Tucker Carlson told this horrifying truth about what will cause America’s next Civil War

Liberals want Tucker Carlson fired.

They are afraid of the message he broadcasts on a nightly basis to his three million viewers.

And the campaign to fire Carlson picked up steam after Tucker Carlson told this horrifying truth about what will cause America’s next Civil War.

Tucker Carlson is one of Fox News Channel’s most popular hosts.

But the Left was enraged after Carlson used a monologue on Tuesday night to report that elites in America overstated the threat of white supremacy to divide Americans along racial lines.

CNN and other leftists were outraged and promoted a #firetuckercarlson movement on social media.

Carlson didn’t back down.

On Wednesday night, Carlson explained that elites used the threat of white supremacy to distract Americans from the rigged system they presided over.

Carlson stated:

Ever wonder why rich people seem the most hysterical on the subject? Ever notice that it’s the highest-paid people on TV who are the most determined to convince you that white supremacy is America’s biggest problem? Why is that? Simple: Every minute that you’re angry about race is a minute you’re not thinking about class, which of course is the real divide in this country. Working-class people of all colors have a lot more in common with each other than they do with some overpaid MSNBC anchor. If you were allowed to think about that for long enough, you might start to get unauthorized ideas about economics.

That would be disruptive to a very lucrative status quo. So they whip you into a frenzy of racial fear so that it never enters your mind. It’s a diversion. Everyone else hates each other. They get to keep their money. Pretty tricky. Unfortunately, it’s destroying the country. This is the path to civil war, obviously.

So we want to take a second to pass on a sincere message to official Washington, and particularly to our colleagues on the other cable news channels: Please, for the sake of the nation, calm down. Yes, America has problems. Racism is one of those problems. But so is a fading middle class, a terrifying drug epidemic, and a national debt that is growing by a trillion dollars a year.

The louder Carlson’s enemies on the Left complain about his rhetoric, the more his supporters are convinced he is telling the truth.

Elite media types and members of the Washington establishment don’t want anyone questioning their narratives or bipartisan Swamp consensus.

Carlson does that on a nightly basis.

And that is why the Left wants to silence him.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Wake up America. You are being played from every angle, religion, politics, education, economics, race, ethnicity, etc. Tucker is right. Divide and conquer. Keep the masses focused on everything but the TRUTH. It is all about CONTROL. CONTROL the narrative and control the masses. Get away from your idiot boxes and do some old fashioned READING for a change. WAKE UP!

    • Amen so true I don’t know about you guys but it literally makes me sick to even turn on the tv or see all that’s going on .I’m beyond tired of all the crap. It’s all illusions mirrors and smoke screens
      Used to cover backdoor deals and keep people focused on stupid things so they not aware of what is really happening. I just wander how all these people fighting to suppress others freedoms going to feel when the after math of their actions shows and they realized they truely was wrong.can you see the psychologist working triple time ? If they had to have canceling because trump is president can you imagine when their freedoms are gone, their savings and checking accounts are wiped out, they can’t protect themselves let along their families they struggling while these people they elected are liveing off their wages in luxury yes the world has truely gone to hell in a hand bag .and if they have their way this country will crumble.

      • You’re right Cindi, they are going to try to take everything away from us. Their greed knows no bounds. The DemonRATS are small minded, evil creatures that like their god, Satan, know they have but a short time, so they want complete control over EVERYTHING while they’re here. Many of the so called Republicans are just as bad, all molded from the worst human excrement this world has to offer. Precisely why there WILL be a war. There is no compromise with pure evil.

          I feel the so-called Republicans are becoming much like the Damo-crats, in fact I read today that we could lose one of the much needed states for Trump to get a second term. I read that 1% of Californians are moving to the Great State of Texas, and Texas is supposed to be a VERY CONSERVATIVE State, but Texas could be on their way to becoming a Damo-crat State. But honestly (personally) I don’t see that happening, Texas is pretty set in their ways from what I’ve read and heard about them. I’m praying Texas remains Conservative 100%.

          • I hope they do remain conservative Patricia, but you know, all the big cities are mostly DemonRAT. Houston, Dallas, Austin are all big DemonRAT Hellholes now. Also, Texas is being flooded with illegal aliens that will vote illegally and vote DemonRAT. I still believe we’re headed for war, but I hope I’m wrong. I hope most real Americans will come to their senses and vote the communists and rinos out of office… Permanently.

