Tucker Carlson was shocked to learn about one move that could cost Merrick Garland everything

Attorney General Merrick Garland is completely out of control.

He was just hit with one nasty curveball that left him panicking.

And Tucker Carlson was shocked to learn about one move that could cost Merrick Garland everything.

The Justice Department is being weaponized in a bone-chilling fashion to serve the Democrat Party and trample the rights of conservatives.

Attorney General Merrick Garland escalated the use of the FBI as a partisan political weapon against former President Donald Trump, conservatives, and even parents who protested at their local school board meetings.

House Republicans are sounding the alarm on the Justice Department’s terrifying weaponization and are preparing to clean up the rogue department.

Thomas Massie (R-KY) is a leader in fighting back against the federal government’s tyrannical overreach and abuses of power.

In the lengthy battle over Speaker of the House, Massie revealed that conservatives managed to secure a potentially game changing committee.

During an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Massie told host Tucker Carlson that McCarthy agreed to a demand from conservatives to establish a Church-style committee to investigate the Justice Department and intelligence communities.

The Church Committee was a Senate select committee formed in the 1970s that investigated and exposed major abuses by the FBI, CIA, and the National Security Agency (NSA).
The Committee’s work led to reforms in the intelligence community and the FBI.

Massie said that McCarthy would put him on a “Church Committee” to investigate potential abuses by the federal government and promised to reveal any “illegal or unconstitutional” actions he uncovered.

“A lot of this is going to play out in the SCIF [Secure Compartmented Information Facility],” Massie said.

The highly sensitive nature of the Committee’s work involving classified information and sources would be mostly carried out behind closed doors in the SCIF.

“You are going to have to trust the people that are put on this Committee, and I’ll tell you what, if there’s something fishy going on, I’ll come out of the SCIF and tell you, but a lot of it will be behind closed doors, it will be classified information,” Massie continued. “If we find anything illegal or unconstitutional, we will bring it forward.”

Tucker Carlson has pushed for a Church-style committee due to the blatant abuses of power by the Justice Department and intelligence community.

Massie explained that House conservatives wanted to make sure that the Committee wasn’t a “show committee” that was all bark and no bite.

“We wanted to make sure we have full jurisdiction,” Massie explained. “If we stumble on something at another three-letter agency that they don’t say, ‘Whoa, that’s out of your jurisdiction,’ or if we find out there’s more than a violation of the First Amendment — if there are other civil rights being violated, we have secured a guarantee that we can go wherever the evidence leads us.”

Thomas Massie and House Republicans could blow the lid off of the abuses of power by Merrick Garland and other regime hacks.

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