This TV host shut down Hillary Clinton with one tweet

The left could barely wait to exploit the horrific shooting in Las Vegas for political gain.

Hillary Clinton raced out to the front of the pack of leftists demanding more gun control in the wake of Stephen Paddock’s deadly rampage.

But this TV host shut down Hillary Clinton with one epic tweet.

Hillary Clinton reacted to the tragic shooting, which left at least 59 dead and over 500 wounded with a call for more gun control.

She falsely blamed “suppressors” – which do not silence the sound of gunfire despite what Hollywood would have you think – and called on Congress to tighten gun laws.

And Clinton demanded Congress reject legislation that would have made it easier for law-abiding gun owners to obtain them.

The Blaze TV’s Dana Loesch – who is a prominent pro-gun activist – crushed Clinton with her response.

Hillary Clinton was spreading fake news to advance the gun grabbers agenda before families knew their loved ones had survived the unthinkable.

It was a sickening display of the inhumanity that made Hillary Clinton impossible to relate to as a candidate for President.

What did you think of Hillary Clinton’s comments?

Let us know in the comment section.


  1. You said it all and very well. Il-liberals and regressives only want to abolish guns so they can better control us peons.

  2. Hey, conservatives. Good old Hillary just did us copnservatives a big favor with her wicked comments. Even the most true Democrat could not condone her evil comments if they have any true RED AMERICAN BLOOD running through their veins.Let the old slut go! She’ll end up taking herself and the Democratic Party down with her. THANKS,hillary.

  3. Dana Loesch has more class in her little finger than Hitlery has in her whole degrading corpse. What? she’s not dead yet? Oh, she just looks it.

  4. hillary probably paid him to do it.. truth be told he is a liberal, and I think there should be a gun ban on all liberals since they’re doing all of the shootings.

  5. You know IF Hillary had a brain and knew how to use it correctly she would have learned a LONG time ago to shut her mouth and engauge her brain before opening her mouth. The same goes for speaking with her foot in her mouth. She must be very limber. Does anyone know if she ever did this on David Letterman??

  6. I read somewhere that this person visited a country under a hail of gunfire, was it true? I coudn’t verify that article. I would like to say a lot of things about this person but, it has already been said and I don’t want to bore you like everytime I see her face on my Telivision set, I would like to make as much money as an NFL feezball player’S makes so I can take my shotgun and blow this one up and go buy a new one. Oops, I just made a teriosts threat on my television set, I do mostly apologize for that remark.

  7. She can’t go away, nobody wants her in their neighborhood, but as somebody said, get in hole, and close it up behind you.

  8. Hillary will do or say anything to stay in public view but she is grieving herself to death because she lost. She can’t stand it because she has lost her power. Only reason she is not in jail is because she is above the law.

    • Hey Wayne C we all know she is not above the LAW it is because they do not want her to make bail and then bitch about the jail cell not having pretty curtins between the cells and yellow with strips does not a good on her. I also do not thnk a judge could get her to remaine quiet while in court.

  9. Just business as usual for the Liberals. Never let a good tragedy go to waste to promote their agenda, and as usual ole Hitlery doesn’t have a clue.

  10. Would someone tell me how much longer we will have to put up with Hillary’s ugly face and lies. Just looking at her and hearing her voice is sicken; knowing what ever comes out of her mouth is a lie.

  11. She same old power hungry, greedy uncaring person she’s always been. She can’t see the reason she lost is herself. She’s despicable. She thought she had stole and scaled enough votes to win but she miscalculated the biter distaste for her.

  12. Odd that the men in Benghazi heard gunshots but when they contacted Hilary and Obama they weren’t worried about them and went to bed to sleep, as those in
    Benghazi eventually got killed. Funny how they didn’t worry about those gunshots…..

    • Yes, and I think Hillary believes Benghazi has been swept under the rug. Maybe it’s time we did a little house cleaning and bring that nasty little dirt in her career to light again! Not to mention that when she was still practicing “law,” she got a rapist off free… and then bragged about it. I haven’t read her book, nor do I want to waste my time with it, but I’ll bet it’s got lots of stuff the public doesn’t even know about yet.

  13. Hillary is not the problem. We all have known what the Clintons have done and got away with. The problem is the news media that hangs on every word their leftist heroes utter. To ignore such gibberish is the most effective course and the ultimate insult to anyone seeking attention.