      • Its never going to end as long as the party that started it all thinks its working – the donkeycrats under Hussein Obama. Early in his presidency, Obama actually made a national incident out of a couple of cops asking a black guy for his I.D. Big deal, we all have to cooperate with the police on that level. It works, prove who you are and you can get on with your life.

        • I’m hoping and praying very hard that by years end or sooner President Trump makes it a LAW that in order to vote in the United States you MUST have a VOTER I.D. He mentioned it during the Rally in Ohio last evening.
          I am 100% in, AMEN?!

    • Emile Barry agree except don’t just read listen to the speeches as they are being done what the real person is saying.

    • You got it totally right . This counteynhas become so effing stupid, with stupid people, stupid politicians, stupid people wanting to run our country. Something gotta give !

      • Sigrid, you must be one of the stupid ones…LEARN HOW TO SPELL, what is “counteynhas” …what is that?! Is that a NEW word in the Dictionary?!

        • Patricia_ it’s not hard to make a mistake in writing unless you’re perfect! I know for sure people are not perfect. Jesus was PERFECT what happen to Him, but He died on a cruel cross for all our sins. So if we accept Him as our Savior we will be perfect when we get to Heaven.

  2. Tucker is right on the money, and the lefy know it. He wont be bullied by some mamby pamby pussies like the left! What are they going to do? They are basicly paper people, who dont mean anything. God speed to you tucker!

    • Exactly, this new faction of liberal anti-American fools will do something horrible before it’s over with. More of them, out doing violence, need to be arrested.

      • Starting with “Antifa” I can’t believe these quasi-terrorists get away with their crimes in America just because the local mayor and chief of police are democrats. “No one is above he law” Nancy, remember?

  3. I don’t want to get into the minutiae of “how a new Civil War will unfold or present” but I have read and analyzed a number of scenarios, some of which are relatively reliable, others such as those written by liberal college professors that are sheer garbage.

    One of the main factors coming out of this is that information coming from “fake news sources” will be shut down, for all intents and purposes. This will be one of the very first results of the Civil War II.

    I don’t want to post too much.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    • Hello Sanjosemike, I’m also from the communist “state” of Kalafornication. I lived in San Jose too. Right off Blossom Hill boulevard. Very glad I left & I’ll never set foot there again. Good to know that place produced a few people with intelligence.

      • Hey Mark Hopkins and sanjosemike,
        Move over guys and let a lady join in the club…I left sacratomato Kalafornikation13 years ago but unfortunately I moved to another big liberal state called Oregon (Southern)…but to help my sister with our ailing parents. We lost dad about a year and a half after I moved here. The day after Christmas 2007.
        I have found a Conservative city here in Oregon (believe it or not) and I’m thinkin’ of moving there in the very near future, it’s called Dallas Oregon and it’s about 70% Conservative. I’m really excited about it too.
        My stepson is moving out of Kalafornikation too, don’t know what side of the isle he is on but I hope to find out when he comes up to visit me in a week or two. Please guys pray for him, he does drugs…probably Meth.
        I watch “Dog The Bounty Hunter” that show has given me the courage to try and talk my stepson interests into quitting before it KILLS him, he’s only 48 years old. He’s 7 years older then my daughter who just turned 41 this past June. Anyway, I’ll stop my sob story in hopes you’ll reply.

        • I’ll answer you Patricia. Unfortunately the entire left coast is more or less communist. I moved to the central U.S. and I’m much happier. Almost none of the fascist groups (antifa – blm, etc) around here and the few that are keep their heads down. Drugs are killers. They killed my oldest son. They also killed two of his friends. I certainly hope you can make him understand he isn’t just hurting himself, he’s hurting everyone that cares about him. If he kills himself he causes pure anguish to those that love him. I wish you success and happiness Patricia. Talk to your stepson. I didn’t talk to my son nearly enough.

    • I moved out of Cali 13 years ago, but unfortunately I moved right into another Liberal state called OREGON.
      I actually moved here to help my sister with our ailing parents (lost our dad about a year and a half after I moved here.
      I was considering moving to the Great state of Texas but…not after what I was just told. Now, I guess I’m stuck in Oregon…I would miss the scenery here if I moved. Besides, I just found out my stepson is moving to Oregon so I hope to see him more often then when he was living in Cali.

