UNHINGED: The Left’s attacks on Kavanaugh have reached a new low

Democrats are taking every shot they can at Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Recently, Kavanaugh has been the victim of unfounded allegations of sexual assault.

And what these radical liberal activists are doing to him and his family is shocking.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has come under a lot of fire lately even though there is no evidence for the allegations brought against him.

And most recently his family has been receiving death threats from the radical leftists.

USA Today reports:

His wife (Brett Kavanaugh), Ashley, received a number of threating emails at work this week, according to CNN and the Wall Street Journal.

“My condolences to you for being married to a rapist. Although you probably deserve it,” one person wrote in an email obtained by CNN.

Another message sent this week said “F*** YOU AND YOUR RAPIST HUSBAND,” according to CNN.

The Wall Street Journal cited two other emails sent to the Ashley Kavanaugh’s government email account. She works as a town manager of a suburb of the Village of Chevy Chase. A phone number listed for her office went straight to voicemail and a message from USA TODAY was not returned.

“May you, your husband and your kids burn in hell,” on message read. Another said she should tell her husband to “put a bullet in his… skull,” according to the WSJ.

All of this comes as a result of one woman claiming Judge Kavanaugh allegedly did something more than 30 years ago.

As of right now there hasn’t been the slightest bit of evidence uncovered that indicates Kavanaugh is guilty.

What’s disturbing is people are threatening his family despite the fact so little is known.

Judge Kavanaugh himself has vehemently denied the claims.

The supposed witnesses have denied all of the claims as well.

Ultimately this all seems like a ploy from the Democrats to stonewall Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

But their plan doesn’t seem to be doing well so far.

Let us know what you think about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s family receiving death threats in the comments below.


  1. Some people desperately need an outlet for their hate and will look for any avenue for release. Threatening the wife and children is an example of the extent they will go.

  2. The Dems, I would not put it pass them to find a mother in need of money and tell that Judge Kavanaugh ” molested my daughter”. That is just how twisted and dirty they are. They are the dredge of society and if they continue even those who would vote DEMS will be turned off and then they have created their on downfall. They are truly the filthist people that walk this earth and they can find they have no voters cause of there actions.This will be clear very soon. They will obstruct any one that President Trump put up.

    • I am so disgusted w/ the disrespect from the Democrats to fight fairly. This kind of crap can ruin people lives & careers all for Political Gain. They R going to far, time for Trump to get a good AG to do some deep investigations into the Democratic Party. Thats where the Crimes lay.
      So sick of their distractions causing Tax-Payers many Millions of dollars. Time for Tax-Payers to do some screaming. this is all a bunch on nonsense.
      Democrats R sulking from their lost & just can’t get over it. They can drag in any loser from the streets to lie, but I am still not going to believe it. The more they bring in the lesser & lesser people will believe. Just analyze all the stunts since Trump came into office & they cannot prove one of them. Losers.
      Democrats R a disgrace to Congress.

  3. Those threats can become real. This is an example of why Maxine should be stopped from saying the things she is. There are lots of deranged people out there. When someone dies or gets Maxine will blame lack of gun control laws or she will say, “It is not my fault I did not put the gun in their hands”,

      it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      • Brenda & every one saying similar things: You’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!We the people ARE STILL IN CHARGE. We’re a government “Of,By, and For THE PEOPLE!! The only way that the DEMS can succeed in taking thw power from the people is if we don’t go and VOTE!! It’s up to us, let every one of us commit to going to the pols and VOTING

  4. This is one more reason not to vote for a democrat (any democrat) in November This is why all republicans, independents, and anyone that wants to preserve our Republic must vote in November and take their neighbors, friends and families with them to vote. We must all stand up and be counted!


    • JoeM, I SO WANT TO SAY THAT YOU ARE WRONG. But, unfortunately, you’re right. Years ago, when I read George Orwell’s book, I thought that it was an interesting novel, but, at that time(I was a teen then), I couldn’t have imagined that it could actually happen in real life in America. I But it’s been going on for a few decades now.I suppoe that’s whyin 2016 someone was elected President that wasn’t a politician.

