Tucker Carlson told a truth that left Democrats numb with rage

Democrats hate Tucker Carlson.

The primetime Fox News host exposes their hypocrisies and covers stories the left hopes never sees the light of day.

And now Carlson just told a truth that left Democrats numb with rage.

Carlson set off a national debate with a monologue last week about how elites despise the ordinary citizens of this country and work to implement an agenda on immigration, the family, trade, and foreign policy that hurts everyday Americans.

The left latched on to one part of the monologue where Carlson pointed out declining wages for men led to fewer marriages and families.

Carlson argued the elites incentivizing feminism and downgrading the traditional male roles in society hurt families and ultimately helped gut the middle class.

Commentators flew off the handle denouncing him.

But one liberal agreed with Carlson.

Or at least she used to.

During his Monday night broadcast, Carlson read excerpts from Elizabeth Warren’s 2003 book where she questioned the left’s insistence that mother join the work force and abandon their traditional family roles.

The Daily Caller reports:

“The central thesis of the book was that mass entry of mothers into the workforce has been a disaster for families and most of all for women,” Carlson explained. “As Warren points out, you’d think families would be much richer with two parents working. That hasn’t happened. Virtually all the income gains have been consumed in an arms race to maintain the status quo.”

Carlson also alleges that if Warren made the same arguments today, she would be disowned from the Democratic Party.

“Elizabeth Warren said that out loud. Nobody seemed to mind. She’d never say that today. It’s not allowed like so much else that is true and important,” Carlson said. “She can’t talk about the things that she believed 10 years ago. No modern Democrat can.”

Carlson closed by assuring viewers that he would talk about the things that people like Warren cannot.

Carlson closed this segment by pointing out that the Democrat Party has grown so radical in their assault on the family that Elizabeth Warren would be drummed out of public life if she uttered these statements today.

Do you agree with Tucker Carlson? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Tucker, spot on! I watch you every night. They hate you because you tell the truth!you, hannity& laura are just great! Your program is fair and balanced, A plus for your reporting!fox had better think twice if they decide to remove your hour of reporting. The rateings will go down and they will get slews of mail from viewers who love you so much.may god bless you and your family. I am a born again christian and i know you are also. The truth will prevail! Linda white

  2. I agree with tucker, all demrats flip flop on issues. None of them have the balls to stand up for what they believe. None of them take stand on any issue, except that tgey hate trump. Noone can tell me how he is tearing the moral fiber of the us apart. One example, thats all i want.

  3. It is time for the bleeding heart liberals to read the Federalist Papers, the Bill of Rights and the remainder of the Constitution of the United States of America. This should enlighten them as to what has made this country so great. The time has come for term limits for the Senate and House members who are totally inept, clueless, refuse to let compromise to enter into their vocabulary and have one goal; their own agenda.

  4. You just have to look back to LBJ’s great society to see the beginnings of the dissolution of the American family. Who knew that helping unwed mothers would lead to the disastrous welfare culture of today? The Democrats did, and they continue this onslaught with offers of free medical, college education, guaranteed income and jobs, and cell phones. Follow the trend to the cliff. When did your health become my burden? When you could vote it in. Talk to your kids about personal responsibility, and if they don’t get it, abort them after birth. Sorry, got out of hand there.

  5. Go Trump….. continue to piss the left off every day. And let them show their true ugly ,disgusting selves ,like they have been! They are loosing their voters every day!

  6. Caliphony, they are so ridiculous, they no longer have a moral compass. They outlaw plastic straws and tax businesses so they can give the heroine users on the streets plastic containers with needles.

  7. Diane, your a demoncrat worried about the illegal children?
    They’re being used as shills on the border. What about the babies your party kills in the billions? Those are children being slaughtered. Your such a hypocrite as are the whole demoncrat

  8. Mine too! So true! And totally disgusting the way some fowl vile people twist the truth and defend the horrible! The entire last teo years has shown how extremely terrible people can be. They have all gone crazy with the hatred! They have been lying and cheating for decades though. But lately it has gotten so vile and really insane! So much childish jealousy and name calling! Manipulating and deceitful lawlessness in our government. The cheating at the polls! Who does that? Jealous & Bad loosers! So many involved in so many deceitful acts! Sad that our beautiful country has taken such a stumble and face plant!

  9. I agree with Tucker about most everything he says. His book “Ship of Fools” is awesome…it definitely explains how we got to where we are now.

  10. Craig, that worthless ditz flies a 757 to California every weekend compliments of our hard work. And yes, off to Hawaii four hours after she takes an oath that has no meaning to her and an oath she laughs at all the way across the pacific. Once again compliments of our hard work. just awful, that person..