  4. What is happening in the USA is what happened in Russia 104 years ago. The official revolution was 1917.The revolutionaries called themselves by the following names liberal=progressives=Bolsheviks= Communist. Note the names changed as the revolution progressed. See any similarities in these names 100 years ago in Russia to the present day democrats in the USA?? The Russian revolution started a few years before 1917 when the lefties whipped the common folk into a frenzy. The government of the CZAR was mild compared to the “jack booted” Supreme Soviet that replaced the former government. I wonder if the ordinary Russian revolutionary regrets the formation of Soviet style government. Only the Elite Communist benefitted from the revolution. The common revolutionary became the slave of the Supreme Soviet. Lefties in America be careful what you wish for as you to will become the slaves of the Elite Supreme Communist Democratic party..

    • Actually, Drumpf is the ELITE billionaire, who collaborated with and is still soliciting Russian interference in the US in order to sow hate. Ultimate goal, destruction of democracy and the institution of Russian type oligarchy.

      • Well LongHam, you sure are an idiot of extremely low IQ, just like every communist. History sure as hell isn’t your strong point either. Also, we don’t have a damn “democracy” (read communism), we have a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. If Trump was colluding with the Russians it would be well known by now after two years of witch hunting by you communists. That was HitLiary, O’Sambo, Kill Bill and all their democRAT henchmen that actually DID collude with the Russians. You shouldn’t post if you only have the mentality of a three year old.

        • The left calls Trump a liar, but can’t give you even one lie. They can’t prove anything they say, because everything they say is a lie and when you call them out they call you a racist, because they can’t answer your question.

      • Trump no longer runs or controls his corporation and His corporation has lost 1 billion since he took office and he takes no salary. He has moved his attention from his private business to put his full attention to his new business, the USA.Have you looked at the kind of money your democrats on the left have and how rice they have become on a $174.000 salaries. I don’t care how good of an investor you are, you can’t save 50 million on that salary.

      • James, please elucidate your proof? I think it is “reasonable” to suggest that your friends the Democrats ABSOLUTELY would have begun impeachment moves by now if they had the proof.

        James, I respectfully suggest you obtain counseling for your OWN personal problems,

        Remember James that tens of THOUSANDS of PREVIOUS Democrats are leaving. Don’t take MY word for it. Look up #walkaway.

        Look at what THEY are saying,


        Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

      • STOP accusing President Donald Trump of the Wrong doings that your party is doing! Why don’t you step to the sidelines and actually watch what is going on around you. The 2 Main Political parties of this awesome Country will NEVER see eye2eye on ANYTHING! …because they don’t want to, and one of those parties (not the Republicans/Conservatives) doesn’t know how, so they put blame on the otherside.

  5. Tucker is right, however, he’s left off a group that will fight alongside the libs, and that’s the Muslims. A civil war is a way of gaining power in America. When both the libs and the conservatives have been weakened Then the Muslims will turn on both and chop off heads. Conservative America is a sleeping giant,and has a lot more guns than the gun hating, libs and America hating Muslims. This is the reason japan didn’t invade during the second world war. Everyone had a gun. The gun grabbers know this, and as long as we have guns to defend ourselves their only way maybe to power is civil war using the Muslims.

    • A raid was recently conducted on an isolated Islamic compound in New York State. A large cache of military weapons was discovered and confiscated. There are an additional 23 Islamic compounds spread across the country, and nothing was done about it during the eight years of the pro-Islamic Obama Administration. US citizens need to Tweet President Trump and demand that every one of those Islamic compounds be investigated. Since $millions of dollars worth of weapons “just disappeared” during the years Eric Holder served as Obama’s AG, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn those weapons were supplied to the 2.5 million unvetted Syrian Muslim refugees Obama flew in at night during his second term, and dropped off into affluent white neighborhoods without any prior notification whatever. Part of his Racist Civil War Planning?

      • That’s ok 11th, intelligence training and equipment beat savages every time, and those goat humpers are definitely savages.

  6. POTUS Trump should remember that it was the Gun Owners, Second Amendment supporters who made him President. Without their support in 2020, Trump will LOOSE!

    • Unless auditors from the Trump Administration investigate the “millions of new Demo voters” which Demo activists have been registering while our attention has been distracted by the phony-baloney Mueller Probe, it won’t matter if POTUS Trump backs away from his anti-Second Amendment rhetoric or not. Massive voter fraud, including in California, will be the deciding factor in his fate. Mandating Voter ID to vote won’t affect voting by illegals or non-citizens because fake ID is readily available.