  6. the judge should file a civil lawsuit for slander against ford and her attorney. That way he can force her to tell her story under oath or back the hell off.
    Force her to put up or shut up, and take her money away from her, ALL of it.

    • I agree. The judge should file a civil lawsuit against Ford and the Democratic party. When (if) she testifies under oath she will have committed perjury and she should be prosecuted. In any case, the judge should file a civil for defimation of character.

    • He cannot file a lawsuit because he is guilty. You will see after all of this is over. He will never do that. Just like Trump was going to suit all the women that accused him when he got in office. No lawsuits were filed and never will be.

      They both should get raped and then see what it is like.

  7. The communsit demo-crapper party is the NEW LOW, lower than the belly of a posinous snake, They have no one shred if honesty or integrety, and they will turn on you in less than a moments notice, they EAT THEIR OWN. when they are done with you they just toss you to the side. An on to the next victim, if you don,t want that VOTE THEM OUT.

  8. Before Christine Blasey Ford testifies, she has to get her story straight and especially the date of the assault> First, she must be on site and not out of town and the other people: Kavanaugh, Judge, and PJ must also be presented to have been in town and not somewhere else! That might be the reason for all the stalling by her lawyers to pinpoint a date when all of the people involved were in town! If Ford picks a date when Kavanaugh was out of town on vacation with his parents or friends, then BOOM! Her lying ass would be grass!

  9. I am the son of an excellent lawyer, and grew up with the strong influence that there must be as much fairness in the evaluation of evidence as humanly possible. It is always true that one side will not like the results of any decision. But it is crucial that both sides get a fair trial, because it is crucial to our whole belief in JUSTICE. That is why it is not only crucial there is a decision, but HOW it is handled is pivotal.

    Posit for just a minute a different scenario for Kavanaugh hearing. The Republicans seek to be fair as they have in the past, wait a few days to bring in ALL the evidence, papers on Brett Kavanaugh, which would be extensive . . but everyone on the committee has access. Kavanaugh conducts himself roughly the same way (very well) and then this issue of the allegation comes up. Following past procedure, the FBI take the same 2-3 days to investigate, both sides are allowed their time to bring witnessed and have their testimony. At the end of it, Dr. Ford had her complete chance to be heard, with due respect being given to her. If it appears she is lying, full charges of perjury should be brought against her and she should go to prison. At the end of it, with no one (reasonable, some people will always gripe) arguing it was unfair hearing, Judge Kavanaugh is voted out of committee, approved by the Senate and becomes the newest SC justice. The Dems may not like the outcome, but cannot reasonably argue the process is unfair. The down the line, when Dems get back in power and tradition is again followed of fairness, Republicans will have their candidate also treated with due respect. And neither Kavanaugh or other judges will ever operate under suspicion, and should be shown the proper respect of being among the great judges of SCOTUS.

    • OK, sounds ideal, and perhaps one should add that a president and head of the of the Senate (McConnell) should be quiet about this hearing until it is over. It is improper to sway any jury or deciders.

    • You forget, youre dealing with Crazy liberal democrats who have no integrity or honesty! It doesn’t matter how fair it is, they will cry and fight and riot! They don’t realize he is going to be confirmed and will Judge thier complaints!

      • JR, many democrats would say the same thing about Trumpettes. Funny, but the behavior of Republicans on this hearing and about Merritt Garland show no integrity or honesty and a violation of Senate traditions of gentlemanly conduct. what you said is but an excuse or rationalization for your people to be underhanded and blatantly unfair.

    • Justice? What does that look like? Ms.G-Ford made the accusation. Even supposed “witnesses” disagree. Yet her LIBEL has created an unjust firestorm against Kavanaugh and his whole family, as the DEMOCRATIC community dare to pass judgement without any trial, no evidence, no honest testimonies. It has ranged from libel (with no evidence), to malice, to desire to murder!
      (with no evidence). Who made the community to be prosecutor, witness and judge?!


