Tucker Carlson said this is the one person he will never interview again

Tucker Carlson’s popularity rests with the fact that he will interview anyone, even people he vehemently disagrees with.

But even Carlson has his limits.

And Tucker Carlson said this is the one person he will never interview again.

The end of CNN’s Crossfire 

CNN’s Crossfire set the standard for cable news debate shows.

Beginning in 1982, Crossfire’s simple format of a pundit and a guest representing the Left and the Right allowed elected officials and newsmakers to air their views in a respectful format that informed viewers.

That all changed in 2004.

On October 15, 2004, Daily Show host Jon Stewart appeared on the program.

There were just weeks left before the Presidential Election.

Stewart appeared on the show with a message attacking programs like Crossfire broadly and Carlson more specifically for being biased against the Left, claiming Carlson and the show were “hurting” America.

Even though Crossfire was a CNN institution, the Stewart appearance was a seminal moment in the media, as it was the beginning of the Left taking an asserting posture that the press should actively work on behalf of the Democrat Party and any outlet that didn’t undermine democracy.

Carlson will never interview Stewart again

Popular podcast host Patrick Bet-David told Carlson that he thought Carlson interviewing Stewart would make for a great podcast.

“Well, you know, and then Jon Stewart . . . by the way, that would be a very good, interesting, podcast if you would do it —” Bet-David began before Carlson cut him off.

“He’s just so pathetic I don’t know. Yeah, it would be interesting. I want to be a good sport about it,” Carlson replied.

“I think the world would watch it,” Bet-David stated.

Carlson rejected the idea out of hand, saying he won’t interview Stewart again because everything about him is phony.

“Yeah. I mean, the world would watch all kinds of ugly things, but I just try to think — I know I have such contempt for him. I guess maybe that would make it hard. I like interviewing people. I disagree with Chris Cuomo, I interviewed, and you know, I totally disagree with Chris Cuomo on so much, and I made fun of him so much. I’ve been really mean to him. But I don’t have contempt for Chris Cuomo at all, actually. But Jon Stewart, I have total contempt for him. I have no respect at all and I never have. And that hasn’t changed in the 20 years since I last saw him. Have you ever interviewed someone you have no respect for at all?” Carlson fumed.

“It’s like I don’t give a s*** what you say. I mean, you’re pathetic. It’s not even your real name. Like, everything about you is fake. You’re just fake. And you’re kind of a dumb person posing as a smart person,” Carlson added.

Before Stewart took over the Daily Show, the media at least pretended to try and be objective.

But during the Bush years, Stewart’s show took on mythic proportions to the Left as Stewart skewered Republicans every night and Stewart actually became the most trusted newsman on the Left.

Network executives saw that what the Left really wanted from newscasts was affirmations of their political views.

That started the long, slow march to where America is today, where CNN, MSNBC, and other media outlets define themselves as the “resistance” to Donald Trump.

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