Tucker Carlson was shocked to discover what the FBI did to this patriotic veteran

Noah Wulf, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The FBI is being weaponized against innocent Americans.

Their political targeting went to a terrifying new level.

And Tucker Carlson was shocked to discover what the FBI did to this patriotic veteran.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is using the Justice Department to drop the hammer on political opponents of President Joe Biden’s regime.

Garland’s henchmen at the FBI are playing up the phony threat of right-wing terrorism to target a patriotic, pro-Trump veteran.

Former Army Green Beret Mike Glover is a decorated veteran who founded the non-profit American Contingency to help communities with disaster relief.

After bravely serving his country for almost twenty years, American Contingency was falsely labeled a domestic terrorist threat by the FBI.

The FBI called Glover’s group a domestic terrorism threat even after it was investigated and cleared by the bureau in 2020.

FBI agents went through his life with a fine-tooth comb including his military record, veterans benefits, and even his monthly disability benefit.

Last year, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) revealed a whistleblower complaint that the FBI cleared and continued to falsely label his group a domestic terror threat.

“Mike Glover is a veteran doing good work out there, but some woke analyst at the FBI says, ‘We’re going to investigate this guy,'” Jordan told Fox News at the time. “[If you] display the flag, you own a gun, and you voted for Trump, you’re somehow in that category that [President] Joe Biden says are extremist or fascist.”

The FBI knew Glover’s group wasn’t a threat but that didn’t stop them from pressing forward with their persecution of a decorated veteran.

Glover detailed the enormous toll of being falsely labeled a terrorist by the FBI during an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“It’s horrible,” Glover said. “I’m an entrepreneur first. That is what I wanted to do after a long time of service, and it just sucks being targeted by my country.”

He said that as a result of the FBI’s false accusations he was banned off of major social media sites.

The FBI’s witch hunt spilled over to the lives of Glover’s family.

“My mom was targeted,” Glover continued. “My mom’s Facebook account was deleted because the FBI communicated to social media and destroyed all the social media accounts. My mom came here from Korea from meeting my military dad in the Army, and we are dealing with this. She is dealing with this. Her small beauty salon . . . is dealing with this.”

Jordan said the FBI’s targeting of Glover, despite the bureau clearing him, was part of a scheme to “advance a misleading political agenda.”

Glover said that he thought he was a victim of the Justice Department’s efforts to target their political opponents.

The FBI hit a new low by ruthlessly targeting a distinguished veteran in their crusade against conservatives.

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