    • No need to shout, Stanley. Won’t make your point any more coherent. I’d like to know why tens of thousands of his papers were not released. I thought this was supposed to be a transparent administration. And how can anyone say these were unfounded allegations? I thought only 5 people were there.


        • Paranoid? hahahahaha… of capital letters? No, because if I were I’d fit right in with the majority of people on this site. It’s just bad form.

        • Ever since websites and email began, it is a commonly known that all caps means the person is shouting. You are the one ignorant of the protocal, JoeM. As Scott27 said, it is like ranting or shouting. Ask a younger person who is more technologically more savvy. They generally know this.

      • Scott, More of his papers were released than any other Supreme Court Justice nominee in history.Some Democrats in Congress hd said before Trump nominated a Justice, that they wouldn’t approve any one that Trump nominates. Seems that a lot of the Dems in Congress and in the MSM have serious cases of TDS(Trump Derangement Syndome)

  11. Now they are talking about what a stress it is on the poor woman. It may be if she is telling the truth. What if she isn’t? Do you think Kavanaugh and his family isn’t going through a lot of stress also. Of course that’s different, he is Trumps pick for the Supreme Court so that doesn’t matter to the Democrats. maybe she is telling the truth, maybe not. Sounds to me like she isn’t. Why is she demanding all these conditions before she will testify? He is not demanding any. If it turns out she is lying, the Democrats will not believe it no more than they believe Trump won the election. If it stops Kavanaugh from being confirmed, they will use this same tactic on every Republican running for office after this, whether it is true or not.

    • Thank you for your post, Breaker 19. Thank YOU for being open to the fact we are not sure if Dr. Ford is telling the truth or not. I don’t know. But what I do know that if it turns out she is lying, I for one Democrat would believe it and would urge for charges to be filed against Dr. Ford and that she be imprisoned.

      I would also like to add I find the behaviors and threats against Ashley and the entire Kavanaugh family disgusting and very offensive and I hope they use the FBI to search out these offenders and try them to the full extent of the law. Both Judge Kavanaugh (and of course family) and Dr. Ford (and family) have been violated and are in stress. I have always been a believer that those who would file false claims about sexual or other assault should receive MUCH harsher punishment than they do — they are the ones who also harm real victims and make them go through more misery.

      I too, have some real questions are the story TO DATE from Dr. Ford, but I think we should be willing to let her have a fair and open say. I can understand why Dr. Ford wants protections, because you have many Republican members of the committee, our president Trump and Mitch McConnell already come out and announced that they believe Judge K and therefore, disbelieve Dr. Ford. Kind of hard to have a fair hearing when the “jury” (Rep. Senators on Committee) have already announced their verdicts.
      Thank you again, Breaker 19 for being open and not already making up your mind. But if you read this article, this article has already made up its mind.

      • Yes, but do you honestly think they are going to stomp the crap of her or shoot her? They arent democrats! As they say, if it walks like a ducks and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck. And she doesn’t have a story to tell, not one she can remember or is true anyway!

        • She is a liar. The Democrats have found the perfect liar. SHE HAS NO PROOF. Pres Trump is kicking their ASS. They can not stop Trump. Everything Obama did is being canceled. In six years Obama will not be remembered

          • She has TWO witnesses, which Grassley will not let testify. Anita Hill was allowed 22 witnesses and an FBI investigation. The treatment of Dr. Ford is worse than Anita Hill was treated and the committee for Justice Thomas was much better and properly run.
            But Ron, I will give on one point . . . Trump will sure be remembered and the people will say, why did they elect that fool and why did they not stop the damage he was doing both to the environment and to the economy?

      • Dr. McConnell and president Trump did not say they didn’t believe Dr Ford. They doubt her aligations due to all the vetting he’s already had. They welcome a hearing. Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broderick. I believe that is a fact.

