.

    • Kunquoda;What you said is the truth.As much as “We the People” want and need for all these corrupt Democrats to face justice.They won’t..None of them.They have tricked, lied and cheated the tax payers and are rewarded for it!! Sickening…

      • I think they will be charged punished and criminally incarcerated especially if our valued president trump is re elected and I know he will be there are already starting to cohort to charge people that were investigating in mueller report in the mueller investigation with the collusion ghost that they chased and cost the taxpayer millions of dollars for chasing a ghost that never even existed. Trump will win re election and I hope I slam dunks the whole Democratic Party and the whole lot that have been destructing this great country and I hope he does it by executive order just to prove a point that he is the commander And chief. And hes running the show Now Not Clinton Obama or any other of those left wing sick son of a bitch’s

    • kunquoda is right. If any conservative did 1/100% of the so called democrats have done; the prisons would have us all in jail. They keep getting away with all their evil and does not seem too stop. They go on and on and on. There is no end to their evil ways against our country.

  32. Anyone who marries their own brother is absolute pathetic human being. She not only is ignorant she is a terrorist that needs to be vetted and sent packing. Get her impeached now Pelosi.

  33. May be she belongs to ISIS or al Qaeda wouldn’t that be something a terrorist in a US Congress person??!!?? The way she seems to think and the things she says..sounds like terrorism to me. How about the rest out there??? Omar sure hate America and Israel so that seems to be right in line with the way terrorists believe. Very scary if you ask me. How can 4 people that are US Congress people hate us americans so much??
    Just food for thought!!!

    • Hey Lisa. What scares the shit out of me are the mindless idiots that voted them in. Try resting your mind on that.

  34. This person is full of lies and is deceitful. No one can believe a word that comes out of her mouth. And when asked or questioned about it she runs away or claims racist. She needs to be let go of her position until there is liable truth to verify if ALL these stories are true: married to two men one being her brother, falsifying immigration records for brother to come to US, tax fraud, falsifying her records by not using her real name to seek asylum. Put her in jail so she can not escape the country until this is all solved. Just her background is enough to question that all this is true.

    • I agree with Marcia, she can NOT be trusted and will use that darned “race-card” any time she can in order to make it sound like she is attacked, any time “there are questions thrown at her that she does NOT want to answer.”

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