Tucker Carlson shut down Meghan Markle with one brutal truth

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey caused an international uproar.

Markle tried to cancel the British Royal Family as racists.

But Tucker Carlson shut down Meghan Markle with one brutal truth.

During the interview, Markle incessantly whined about how bad she had it after marrying into the British Royal Family.

Markle is a Duchess with every advantage and privilege at her disposal, but Markle told the global audience that her life was difficult because she got into a disagreement with her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who is the Duchess of Cambridge.

Carlson blasted Markle for telling the world she was an “oppressed victim” because she got into a disagreement with a family member over the clothing for a wedding.

“But that’s not the whole story. What she is really saying is that despite her enormous wealth and fame, despite the fact she never has to cook her own dinner, or drive her own car ever again, as long as she lives, despite the fact that every time she heads to the gym, that journey is treated like the moon landing by an army of awestruck reporters, despite the fact that she’s literally a Princess, sorry, Duchess, she is and this is the headline here: she is actually an oppressed victim,” Carlson stated.

In another clip, Markle claimed she felt “silenced.”

Carlson laughed at the absurdity of a woman who could arrange a network interview with the most famous talk show host on the planet, and who also has a deal with Netflix, claiming to be “silenced.”

“I had bodyguards, but I was not protected. I was silenced, says the lady doing a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey. When I speak, only a hundred million people here and around the world, though, to be fair, that number rises considerably once you count DVR and internet views, but the point remains, I have been silenced. I am a victim,” Carlson sarcastically added.

Meghan Markle is a typical, entitled “woke” political activist.

Markle always wants to present herself as a victim of “racist” institutions attempting to “silence” her because it allows Markle to conduct her affairs free from criticism.

After Prince Harry and Markle married, they made a controversial decision to leave the Royal Family and move to California.

And now Meghan Markle is attempting to put off any blame for the schism in the Royal Family by claiming that Meghan Markle – one of the most privileged women in the world – is really a powerless victim.

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