Two military veterans just hit China with this nasty coronavirus surprise

The Chinese government’s coverup of the initial coronavirus outbreak had catastrophic consequences for the rest of the globe.

A pandemic rages that has killed nearly 150,000 around the world and over 34,000 Americans.

And now these two military veterans just hit China with this nasty coronavirus surprise.

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton served in the Iraq War and Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw lost an eye when he served as a Navy SEAL in Afghanistan.

Together they introduced legislation allowing the “Holding the Chinese Communist Party Accountable for Infecting Americans 6 Act of 2020,” which allows Americans citizens to sue the Chinese government in court.

The bill asserts that the Chinese government’s negligence and deceit in hiding the true scope of the outbreak left the world flatfooted to the dangers of the virus.

“Chinese Government officials have intentionally underreported or altered official numbers of COVID–19 infections and deaths in China, leading world health experts to make flawed analyses that severely underestimated the nature and seriousness of COVID–19,” the bill reads.

Cotton and Crenshaw’s legislation also states that had China come clean sooner the virus could have been contained in Wuhan, the epicenter of the initial outbreak.

“Academic studies have shown that, had appropriate interventions occurred to stop the spread of COVID–19 even just weeks earlier, the spread of COVID–19 would have been severely curtailed,” the legislative text stated.

Finally, the “Holding the Chinese Communist Party Accountable for Infecting Americans 6 Act of 2020” directly accused China of responsibility in the death and economic devastation the coronavirus unleashed on America.

“The cover-up of COVID–19 by the Chinese Government — has caused significant death, injury, and economic harm in the United States and around the world; and is, at minimum, grossly negligent behavior causing significant injury.”

This legislation will help the United States government exert leverage over China when the United States – and the rest of the world – seeks restitution from the Chinese over their responsibility for this global catastrophe.

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  1. My 4/21/2020 Letter to Senator Cotton – – DEAR SENATOR COTTON: i Applaud your and Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s stance on taking legal reprisal against China for allowing the lethal COVID 19 virus to be unleashed against the global community. Many of my acquaintances believe the intention and tone of your proposal and realization of such a bill is most justifiable. However in terms of actual effectiveness we feel that stronger and broader measures must be simultaneously be taken to bring about a timely enactment of reprisal against the government of Communist China. Specifically identifying the United States commercial entities from which China is benefiting. regardless of the geographical location of said facilities. We are also vexed by investment by Americans in such dealings, especially that by any of our legislators, who we feel have grossly misplaced their allegiance by prioritizing personal gain first. So it is that we certainly will publicize and promote your efforts to take legal measures against China but that your’s and Congressman Crenshaw’s staff ferret out and pass along to us where we may ascertain and identify sources of American commercial involvement in The enterprises of Communist China to include academic cooperation and scientific research. We realize this is no small undertaking and would be highly appreciative if your offices could assist us to assist you in this regard. Initially we want to state that we deplore and would publicly decry any proven involvement by Democrats in such commerce. Wishing you the best and GOD’S Blessings on Your’s and Conressman Crenshaw’s Families And Associates. Richard Sanders in Texas

  2. We have an excellent group of contributors here offering plausible solutions to this politically generated tragedy. Certain questions should be uppermost in our minds regarding our relationship to the W.H.O., the U.N., and Chinese ownership in U.S. businesses. Also appearing to exist are academic research and exchange policies that undercut our nation’s immigration policies, and the development of a blurred area regarding what may be classified as “chemical war”. And if our money contributed to the development of that laboratory in China, there exists an undeniable trail for the charge of treason here. This might comprise a good starting outline if NOT, GET BUSY FOLKS.

  3. China must pay and big, or they’ll continue their actions. They’ve know killed over 34,000 Americans with lots more to come. Some argue intentional test to plan how to take over the world. Pretty simple, infect, contain and deliver. Next time will be much worse!! It must be the entire world together that shuts down China. They’ve opened the door for other countries to do the same. Wake up people. Not the people the government must be punished in a huge way, not a couple law suits here and there.

  4. If you are angry with the Chinese communist government for what they did just know that is exactly the kind of government Democrats want to bring to the U.S.
    Democrats are communists and they want communist control of this country.

  5. China has sizeable assets in the USA…there should be no problem obtaining compensation…unless of course their “allies” in the DNC attempt to subvert justice???

  6. It won’t matter Pelosi and Schummer will never even let the bill go to committee, They along with the rest of the Braindead liberal Democratic Party of Zombies are in the pocket of the Communist, the leader they take their orders from is George Soros and his puppets the Clinton’s and Obozo.

  7. > ALL MUST KNOW ‘this’ & MORE… Here Is a ‘starter’…
    >Birx ADMITTED ‘Many Deaths’ ARE Listed {‘Un-necessarily’] As Covid-19.
    >Nurses Admit ‘false ‘Death Certificates’ Listed as
    “Presumed” << Big Words ‘floating Around’ re Fauci/ Birx. ” Crimes Against Humanity”
    ‘indoctrinating’ USA + W/ ‘False’ Computer Models.. Capish___
    FYI : France 1990’s indicted /to prison,’similar’ ppl For the Same.
    ie HIV/ blood transfusions etc. Do Your DD.

