Tucker Carlson revealed the one thing that will cause American society to collapse

Tucker Carlson is sounding the alarm.

Everyone needs to see what is causing Carlson to worry about the nation’s future.

And Tucker Carlson revealed the one thing that will cause American society to collapse.

14 RINO traitors voted for the largest gun confiscation bill in nearly 30 years.

This gun grab supports red flag laws that allow the government to seize firearms without committing a crime.

Democrats can even use red flag laws to confiscate firearms from Trump supporters because of their political views.

The legislation also makes it nearly impossible for 18 to 20 year olds to buy and own firearms.

Tucker Carlson slammed RINO sellouts for stabbing their voters in the back and supporting gun confiscation.

Carlson ripped RINOs like John Cornyn for representing Red states yet voting with Democrats.

“Now, many Republican Senators such as Joni Ernst and Shelly Capito are reportedly voting yes on the bill. Hard to believe that’s true but apparently it is. Senator John Cornyn, the lead Republican negotiator who’s gone far-Left in recent years, is currently celebrating on the Senate floor because, again, only Ukrainians are allowed to have guns. Cornyn was just seen shaking hands with Chuck Schumer. Is he representing the folks of Texas? No,” Carlson stated.

Carlson warned viewers that if Republicans continue to vote with Democrats despite the fact that GOP voters elect them to oppose Joe Biden, democracy will eventually collapse as Americans realize their government refuses to deliver on what they want.

“Has there ever been a greater, more brazen sellout of any group of voters than what Republican Senators Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and the rest are doing right now? Talk about a subversion of democracy. If they keep this up, the system will collapse. You have to represent the interest of your voters. That’s why you’re there,” Carlson declared.

John Cornyn’s gun control bill is the biggest double cross of Republican voters in a generation.

When John Cornyn showed up at the Texas Republican State Convention, the attendees booed the gun-grabbing Cornyn off the stage.

Booing politicians is a normal part of American politics.

But Tucker Carlson warned that the booing will turn into the end of American democracy if Republican politicians continue to sell out their voters.

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