Two scandals just popped up that mean the end of Joe Biden

While Joe Biden is currently the top Democrat running for president, he is very vulnerable.

He has held office for decades, and has the scandals to prove it.

But it won’t be those that take him down, because two new scandals just popped up that mean his end.

In both 1988 and 2008, Joe Biden ran for President only to fail spectacularly.

Only after serving as Vice President under Barack Obama does he seem to have any chance.

But old habits of his seem to be coming back to take him down.

In 1988, the smoking gun that destroyed his campaign was a plagiarism scandal, exposing him as a serial plagiarizer.

And even in 2019, it appears he’s following through in his old ways.

A left-wing activist uncovered two glaring examples of the former Vice President plagiarizing his climate platform on his website, stealing from progressive groups.

In one example, he copies an entire line from a 2017 letter sent from Blue Green Alliance.

The other example comes from the website of the Carbon Capture Coalition, where the only major changes are the inclusion of Biden’s name.

As reported by Fox News:

“Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is facing claims that his campaign plagiarized at least five parts of the climate platform released on Tuesday.

The apparent similarities were first flagged on Twitter by a progressive activist. By Tuesday afternoon, most of the examples in the Biden campaign platform had been updated online to include attribution to a third party.

“The paragraph in Joe Biden’s climate plan about carbon capture and sequestration includes language that is remarkably similar to items published previously by the Blue Green Alliance and the Carbon Capture Coalition,” Josh Nelson, the vice president of CREDOmobile, tweeted earlier in the day.”

Joe Biden clearly isn’t learning from his mistakes.

And he seems to be turning off other people who he is trying to get on his side.

So despite his commanding lead, Joe Biden may end up having a short-lived campaign if he continues blundering as the election creeps ever closer.

Do you think Joe Biden could beat President Trump? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



  1. “Baffoon” is the main word that comes to my mind when I hear Biden’s name. But there are oh so many more, like “the gaffinator.”

  2. Trump is a legally-documented racist: United States v. Trump, NY, 1873
    Trump is also documented to have laundered money for the mob.
    He lost the popular vote.

    • 1873? Honey, get out of the snow or the dark or…laundered money? All you looney left folks do is make unfounded accusations. Show us the proof of your claims. Otherwise, please STFU. Your ignorance is blinding!

    • And this pertains to the article because … Why?
      Stop being a troll and crawl back to your basement and await your new talking points.

      • Janice, sorry, I think I mistook someone elses comment for yours. Just ignore my post to you. I’m not sure how to get rid of it or I would. Thanks.

    • Alaska, let me know what drugs you are on. I’ll make sure to stay away from them. And btw, would you mind backing up all those ridiculous statements with some verifiable facts. Or don’t you have any. Geeeshhhh.

    • Alaska Woman:
      Where is the “documented proof” that Trump is a racist. Where did you get your information from? It’s highly likely that you got this from the media that invented this s*** who aren’t very friendly to Trump and are not exactly George Washington when it comes to telling the truth.

  3. With the pummeling and degradation that decency and shame have taken by the media & Hollywood since 1988, nobody gives a f**k about plagiarism these days, many idiots can’t even define it. But Bite Me’s biggest problem is his abuse of power as Veep to get his son’s sweetheart deal with Ukraine. That one pushes 2 buttons Americans do jump at- class envy of the privileged and big $ deals that an ordinary American could never get.

    • You’re ????% right. Nobody gives a ???? ass about plagerism that’s about as old as dirt and twice as boring. Some 90 something must be bringing that up. Nobody these days care cause the internet has everything copied a million times

  4. No, he can not beat Trump. He has more baggage than a Cruise Ship. He can not keep his hands off children and women. He continue to Plagiarize other peoples works. He is way too old and most likely will not be able to complete his first term. He has aged a lot lately. Look closely at his face and features. He is aging faster than a Banana. Trump has almost two years left on his first term. That means Biden would have to live almost 6 more years to complete his first term. The most important question to ask is who will his Vice President be? That is more important because that person very likely will be President if Biden wins. Highly unlikely Biden could win.

    • Biden is a has been, he has been around way too long and been part of the Obummer and Hillary schemes to be safe to have in this most important office. He likes to smell and feel females no matter the age and has to borrow everything he talks about from someone else. Goes to show his mind isn’t any good.