  14. Fist off Hillary have you ever shot an AR with a silencer? Well I just bet you have not so maybe you should do your homework before spreading fake news once again! You are not president just in case you needed to hear this again and we’re wondering what happened! So we do not need your advice on this matter especially when you walk around with security up your butt at all times! Some of us don’t have that luxury of an armed guard at all times! we will ask you if we need any advice how to be a corrupt politician, or how to get by with sending emails on an unsecured sever and get away with it!

  15. Hillary is trying to convince people that SHE should be president, however, she is accomplishing the opposite. With her ignorant comments, she is proving the reason people did not vote for her. She’s jealous of Trump and spewing her rhetoric to justify her actions and satisfy her ego.

  16. Don’t we all know that Hillary is an old COMMUNIST hag who only believes in Money, POWER and CONTROL and therefore she will NEVER stop trying to take the people FREEDOMS and RIGHTS away…!!??!! We the People have to be GRATEFUL that she DIDN’T make it into the White House as President, she would have definitely taken this country from Presidency and Administration to Dictatorship and Regime, as Obama tried so hard but FAILED, and THANK GOD for that…!!! But they are BOTH still very DANGEROUS to this country as they are backed by BIG money, SOROS’s money…!!! AND we will NOT be safe from COMMUNISM for as long as these THREE snakes are still slithering around in the grass feely….!!!

  17. I could not possibly agree more with the posts about that witch,bitch hidabeast. All I can add is what I have said before: The only thing hildabeast is, is a life support system for a vagina. She is one miserable excuse for a woman.

  18. Why everybody here still talking about Hillary?
    She is nobody now and her opinions have no interest to people
    Just forget about her and this will be the most terrifying weapon to her.
    Remember the very ancient story about Herostratus? Just FORGET about her and all names associated with her.

  19. she doesn’t get it….no one cares what she says or thinks…she’s old news and just won’t leave us alone…if she went to prison for all the illegal crap she pulled, then we wouldn’t have to listen to that bitch

  20. Mrs. Bill Clinton will say or do anything in an attempt to restart her deceased political career in her beloved Anti-America Marxist-Democrat Party. As a repulsive woman (or maybe a Trans?) she has no moral limitations as she is simply lower than a snake’s belly. A disgusting piece of human trash.

  21. I have one question for Hitlary!! re your Suicide/Murder aquas LEGAL gun owners or do they use stolen ones???Do they use the supressors you are talking about and do they make any big enough to fit your mouth???

  22. hillary is so strong for gun control, TAKE AWAY HER ARMED GUARDS that we gun owners and law abiding citizens are paying for and give her a new home in benghazi, the place that is so dear to her heart, if she had a heart.

  23. Hillary Clinton is fake news! Plain and simple. That’s why she is not in the white house and never will be in the White House. I don’t know what comes first with Hillary and Bill, but I do know it’s either GREED and LIES or the other way around.

  24. A follow-up message it’s funny how all these anti-gun people haven’t themselves introduced legislation which I might try to introduce. the legislation would be clear and all-encompassing anyone who falls under the parameters of the legislation including visitors to this country would be required to comply no exemptions. The new law would clearly state if you do not own guns because you don’t believe in gun ownership you would be required by law to post signs prominently displayed on both your property and your automobile and said persons would be required to have a button or some other means of alerting the general public that they neither condone nor own firearms. This notice would have to be displayed on their person at all times. I believe this would be a great way for them to show their disdain of firearm use as well as well as showing residents around them along with the world that they are not Hypocrites by riding the protection of gun owners because criminals would not be able to identify them any other way from people who do own firearms.

    LIBRALS, and just plain gun haters “stop riding the backs of gun owners identify yourselves as non gun-owning individuals and stop riding my protection”

  25. What about the dozens of witnesses, journalists & investigators who mysteriously disappeared & or were “suicided?” Did she make sure silencers weren’t used? Her quick, impulsive comments are very suspicious in light of all these “suicides.” Where is the DOJ? Is the FBI still in bed with her?

    • Jeff Sessions is MIA and stated he has no intention of bring any charges or even looking into the crimes this witch has committed. According to Jason Chavitz (so).

      • Because he FEARS for his own life, but I get a feeling that the President does too…He had stated as soon as he was inaugurated as President that the Clinton’s are “nice” people and he WOULDN’T go after her/them….STRANGE of how these people in POWER totally shrink DOWN in size when just the name “Clinton” is being mentioned…!!! WHAT is WRONG with this picture…??? How can a “LITTLE civilian” hold so much might over the supposed POWERFUL…???

