An undercover investigation just exposed this social media giant

It’s no secret that Google, Twitter, and Facebook control what content their users see.

In 2016, Facebook was caught censoring conservatives on its site.

But a new undercover investigation just exposed a massive censorship scheme on a scale no one could’ve imagined.

Donald Trump’s favorite social media site is Twitter.

And while the social media network may allow Trump to have free reign on the site in his role as a public official, that doesn’t mean they’re doing the same for his supporters.

In an explosive new undercover investigation, Project Veritas captured current and former employees on camera explaining how the social media giant takes steps to censor content they don’t like.

Project Veritas reports on a practice known inside the company as “shadow banning”:

Former Twitter Engineer Conrado Miranda confirms on December 1st, 2017 that tools are already in place to censor pro-Trump or conservative content on the platform. When asked whether or not these capabilities exist, Miranda says, “that’s a thing.”
At a San Francisco bar on January 5th, Pranay Singh details how the shadow-banning algorithms targeting right-leaning are engineered:

“Yeah you look for Trump, or America, and you have like five thousand keywords to describe a redneck. Then you look and parse all the messages, all the pictures, and then you look for stuff that matches that stuff.”

When asked if the majority of the algorithms are targeted against conservative or liberal users of Twitter, Singh said, “I would say majority of it are for Republicans.”

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe believes the power over speech Silicon Valley tech giants has is unprecedented and dangerous:

“What kind of world do we live in where computer engineers are the gatekeepers of the ‘way people talk?’ This investigation brings forth information of profound public importance that educates people about how free they really are to express their views online.”

Project Veritas plans to release more undercover video from within Twitter in the coming days.

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This practice of using algorithms to censor viewpoints the liberal intelligentsia doesn’t want you to see is a disturbing trend.

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  1. Censorship in favor of one view that allows no other views was described by a man named George Orwell in a science fiction story called 1984. We have to do something to prevent this story becoming the new way of life which, is the ultimate dream of the left.

  2. All except maybe fox act like absolute communists (do you remember the Provda and Isvestia Propaganda coming out of Russia in the 50’s and 60’s. the main line media -so called news shows- sound just like them now & the social media is trying to be copy cats!

  3. I agree that there should be taxed, anyone against President Trump and the USA. The money collected from these taxes or what it is really called is ‘fees’, can go to boost up and support Conservative views. Too much for too long Conservatives have been paying taxes and fees to liberal policies and regulations. It is time to turn the tables on them. Make them PAY finally for what the charge fees and taxes for Conservatives. The budget will then get balanced and maybe even a surplus that can then get re-distributed to the ones who pay the taxes, the hard-working job holding American Conservative people. Liberals don’t work they only sue to get their money. Maybe more lawsuits against the Liberal Organizations will make America more fair. Let’s start with the NFL….the football players… then the abortionists, the public school systems, colleges, etc. any place where Liberals have control of the air waves and purse strings…. But to start awareness, a Conservative media outlet needs to be created to enhance Fox News and AON. Those are the only two news outlets that I am aware of that support Conservative views. That is way off balance and not fair and balanced….. we need MORE CONSERVATIVE NEWS OUTLETS to show how real news should be reported and no more fake news crap.

  4. Tucker Carlson on Fox News has done mini-monologue ‘opinions’ all this past week of January 8. Amazing stuff. Unconscionable stuff. Has made it his mission to expose in its entirety this social media bias and outright censorship…literal spying and the built-in machinations for so doing. Would encourage all with tales to tell to contact Tucker at Fox…let him be your platform…maybe, even, a guest on his show. He is unstoppable, relentless, and takes no prisoners in his pursuit against “lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink” of all things so curiously attached to the Liberal ideology. As Trump said on the campaign trail “WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?”

  5. It would be interestihg to trace back the major owners of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC,FOX,and even Disneyland. There is cross-over ownership in some of these entities, but who are the ultimate controllihg shareholders? Might come as a big shock.

  6. It would be interestihg to trace back the major owners of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSHBC,FOX,and even Disneyland. There is cross-over ownership ih some of these entities, but who are the ultimate controllihg shareholders? Might come as a big shock.

  7. You’re WELCOME, Trina! And I prefer to think of myself as a RACY gal! The “movement” began when Trump descended his golden escalator to announce his candidacy. Let the social REVOLUTION by Conservatives begin and color me IN! Liberalism and Progressivism are POISON! DOWN with TOXIC Democrats! KEEP TALKING! LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!

  8. Liberal social media had been a problem for a long time. AOL chatrooms, now scrapped, were heavily liberal. Their moderators often biased against conservative commenters, threatening to suspend their account for debating offensive views. Actually it was entirely hard truth that they can’t swallow it as facts. They suspended my accounts several times, even barred my IP address to prevent another AOL account.

    They CAN’T handle the truth. I never used profanity or made a rebuking comment and they still suspended me. Yeah, it was not fair.