    • Well I see Pat Sajak always holding the young ladies hands and walking them to the spot on Wheel of Fortune which is cool the way he dies it, but if he started sniffing their hair and rubbing their shoulders…. Whoa!

  5. No, I do not think that we need Biden running in the next democratic presidential election. We need a person with a good record and a moral and ethical political history. Someone who can stand tall in front of the American people without being slammed by Trump and the Republicans for past slanderous acts. There are many democrats/ progressives who would make excellent presidents and want to run for the office. Let’s put our energy behind people who do not have a sordid political or personal history. It’s bad enough we have a sitting president who is a disgrace to our county. One is plenty. Let’s just move on.

      • I’m waiting too. Don’t be surprised William if Carole comes back with nothing as they have nothing but liberal propaganda. They are so brainwashed they can’t even think straight.


      • She’s off her TDS meds again. Nasty Nan Pelosi is even worse she is a habitual drunkard and is so old she forgets her TDS meds constantly. The old biddy talks in sign language so she won’t slur her speech but even that nutty sign language she’s using is coming out slurred.

    • I would like to know in what way our president has disgraced our country? Did he go on an apology tour to tell other countries how sorry we are that we protect our own people because I didn’t hear about that? Did he arm our enemy I did not hear about that? Did he give millions of the American taxpayer’s money to an enemy to help them build a bomb because I didn’t hear about that either.? Just what did he do that worries you? Perhaps lowering our taxes or building a wall to keep out drug-dealers and terrorist, built up our military. Just what is his crime?

      • Hey has, I think that the majority of people who say Trump is a disgrace are left over aging hippies or their kids, grandkids who have too many bummer LSD trips under their belt that causes hallucinating and excursions into dementia. I think Maxie ???? fawty fi mantra is way funny. I’d love to see the old hag in SNL just saying ???? fawty fi, ???? fawty fi and over till someone came and put a straight jacket on her. LOL

    • I doubt anyone lining up for your leader will have a clean bill. Don’t worry, finally the republicans have awoke to your dirty tricks and are retaliating yea

      • Yeah Chookie, totally right. Trump puts the nerd ball libs dick in the dirt on a regular basis. I’d love to see pencil neck Schiff and the Goofy Robert Deniro get into a WWE ring with Trump and have DT clothesline them both like Trump did to Vince McMahon and then shave both of their heads ala McMahon. You know the WWE crowd would go bananas.

      • Great reason for an IQ test. Just a general knowledge test of where the hell are you would work. What country you in? What state do you live in? What’s the capital of your state and the USA? That eliminate 50% of dumocrats from voting… And rightfully so

    • “a disgrace,” huh? How is President a disgrace? Because he has raised the
      level of jobs for thousands and thousands of other races in this country? To
      have eliminated thousands of strangling regulations that prohibited new entries
      to the job market and entrepreneurs to start new businesses? To try to enforce
      our borders, as every other country in the world do? By doing his best to
      protect everyone, as well as Christians, and give them a voice? Well, I could
      go on and on…but you have apparently drunk the cool-aid and don’t have the
      ability to think through any of this. So sad.

  6. He was part of the Obama administration need I say more. Obama was doing dirty things while he was president and so did Joe Biden – the biggee was with his son Hunter Biden and the BIG DEAL Joe made for him over the phone.

  7. Not one of the twenty some candidates running for the demorat nomination will win against President Trump! They’re all wasting their time, and that includes Sleepy Uncle Joe!

    • I sincerely hope President Trump will win again. But the Democrats will not stop for anything to push their candidate through. They will use every dirty trick in the book to try accomplish it. Look what they are trying to do now??Just shameful…

    • Well, let them spend all their $millions on the losers. The country
      can always stand some more cash in the market.

    • I don’t believe polls. Look at the 2016 race. Trump was never ahead. That’s why the dems can’t get over the win. Fake news told them a lie.

  8. The country is growing and the life time politicians aboue 60 need to retire ,iam over 60 and retired , beet trump ? no chance bidens past is his future ,wait until the china and his sons dealing comes under fire.

    • Isn’t it interesting that Biden thinks that as he was VP and helped BHO get elected that that qualified him to actually be the Pres? When you think about it, the fact that he WAS VP was the best insurance policy BHO could have had.


