Tucker Carlson revealed the one truth that could ruin Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is riding high.

The midterm elections swept the Democrats into power.

But Tucker Carlson revealed the one fact that could bring down Nancy Pelosi.

Congress and President Trump are about to engage in a fight over funding for Trump’s border wall.

Pelosi not only opposed any wall funding, but she said the idea of a wall is “immoral.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson ripped her for these comments and used Barack Obama of all people as an example of how radical her position was.

Carlson pointed out that in 2006 then-Senator Obama voted for 700 miles worth of border fencing.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Weak moral authority. That is not a problem for St. Nancy. Her moral thought is absolute. She is a good person. You, unfortunately, are not. So pay attention as she explains once again — a border wall is immoral. Well, fine. Far be it for us to question the command of an archbishop. We’ll take her at her word. God hates walls. But if walls are immoral, what about fences? Obama seemed to like them,” Carlson stated.

Carlson then aired a clip of then-Sen. Barack Obama supporting a bill that would “authorize some badly-needed funding for better fences and better security along our borders.”

Carlson concluded:

“Better fences,” says Obama. That sounds immoral. What about Israel’s security wall? It’s big and real and very effective. Pelosi supported it, actually. She voted for a resolution defending that wall from U.N. Condemnation. It’s confusing. Must have been before her conversion. But now [that] the walls are definitely immoral, a few obvious theological questions arise. What about doors? And locks? How about hedges or security systems or airport checkpoints or anything else that specifically designed to keep some people out? What about the gate in front of Pelosi’s weekend house? Is St. Nancy against all of that? Of course not.

Democrats have gone so far off the reservation that positions Barack Obama took a little over a decade ago on immigration are now labeled as “immoral” and “racist.”

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. I’m a rascist, I hate stupid people, and democrats are the stupidest bunch of morons, dang retards.

  2. And we need to make the crooked left pay for it too not us taxpayers THEY ARENT OUR RESPNSIBILY THEY ARE THE DEMOCRATS RESPONSBILITY

  3. Judicial Watch. If I go to a politician and offer him/her any thing of value, trips, paid vacation to influence what I would like for my benifit, that would be bribery. If a lobbyist does the same thing that is alright. WHAT iS THE DIFFERENCE?????

  4. I could not agree more with your comments. I worked with a young woman that was brought here as a very young child. She had mo idea she was illegal until she applied for college. As soon as she learned this, she immediately applied for her citizenship. She was very smart and a really good person. She is also against illegals coming here. She said they should do it the right way. She did the right thing and corrected her parents mistake. I am very proud to be her friend.

  5. M. “bleeding heart liberals” TOTALLY
    IGNORE/BYPASS 0ur ‘Homeless’ for
    immi votes / ‘bleed Welfare Sys.’
    0n 0ur $.
    > A Pity__ Literally, INDEED __

  6. Hey Real M.(lol) 1st thing comes to mind :
    >Immigration Policy/ Procedure.
    Past AUDIOS are available? Heard Audios from both
    Clinton/’o’ in past. POTUS Same. Left WILL NOT ‘acknowledge’.
    > A few other things, but i did not take written notes.
    . Do not watch msm or fox. Read a brief of comm’s by
    Tucker many weeks ago. Will take notes, when ‘similarities’
    present issues. I ‘speed read’ 10 articles by the time
    ‘talking heads’ blab for 15-20 min. Have mentioned numerous
    times – Not Going to ‘spoon feed’ Info. PPL MUST be ‘aware’
    & Learn HOW To access correct sources For Themselves,
    to know Truth vs. ‘twisted’ edited Smack.
    > If All time is ‘spent’ on msm, well,
    that is ‘lostville’.
    > MC & HNY 2019 M. & Dan et al.
    ps. do not fret re M. vs Real M. ‘WE’ Know
    the Real You.

  7. James, that crazy old bat is going to take the USA into mass riots before we can get rid of her! Our money will be gone and when people get hungry, we will have to get food anyway we can while she and the other rich people (democrats and republicans) will just thumb noses at us!