  7. POTUS Trump’s real problem is that he apparently thinks that he is dealing with “reasonable” Democrats when he is talking about Second Amendment “Gun” issues. He is not! They have proven themselves to be far left loonies. Trump needs to do the math. It is the GUN OWNING AMERICAN PEOPLE, who made him president! Not the NRA. Certainly Not the Lunatic Progressive Left. POTUS Trump would be far smarter to have the A.G. investigate the Crazies who did the crimes and look for ties to the D.C. Swamp Critters.

    • Ike if all we have to worry about is background checks we will be ok. If nothing is done we can kiss Trump goodbye,lose the senate, and not get the house back. If any talk of banning ANY guns,registration, or licensing is offered then let the bastards know where we stand. Nothing will be fool proof, but enforcing laws already on the books would go a long way. And they could clean up Chicago If they would. Criminals get caught with guns and the weapons charges are the first to be plea bargained away. Some people choose to use so called assault weapons for home defense. And no one should deny that right. Trump so far isn’t calling for bans. But we need to get started contacting our senators and representatives.

  8. USA citizens, you guys must fight back,,,,from where I stand in far away Philippines….the ONLY NEWS OUTLETS you can trust are FOX, who make sense and truth to me and ALJEZARRA, who hate EVERYBODY EQUALLY!

  9. The liberal left financed by George Soros will be the down fall of the US unless
    we fight back, the republican party does not care as long as they continue there
    power as they continue to extract the money from the constituents.

    • It’s more then this childmolester that can take down America, yes, soros has plenty of money an can hide in the shadows an let others do his dirty stuff, you have members in Congress not exactly on the same lines of this childmolester, but their Democrat ideas will lead America down a road of destruction unless these people or brought to justice, or the American voters get out an have their voice, an their votes heard, if its votes, its has to come out in record numbers, not for just reelection of mr. Trump, but after he wins an is reelected for another 4 years the Democrats will understand were the American people are coming from, if it’s in voice, we the right, the conservatives of this nation have to come out an assemble like the left have, an out perform them, an have are voices heard loud an clear so there’s no mistake who, an what we want in are country, an how we want are country to be, now an for years to come, because if we,, the right, the conservatives if we don’t do right by are leaders, then we can’t do right by are country, United we stand, divided we fall, God bless are country, God bless are president.

      • Nicely stated, but I don’t believe for one moment that the left will ever learn any lesson. They hate Trump and that is what motivates them. Trump could win over and over and it won’t change a thing until the media changes its direction and accepts its responsibility to report only the news and stop its irresponsible propaganda reporting. To them it’s all about the money no matter whom they hurt.

  10. The Democrats divide the American people by many ways, but especially by ranting about “income inequality”, complaining about how much a worker for a company gets paid, compared to how much the CEOs and the board members of that company get paid, and all the liberal biased mainstream media propagandizes about it.

    But do you know what the common people behind the scenes at all the liberal biased mainstream media make, compared to how much their “talking heads” on the TV screens get paid, which is much more shameful for the problem of “income inequality” than the CEOs, that they complain about for the benefit of the Democrat Party’s propaganda to divide the American people.

    It’s called “HYPOCRISY”, and at such high levels that it needs all capital letters to even come close to describing it, and it is required of all Democrat Party members to do the same, as well as also being liars, propagandists, and indoctrinators.

    • Your comments hadn’t crossed my mind, but they’re “spot-on.” I’m in complete agreement with what you shared.

  11. Wanting to divide America crap! How about playing the shell game sliding that pea around all over the place. Race, Sex, whatever they say we say the opposite. What was okay with Obama, is t okay with Trump. How about we use 2/3rds if the worlds resources and now with so many people worth Billion$ they can afford to buy us, often. Take George Soros, his plan didn’t coincide with Trump so he spent a Billion to disrupt America prior too and after the election. Why? He wanted open borders which reduced taxation and improved profits. He wanted to crash the market long enough to pick up cheap stocks to make a quick Billion or two just like Oct 2008 people like me lost 30% value on my TSP in 3 weeks. Who won and where did it go? It went to the people pushing around the shells in the shell game. No doubt Trump has brought massive growth just by making us feel confident we had leadership, how else explain it? I’m ready this time for a collapse when an the media lies about another liberal taking office so, screw a divide and take care of yourself like I’ve told my children. Nows the time to be an individualist!

