This TV Host delivered a warning to Ryan and McConnell that froze the blood in their veins

Republican leadership has been scheming for years to pass amnesty.

Now they think they have a chance to work with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on passing the largest amnesty of illegal aliens in American history.

But one TV host delivered a stunning warning about the consequences.

The swamp wants to use Trump’s negotiating over the fate of the 800,000 illegal aliens – the so-called “DREAMers” – to ram through a massive amnesty that covers 4-6 million illegal aliens.

It would please the donor class, but it would be a fundamental betrayal of everything Republicans campaigned on.

The consequences would dire. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson warns it could even be the end of the Republican Party.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Carlson also hammered Republican leadership for not keeping their promises to their voters.

“Earlier this year, we spoke to [Speaker of the House Paul Ryan] on this show and he assured us the House would be working hard to fund the border wall. That was a lie, and not the only one the GOP leadership has told its voters,” he said.

“Nominally, Congress is controlled by Republicans, but on immigration, Democrats control the agenda. Why is that? Because Paul Ryan and many other corporate Republicans agree with them on every substantial point related to immigration. President Trump goes along with this because he wants a legislative victory badly and his party is incapable of giving him one. This arrangement cannot last forever. A party this out of sync with its own voters will collapse and splinter.”

Carlson noted that there is room for compromise on DACA in addition to securing funding for the border wall, and said that Republicans should implement a ban on chain migration via family reunification policies and require DACA recipients to give up their citizenship in all other countries.

“Of course there should be room for disagreement on immigration within the Republican Party, Carlson said, “but there ought to be some nonnegotiable principles at the center of it all: Borders are real. Citizenship matters. America comes first. If you can’t say any of that with a straight face and mean it and act on it, maybe you are in the wrong party.”

Trump tweeted that he is still fighting to build the wall and that any immigration deal should end chain migration – the practice of immigrants being able to sponsor nonnuclear family members – but will Republican leadership listen?

The fate of the party could depend on it.


  1. I agree with all these people and better watch out or we will have a revolution like in Venazuela like you never seen before

  2. AMEN!!! If they, the Reublicans had stood behind President Trump from the beginning the dems would not have won the election and the wall would be under construction.

  3. I agree whole heartedly. We can save our country, but not with idiots like Schumer, Schiff, Cummings, The liar embezzelers of the Black Caucus & “Ferrieykhan”, Pelosi, Flake, Feinstein, Waters, Jerry Brown, New York and Mass. sleazy mayors and governors, politicians and Chicago murderer-helpers like Rham Emmanuel, Ocasio-twerp, demoncrap braindead liars, Bernie Sanders, Pocohontas, etc. Wake Up America!

  4. The democraps don’t run the government. We the people do, and if we let the democraps win again this is on us. They are doing what they want not what we want. First the Republicans need to get a back bone ( being nice here) and stop giving in to them all the time. If the democraps keep up their “greater than you” crap, we need to stop them. We are in charge not them, and they know it . We need to do what ever it takes to stop them. They are like a bully, hit them in the mouth and they will cry. Just about everything they do is against a law some where. We have a President who will fight, so we need to fight.

  5. Sabe Young, I agree with you 100%.No politicians, including Presidents should have taxpayer life time benefits. They’ve made enough off of the taxpayers in the years they’ve been in ofc. Their pensions shld be a reasonable amt., but everything else shld be handled like any other working American. Oh, also no tax paid security when they leave ofc, believe Bush ended that for retiring presidents, however greedy Obama, the one that was pushing for redistribution of wealth reinstated that “bonus”. never heard of him or bernie redistributing their wealth that they made off of us the taxpayers

  6. Jodi keep telling the Rinos in Congress. Trump is doing everything he can, he has accomplished more than any President in the short time in ofc. However it’s the Rinos and Dems that are holding back on the Wall and immigration…Trump cannot do it alone. Must remember which Rino’s are blocking Trump’s agenda, then vote them out when the time comes.

  7. If I went a senator or congressman and
    offered money or anything of value, I would
    be prosecuted for bribery. How can LOBBYISTS
    do the same thing and that is OK?????