  8. Harris is your senator So.sorry! You kind of got me out of my dispair as I was bemoaning my two worthless senators in Washington state (dumb and dumber) but you really do have something really disparate about. Sorry you have one of 5 worst nightmares in the senate. Unfortunately your second senator “leaking Feinstein” makes one of top 5 list also.

  9. With the Democrats taking charge of the House under Nancy Pelosi, and aided and abetted by the depraved politically correct liberals the IMMORAL has become the new MORAL norm.

    Forget the fence, forget the wall, just MOW THE GRASS, so that CBP can see the illegal aliens marching towards the USA so that they can alert the WELCOME WAGON members to come and soothe the illegal aliens moral (?) hearts.

    The WELCOME WAGON consists of Pelosi, Maxine, AOC, Gillibrand, Empress Hirono, Kamala Harris, with the goods being carried by Perez and Schumer.

  10. Does Any0ne N0TICE ? that POTUSDJT
    constantly ‘reinstates’ obama policy?
    >Tucker reveals, sometimes.

  11. It is going to be impossible for President Trump to fire these people because as long as Mueller keeps making up phony investigation on President Trump he knows he can’t be fired and neither can any of the others that are involved with the investigations on Trump because if President Trump was to fire them while he is being investigated they can impeach him for obstruction of justice even thou we all know these investigations on Trump are phony and made up by Mueller therefore Mueller is going to keep doing one phony investigation after another for the next two years on Trump so he can’t fire Mueller, Rosenstein or any of the others that are involved with doing these investigations on Trump. Talk about corruption of the Democrats, it’s right there before our very own eyes!

  12. These career politicians do not except out of state email but I have one senator who want except or respond to in-state emails from her own voters (Senator Harris) my California senator
    Has refused or ignored to reply to my emails to her.

  13. Robert Taylor, Thank you. That is understood. If all us vote in our own districts we can do what must be done to clean house and get the reps we need in D.C.

  14. DAV, Sadly, not many Dems believe in heaven and hell, they are full blown atheists. Unfortunately for them, hell will not burn any less hot just because they don’t believe it exists!

  15. Nancy has lied, cheated and broke many laws and codes to be the wealthy woman she is today. She has not served her country as a congress woman, but has used it for personal power and wealth. Morally she is broken and cannot be taken seriously. Unfortunitly for many she is. SAD!

  16. She can’t wait to get Pelosi Air off the ground again. It’s her white privileged at work, i guess when your dealing with the demonRats any privilege is deserved the color of your skin doesn’t matter now does it?

  17. Who the hell is she anyhow? In a country of millions this lone piece cr*p is to decide whether we have a wall or not. Do the people of this country have no say in this. Wouldn’t it be nice if people like her,Schumer,rinos and the rest of the pack could be thrown out of this country. There would be more peace and love for each of us instead of this constant fighting Against Trump and the majority of the people. May President Trump remain strong and healthy to continue his fight to make America Great A

  18. I am as conservative as they come. DACA is a problem created by inaction in congress. There needs to be a retroactive cutoff date for them like Jan 1 2016 would work. Kids who were brought here by illegal parents we did nothing to stop and have grown up here and only know America as their country should be given an accelerated path to citizenship. Their parents should not they are still illegals until they leave and return legally some 5 years later. I know some DACAs that are now in their 20s and finishing college they are worried about where they are going to find jobs without being citizens. Seems several generations of congress has kicked this can down the road and it needs to be fixed and never allowed to happen again. Anchor baby financing needs to end yesterday. I feel for the kids but their own country needs to care for them instead of us. We don’t take care of our own.

  19. I remember the old saying, “what’s good for the goose…” you know the rest. I say if after one year congress stops progress on the wall getting built and illegals keep breaking into our country then it should follow anyone who’s homeless has every right to break into these politicians homes and seek sanctiuary.

