Tucker Carlson reported this bad news about secret documents on Joe Biden’s corruption

Tucker Carlson set records with 7.5 million viewers for his interview with Biden Crime Family whistleblower Tony Bobulinski.

Carlson promised more in a follow-up the next night.

But Tucker Carlson reported this bad news about secret documents on Joe Biden’s corruption.

On Wednesday night, Carlson told his audience that a source provided documents related to Hunter Biden and his shady business dealings that would have shed more light on the corrupt influence peddling scheme Hunter Biden set up that allegedly involved his father.

Carlson said a staffer overnighted the documents to Carlson who was in Los Angeles for his interview with Tony Bobulinski.

But Carlson said the documents never arrived.

And in a jaw-dropping video clip, Carlson detailed how the mail carrier found someone opened the package while it was en route to Los Angeles and stole its contents.

Millions of Americans do not believe this was a coincidence.

They believe the documents were stolen by someone sympathetic to Biden to hide them from ever seeing the light of day.

UPS responded to the story on Thursday saying after an “extensive search” they “found” the contents of the package and are arranging for its return.

But still, with just days to go before the election, the delay in Carlson receiving the documents could prove critical to delaying their contents from getting out before millions of Americans cast their ballots.

A recent Morning Consult poll found 51 percent of Americans heard about the Hunter Biden corruption story despite a total Fake News Media blackout and Big Tech censorship campaign.

7.5 million Americans watched Tony Bobulinski detail a credible case of the Biden family’s corrupt plan to sell access to a Communist Chinese linked energy company based solely on Joe Biden’s name.

This has Democrats worried.

And it would not shock anyone if a Biden supporter went to the extreme lengths of committing a felony by tampering with the mail to prevent this story from getting out.

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