  8. Dear Paul Ryan: I voted for you, and I campaigned for you. Now, you and the rest of Republicans have turned into a bunch of turncoats. What the hell? I’m struggling to believe anything ANY politician says any more. Once you get elected, it’s like you totally forgot your promises. You all succumb to the money and power – and we sit here, once again, wondering how everything got turned around. Why can’t you keep your promises? Why do Republicans (so-called) succumb to the wishes of Democrats? Why don’t you do what you said you’d do? I’m so disgusted with all of you – and YOU MOST. I trusted you.

  9. Trump is doing a great job. Considering that none of his no good republicans support him. If they would support him, Trump would make America great again. He can’t do it alone. I think the conservatives have done him a real disservice. He is the duly elected president. GET BEHIND HIM AND GET SOMETHING DONE.

  10. Trump is doing a great job. Considering that none of his no good republicans support him. If they would support him, Trump would make America great again. He can’t do it alone. I think the conservatives have done him a real disservice. He is the duly elected president. GET BEHIND HIM AND GET SOMETHING DONE.

  11. Incumbent politicians need to start listening to their main street constituents. The same people in their districts that voted for Trump are watching them and will not forget when they return to the voting booths. All the campaign advertising you can buy with money from your fat cat donors will not make any difference then. And just because lunatic fringe groups make a lot of noise and get a lot of media coverage, supporting or listening to them does not translate into votes. In fact, if you appear to be tied to them, it could cost you votes. So just do the job you were elected to do.

  12. Tucker is right. Our two biggest problems rests on the shoulders of Mitch and Paul. The both hate Trump and they are holding up legislation from passing for the good of the American people. I read where 250 pieces of passed legislation in the House, is sitting on Mitch’s desk. He is truly a snake. It takes more Mitch, than just getting a Supreme Court nominee approved…this is a daily job, not just one thing in two years.

  13. Totally agree. If they want to become real Americans they can go through the process and file for citizenship, go back home and stand in line with thousands of others.

  14. What ever happened to this statement, this government shall be for the people, by the people? Oh well forgotten, now it is for the parties by the parties. What have we done?



  17. Should the Republican Party sign onto any sort of amnesty it WILL BE THE FINISH FOR THE PARTY OF LINCOLN. Like in the WIZARD OF OZ, it is the little man behind the curtain pulling the strings;but, now the little people know and elected Donald John Trump to “take back Our Country”.


  19. One of the reasons I voted for Trump was his promises to build the wall and end illegal immigration that costs the hard working American taxpayers so much money in welfare, food stamps, MediCal, housing and education for their children.
    I didn’t break the law to come here and when I went through my divorce the California legal system told me with their actions that since I made the children, then I, alone am responsible for their upbringing, not the government or even their so called father.
    The offspring of the people who broke our laws need to hold THEIR parents responsible for their actions. I don’t feel sorry or bad for them, not is it my responsibility to make them feel better, financially, emotionally or morally.

  20. The reason that both party’s want POTUS out is because he is closing in on pedophiles & 2/3rds of them are guilty ! IT HAS GONE ON FOR DECADES IN D.C. FROM THE W.H. DOWN ! SESSIONS HAS ARRESTED OVER 3,000 OF THEM SO FAR. MAYORS,MILITARY BRASS & WORKING THEIR WAY UP THE CHAIN !! PEDOGATE IS REAL!!!
    Then there is the drug trafficking that pays only God & those dirtbags knows what!!
    They need uneducated 3rs world people here because they are easier to control in masses. They have no idea what God given rights are !!

  21. The time has come to take the decisions away from congress and allow the “legal voters” to decide on DACA, funding the wall, healthcare being a privilege, taxes, amount of pay and benefits to all government members, sanctuary cities, time off for congress, amounts going to past presidents, investigations, term limits, education, welfare, etc. NO more 545 members making all decisions for the over 33 billion people because they never tell us the truth, they cover their asses and to hell with everyone else, they are corrupt and add pork to anything they touch, etc. ENOUGH! WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND to vote on what our country will do and wants!

  22. Fire Ryan and McConnell !!! … And Pelosi, McCain , the list is Long,,, all the Calif politicians, all are for that sanctuary crap, and daca / dreamer nonsense!! Save America and Vote these people out for good!!! Trump is right but he needs positive support, not the Swamp people,,,

  23. There are some good conservative candidates, out there, looking to unseat cryin ryan and gitchy mitchy – -pray the people in those states and districts will GET THE JOB DONE! And then, members of Congress, themselves, need to step up and drop the hammer.