  20. The only thing I see that is immoral are self righteous member of Congress, I wonder how high the walls are around their properties, how many security people they have. If they keep thinking that they are better than the rest of us, they may be in for a very rude awakening.

  21. There is a t-shirt that is/was sold by constitution.com. It said, “HEAVEN HAS A STRICT IMMIGRATION POLICY. HELL HAS OPEN BORDERS!” All lie-berals should see that and THINK for once!

  22. Robert Taylor, Great comment! Thank you!
    I am on a campaign to be a thorn in the side of Congress. Flood their offices with our demands! Do what they were elected to do or expect to be voted out! It all starts and ends with us doing our JOB! They don’t do what they were elected to do, WE SHOW THEM TERM LIMITS!

  23. Mary Ann Johnson, She is a bleeding heart liberal. They all say it’s inhumane not to let desperate people in to our Country. Since “truth” is a complete stranger to Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of them, I seriously know they don’t believe what these people are saying. The Dems know caravaners will abuse our welfare system and all the free stuff! 2/3 of illegals and/or immigrants are on welfare, I read that in a report. Dems don’t care, they want the votes for power and control. Anybody who doesn’t believe that has IQ so low they need a caretaker!

  24. Those things would work but recall all of us cannot vote against or for anyone except those in our district (House) or state (Senator). Hell they will not even accept email to their office from outside.

  25. Under the questions I asked in my last post here is a bit of the information found…Article 1 section 6 of the constitution states Members of Congress, “shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House.

    Congressional immunity refers to a special immunity that is granted to members of Congress. The following are the exemptions granted to the members of Congress under congressional immunity:
    1. A Congress member is exempted from arrest while attending a session of the body to which the member belongs, excluding an arrest for treason, breach of the peace, or a felony, or;
    2.A Congress member is exempted from arrest or interrogation for any speech or debate entered into during a legislative session.
    In re Grand Jury, 821 F.2d 946 (3d Cir. Pa. 1987), it was held that congressional immunity is an evidentiary privilege that is applied broadly to evidence or testimony about all acts that occur in the regular course of the legislative process. It therefore applies to activity taken in the course of legislative fact-finding.
    Looks like they say I am fact finding and can do whatever they want and say whatever they want.

  26. We must vote all RINO and weak Republicans (those who say they want what they were ELECTED to do but have no guts to vote accordingly or are lying). If we will do this, term limits will not be necessary. They will do their damn job or we will limit their terms! We have the power, we have to have the guts to use it! It will take several elections to weed out the guys who need to go but, “we have to crawl before we can walk and run”!
    If you like this idea, talk it up, say what you mean and mean what you say! Our sovereign Republic and our American way of life is at stake!

  27. Where in the Constitution does it say illegal entry is allowed? The term illegal alien was not mentioned because at that time there was no illegal entry. Illegal aliens from anywhere should not be allowed to remain in this country. Further, had that law been enforced there would be no anchor babies. A criminal cannot profit from an illegal act. Those people are doing an illegal (criminal) act (along with those who want to help them stay) and should not profit from that, unless you are one of those who do not think US Citizenship is worth anything. I would like to know whose job it is to police the Congress to make sure they are not breaking the law and to arrest them if they do? Surely there must be some officers of some kind that have that duty. If not, why not? If yes then we need to flood their office with demand letters.

  28. Build the wall, create border security laws and follow them. Stop illegal entry. Legally ban those that continue to try illegal entry. FIX DACA. POLITICIANS USED THESE THINGS TO CONTINUALLY fight each other in daily political arena. FIX THEM…VOTERS AND CITIZENS WANT IT DONE!!!

  29. Hope our President doesn’t forget that he said all illegal immigrants must go home? What ever it takes, he must make sure we know exactly who is here in the United States, where they are at and what they are doing, which he does not know today. If it takes mandatory E-Verify, a wall or an Army he should get it done!

