Tucker Carlson revealed the real reason Joe Biden wants to ban guns in America

Joe Biden claims he wants to ban guns to end mass shootings.

But the truth is much more sinister.

And Tucker Carlson revealed the real reason Joe Biden wants to ban guns in America.

On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson explained that countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Communist China could impose fascist police states during the COVID pandemic because those countries confiscated guns from their people.

Carlson tied that to the current push in North America – both in the United States and Canada – to ban and confiscate firearms.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seized on the tragedy in Texas to ban handguns.

And American politicians – led by Joe Biden – are following down the same path.

Carlson told viewers:

Joe Biden just announced that nine-millimeter ammunition is quote, “high-caliber” – which makes anyone who understands guns laugh – and should therefore be banned. Nine-millimeter, the single most common pistol round sold in the United States by far should be banned, says Joe Biden.

In New York, the unelected governor, Kathy Hochul, just announced legislation to quote, “Eliminate the grandfathering of large-capacity ammunition heating devices.” That means your legal magazine is now illegal. Possessing it is now a crime. It wasn’t yesterday. It is today.

Carlson warned his audience that the government disarming Americans would end any chance to resist lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

That – Carlson stated – was the real reason politicians wanted to take guns away from the people.

The gun grabbers – Carlson declared – knew they were illegitimate leaders and thus taking people’s guns away prevented any uprising against their decrees.

“But they’re not worried about public health, at all. What they’re worried about is public resistance to their policies. Disarming the population ends that resistance. They’re very concerned because they know they rule illegitimately, that the population will rise up. That probably has not occurred to you. It’s definitely occurred to them,” Carlson stated.

The Founders wrote the Second Amendment into the Constitution as a bulwark against a tyrannical government.

Firearm ownership among the public is a major reason America exists as a free country.

Joe Biden and his fellow gun grabbers want to eliminate that by banning and confiscating firearms from the American people.

And gun confiscation would turn America into a police state country closer to New Zealand, Australia, or Communist China.

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