Tucker Carlson was left speechless after what one guest said on his show

Tucker Carlson hosts one of the most popular shows on cable news.

Because of his success and support for Donald Trump’s agenda, liberals are always trying to silence him and take him off the air.

On one recent broadcast, Carlson was left speechless by what one guest said on his show.

Carlson recently had Dutch historian Rutger Bregman on his program to discuss Bregman calling out liberal elites for demanding solutions to “climate change” while flying around the world on private jets.

The discussion took an ugly turn when Bregman began insulting Carlson and Fox News.

Bregman smeared Carlson as a fraud for blasting the globalists’ lust for open borders and international trade because of his high income.

Carlson became exasperated and profanely insulted Bregman before ending this segment.

The segment never aired but Bregman leaked it to the left-wing NowThis News which tweeted it out to their 2.21 million followers.

Liberals believe your status in life determines your ability to speak.

“Victims” are afforded the greatest moral authority.

Usually liberals determine that by race, gender, or sexual orientation.

In this case, Bregman deemed the poor and middle class “victims” and since Carlson was not poor, he had no authority to speak on their behalf.

But if anyone advocates for policies that benefit the middle class – restricting immigration, ending unbalanced “free” trade deals, and stopping pointless foreign wars – it is Tucker Carlson.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.