  11. I totally agree with Tucker Carlson on his comments about the family.
    The far left is unknowingly waging a war against the family as we know it. The family unit is the foundation of society.

  12. The feminist movement,having good intentions has created a society where many men no longer will take responsibility for their children. They have told men and women that the father is not needed except for support money and the stay at home mom is villified except for welfare moms,and women are encouraged to work and put their child in a daycare. The father has few rights and can be thrown to the curb so to speak. The rabid feminists have created a generation of wussy men who are not responsible and have little contact with a family unit.

  13. Old Nancy should clean the streets & sidewalks of San Francisco, from what I’ve read & heard, people need a map or phone app to bypass all the human waste.
    SF was on my bucket list, I wouldn’t go there now if I was given a free trip.

  14. President Trump wants to do the right thing for the American people and that is to build the wall to prevent Terrorists from coming to The United States Illegally and to protect all Americans from being harmed and murdered by these Brutal criminals from South America. MS13 is a very brutal gang and that is just one group. We have radical Islamic terrorists that are here already due to these Democrats and their open border policies. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to stop their Anti-Trump Nonsense and start thinking about the safety of every American and not their pride. Trump is our President and they need to get over their stupidity.

  15. The only thing worse than people voting for a Democrat for President is the GOP nominatinating Rat yet in the past 10 years they nominated 2 McCain and Romney.

  16. Granted Tucker does have a tendency to interrupt even his patriotic guests but he is absolutely correct, just read an article about a survey done by the APA where in their opinion you need to restrain traditional masculinity but transgenderism is all perfectly acceptable in other words they paint the former as an illness and the latter as healthy.

  17. I am not posting fake news. Since I don’t care to give out too much of my personal information – the State is California. I was compelled to leave the city I so loved in 1969. Since then it has gotten so bad in CA I left their in 1993. I visit California frequently. I will no longer visit the town I grew up in because it is not safe to drive through the city. The homes I lived in do have bars on the windows. I will tell you a story though. One of my adult daughters was in a hospital in California. Her last day there I happened to be in CA & went there to pick her up. Three (yes 3) large bus loads of illegals (women & children) pulled up in front of the hospital. They got in line for prescriptions. So I had my daughters prescriptions she was to take when she exited the hospital so I got in this long line also. Everyone was getting their meds. When it was my turn the male looked at me and said “Oh, I so sorry. You need to take yours prescriptions to the nearest drug store.” I inquired as to WHY. No one else was turned away. He said because I had to PAY FOR MINE. At that point I really wanted to just sit down & cry to see what had happened the the wonderful State I had grown up in. That was several years ago. The state I have moved to 25 years ago is getting just about as bad. You call yourself “the olddog”. Well I am probably older than you and I can vouch the America I grew up in and loved isn’t even close to what it used to be. And just so you don’t think I am a racist or something I have many Grands & Greats of all nationalities – Mexican, Caucasian, Black, Japanese to name a few. But they & their families are ALL legal and they do not like the illegals coming into this country.

  18. Thank you Carol. I don’t consider me a great lady, but I have lived through many Presidents (the 1st being Franklin D. Roosevelt. I can honestly say this is the 1st President that hasn’t taken any salary (gives it to charity), and really should be living his life relaxing and living out his retirement in Florida. Instead he is worried about America and has more hate thrown at him than any President I can think of. And for women to call his wife such nasty names. America has taken a nose dive from when I grew up. Breaks my heart.

  19. Thanks tucker. Where is responsibility? Family? What is that?
    Parents, who is that. Government, where is that? We have lost identity. Do not rely upon the ACLU do define who we are

  20. Thank you very much Tucker Carlson for telling it to us like it really is. Keep up the good job I back you. We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful president, President Donald J Trump.

  21. You need to open up your eyes and listen to the right News Channel. This is not BS and we do have a crisis on the southern order of the United States. But that’s okay President Donald Trump is going to take care of the matter I promise. Cuz he is a great president that promises made Promises Kept.

  22. I agree the problems men are dealing with in society today is all about feminism. They don’t really want men they are instead ” Home Honeys’. The role of real men has been squashed.Families, schools and churches are suffering and declining for it. Thanks, Tucker for your thoughtful and inciteful TV Show.

  23. Yes! How is it that the Left seems to forget the previous last two predecessors’ lack of lawfulness! They were so terribly wrong so many times, blatantly. They both came into the White House broke and are now Billionaires! On our tax dollars and the funds they took from the foreigners while promising to sell out the US for what ever they wanted. They were replaced Thank God! Get over it. They need to go away and stop causing discourse in our political arena. Rude, obnoxious,deceitful persons flying around in our Nation’s jets living the high life on someone else’s dollars. And a lot of dollars $$$ it takes to keep them all happy. What about the funds these “congressmen & woman” spend on unnecessary vacations and trips? Meals that cost thousands!? Protection for them and their families while we are to open our doors and let the rats enter. Take down their walls too! They need to live in their district with their districts people. Not high on the hill with gates, fences & walls and security protecting them from their constituents.