  12. Democrats have sunk so low, they could walk under a snakes belly with room to spare over their heads.
    I used to be able to tolerate, even like, some liberals. I have now reached a point, where I seriously doubt their being members of the human race any longer.
    If they don’t find some way to back off their insanity levels soon, their constant push to violence, without any check on themselves, they just might get what they are have been pushing relentlessly for. I am afraid there can be little doubt that they are pushing for a civil war. VERY foolish! The idiots would lose…

    • If there’s a Civil War, EVERY ONE LOSES!! How, why, and when did we aease to be the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and become the DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA?

  13. Time for the demorats to give up and confirm Kavanaugh to Supreme Court. He will be confirmed no matter what you pull next. , Vote will happen Thursday I hope weather Ford testifies or not. Hope she doesn’t get more time, she says she is afraid to fly but bet you check that out you will find she flies a lot. Damn she needs to leave him alone he didn’t cause her any harm. So cut it out Ford you’ll only hurt yourself.

  14. I’m appalled that people are so venomous without one whit of evidence. Besides how did she give a interview then Feinstein release the letter to the FBI. It’s all too coincidental & no facts. They won’t share with the GOP but didn’t the interview tell it all. Nope too many gray areas to believe her. And look at her past posts to internet & her causes. Nope too much of a setup. Gosh, I pity anyone’s son who may face some woman who just Willy nilly accuse him of like crime. Ruination financially & socially. Women are their worst enemies. Who wants to hire them & worry about unfounded hype. More trouble than they’re worth. I’m a woman & have had my share of advances but I didn’t threaten the guy, just distanced myself away from them. After all none of us are pure as driven snow.

      • Leslie, I just looked it up yesterday and since we were not sure of the location and found out it was Maryland, it turns out that there are NO statue of limitations in Maryland for sexual assault. States vary widely on those laws, don’t expect a lot of rhyme or reason on it.

      • If Ford doesn’t remember what happened 36 years ago how come all of a sudden she remembered, but isn’t quite sure what happened. dud. Yep she’s a blonde.

      • For what would have been simple assault, they ran out years ago. No report , no evidence , no incident. The FBI investigates Federal crimes not local crimes, that is by their own admission. Maybe I should have the senate open an investigation because I met Ms Ford at Tastee diner in Bethesda at 3 in the morning after she attended a party. I bet she doesn’t remember that either. You know why, it never happened.

    • Susan, your exactly correct. I have been in various businesses and have NEVER hired a woman to work in my shops. In fact, I’m very careful to never be in private with any woman, any age, any race for those reasons. Never trust any female if you don’t want to pay blackmail.

      • Lower, like refusing to even give Obama’s pick a hearing in the entire year left of his presidency? Lower, like cheating on your wife when she’s home with an infant? Lower, like ensuring the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else? Lower, like lying on a daily basis? Lower, like mocking a disabled reporter? Lower, like belittling a prisoner of war and a Gold Star family? Shall I go on?

          • Ron, what a pathetic reponse and HOW untrue. Trump promised to release his tax returns, and has not. Trump has promised he would start the wall and build it right away. Trump promised to separate himself from his businesses but has not. He promised in his oath of office to defend and stand up for Americans, and at Helsinki he stood up to defend Putin and condemn the USA. Like Scott27 said, Shall I go on?

        • Dr.J.D. Feel free, but every one could. Lower, like giving Islamic Terrorist groups, including ISIS and Al Quada weapons; and selling weapons to Mexican drug cartels.Lower, like letting Illegal immigrants who commit crimes(Including murder and rape. Lower, like giving millionaire companies that were “Too big to fail”millions of dollars in aid. BHO did all these things, and it made him a hero among the liberals. And lower, like pardoning multi-billionaire John Conrad on WJC’s last day in office, the same Conrad that contributed millions to Clinton campaignsAnd ower, like Bill raping multiple women and girls

  15. If any entity should be incinerated by means of a nuclear device it should be that toxic waste spewing the accusations based on unestablished claims.