  12. Waters said confront them where ever you find then. That means in front of Mitch MConnel’s house, Tucker Carlson ‘s house, etc. It is time that the GOP conservatives started hangin out in front of al greens, cory booker, ratshita, omar’s waters, pelosi, cummings, schumers’ etc

    • As long as we show a civilized style of protesting. We can’t demonstrate any form of activity that would give the “left” an ongoing excuse. Confront them, stand up to them civilly, and peacefully. Let them be the ones to show their “true colors.”

    • EzPz, THEIR house is prison. Make sure they get tucked in, Tuck. Bless you for the unvarnished truth you share with us. You are brave and part of (big) my ministry is that there are no cowards in Heaven (johnboanerges.blogspot.com).

  13. When President Lincoln took office, the Democrats behaved in much the same way as they did when Mr. Trump was elected. They stirred the pot to generate as much rage as possible toward the duly elected President. Frankly, I am surprised we are not in a shooting Civil War now. Democrats will continue with this activity, ie: support for ANTIFA, Communist causes, etc until they get their way, or we Americans are at war with each other.

    My ancestors fought in both the Revolution and the War Between the States. A number of them died. When will it end?

  14. I hope Trump doesn’t make another gun law, he’s already made more than the last 3, and if he does I’ll not vote for him again. We’re being rocked to sleep with soft gun control and I’m not falling for the game anymore! I’ll never vote for a dem but our forefathers warned us about the ever growing Tyranny in our gov., it’s here people !!

  15. Right on, Tucker!! He is exposing the real liberal stance. That is, they are bullies and brainwashed. If you have to resort to being a bully, it proves you have NO other weapon in your quiver, not logic, not facts, not reason and most of all, smarts!!

    • I totally agree, Tucker is telling the truth and I admire his courage.
      I hope the left wing liars are running for cover. Keep it up Tucker, I’m with you!! Keep your back to the wall!

  16. That’s only one thing that will fire up the new civil war. Attacking our first and second amendments and doing away with due process will have an even greater impact. So will allowing millions of illegal aliens to flood into our nation, bringing nasty diseases and straining our entire social system beyond the breaking point. Then there is the communist’s dream of a one world “government”, in other words – one world totalitarianism with only two classes, the filthy rich “elite” and the dirt poor subjects (slaves). We are now beyond “negotiating” this away. Anyone that still thinks we can talk this war away is a deluded fool. This is the beginning of the end.

      • No, Sir, you are absolutely insane. And the only reason it would be inevitable is for folks like you to continue spreading nonsense that isn’t any part of reality. “Nasty diseases”??? How does one even begin to discuss how utterly stupid and paranoia-ridden that is, not to mention it’s all make believe.

        • #gaysfortrump2020
          There are nasty diseases coming over the US Boarder. These are the facts. No make-believe here.
          We need the Wall and we need those wishing to Enter the US the right way to go through a Line (just like we go all have to go through at the Airport). This is the way it was at Richer’s Island in the late 19th century …..well into the 1930’s.
          Tucker Carlson is spot on. Liberal-marxists hate truth and hate the whole concept of truth……..because they hate all the Virtues, because good judgement involves a moral core.

        • And you “Sir” are an absolute moron. It has already been publicized that the illegal aliens ARE bringing in diseases. How does one even begin how utterly stupid, blind and ignorant you are??? Not to mention swallowing all the communist propaganda and living in a fantasy world. You and those like you will be among the first to bite the dust when the SHTF.

          • Mark, prove one disease that an immigrant has brought. Not a reality. And should we presume you might be the next one to engage in a mass shooting of humans that look or think differently than you? There is something seriously wrong with you and others on this site. You are very confused by reality.

          • Look it up yourself dumbass. It’s well documented & I’m not your secretary. You wouldn’t believe truth anyway, you’re a friggin communist. As I said before, you’re a coward, just like all DemonRATS.

