An undercover investigation just exposed this social media giant

It’s no secret that Google, Twitter, and Facebook control what content their users see.

In 2016, Facebook was caught censoring conservatives on its site.

But a new undercover investigation just exposed a massive censorship scheme on a scale no one could’ve imagined.

Donald Trump’s favorite social media site is Twitter.

And while the social media network may allow Trump to have free reign on the site in his role as a public official, that doesn’t mean they’re doing the same for his supporters.

In an explosive new undercover investigation, Project Veritas captured current and former employees on camera explaining how the social media giant takes steps to censor content they don’t like.

Project Veritas reports on a practice known inside the company as “shadow banning”:

Former Twitter Engineer Conrado Miranda confirms on December 1st, 2017 that tools are already in place to censor pro-Trump or conservative content on the platform. When asked whether or not these capabilities exist, Miranda says, “that’s a thing.”
At a San Francisco bar on January 5th, Pranay Singh details how the shadow-banning algorithms targeting right-leaning are engineered:

“Yeah you look for Trump, or America, and you have like five thousand keywords to describe a redneck. Then you look and parse all the messages, all the pictures, and then you look for stuff that matches that stuff.”

When asked if the majority of the algorithms are targeted against conservative or liberal users of Twitter, Singh said, “I would say majority of it are for Republicans.”

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe believes the power over speech Silicon Valley tech giants has is unprecedented and dangerous:

“What kind of world do we live in where computer engineers are the gatekeepers of the ‘way people talk?’ This investigation brings forth information of profound public importance that educates people about how free they really are to express their views online.”

Project Veritas plans to release more undercover video from within Twitter in the coming days.

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