    • HRC has been an integral component in a very long list of political opponents who have died mysteriously, without logical cause or reason, that were dismissed by Democratic friends. In many cases, the victims were former HRC associates who saw the light and were preparing books and records to be turned over to authorities and clearly implicate HRC and/or Bill. This is not new news, but news that has NOT been investigated and given the press space it deserved.

  10. Biden hasn’t a chance. He is such a “nothing going for him” type of guy. He wasn’t even good as a vice president, and if creepy uncle Joe is the best the left has to offer they’ll lose big time.

  11. Sloppy Joe Bite me if put against Trump in the 2020 election would loose against him so badly it would make Ronald Reagan’s landslide victory over Walter Mondale look like child’s play.

  12. Should Joe win the election, he would be the first pedophile ever win the presidential election. You don’t want to say … “congratulations!”

    By the way, what do you really see in Joe? He’s a zero. ????

      • Scandals? You mean like TurdRUMP proudly committing sexual assault? But Repukes don’t care. That is why they are so willing to embrace being called deplorable.

        • Awww, still butthurt from losing the election. Shame. You need to grow up and see that the Democrats did some terrible dirty deeds to the Trump campaign which they are now being investigated for. When it all comes out, what Trump did or did not do will be child’s play compared to the liberal crooked DOJ and FBI. Your party’s problems are coming out to the light more and more each day. Trump 2020!!!!

          • it was bill who was impeached for that Trump never committed sexual assault it was all conceptual get that right

        • Bill F. Yet just one more of hundreds of fantasy & make believe BS your DEM party dishes outon Trump. Where did you get this one ? From CNN, MSNBC, or a liberal chat web site that spends the day making up stuff on Trump for over two years now and yet has ONCE EVER have shown , PROOF or EVIDENCE of a single one of them. The severe lack of intelligence that liberals such as you lack, if were smart, would question and ask where is the proof?!!! Without it, your just continuing to play in your playpen like a spoiled rotten child who has to have their way or they will spread BS and never grow up and act like an Adult. Much less aren’t even smart enough to be an adult. But you are deeply proud to want to show off your lack of intelligence and pure immaturity trash talking like and elementary school child- AND, are very proud of it as well. What you hate about Trump is that he is pure rock solid Genuine American. Everything Trump is doing is genuinely to help USA. He doesn’t state it, but not being paid to be POTUS is his way of paying back the success of what USA has made him as an extremely successful businessman & a billionaire. Obama and Biden have none of that proven background of actually working and dealing in reality.Just liberal never ending bitching and fantasy and make believe is what the DEM party has to offer this country and have proven it as well.

        • Bill, I think you forget that Bill Clinton was having sex on and underneath the presidential desk in the Oval Office in the White house on almost a daily basis. Had a special secret door put in so Monica could sneak in. He raped women and left them bleeding. He got sued and had to pay money. He was proven guilty when they found his semen all over Monica’s infamous blue dress. THIS IS WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT. Not as a private citizen. However, he was also doing the same when he was governor of Arkansas. Remember Gennifer Flowers. She still talks about it. So, get off your high horse and quit picking on Trump who has never been charged with any crime, sexually or any other way. It makes you look unintelligent and petty.

    • Joe Biden has long been a PEDOPHILE and most that know him, think’s so as well. He has all the traits and continues to put is hands on little girls. Given the chance, we think he would surely molest someones daughter.

        • Bill, if you dislike Trump so much, why don’t you and your Democrat friends run someone who can win?!

          I didn’t vote for Trump, although I didn’t vote for the other one either, as I wasn’t comfortable with him. But neither will I vote for Hillary, nor any other Dem. I’ve seen so far.

        • My my, Bill. So deluded. And there is NO such photo unless one of the crooked FBI directors made up a fake one. Your party is in big trouble. More and more each day. They know it too since they are all now being investigated – the shoe has fallen on them now and they are all sweating it out. Trump is a great president. He WILL win again. And you will be butthurt again. You need to open your eyes and see the truth unless you want to continue to live in denial.

          • Susan, you are supporting a mobster and serial sexual assaulter who is an egomaniac. He doesn’t care about anything except himself, getting adulation, feeding his lust and gut.

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