  30. The whole Muller investigation is a farce it began illegal because of a warrant
    that was also a farce and nothing has been done to correct it. Muller should have been fired after the AG recused himself from the investigation. The assistant AG is a rat and not fit to serve in any office of the government. Our Democracy is under attack from the far left which consist of a house full of Demoracts. Wake up America you are under attack.

  31. Ryan is a arroangant ass that wants every thing his way . Thats why the Republican lost the house , his failure to do his job , never will I vote for Ryan again not for even dog catcher !

  32. This plainly shows the Democrats are not going to represent the American citizens who voted their sorry asses in . Most Americans want that Wall and they want immigration laws , that are enforced . These people took an oath to protect and defend the Cinsitution and turn right around and ignor it and the laws of of immigrations . They should be taken before the Supreme court and made to do their jobs or resign ! We have laws , its their job to obey them or get out .

  33. You are so right on that . My great grand parents did the same , they too were from Ireland . They moved to the mountains of NC and worked and farmed to get a start . All they was given was a chance to make a life for themselves . Today they pour in illegal , get hand outs for every thing and many you see being deported have been here for fifteen twenty years and not once tried to become a tax paying citizen , to contribute to what was given to them . Why , because they dont want to share the burden of others like them coming in illegal by paying higher taxes ! When I see ICE deporting these people I say thank you ICE and President Trump for doing what is right !

  34. and who is going to protect us from the republicans who trying to bankrupt this country? you all want to protect trump but who was he protecting when he ordered daniels and playmate from reveling there story that would of cost him the election? who was he protecting when he lied to everyone about who ordered it and why? even when confronted with the proof of a tape of him ordering cohen to pay them off? Just like trump is demanding when the papers for manafort and cohen his case be closed but that is because the rumor of the next indictment is on trump jr. just like when a democrat was to testify to the committee and took the fifth amendment trump was calling them a coward saying only person who takes the fifth is guilty and should be charged for it well a couple days later his son testified and took the fifth and trump praised him and said how his son stopped them so where is the difference? if his son went to that meeting with the intent to get evidence against clinton so they could use it against her in the election he is guilty of collusion in my eyes, just like trump paying off the women so they would say anything he is guilt of tempering with the election, sorry forgot technical charge. this what they don’t want you to here. just like the key thing everyone is praising trump for is there tax credits and if rumour is correct then about 85% of you all are going to be cursing him come tax time, just like this crap of him giving away money and the comment he made the other day about he’s glad he won’t be here when the defisit goes out of control you all figure out what he meant just some things to think about,

  35. Yet! nothing is done by true resistance of their recent voter frauds at this years mid-term election, You Americans will do Nothing but allow voter fraud and the swearing in this coming January! You Americans have a lost sense of patriotism to todays corruption in the so-called democracy in America!

  36. In the 1800’s my Grandfather came here from Ireland and he didn’t even get a free potato. He worked laying the railroad tracks across America. Now people from other countries come here and they get free food stamps, free money and so on. Who pays for this? The American taxpayers! The left wing politicians behind this are very well paid!

  37. Yes and throw in some of those politicians that are gutless ! What about the Pope and his WALL around his domain ? We need a wall like Israel has or the wall of China….We need to secure our borders…period !

  38. I’m going to start out by saying that I can’t be nice to this b**** because it seems to me that they don’t care about the American people all they care about is illegals legals it is not just her it’s all the damn oh rats in office

  39. No it is thanks to the Rino’s like Mcconnell and Ryan that refused to do what we the people elected them to do and what they said they would do.

  40. I’m 100% sure if president trump DIDNT want the wall, they would all be for it…..they the liberal demons would have had it built 2 years ago.

  41. Liberals, especially the incumbents, often choked on current issues that were once addressed in years ago. They would flip their opinion to please the mob. Flip for the votes.

    The conservatives have no trouble staying with the same opinion they made in years ago. Unfortunately, the GOP RINOs change their stance in fear of losing the votes. It should not be.

    By the way, clearly Pelosi has been aroond too long in Congress that she can’t defend her reasons anymore. Hopefully, not all liberals are against the wall and guns.


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