  24. I am getting tired, so tired of the politicians who promise and then lie and lie. President Trump had better figure out that he cannot trust any of the top congressional leaders to do anything but try to hinder him. We as Americans have been letting this happen over the decades and now it is finally coming to haunt us. “Career” politicians should never happen. These people cannot make it unless they are on the public dole. They know they are set for life, but are afraid of giving up the “prestige” of their position. President Trump earned his prestige, these space and time wasters need to go home now. No pensions, no healthcare unless they pay for their own. We shouldn’t have to pay for them the rest of their useless lives.

  25. We have to tell Pres.Trump that it’s not his job to feel sorry for these illegals. It’s his job to get Americans back to work with the ability to pay their bills and still eat. He needs to be reminded that all D’s are just con men, like Ryan,McCain,McConnell,they have no intention of doing what’s right for the people. Everyone in Congress has forgotten they were put in office to represent the citizens here not from Mexico. All of them are disgusting for tossing America to the curb.

  26. Seems to me having been a Republican since I was a very young girl, I voted for Goldwater, we have been deceived long enough! Those RINOS who voted against the half-hearted “repeal” are indeed part of The Swamp and if we can’t get rid of them, we may have to start a movement or another party. Problem with another party is we probably couldn’t get the numbers to be effective and deserting the Repub Party would ensure the Dems a victory. But they are already winning so why not try, the worst that would happen is we would become another communist country sooner. That might be better than sending new, good people to Congress only to see them become part of the Swamp – thus avoiding this agony!

  27. Of all the things that Pres Trump has said, both during his campaign and first months in office–one was that, should he get too much ‘flack’ from these party members–come his second term, he’d run as an ‘Independent’!! Seems he has been giving out a LOT of information along the way. An amazing amount of it goes ‘unheard’. Naturally, I expect the press to ignore anything they don’t want to hear but, I’d expect Trump’s supporters to pay closer attention. Listen to the man! Really, really LISTEN!! Seems Americans aren’t very good at that, on the whole. Nancy Pelosi and ‘what’s-his-face’, actually sat with Pres Trump and supposedly ‘talked’ with him. What was actually discussed, obviously, went right over their heads!! When they came out–they actually believed a ‘deal’ had been made where there was none!! They didn’t ‘listen’ to Pres Trump. They just sat there and ‘heard’ what they wanted to hear. The ‘smug’ looks on their faces said it all. They thought they had ‘pulled on over’ on him!! WRONG!! NO deal had been made and it is still not a ‘done issue’!! It’s not that Pres Trump ‘lies’–no one is ‘hearing’ what he is saying!

  28. I remember when Obama let all those kids into this country. They were full of lice, std’s, T. B. and God only knows what else. I can only imagine what a drain their health treatment put on this country. A LOT of people voted for Mr. Trump because he promised the wall and no amnesty. I would promise that if he goes against his promises, he will not be reelected. Also, imagine what is getting into this country illegally without that wall. It should be put in place immediately. These are not only my opinions, I have heard all of these opinions discussed on local radio.

  29. i fully agree president trump has to stand on all his promises or we his voters will lose faith in him, ILLEGAL IS A CRIME,the dacas are and have been illegal since 2008, in 9 yrs they have had plenty of time to apply and get citizen ship the problem is once they become citizens their food stamps, medicaid, free education, free phones, free books, free housing ends, they have to get a job and pay taxes like the rest of us do, to educate our children.. we do not get free education for our children most of us has to work 2 jobs in order to help our children PRESIDENT STOP GIVING OUT FOOD STAMPS MEDICAID THAT HAS PUT AMERICA TRILLIONS INTO DEBT

  30. now with trump in the oval office…the deep swamp and all its band of furry creatures have come to the surface like at no other time before…even though we all suspected the republicans in congress were weak and much on the democrat side…it wasn’t until now that their true side has been exposed…so lets face it…the congressional republicans are no longer for those republican voters..but are for their democrat fellow swamp creatures…so its left up to us out her in realville… we know…and now we can hit them in all directions….ryan and McConnell…..your next.

  31. A lot of the GOP has lied to us. Not Trump. They have gone against him in every way they could & it’s going to put them out of a job. Texas Senators & Congressmen you had better watch out in the next elections because WE are all watching what you are doing now.

