Tucker Carlson sounded the alarm on this massive coronavirus betrayal

Tucker Carlson continues to sound alarm bells at the dangers Americans face from the coronavirus.

Many of these threats revolve around corruption scandals in American government and business.

And now Tucker Carlson sounded the alarm on this massive coronavirus betrayal.

The Minnesota based company 3M made a big announcement a few weeks ago about how they would produce hundreds of millions of N95 respirator masks.

But Florida emergency response official Jared Moskowitz blew the whistle on the fact that 3M was sending states on a wild goose chase that ended with empty warehouses while 3M allegedly manufactured masks for foreign countries.

Moskowitz appeared on Tucker Carlson’s program to describe what many Americans believed was a betrayal by an American company in a time of national crisis.

“I just decided to turn up the heat and tell people what is actually happening in the 3M mask space,” Moskowitz began before telling Carlson about a “frightening” conversation with one of the company’s government relations representatives.

“The system is completely broken,” Moskowitz added. “The authorized distributors who right now can’t tell me a timeline when I will receive my masks, orders that I put in a month ago. By the way, the terms and conditions are I’ve got to pay for the masks and can’t cancel my order. 3M has lost total control.”

Moskowitz explained that states are falling behind in 3M’s priority list because foreign countries are promising to pay cash on the spot for masks.

“What I asked 3M is that, ‘are they aware they are authorized distributors?’” Moskowitz added. “U.S. companies are telling me the reason why our orders are being pushed down is because foreign countries are showing up with cash to purchase the orders, and when I told 3M that, not only did they not dispute it, I asked them if they put any guidelines to prevent the behavior and the answer was ‘No.’”

The President tweeted on Thursday that he used the Defense Production Act against 3M in a move that should push the government’s orders to the front of the line.

But many Americans are asking why this was even necessary and why was 3M allegedly putting profit in front of patriotism?

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