Tucker Carlson told one truth about George Soros that the Democrats want to hide from you

George Soros is one of the most powerful figures on the Left.

Democrats and the corporate-controlled media do not like to talk about that.

And Tucker Carlson told one truth about George Soros that the Democrats want to hide from you.

Tucker Carlson’s latest documentary reports on how George Soros is trying to undermine Hungary’s conservative President, Viktor Orban.

Orban is a conservative who closed off Hungary’s borders to illegal immigration and does not allow schools to teach the homosexual agenda.

That infuriated the Hungarian-born Soros, who is trying to oust Orban in this April’s election.

In previewing the documentary on his show, Tucker Carlson told viewers that the billionaire Soros is one of the most influential political operators in America – even if no one knew it.

“Soros is one of the most powerful political figures in the United States,” Carlson began. “Soros has more influence over the way Americans live their lives than all the voters in your average Congressional district combined.”

In fact, George Soros poured $125 million into a Democrat Super PAC ahead of the 2022 midterms.

Carlson explained that voters reject Soros’ open borders, ultra-leftist ideology.

However, Carlson added that Soros’ wealth allows him outsized influence on politics, but “Soros buys his power, and that is not the way a democracy is supposed to work.”

Carlson then told his audience that any news organization reporting the facts only finds themselves under attack by Soros’ lawyers, allies in the media, and from the groups Soros funds.

“News organizations that attempt to report honestly on George Soros find themselves bombarded by Soros’ lawyers and allies threatening legal action and smear campaigns. Ask around,” Carlson added.

Media Matters – the left-wing group that Soros funds – denounces anyone who reports on Soros’ activities as an anti-Semite.

Since virtually all journalists lean Left, they repeat Media Matters’ smears without any critical reporting.

“Now, most news organizations are intimidated by this, and you can see why they are. Anyone who dares to criticize George Soros is denounced as a bigot. They claim that disagreeing with an atheist billionaire is an act of prejudice. It’s hate! George Soros may be one of the richest and most influential men in the world. But he would like you to know that he’s also an oppressed victim of your unauthorized opinions. Just like if you’re not for going to war in Ukraine, you’re a tool of Putin! Please,” Carlson stated.

Carlson revealed that his show was under attack from Soros’ lawyers and allies for producing this documentary about Orban.

“We see this routine a lot. In fact, every day. Soros’ allies are doing it to us right now at maximum volume in response to our documentary on Haiti [sic]. We expected that. And we don’t care. You have a right to know exactly what George Soros is doing to this country and to other countries around the world. And we think we’ve got an obligation to tell you. So we’re going to continue to,” Carlson concluded.

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