Tucker Carlson was shocked to learn about this colossal blunder by Mitch McConnell

The Republican establishment dropped the ball in the Midterm elections.

Conservatives are searching for answers.

And Tucker Carlson was shocked to learn about this colossal blunder by Mitch McConnell.

Senate Republicans went into the Midterm elections in a strong position to flip control of the Upper Chamber.

But the elections turned into a nightmare after Republicans failed to defeat a single incumbent Democrat Senator and lost in Pennsylvania.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is feeling the heat over the disastrous results for Senate Republicans.

In the Arizona Senate race, Republicans had one of their best opportunities to knock off a Democrat incumbent.

Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) was considered one of the most vulnerable Democrats up for re-election this year.

Kelly was being challenged by political outsider and businessman Blake Masters, who earned the endorsement of Donald Trump.

Masters ran as a strong America First conservative and threatened to throw a monkey wrench in McConnell’s plans to hand President Joe Biden more legislative victories.

McConnell’s PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), pulled $8 million in television advertising from the Arizona Senate race and left Masters high and dry.

The SLF is one of the biggest backers of Republican Senate candidates.

Because of a bitter Primary that took place in August, Masters was behind the eight ball in fundraising for the General Election.

Kelly dominated in campaign spending and Masters desperately needed the help of the SLF to keep pace.

Kelly’s massive financial advantage allowed him to squeak out a narrow victory.

Blake Masters appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight and told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that Mitch McConnell “doesn’t deserve” to lead Senate Republicans.

He pointed out Arizona’s catastrophic failures in managing elections and counting ballots in Maricopa County and said that “Arizonans deserve better.”

“So, Maricopa County elections, maybe they are working hard, God bless them, it’s at best, just incompetent,” Masters said. “But do you know what else is incompetent, Tucker? The establishment. The people who control the purse strings.”

Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund spent at least $230 million and failed to pick up a single seat in the Senate.

“Senate Leadership Fund, Mitch McConnell, McConnell decided to spend millions of dollars attacking a fellow Republican in Alaska instead of helping me defeat Senator Mark Kelly,” Masters continued. “Had he chosen to spend the money in Arizona, this race would be over and we’d be celebrating a Senate majority right now.”

While McConnell was pulling out of Arizona, he was spending millions to prop up one of the biggest RINOs in the senate, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

Murkowski was being challenged by Trump-endorsed Republican Kelly Tshibaka in Alaska’s four-candidate General Election.

McConnell prioritized protecting Murkowski over trying to defeat a Democrat in Arizona.

Masters said that McConnell “didn’t deserve” to lead Senate Republicans moving forward.

The disappointing Midterm elections are raising serious questions about Mitch McConnell’s future as the Republican Senate Leader.

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