  24. THANK YOU! The truth is always great to hear!
    January 10, 2019 at 2:07 pm
    And Diane suck it up and go away!
    You are blinded by the rhetoric from the left.
    And you have nothing worthy to say.
    Go find a cat box to clean

  25. Yup the GOP lost 40 seats in the House – funny how quickly you fail to mention Clinton lost half again that many in his first term and Obama lost 73. I guess those don’t quite register in the old memory bank, eh? Fraud aside with the vote mining, and before you deny it we watched Stacy try and pull the same stunt here in Georgia, half of the GOP losses were retirements because they knew there own constituents would not re-elect them due to their ineffectiveness and laziness.

  26. Diane you are a fool. Perhaps you should listen to the true local news and see for yourself what crimes these immigrants commit.
    Rapists drug traffickers and murders are entrenched into sneaking across the border illegally! So if these people are so honest and needy why are they not coming in the legal ways as many others have? No they burn our flag in protest but demand us to let them in with their diseases and violence. They tear down our fences and dig under the walls that are up! They are rats looking for their next home. Do you want them in your home? or Neighborhood? NO!!!We have been dealing with the illegals for decades. It is time it stopped! Their presence lowers the property values greatly. Their illegals taking jobs away from Americans. They ones who hire illegals should be prosecuted.
    Even as far away as Oregon and Washington we are feeling the abuse of the illegal migration daily with crimes and blatant abuse of our laws! They plan to break the laws. They sell without a business license when the rest of us have to pay for one!They run businesses without the Health Departments approval. They are changing our America into their second Mexico! The illegals do not want to better our country only get more for themselves as they run away from their obligations at their country of orgin. They scam and send the money all back to their home country. Not the US. It does not go into our economy! Only to be sent off to their family at “home” out of our country! You do not know what you think you know. Typical of an ignorant person. You cannot convince the stupid that they are stupid! But Diane you keep reinforcing it with your lack of intelligence and fowl language! Cursing is a sign of no intelligent thing to say! Anyone can cuss! It doesn’t take a brain, Diane. Check out the truly stupid mouthy new congresswomen! Swearing at the President of the country you live in!? How disrespectful! And rude! Typical Muslim! No respect! Did their parents not teach them anything? Just shows them to be unintelligent too! AOC really? Who voted her in? FOOLS! Why were you not down on the previous two liars? They were so much worse and illegal themselves! Clinton forced himself on so many woman=rapist! And under the desk? Monika?! And Hillary let soldiers die at her watch, on purpose! Hillary was too lazy to get out of bed and handle the situation correctly. She is wicked deep down more than anyone can know. And Obama has admitted now that he was born in Kenya and has never been a US Citizen! Yea they were angels huh Diane? So what has Trump done that is so bad? Hiring prostitute is not illegal and he didn’t force himself on them. They were in the business. His tower in Russia,,again not illegal for a builder to scope out a new location for yet another Trump tower.
    He has stop the US from wasting millions overseas unnecessarily. He is trying to close our borders to protect our citizens. Again not illegal or immoral. It is immoral throwing the children that were used as shields, over the wall falling many feet to the hard dirt ground. One little girl was injured by them throwing her over the wall. Now THAT’S IMMORAL!Immoral acts such as knowing that your child daughter will be raped many times on the trip to the border. Preparing her for the incest and raping. Medicating her so she can handle it! THAT’S IMMORAL! Immoral is not accepting Mexico’s grand gesture along the way and staying there for the safety of the children. That is immoral!
    Oh and YES I AM PROUD of myself and my family and what we have accomplished in our lives as a true Americans! My family fought and died for our rights! YES I AM PROUD OF THEM! And they of me. How about you Diane. Anyone proud of you for any reason? NOT!
    And I do not want to loose any of it to the fool Democrat’s stupid choices in our Government. AOC case in point! And you Diane! OMG! You have nothing better to do than bad mouth others. Get a job and make something of yourself! Or if you are too old for that why don’t you volunteer your time at a homeless shelter or Adult Center. You cannot teach English to those you feel are so worthy because obviously you do not know proper English! Do something good in your life for once! Try to learn an language other than what you get from the porno mags! You could then truly express yourself! HaHa Your comments do make for relatively dull yet entertaining conversations.