  26. Just heard that a silencer on an ar15 would melt the barrel. The dumb bitch doesn’t even know of what the Hell she speaks! It is very interesting how a criminal with so many counts against her, still freely walking around, is so concerned about making criminals be held accountable! She needs to go away…..away to prison and serve many years in there as punishment for her lifetime of criminality, murders esp.!

    • Right, she wants ALL criminals to be held accountable, except for herself, her PERVERT of a husband and all of those that are still backing and protecting HER….!!! AND her GREATEST donor of BIG money yet, GEORGE SOROS…!!!

  27. Hillary and her ?Husband Bill as well as there so called Daughter should all be locked up in prison. They have commited more crimes than ANY person currently in prison. Hillary should have been tried and convicted of Treason as well as her co partner in Crime Obama. And there biggest NONE AMERICAN DONOR Soro’s. Is it not illegal for anyone running for office in the USA to accept money from Non American Donors and if so why is that not being investigated. The entire Democratic group accepts Soro’s millions.

  28. It is not a need for more gun laws which only are obeyed by law abiding citizens. Rather what is needed is what has been lacking for the last 25 to 30 years are more aggressive law enforsement Don’t punish the law abiding Punish the criminals who do not and will not obey any and all laws. If laws could stop crime there would be no crime. That is why they are known as law breakers. If laws alone could stop crime you wold not need law enforcement.SIMPLE.

  29. It is real easy for the ones protected by guns to run their mouth about anyone who would like to have them for their use and pleasure, Not violence. Bad people will always be able to get there hands on them laws any law is only for those who will follow them. God bless the people involved in the LV mess.

  30. Why does the lame media print anything this ignorant, self-absorbed, waste of oxygen POS has to say. Everything — EVERYTHING — that comes out of her mouth is worthless garbage just like her.

  31. THAT ‘female humanoid’, is going to continue, to “JUMP OUT IN FRONT”, of EVERY public forum, available, just to “keep herself in the spotlight” LORD, do not ALL, of us not wish & hope “she” would just slither back in a dark cave somewhere, (preferably, NOT in the U.S.), & stay there forever, (coz ‘that one’) won’t pass away-just remain in the dark cave, mumbling to herself, about GREAT she was, etc. Now would that NOT be a GREAT GIFT to the American People?

  32. Hillary & Bill should be punished for there own crimes, go back over the archieves, the Clintons had Friends so to speak or anyone who crossed them, When Bill was in office, approx. 139 people had suddendly met death in some form or another-who wants to be friends to these people-Hillary is a crook-SIMPLE

  33. What,You mean she is not in jail.She has been breaking the law so much and getting by with it she thinks this is everyday life. We don’t want to hear anything Hillary,Bill,Osama Obama,or Michelle has to say.It makes me sick when I here those names on the news.

    • I totally agree with you Larry, look at all of those that would still be alive ,like Seth Rich if she and her bunch had obeyed the law. There would have been four great people alive if the BITCH OF BENGAHZI and The MUSLIME half breed president had not been in charge

  34. Second Amendment!!!!! We would not HAVE a country at all if not for private ownership of guns!!!!! In the words of a Teays Valley WV mechanic, “They can come take my guns, but I’ll GIVE THEM THE BULLETS FIRST!!!!!!!!”

  35. I still think she should be indicted and jailed for her previous wrong doing! Why is she allowed to continue to try and humiliate the Trump administration? Jail her and it would all be over!

  36. If anyone should know, it should be Hillary, that criminals don’t obey laws. Hillary, the felon, is prime example. I would ask Hillary and all others in her corner, if trapped with only 30 seconds to live before being shot by a criminal who doesn’t obey laws, would you wish you had superior fire power to defend yourself or hope law enforcement arrives ahead of normal response time. The silence of free speech and trying to take away self-defense against criminals who are armed has to be fought against. Utter control of population, tyranny, is the end point of Hillary et. al.

    • These discusting people who have body guards who we pay are not concerned about their safety. Hillary and all the other swamp rats should pay for the body guards who keep them safe. Hillary Clinton should be in, jail they have enough evidence to put her there for a long time.

  37. I think Hillary Clinton is one of the most vile, hateful, despicable, evil person to slither into the White House. She refuses to give up, even when she can see she has been defeated, and now her strategy in trying to win the war against Conservatism today is her ridiculous assumptions that taking away the rights of citizens somehow makes them safer. Stupid, evil old woman… why doesn’t she just crawl back into the woodwork where she came from?

