Two big names just quit Fox News over this fight with Tucker Carlson

Fox News faced a major shakeup.

This battle’s been brewing for some time.

And two big names just quit Fox News over this fight with Tucker Carlson.

Never-Trump Fox News contributors Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes resigned from Fox News in protest over Tucker Carlson’s documentary series Patriot Purge where Carlson debunked the numerous corporate media lies about January 6 and explained how the Biden administration exploited the riot to push a new domestic war on terror.

Goldberg and Hayes serve as the editors of the Never-Trump website The Dispatch, which many believe is funded by left-wing billionaire Pierre Omidyar.

Hayes helped destroy the conservative Weekly Standard publication after turning the Weekly Standard into a clearing house for the Russian collusion hoax and stood by that Big Lie long after it was debunked.

The two Never-Trumpers wrote an email to Dispatch subscribers claiming Carlson’s documentary was “revisionist history” and that because Carlson’s reporting contradicted the Left’s narrative about the January 6 riot, the two had no choice but to resign from Fox News.

Goldberg and Hayes wrote:

In late October, Tucker Carlson aired a promotion for a series he produced for Fox Nation, Fox’s subscription streaming service, called Patriot Purge. It’s a revisionist history of January 6, one in which those who entered the Capitol are largely portrayed as misunderstood patriots and many of those responsible for the violence are government officials or agents provocateurs acting on their behalf. Among the main protagonists of the series are the organizer of the “Stop the Steal” rallies and a racist fired from the Trump White House for his associations with white nationalists. The message of the series? The U.S. government is coming after patriots as part of a “War on Terror 2.0,” using the same tools and tactics used to fight al-Qaeda.

This isn’t true, and it’s dangerous to pretend it is. And for us, it was way too far. We resigned after watching the series in its entirety and asked Fox to release us from the rest of our contracts.

Goldberg and Hayes mainly appeared on Fox News Special Report and Fox News Sunday, where the two spouted corporate media talking points and attacked Trump supporters.

Even though they identify as conservatives, few outside liberal media green rooms identify them with the conservative movement.

Goldberg and Hayes resigning from Fox News should make it clear that the two are now part of the Leftist corporate media community.

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