Tucker Carlson revealed the one way Trump supporters can stop the Democrats’ takeover of America

Democrats are not just trying to oust Donald Trump this November.

They are trying to seize power to reshape the country into something unrecognizable.

And now Tucker Carlson revealed the one way Trump supporters can stop the Democrats’ takeover of America.

During a recent broadcast, Carlson had on fellow Fox News host Greg Gutfeld to discuss how to combat “cancel culture.”

Cancel culture is the newest movement on the Left to silence anyone who disagrees with them by trying to get people fired if they express the wrong political views.

Guitfeld told Carlson that the Left developed cancel culture as way to erode America’s core value of allowing for diversity of thought and opinion.

“Here’s the thing about cancel culture,” Gutfeld explained. “This is the first workaround for the First Amendment in history. Because whenever you complain about cancel culture, they will say you have the First Amendment, freedom of speech. We’re just going to ruin your career and take your livelihood and drive you to suicide. So it’s actually making the First Amendment meaningless.”

Cancel culture is becoming more prevalent on the Left and gaining a foothold in America.

Gutfeld told Carlson that the only way to stop it was to use it against the Left in a form of “mutually assured destruction.”

“Because right now it’s too cheap to pull it off,” Gutfeld stated. “The low barrier for entry to join a mob is nil. So the solution is to make it expensive and the key is to share the risk. If we stick together and it’s really easy, the price becomes too high for the mob. The only reason why they exist is because we don’t stick together. We get scared. We hide.”

As an example, Gutfeld cited the story of Des Moines Register reporter Aaron Calvin who resigned from the paper after he canceled Carson King.

“Remember the reporter that canceled the kid who donated all that money to the children’s hospital?” he asked. “He found like an old tweet. Then like a week later they found tweets of the reporter. He lost his job. It has to be like that,” Gutfeld added.

King was seen on TV during a college football show asking for beer money.

The image went viral and a campaign raised more than one million dollars, which King donated to a children’s hospital.

But Calvin dug up tweets from seven years ago when King was in High School and suddenly King was canceled.

However, Calvin had his own offensive tweets from his past, which supporters of King brought to the Register’s attention, which led to Calvin resigning from the paper in disgrace.

Gutfeld told Carlson this is the only way to stop cancel culture.

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