  27. No Diane, it is not a bunch of BS. I serviced border city hospitals (and my wife, the disease/public health side on state, national, and international levels) on the border for many years. Take a REAL, non-partisan look at the capital outlays for SNAP, WIC, and SSI in addition to considering the costs of a 25-38% birthrate of anchor babies and their “extended families” at medical centers in Harlingen, McAllen, Mission, Laredo, Eagle Pass, El Paso, Las Cruces, Nogales, and on over to California. Politicians on both sides are at fault for fear of jeopardizing re-election and an end to their gravy train if offensive to any “squeaky wheels” should they actually do their jobs rather than posturing for cameras.

    There are many from other countries far more needy (and deserving) of asylum than the supposed, “independent” caravans. Though President Trump’s description of some countries as “s***holes” was coarse, as a couple who lived / worked for State and HHS over the past two decades, his description was accurate. I dare anyone to try and compare the plight of Hondurans with that of the South Sudanese (BTW, much of that the fault of a shortsighted, ignorant Washington establishment in 2013), Haiti (and the pseudo work of the Clinton Foundation), Dem Republic of the Congo, and Central African Republic – never mind the recent Ebola crises in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Entire populations of doctors and teachers are vaporized or hiding in the “bush” while separated from their families hidden away in Kenya or Uganda in the case of South Sudan. While American tourists still flock to the Latin Triangle, our aid workers in Juba are restricted to armored cars (with guards) and a walled, patrolled compound. Hmmm, guess walls do work? How about the white genocide in Limpopo, Northern Transvaal, and Free State provinces in South Africa – a former beacon in the mid-90s now reduced to a debtors state ala Zimbabwe courtesy of the ANC Youth Movement driven by Jules Malema and crooked cronyism of Mandela’s successors?

    US Voters – wake up, take a pragmatism pill, and don’t be afraid to ask “what if” rather than buying reactionary crap from many of our politicians. For God’s Sake, educate yourselves rather than relying on a bunch of idiotic opinions from journalists, social engineers, and unbloodied collegians parading around on Koch, Soros, or Steyer monies masquerading as “experts in all things.” In this current climate, the best future occupation just may be orthopedic surgery to correct all of injuries from self-serving back slapping, knee-jerk reactions, twisted arms, and back injury sustained from extended cranial-rectal inversion.

  28. Absolutely, Tucker nailed it! To top off his analogy, and to further contribute to the destruction of the American family, the left has continued to pursue a war on religion, and even the clergy has gotten on the band wagon, by watering down certain scripture, because they don’t support todays immoral stand on gender and sexual conduct! I hope the folks watched his presentation, because while shocking, it was the true state of today’s society, and for sure, the elites think they have a right to control our lives!

  29. How right you are Mr. Carlson. I just read your book and must say I always knew the far left was less than honest; however his is worse than I ever thought possible. I think
    Pelosi and Schumer along with the democrats, oh lets go all out, and most of the republicans have shown how to hate, persecute, lie, steal, bully accept dirty money, and which makes sure the news media only has anything good to say about the democrats. I remember during the last election about all the terrible things which Donald Trump was saying about any topic. He was a bully, racists, women hater, unfit to be President etc. Well from where I’m sitting I think all of Congress should be abolished to the border and let them play with the illegals. They should get along since they feel how misunderstood they are. Be sure to take your family members with you so they can assist in helping the illegals welcome. Oh, I almost forgot pick up Mr. Soros nd Mr. & Mrs. Obama since Mr. Soros is a real good friend to them since for 8 years Mr. Obama worked for Soros and they both accepted money from him. I all fairness we can’t let out the Clinton’s and all their friends from the Shadow Party. I’m just getting started, but I wouldn’t want to overload their brains. One last thing take all your file mouthed Democrats with you! I’m ashamed to be affiliated with either party am embarrassed for foreign counties to hear what has been going on. Mr. Soros loves it!! Tear our country apart!!

  30. Exactly. If you do the crime you do the time. I’ll bet if we did anything close to what the politicians in Kalifornia are doing every one of us would be in jail already. Try it, find yourself a felon or criminal and harbor them away from the law and you will end up in jail. Time to clean up Kalifornia. That is why we left there over 25 years ago. We saw it going down hill. Las Vegas NV is becoming the same way. When we moved here it was great Very little crime and it was Red. Now Killings every day and fully Blue. Taxes, Crime, Division and Hatered are all way up from when we first moved here. The invasion has come from all the Idiots who keep coming in from Kalifornia. They come because we have no State or Local tax deductions. We only have FICA, Medicare and Social Security that’s it. Still a great place if you live away from everything but becoming way to Liberal for my liking. Getting close to the time to move.