  8. Serious Info 0n post WAS Deleted…
    Am Not ‘backtracking’… Except –
    > From WHERE did Wuhan bio lab Receive
    the ‘formula’ … Elite US/Internationals Know…
    E0M. Good luck.

  9. > ALL of the Above ‘may’ be True.
    > BeginningChina Takes Major ‘HIT’ 0n ‘the Set'<<<..
    WHO.UN.CDC.NIH etc. Need Major Take Down??? Along W/'certain individuals…

  10. What the hell are you Communist Demorat Scott27 talking about????? How about your COMMUNIST OBAMA DEMORAT giving CHINA MILLIONS of USA $$$.$$$.$$$ to CHINA for research on viruses on 2015. And now China will use BIDEN for there next PUPPET DEMORAT!!! Wake up America and stand up against COMMUNISM !!!!!!!!

  11. The CCP must be held accountable. Seize all their assets, cancel any debts & payments, send any CCP spies acting as students back to China, close our borders to China immigration, fire any political operatives who side with CCP or WHO, deport laredo, scott27, justiceforall and any commie sympathizers. We only like pro-American people. People who don’t like us, don’t get any love at all. I know we can’t deport those jerks but it is fun to think about it! MAGA KAG GBA

  12. Just how are you going to sue the Chinese government in a American court when they don’t respond?. This will be a fruitless effort and will never win, and Crooked China will never pay

  13. Why don’t the Vet.clubs get together and have their members and families do this,if Made in China,DON’T BUY IT,that could be a wake up call for all AMERICAN’S.

  14. Laura… go back and look at news reports from around May 10, 2018. The head of the CDC was abruptly let go and other critical positions were shuffled around… not where they made sense (although in the imaginary drumpf world maybe it makes sense to you). Truth is, we were not prepared and we ignored it too long. If, as with everything else, your dear leader blames Obama for “leaving the cupboard bare”…. what had been done in the past 3 years to address it?

  15. As Dan Tyree stated before, seize all Chinese assets immediately that they have in the United States. Seems to be at least 4200 companies owned by the Communist Party in our country. America people will have to stand up and stop the United States Communist Party the Demorats.

  16. Julio, Contrary to your and the MSM opinion, Trump DID NOT disband the pandemic team in 2018. What he did do was move them to other departments that made some sense. The cost cutting accusation came from running out of funding for the CDC to other nations, specifically China. If you are going to spout these claims, please do a little research so that you don’t show your ignorance and reliance on the democrat controlled MSM.

  17. G.R. Huffman don’t know where you get you information but please share because we do not owe china they owe us. They do not pay their share of anything, but if you have accrual data please share.

  18. You could sue them but what good would it do you will never see anything from them. Cut the W.H.O. Cut the UN by doing both these things you reduce America’s debt and puts the monies back to the tax payers. Keep the boarders closed which is what they should have been all along. This is what needs to be done in the first place to keep Americans safe from things like COVID-19. Take the Communist party out of the House and Senate. I am not saying do away with the House and Senate I am saying get those out that are not citizens of this country and they are there and the beliefs with them. Take Communist like Schummer, Pelosi, and Shiff out.

  19. Nazi Pelosi should be forced to live under the same conditions that the average person in her district has to, I wish there was a cork big enough to plug her stupid mouth up ,that being said China should pay for unleashing the last several diseases that have hurt the world it seems like every year there’s a new flu virus that infects the world and they all come from the people’s toilet of China,if people live in filth it’s dumb to not expect them to get sick with horrible diseases but this last one was created on purpose by the dishonorable descendants of Confucius. Stupid idiots should concentrate on cleaning up their filthy country before going to the moon they are the worst polluters in the world if people are worried about plastic in the oceans look to China for most of it’s origin. I’m not an environmentalist but I live on this planet and I don’t like sharing it with people who have no regard for the trash they dump on their neighbors, no one should do business with China until they clean up their own country and stop trying to be the most powerful but polluted country in the world

  20. US should stop all trading with China do not help them with anything if we owe do not pay them one dime. Then watch them go down fast.

  21. Actually due to this gross negligence of the CCP, the USA owes nothing to China but cancel ALL its debts. In fact the CCP owes the USA $50 trillions for reparations. IT will take a conglomerate of nations to charge the CCP in the Hague for its crimes. The USA alone cannot do it.


  23. The CCP (China Communists Party) should suffer a “death of 1000 cuts) X 10,000,000. The only way they survive to through money and not popular support of the Chinese people. Once the country is hit hard financially, the CCP will be force to loosen its grip or, even better, be forced from power.

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