    We need to fight back against these giants. Like the conservatives fought to be heard at Berkeley.

  9. Until the arch enemy of this democratic republic, LIBERALISM, is recognized and acknowledged by Americans, social media giant owners and ceo’s of Twitter, Facebook, etc who obviously are themselves liberals (who control and manipulate the narrative(s)), will continue to do their harm under false pretenses, not to mention making millions in scamming those who join their media. LIBERALISM is another name for the Democrat party (which should be renamed the LIBERAL PARTY, and no one needs to ask what party Twitter and Facebook et al in fact support and contribute to. In America there is no greater enemy than LIBERALISM, bar none.

  10. Thanks Pammy Jay…..
    What a time to be alive. I tell ya. To think we live in a free country that has social media giants, etc. that is calling the shots like this. It’s beyond sickening.

    I’m so tired of the word RACIST!

    I am praying hard for the media to fail. They’r doing nothing good. The BIAS is out of control. I’m starting to think that we the people need to storm DC & media networks. Burn the bias networks to the ground & physically remove these idiot politicians.

    Look at our FBI & DOJ…Good God!!

  11. People the revolution will come do these people not remember who the gun toting people are who do you think will win in the end

  12. No Skyping here but…GEEZ…is the USofA becoming like NOKO??? And WHO is literally SPYING on private conversations??? FBI? CIA? NSA? WHO is paying WHO? Contact HANNITY at Fox News! If enough concerned Americans come forward, he’ll make it NATIONAL news! And bring it home EVERY damn night!

  13. Has anyone had a similar problem with Skype? About 2 weeks ago we were Skyping with my distant cousins in Germany. Within about 2 minutes of his asking about what is really going on with our prez (German news is also very slanted), the call got dropped and we could never restore the connection’s audio correctly.

  14. There HAS to be a way to GIT’em! You’re a victim of a monopoly giant. RESEARCH Trina RESEARCH! Maybe start with the FTC. Then your State’s consumer protection agency. Small ???? in a big pond CAN make a difference…and you have a story to tell!

  15. Oh, and if you start a new Twitter account they automatically have you following everyone from the left. Hillary,
    Obama, CNN, Rachel Madcow, Liz Warren. I mean the whole sick gross pack of hyenas. If your not on the left you have to delete about 150 libtards. It’s so GROSS!
    If Twitter burned to the ground I wouldn’t shed a tear. Nor would I cry for any of the people in the building. They’r all LIBTARDS!!

  16. Twitter has permanently suspended me for the 2nd time. I would love to sue them. They let the liberal trolls treat you like crap and nothing becomes of it. God forbid if you stick up for yourself or for Trump. You can’t…
    Google makes me sick too. They’ve got way too much power. They have all smart phone users by the balls. Google had me locked out of my smart phone for 48 hours because I could not remember my password. When I called them they told me they would turn phone back on for $50. That I would get it refunded when my suspension was over. I just went without my phone even though I hated it. This just happened a couple weeks ago so let me warn you people, do not forget your password. And now my browser is stuck on incognito and I can’t get rid of it for nothing. I even uninstalled Chrome and brought it back and its still there.
    I hope Twitter gets sued and I hope they’re forced to do things right or else shut that stupid sickening site down. All it is is a place for crybaby sickening Litards to go. They can say and do whatever they want on Twitter as long as they’re slamming trump or his supporters. Twitter allows it and does nothing about it.

  17. I like the idea of perhaps a class action suit against these people for violating our rights under the 1st.Amendment. After all, that is why liberals that say their views can not be blocked.

  18. This has been going on for years – as anyone who visits these sites is fully aware. When Barry – whoever the hell he really is – was elected – anyone who did not vote for him solely because of the color of his skin was immediately labeled a “racist” by these people – however – anyone who did vote for him solely because of the color of his skin was magically transformed into “enlightened”. What a bunch of B.S.

  19. You can ALWAYS tell what the left is up to by what they accuse the Republicans of doing. Censorship? Isn’t that what they said what Trump was trying to do? The left is the MOST closed minded people. They want ONLY their views told!

  20. This should come as no surprise. #CampusCraziness…Amherst…now “tolerates” Conservatives ONE HOUR a day to voice their concerns. I Google…no Twitter tweets or Facebook so…happy to spew away on blogs.

  21. Since I don’t use Twitter, and rarely use Facebook, this won’t be much of an inconvenience to me, but it’s wrong and they know it. They should NOT be allowed to continue to get away with it, either… and slam them with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, and/or strip them of their rights to operate the site. Fire ’em all.

  22. Since these three have a problem running their sights right they all should be sued by companies and the normal users and banning them silencing them from speaking the truth. When telling the truth on Facebook they put you in jail. The laws in this country needs to find their balls and have these sites to be shut down since they rather do their jobs right but want to play politics and being police to some

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