  32. Betty,
    Funny you should call somebody a worthless whore 🙂 Now ain’t that the pot calling the kettle black 🙂

  33. Send all your comments, Diane, to Ronil Singh’s wife and son. There is a crisis–drugs, illegal entry into this country. If the U.S. of A. does not uphold its LAWS, we will not be a country for much longer. I am nearing 80 years of age and I am well informed and very worried.

  34. The only and real reason that the Dems do not want the wall is because: their future base consists of illegal immigrants coming in! The real citizens of this USA know that the Dems don’t care about the safety or human welfare of this country! 2020 is coming and they are looking for future votes nothing more…It is very sad! It is costing us taxpayers more than we know or believe! God Bless USA, stay strong!

  35. Diane’s a Troll can’t keep a job, can’t keep a man, all she can do is sit back and live on welfare checks because she is too stupid to get a job or do anything else. Don’t be so hard on her, poor girl finally had to resort to prostitution and is so ugly the customers wanted her to pay except for the illegal Mexicans 🙂 That’s why she loves them so much because they do her for free 🙂

  36. Totally agree with Tucker and all who believe that women, of which I am, have usurped their authority! This according to The God of the universe. What a tragedy!!!

  37. 150-year-old law may have provided a loophole that allowed him to keep the weapons at City Hall
    When the FBI raided the offices of Democratic Chicago Alderman Ed Burke, a strong proponent of gun control, they confiscated nearly two dozen guns.

    Here’s what we know
    Burke is facing federal corruption charges and recently was subject to FBI raids of both his ward office and his office in Chicago’s City Hall. He is charged with attempted extortion. Burke allegedly attempted to withhold permits from a company unless they agreed to retain his property tax law firm, Klafter & Burke. Burke has insisted that he is innocent. He was released on a $10,000 unsecured bond, the Chicago Tribune reported.

    During the sting of one of his offices, federal agents confiscated 23 firearms. It is unclear which office the guns were stored in which office at the time of the raid, but Chicago’s WMMB-TV reported that at least some of the guns were on display at one point in City Hall.

    Burke had been such a strong advocate for gun control that he had voted to outlaw cell phone cases shaped like guns.
    While signs outside City Hall prohibit anyone from carrying firearms inside the building, Burke may have been able to circumvent this with the help of a nearly century-and-a-half-old loophole.

    According to WBBM, an 1872 law designated aldermen as “peace officers.” This designation may have allowed Burke to keep so many weapons inside City Hall in a city known for having some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation. In addition to this law, Burke was also a licensed private detective and private security contractor, and had a valid Firearms Control Card.

    While many of the guns Burke had in his office were historic, less than a month ago Burke had encouraged Chicago residents to hand over their own historic firearms. “Any of those guns that are sitting in your closet that some relative might have brought back from the First World War, Second World War, Korea, bring them in get your 100 bucks get those guns off the street,” he said.
    One of the biggest democrat donors. If you people are of paying attention, you never will see the light!

  38. You are soo very right!! These liberals are SOOO wrong about everything I guess drinking the kool aid has gotten to their brains you think

  39. Thank God (and our Lord and Savior’s son, Donald Trump) that is has been remedied by the tax cuts for corporations last year. Hail Trump! He’s the closest thing to the Messiah in centuries!

  40. As the Maha Rushie has often pointed out, exposing liberal hypocrisy accomplishes nothing within their ranks. There’s no better example of that than the current bald face liars in the Dem leadership when they refuse to fund a border wall yet spoke passionately about how wrong and immoral illegal immigration is in past years. They don’t care, the liberal media won’t touch it and they’ll never come Fox to have it put before them.

  41. Tucker is 100% correct………Demo/commie party is no longer relevant………Time to abolish this party………

  42. Linda, I don’t disagree with anything you said, but elected officials have no right to decide what laws they will and won’t enforce. I think the President should send U.S. Marshals to arrest every elected and appointed official who is guilty of Obstruction of Justice, Harboring Fugitives, Derelection of Duty and Aiding and Abetting Criminals. Also, any Judge who refuses to enforce these laws should be removed from the bench.

  43. To Betty and Diane, you two are the best comedy show I have seen in years. I thank you so much for the laughter, I have tears rolling down my cheeks from listening to you two ramble on with absolute lunacy.
    You two should move to LA and set up a tent in ” Tent city ” and perform for the homeless. They will love you.
    I do have one question for both of you, what school of indoctrination did you attend. I must know so I can prevent others from going there, just trying to stop the competition of your show.
    Gals Have a wonderful day and thanks again for the entertainment.

  44. Problem with Diane, Ignorant people have a vote too:( That’s what is so sad. That people without a brain can decide who is going to run this country we all live in. AOC case in point!

