Tucker Carlson revealed the shocking reason Joe Biden is running for re-election in 2024

For much of 2022, Americans assumed the massively unpopular and cognitively impaired Joe Biden would not seek a second term.

But Americans may have to rethink that assumption.

And Tucker Carlson revealed the shocking reason Joe Biden is running for re-election in 2024.

Carlson played a clip of Joe Biden reading off a series of lies about the socialist spending bill he just signed into law.

Biden repeated the misleading and false name for the bill, the “Inflation Reduction Act”, which does nothing to actually lower inflation, as well as talking up the Green New Deal policies the bill imposes on Americans.

“The Inflation Reduction Act invests $369 billion to take the most aggressive action ever – ever, ever, ever – in confronting the climate crisis and strengthening our energy security,” Biden said. “It’s gonna offer working families thousands of dollars in savings by providing them rebates to buy new and efficient appliances, weatherize their homes, get a tax credit for purchasing heat pumps, and rooftop solar, electric stoves, ovens.”

Carlson told viewers that Democrats likely want to renominate Biden again because of his age and cognitive impairment.

“So, you watch that and you realize, maybe, they are going to run him again because he doesn’t actually exist,” Carlson stated. “He is merely a conduit through which they change America. He has no idea what he’s saying. He reads the script. He seems kind of non-threatening and out of it.”

During the 2020 campaign, Donald Trump warned Americans that Joe Biden would serve as a rubber stamp for socialists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if he ever got into office.

That’s exactly what happened.

Biden signed trillions of dollars in socialist spending bills into law and declared war on American energy, which sent inflation spiraling out of control.

Carlson explained that all Democrats need to do to renominate Biden is “feed him full of drugs and have him read someone else’s script.”

Donald Trump also alleged Biden took performance enhancing drugs ahead of their debates to counteract his cognitive impairment.

The press called Trump a conspiracy theorist.

But Carlson explained that a source who witnessed the act said Jill Biden feeds Joe drugs to boost his brain function so he can perform in public as President.

Carlson said putting out a nonthreatening “Uncle Joe” type figure was a clever method for radicals to turn America into a socialist country.

“If you’re trying to change the country really fast, this is very useful to you,” Carlson concluded.

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