        • Need to watch more than one kind of news and then talk about what is true and what is fabricated! It’s documented that many illegals are not well! We aren’t giving them free care at the border for kicks! Not to mention the sanctuary states or cities are already breeding diseases among the street people and homeless that bringing in more and more into an already bad situation just exasperates the problem! Really need to stop being so arrogant and ask yourself; “ Is most of Americans wrongly perceiving our President incorrectly or maybe it’s me! There are many,many well educated people in this Country that aren’t Democratic or Liberal and there is a large middle and low income people that are tired of what they see! Conservatives seem to try the belief and best of every situation and there is no more patience! Frankly, I think you are being incredibly arrogant!t

          • Nora…. check what you are writing before you send it! You said that the situation “exasperates” the problem, when I’m pretty sure you meant to say EXACERBATES the problem. Be sure of the meaning of the word before you use it, please. If you are going to argue that educated and intelligent people can be found as much in the conservative groups as in the liberal ones, which is absolutely true, PLEASE be sure that you exhibit some of that education and intelligence in your statements. If you don’t, then many of us WILL be exasperated with you.

          • I say two things. First, it is just a movie which is more fiction than fact. Secondly, I say “bring it on.” I’ll put my deplorable hunting and shooting skills, as well as those of most of my acquaintances, up against those of any “elites” that anyone cares to challenge us with, bar none.

        • Scott27…what news do you listen to? Your response sounds like you’re unhinged. You are the one who is insane. Tucker Carlson hit the nail on the head. It’s criminal what the so-called elites are doing to America! You’re the one who is not part of reality!!!

        • When I read your comment questioning diseases that have been basically eradicated in our country making comebacks I’m through reading. Do some checking and you will find out about these diseases.

      • You, sir, like many others here are the American Taliban. Our own home-grown version of Al-Quaida. You are no different. We were once a great nation. You and your supreme leader are killing this nation. Have at it, as Jesus said, you know not what you do.

        • George Orwell once stated “that the farther a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it” We as a nation are in very big trouble and only “We the People” have the power to correct it. Mr Trump is being attacked from every side because the left is in total fear that he will expose them for the crooks that they really are. He must have another term to complete his draining of the swamp !! As a old Marine who understands the horrors of combat I will guarantee you that this is not what any of us want for our country TRUMP 2020

        • You Scott, are a coward and a traitorous communist. You and your kind are against freedom, the Constitution and personal responsibility. We on the RIGHT are saving this nation. I think you evil commies know what you’re doing. That’s going to make victory over you cretins all the sweeter.

  17. The left is playing with fire and if they can concoct a way to oust Trump from office, they will spark another civil war in which they will be on the losing side.

    • And if he’s voted out? Will that, too, give you reason to go on a killing spree against all democrats and independents who think differently than you?

      • You’re an absolute coward Scott, not to mention a moron. I hope to meet you some day, but I don’t think you’re going to last long enough.

      • There has been a resurgence in measles, chicken pox , dysentery, and typhoid at the bordering states. Most diseases we have almost eradicated are reappearing.

        • measles and chicken pox? Seriously. That’s because so many people are not vaccinating their children… because that’s too scary. Get your facts straight and please, people, stop creating these issues where non exist in the real world.

      • I am totally against physical violence, that the best option is at the election booth. Yes, there has been the sporadic individual of the “right” who has struck out in a fashion that I don’t condone, but the “left” feels that they, you, have the unmitigated gall to condone the bullying in our streets by the likes of “black lives matter,” or “Antifa?” It wasn’t a conservative who attempted to murder conservative legislators out on a ball field for a game of baseball. The greatest percentage of those who have been doing the bullying in our streets have been those of the leftist movement. Maxine Waters telling people to get in the face of those who are on Pres. Trump’s team and tell them they are not welcome in America? Who in this God-fearing nation gave her the right to incite harm to others because they disagree with leftist attitudes? This is still a Democratic nation. And do you recall a few short years ago the run-amok, illegal activities at the CA universities, and others across this land when a conservative had an unreasonable (?) right to address a group espousing conservative values? Don’t you dare attempt to critique those of the “right” with your sacramonious hypocracy.

    • Tucker called for a calming down. Great idea. Shut up the antifa crowd and the black lives matter assholes are then it’s possible. They won’t calm down with their lies and rhetoric. So neither will we as long as they give us reason to push back. What is to be will be.

        • Let’s hope you understand what is being said on Fox News. They are reporting real news not the baloney from the other stations, “Trump is sending subliminal messages in his speeches. What kind of idiot can dream up such nonsense?! I bet this news reporter hears and sees things too, boo!!

        • And let’s hope that the American people will realize what is going on and put an end to it. They are the only ones who can.

          • We can only pray that there are enough level-headed, freedom-loving legal voting citizens out there who recognize the cancer spreading among our society.

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