  45. Troll Diane, you want to debate illegitimate…what about that thing that used to reside in our White House from the previous 8 years.

  46. Diane, you MUST get your information from ABC, CBS, CNN and so forth that when they and you can’t find actual facts, it’s made up! You my dear are a sad individual, you don’t even have an original thought in that pea brain of yours. You are a TROLL, go back under your rock.

  47. Carol, I’ve lived in El Paso, Texas all my life. And when George Bush installed some walls along the southern border, particularly a 12 foot wall below our city against the Mexico border, illegal crossings dropped 93%. There are some sections that need repair, however, overall we are one of the safest border cities on the Mexico border.

  48. Well done, rightie.
    When logic fails and your quiver quivers for the lack pf the arrows of substance, spewing personal insults it always a good fall-back position.
    Only problem is that they tell more about the poster than the supposed target.

  49. You are spot on Linda! They don’t want to listen just bash Trump and Carlson is right! THE TRUTH HURTS and they are too stupid to listen! One thing is true and that is no cure for stupidity ! GOD BLESS TRUMP and GOD BLESS AMERICA and the good people here!????????????????????


  51. Diane- The fact that republicans had the majority is true, but they only had 51 votes in the senate. It takes 60 votes to pass a law unless they use the nuclear option. So the border bills couldn’t pass without 9 democrats cooperation.

  52. “I have seen first hand what happens when illegals come into our country and have seen towns taken over by them and now have bars on store fronts and windows of residences.”

    Really? Just WHERE have you seen these things.
    Please be specific as to city or town, state, and dates.
    If you don’t, we will all kn ow you are posting Fake News.

  53. Confusion comes in where they hope by helping illegal immigrants into America then they will be guaranteed votes at least 2 voting cycles! It’s all about CONTROL!

  54. James – Yeah, they proved that in the Midterms, didn’t they? The GOP got trounced. Dems picked up 40 seats in the House, so who, exactly are you trying to kid? Certainly not me. His small racist base is getting smaller everyday. Can’t wait until 2020! Trump won’t be on the ballot. He’ll be forced to resign before that!

  55. Bj – It’s a fabricated “crisis” because the Toddler-In-Chief didn’t get his way. There IS no crisis at the Southern border. More people come in through the Northern border. It’s just a fact. He’s holding the paychecks of those that DO protect us, like the TSA. Does that make any sense? No, it doesn’t. He could open the government for all those agencies except Homeland Security, but refuses. He’s like a child and because he’s not getting his way, he’s throwing a tantrum. He has NO business being in the White House. He’s an incompetent fool.

  56. The last True Democrat was John F. Kennedy. Even Dixie went Republican. The so called Progressives of today use the Communist Manefesto instead of the Bible.This is a Judeo-Christian Country! Our Founders made it very clear! “Inclusion and Diversity” are Buzz Words for Communism today.Our Constitution describes our Beliefs as citizens of the U.S.

  57. You truly are blind. The demos are marching to a cliff and you will follow right behind them. Have a nice fall.

  58. I lived in El Paso TX from 1977 to 1992, and you Diane show your total ignorance and stupidity as you refuse to see the truth. you say President Trump lies. If it is a democrap and mouth is moving they are lieing 24 hours a day and are now communist democrap party and should be outlawed and people with your lack of intelligence need to educate your self to truth, but you won’t because you refuse to see how totally ignorant you are. I do pity people like you.

  59. Where is the confusion on the difference between legal and illegal? How is an election in Los Angeles legalized let alone certified when registered voters exceed the population of the county by 7 figures? The average liberal doesn’t get that illegal immigration boosts votes for the Democratic party. If they do get it, then obviously they are part of the problem.

  60. Diane doesn’t want to see the truth. She just wants to bash Trump.
    She can curse and badmouth everyone who doesn’t agree with her. She has quite a vocabulary! Cursing usually just shows ignorance! Another waste of attention. Typical Demo.

  61. Diane; I’ve seen a couple comments that you are going to Hell. I truly don’t believe anyone is going to Hell for their political beliefs. However, I have seen first hand what happens when illegals come into our country and have seen towns taken over by them and now have bars on store fronts and windows of residences. As far as anyone not liking people of brown color. That is ridiculous. The color of someone’s skin has absolutely nothing to do with our not wanting people here illegally and drugs coming across our boarders. There are many brown, black, asian people who are living here legally and no one has a problem with that. Not even Trump. I have many grands & greats that are part Mexican, Black & Asian. They and their families are ALL here legally. And, I might add, they DO NOT want illegals coming in here. They are more emphatic about it than I am. There is nothing wrong with being liberal (I do not happen to be one of them and none of my 49 descendants are), but try talking to people who have come here LEGALLY the right way and maybe you can get a different perspective on the illegal immigration problem.