  32. The 6 year term for senators should be cut down to no more than 3yrs.. they get elected now to 6yrs. @ approx. $175000 per year and are guaranteed 312 pay days for the total of approx. $1,050,000 per full term. Not bad for the part time job that time to ditch mitch has turned the senate into. The above figure does not include all the extra perks. Its time to ditch mitch, cut senate terms to three yrs,get rid of the rinos and untrustworthy rino ryan. We have some great Senators like Tim Scott (sc) and some good congress people like Gowdy (and most of the SC reps) Meadows, Jordan, to mention a few. It is to bad that the repub leadership has shown that they will not work with Trump and that ditch mitch + rino ryan have embarrased the Repubs.. As a very right voting indep. I AM EMBARRASED to give my opinion that the spineless backstabbing repub. swamp dwellers have made the 3 tiers of D.C. government a joke. They have made the Repubs. a mess, As you all know that because of this 2018 will be bad for the Repubs. and because of the lies/ broken promises failure to perform their elected duties-bye bye rinos,and possibly the Senate + House. A party divided, who ignores the will of the people,and has spineless lying leadership will not survive . To remind you of this remember that it was 2yr. Senator scott brown (ma) that played the tell them 1 thing when elected do another. Thanks to the actions of that rino, we have him to thank for Sen. Eliz. Warren! Enough said.



  33. Sometimes I’m just glad I’m old. The infighting among Republicans, and Republicans who act like Democrats. Apparently, there is no longer such a thing as conservatism. The Dems know just how to do this stuff. If you’re a Republican, you’re not only the enemy, you need to be ridiculed, reviled and ostracized. And maybe “eliminated.” And then you have leaders whom you voted for and trusted who now act like Democrats. Shame on you, Paul Ryan. And shame on all elected Repubs who don’t have the guts to stand up to runaway liberalism. And I’m beginning to worry about your buddy Don.

  34. The major reason for Democrats wanting the “dreamers” is to get their vote. They really don’t care about anything else that they say on camera and in print. So, call their bluffs: Legalize the “dreamers” but DO NOT GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO VOTE UNTIL THEY APPLY, GET IN LINE, GO THROUGH THE LEGAL IMMIGRATION SYSTEM, AND EVENTUALLY BECOME CITIZENS.

  35. most people grab the bull by the horns and look the situation squarely in the eyes , Ryan and McConnell grab the bull by the tail and face the situation hoping some thing good comes of it

  36. The lobbyists control both parties with money given to Senators and Representatives. Lobbying HAS TO BE OUTLAWED. The Senators and Representatives are there to represent the American people, not illegals, but American citizens without taking money from lobbyists. We have to force this issue of “no money from lobbyists”. The American people elected these electors into power to represent us not the Chamber of Commerce or the Business Roundtable. We also have to set up a calendar in which these electors work 11 months of the year. They have to abide by the time that Americans have to work. They were off for five weeks when legislation should have been passed. Let us start parading with banners to have “no more lobbyists” and “work 11 months of the year”. Let us make it criminal if these electors take money from lobbyists and do not work the 11 months of the year.

  37. They are Republicrats, plain and simple. Unfortunately, they think that we are simple, minded that is. Why else would they blatantly break the promises? Do they really expect our support?

  38. There are Democrats in the GOP….(Ryan,McConnel,McCain)Infiltrators. There are NO Republicans in the Democrat Party, it’s impossible to infiltrate a den of rattlesnakes without being noticed.

  39. There is no longer a Republican Party. The Democratic Party has become the party of communists. The Republican Party has become what the Democrats used to be. And there isn’t ONE honest person amongst all of them!

  40. No matter if they start allowing amnesty to illegals or not, they WILL find a way in. If the wall is 20 feet high, they’ll use a 21 foot ladder. Maybe we can get all the troublesome ‘gators out of Florida and relocate them to the Rio Grande river? Solve two problems at once? (LOL) However, since it’s AMNESTY that we’re talking about, I say that if Trump doesn’t waver in keeping our borders closed against them, and if he doesn’t waver in allowing EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE, we should start seeing improvements or at least, stop seeing the problem from worsening day by day. He needs to stand firm against the RINO’s, though. Otherwise, he will lose the faith and respect of the American people.

  41. The only thing left to say is that both leaders in congress get into LOCK STEP with Trump……no other way…..this is what the voters DEMAND and this is what “you” promised in your campaigns. Never go against WE THE PEOPLE!

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