This TV host shut down Hillary Clinton with one tweet

The left could barely wait to exploit the horrific shooting in Las Vegas for political gain.

Hillary Clinton raced out to the front of the pack of leftists demanding more gun control in the wake of Stephen Paddock’s deadly rampage.

But this TV host shut down Hillary Clinton with one epic tweet.

Hillary Clinton reacted to the tragic shooting, which left at least 59 dead and over 500 wounded with a call for more gun control.

She falsely blamed “suppressors” – which do not silence the sound of gunfire despite what Hollywood would have you think – and called on Congress to tighten gun laws.

And Clinton demanded Congress reject legislation that would have made it easier for law-abiding gun owners to obtain them.

The Blaze TV’s Dana Loesch – who is a prominent pro-gun activist – crushed Clinton with her response.

Hillary Clinton was spreading fake news to advance the gun grabbers agenda before families knew their loved ones had survived the unthinkable.

It was a sickening display of the inhumanity that made Hillary Clinton impossible to relate to as a candidate for President.

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