  62. You are the ignorant one if you think there is no threat! Every night they report of terrible acts of violence from illegal immigrants against the American people.
    Wake up and listen to the true news. It is happening in every town. To just deny it only makes you fall into line with the Demos gate. A blind follower. Too bad we lost another to the dark ignorant side. That’s what happens when you bury your head in the sand like the others of your race. A Police Officer was killed the day after Christmas by an illegal criminal. He left a 5 month old and wife. Trump listed many offenses around the country and you chose to call them lies? Open your eyes. Don’t believe everything you are told without making your own investigation and thus decision.. Regardless of what it is you will be expected to own it. Better make it an intelligent one! You obviously, are only listening to the Fake News the Demos want you to hear. Take a trip to the border!

  63. It would suck to be a democrat. I wouldn’t be controled by anyone or any political party! We are all sick of the democratic party, they are finished.

  64. Bj – You sound very afraid of brown people. Sad. The nation is changing……look at who was elected (on the democratic side) at Midterms. There IS no crisis on the southern border…..period. It’s a made up scare tactic from the Toddler-In-Chief for his ignorant base……obviously you bought it. Sad.

  65. Bj – only can guess what those initials mean….lol. People don’t HAVE to agree with me……especially the idiots on this site……glad they don’t, actually. That would make me a Trumpster and there’s no way I want to be that ignorant! No thanks! I’d rather be a proud liberal. At least I don’t have my head up my ass like you folks do!

  66. Actually, the liberals have adopted the multi-pronged attack of the Communist Manifxto. Eliminate the family is one prong. Overwhelm the welfare system is another prong. Make God disappear is another prong. Disarm the populace is another prong.

    When society is reduced to chaos the liberals will step in to “restore” order, and rule the masses as is their self-proclaimed “divine” right.

    There doesn’t seem to be anyone opposing them.

  67. Diane… You are by far the most ignorant. And funny you should mention illegitimate. Pres. Trump won the White House fair and square. But Obama had no business ever being in the White House. He himself admitted that he was born in Kenya. YOU are a fool

  68. Diane…ALL who embrace satan and his lies as you are will join him in Hell. Jesus loves you very much and will take all who come to Him, but you have rejected Him. Your loss for eternity

  69. Diane…Read your own posts. They are MUCH worse. YOU are the one who can’t discuss anything and resorts to insults. That and your pure hatred of anyone who does not agree with you

  70. Diane…You have no clue. That is very obvious. We need a wall. That is a fact. But you don’t want anything to do with the truth. A wall will keep out those who have no business coming into this country. What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand????? We have the RIGHT and the DUTY to keep out who do not belong here. Why don’t YOU try to illegally cross the border into Mexico and see what happens, fool

  71. Anthony…There is no hope at all for Diane. She has no concept of the truth and has pure hatred for anyone that does not agree with her sick immorality.

  72. Diane…No crisis??????????? Your ignorance is astounding!!!! You have no concept at all of what is going on. PLEASE go to the border and see the truth for yourself. You need to get out of fantasyland and join the real world. You just blindly believe the lies of your lib leaders without question. Get a brain and think for yourself.

  73. Toni – Yes, the Dems we’re going to give this idiot some money for border security (1.3 billion) and even had GOP support behind it until Lush Limpballs and transgender Coulter threw a fit, so this incompetent moron got scared and backed down. Looks like Limpballs & Coulter are running this country now and you should be very worried about that. The Toddler-In-Chief is taking a time out in his corner, sucking his thumb, as usual.

  74. Linda- And you are an ignorant conservative. You fit right in with the Trumpsters and Trump, himself. An incomplete moron. Aren’t you proud of yourself?

  75. Can’t reason with a liberal. They will deny the facts. Facts are too strong for the liberals to take it. They always refuse to debate. When presenting the facts, they will back away to the corner and hiss as if they would fight to death.

    Actually this article news is old news.

    There are female authors out there, pinpointing some interesting facts. Yeah, truth hurts.