      • Hillary will use any venue to spew lies. As a woman, I find her disgraceful and it’s a shame that she refused to see, as well as the DNC, that she is a cancer to society. I say where atre the charges for all the crimes she committed? She deserves life in prison and everyone knows it. She feeds on others who suffer. Shame is her gospel!

        • She should definitely be in Prison, for her Violations of securing classified information via an unauthorized email server. My spouse used to work in OSI, in Air Force. IF he had done what she did, I’d have to move to Kansas, so I could see him on visiting day, at Leavenworth!

        • No, she’s NOT the worst that ever lived. She is IN the TOP 5 WORST in this “era”. The WORST that ever lived would include Adolf Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Mussolini, Castro, Chavez, Che Guerra, Idi Amin Dada, Osama bin Laden, the various & numerous “warlords”, dictators, & terrorists that make many 3’rd world countries such a “H_LL HOLE” to live in.

    • What do you call people that want and try to subvert the constitution of their own country….Anarchists or Terrorists!!! Figure it out!

    • She so often speaks on topics that she knows nothing about which is almost everything. The best thing killary can do for the country is to go climb into a hole and never return. She is an evil, evil person who has too many suicides under her belt. SHE NEEDS TO JUST SHUT UP, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU AND NEVER DID.

      • I think of her as “the suicide maker” as well as crooked Hillary and yet there are those that side with her,unexplainable as some of these are intelligent ,responsible people and refuse to look at the good Trump is,under tons of stress, doing for the country.

          • I agree with both Jack & Shirley! Hill… needs to go away, and keep her mouth closed. She is doing too much damage to the United States..our Country…and spoiling her early reputation. Both of them (Hill. & Bill) need to move to their mansion in Venezuela and stay there!

      • OTOH if she continues to say ever-more-ridiculous things, she gives a delicious opening to those who know better and have bully pulpits themselves. She leads with her chin, and each time she’s demolished more Americans wake up and smell the coffee. True, more zombie Americans flock to her (about half the nation voted for her in 2016, so there’s risk) but in the absence of vigorous debate, the Left arguably has gained ground – let’s try things WITH debate, and see if we can take that ground back. Let’s do it….

        • We are gaining ground. The left Wing Nut Jobs and the Lame Stream Media are becoming irrelevant. The left will never win another election unless they change their agenda. They can start by following some of JFK’s policies and return to listening to the people who put them in office.
          The 2018 mid-T elections is when much of the swamp will be drained.

          • Amen! Hillary needs to disappear and shut her constantly lying mouth. She is responsible for the murderer of 4 Americans in Lybia. She is the colluding bitch who has Russian ties. Where is the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, that by the way, hasn’t helped Texas, Florida, or Puerto Rico??? That disgraceful foundations helps no one except the Clinton’s themselves. Lock their asses up. Truescumbags!

      • No question – she really is that stupid. She can cure her ignorance with education, but she will take stupid to the grave with her. The same can be said for the majority of liberals.

        • one of these days GOD is going to punish this worthless, USELESS EVIL DREG and ‘SEW UP HER ASS’……..SHE DOESN’T NEED IT ANYWAY…ALL HER SHIT ALREADY COMES OUT OF HER MOUTH……..

    • I have reached the conclusion that the reason that she continues to babble on about matters that are now history and things of which she has no comprehension is that she is demented. (And her depends are soggy, the nurse forgot to change her.)

    • I will bet my entire year’s income that her bodyguards are all armed and ready! No guns for ordinary law-abiding citizens, only for the privileged few. What crock!!

    • I find it very normal for her but very abnormal for a person of moderate intelligence when she politicized the shooting and then said we need to put politics aside. Did anybody else catch that? I worked with learning disability children for a long time and helped quite a few over the years, but I never suggest they go into politics as Hillary did.

    • The Democrats don’t give a crap about us little people. The only they want to POWER POWER POWER! And they will do, say, lie, cheat, steal, etc. To get it! That power will control every US citizen.

    • I never voted forThe Clinton or Omaha. I was a Leberal orDemocrat but I changed my party when Clenton ran.They Suck. I don’t want any part of them .They think Trump is a Dictator but if you rememberso was Omaha.Trump is 1,ooooo times better than Him and hasn’t tryed everything compare to Omaha, There is a hole lot of people should be ashamed to act the way they have been about Trunp. They sound like a bunch of spoiled childern.That has not been taught any better.

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