  76. Diane. Answer me one question. Clinton (That would be Bill), Clinton (that would be Hillary), Obama (our last President of 8 years), and P & S (The Dem leaders) ALL gave speaches just a few short years ago on how important it was to have a Wall and secure our boarders & NOT let illegals come in. Have you not seen these speaches? They were not impersonators. They were even willing to give to spend $25 million. They were even offered lots of money for the Dacca people. When did they ALL change their minds?? When Trump was elected President. They are mad they lost the election and they HATE the President. Trump could cure cancer, offer every Democrat a million dollars, and they would laugh in his face because of the HATE they have for him. Even Kindergarten children do not act that way. As for me being a wimp. That is very funny. Lets see what you would do if a husband walked out on you and left you with 7 children to raise and managed to do it very well by working, never drew a dime of Government money, and received NO child support. Still want to call me a wimp? Instead of calling us Conservatives wimps, sit down and think about it. Think about all the FACTS we have given you. What if you needed help and some of your help had to came from people you did not always agree with, but they HATED you so bad they would not help you. How would you feel if you were forced out of a town you loved because it was no longer safe for your children because the illegals took over? Also, what do you think about those illegals who are throwing rocks at the faces of our Boarder Patrol? What if one of those Boarder Patrol agents were your Son or Daughter? By the way I understand there is another 15,000 illegals ready to march on our country and not all of them are nice people.

  77. Toni – That’s a bunch of BS and you know it. Border crossings are lower than ever; crime is down. There IS no crisis…….period. But obviously Trump did enough to scare you! What a wimp. Also the GOP could have built a wall in the last two years. Why didn’t they? They were in control.

  78. Diane, you are about as ignorant and uninformed as any other dumb ass liberal in this country. It takes a certain majority to pass legislation. the Republicans needed additional democratic votes/support to pass what the President was pushing for. And the double standardizing democrats offer zero support now that it is the President asking for this border security. All those democrats Diane, all of them once gave speeches that backed up what the President is asking for. I am tired of people of like you that know nothing and merely follow the fake news maggots everywhere they go!!

  79. Gene – Can’t discuss the obvious so you throw insults? Very mature. But the FACT remains…….the GOP did nothing to support a border wall for the past two years. You can’t argue that, Gene. And if you’re like most of the idiots on the page, you wouldn’t be able to anyhow. You’re all a bunch of lemmings being conned by the con man himself.

  80. May I suggest you get yourself a van, go to the border & pick up as many as your van will hold and take them to your house. Feed them, cloth them, educate them, and see where that gets you. The lovely town I grew up in now has bars on the windows of the homes I lived in. The crime rate is out of control. Who lives in this town? Illegals and their families. And, by the way, it was Obama that separated the families and put children in cages. Obviously you have not seen the pictures on the news.

  81. Crawl back in your hole.When you wise up you can stick your head back in your a-s and hope you gain knowledge.

  82. Ron – Please tell us WHY? They were in control of all 3 branches of government for TWO years and didn’t pass a border wall spending bill. They did nothing. There IS no crisis at the southern border. The only one creating a humanitarian crisis is the idiot at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave by separating children and locking them up. He’s responsible for those 2 deaths….nobody else. Did he scare you last night with his lies? It was nothing but a campaign rally speech. The man is incompetent.

  83. Tucker is right on correct. His discussions are based on hard cold facts. Not speculation or opinion. Yet these liberals and businesses that advertise within his broadcast demonize him and everything he truthfully presents to the public. I am tired of it!! The liberals and all their followers have become one of Americas worst cancers!!

  84. He is right on. I’m so thankful that some of my Granddaughters and Granddaughters in law have found a way to stay home & be true “housewives”. Babysitting costs have risen to enormous costs and a lot of it very dangerous. I’m so proud of them going back to the “old fashion” life style. Their husbands go to work each morning, they spend their day teaching & caring for my Great Grandchildren. They basically also have a “job” they attend to each day. That is the needs of the family. Some do work from home. One is an accountant working from home. One has a jewelry business working from home. They drive their children to school. They are able to attend all their children’s functions in school. They have dinner on the table when their husband comes home. The husbands no longer eats & hits the chair. They help with the nightly things the children need. I raised 7 children and had to work. My only desire was to be a housewife. I envy them, but I encourage them. Their families are doing well. They are not rich. They don’t drive fancy cars. Eating out is a treat. The children are well behaved and doing fantastic in school. Thank goodness for Facebook I get to see all their awards and other all the new things the babies are doing. I’m so proud of my 18 Grands and almost 25 Greats. And I guess even prouder because they are all conservative and don’t expect the Government to feed them or provide their Health Insurance. For you single Moms out their. I encourage you to seek jobs that provide health insurance and do your best to not take “free stuff” from the Government. I managed not to even get a block of cheese and I truly believe that is why my descendants today are doing so well. I hate it for every Mother out there that has to leave her children daily to provide for them. I did not receive a dime of child support. Today, thank goodness, the Courts at least try to make the irresponsible parent pay up. By the way, I applaud the Dad’s who are raising children on their own also. And the Dad’s who are responsible and going to work everyday and allowing their wives to do “their job” at home. Tucker Carlson has nailed it.

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