    • Pardon me moi, that should have read it should have read:

      If any entity should be incinerated by means of a nuclear device it should be the components of toxic waste spewing the accusations based on unestablished claims.

  16. The tactics of the Democrats resemble those of Hitler’s Brown Shirts.
    They were tough guys who beat up anyone who did not like the NAZI’s.

    • I suggest you go to Washington, D.C. and specifically to the Holocaust Museum. There, you will find a step-by-step plan to Hitler’s rise. Our current leader has or is taking the exact path. And you’ve been duped.

        • Not so, Dan T, Germany had a constitution and it did not stop the rise of fascism and Hitler. Scott27 is telling you something important and one reason we are very scared of Trump – — he is following the step-by-step path to Hitler’s rise. You can find this in the signs of fascism, a list is in the Holocaust Museum (an amazing place, so shocking!). Let me give you some examples – -first fascist leaders come from the conservative, authoritarian ones. In virtually all of these, Trump (who is German and whose father came from Germany) ranks very high, especially in calling the press the “enemy of the people,” his use of nationalism, his focus on Muslims, immigrants, Democrats as enemies, disdain for intellectuals, rampant sexism, and while he has replaced the Jews as the main enemy the Nazis used, he has replaced them with Muslims and immigrants. Here is the list of some of the signs of fascism, like Nazism:
          1. Powerful and continuing nationalism
          2. Disdain for human rights
          3. Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
          4. Rampant sexism
          5. Controlled mass media
          6. Obsession with national security
          7. Religion and government intertwined
          8. Corporate power protected
          9. Labor power suppressed
          10. Disdain for intellectual and the arts
          11. Obsession with crime and punishment

          • Dr. I have seen our liberties under more attack by the left. The UN was formed to guard against facism. Oppression? People ordered to not use the name of Jesus in prayers publicly. Nativity scenes on private property. People persecuted for not going against their core beliefs and baking cakes for faggots. As I’ve mentioned before, attacked in public for supporting the ” wrong” politian. Attacks on out right to keep and bear arms. Calls to abolish gun ownership or dictate what e we may own. Just to name a few. Hitler rounded up the guns The list goes on.

          • Dr, Don’gt forget, something that helped Hitler get in office ws Germany’s economic mess. I don’t know if Adolf said “It’s the economy, stupid!” to who ever he ran against.

  17. If the Republican fail in getting Kavanaugh conformed they are going to lose the Hause and the Senate. Trump would be continue by himself. Not good. The Republican just don’t have the bon to standup against the Democrats. Shamful.

    • Who taught you English, conformed instead of confirmed, spelling house hause, and what do you mean by bon?

      As a strict conservative I have no respect for totally illiterate ones.

      • CM Vanwimp; try reading the spelling of MANY college grads. Don’t we all have enough to pi* and moan about without being picky-une about someone else. Besides that, when your typing fast sometimes a person has typing errors; nor is that hairs, maybe airs, no arrows!

        • Old wise One, it’s time you went back to your reading book and dictionary. ‘Cause I have no clue what your saying. I’m up in years too.

  18. It’s absolutely disgraceful we the republicans and conservatives never fought back asking for riots and violence because we didn’t have a Republican in office. Had something like this been going on during the Obama administration you know without a doubt something would have been done about it and they would have been screaming racism then instead of just pure hatred and not just for true Americans but America itself! Something needs to me done to stop these attacks on innocent civilians because they believe in our Founding Fathers and our Constitution!

    • You apparently didn’t follow any news during the Obama administration. The republicans wouldn’t even allow a hearing for Obama’s SCOTUS nomination. And why aren’t you concerned about the tens of thousands of documents not released by this Kavanaugh guy? And why aren’t you concerned that his writings reveal a belief that the president should be above the law? You know where that would leave us?

  19. Another How Low Can They (Democrats) Go….just something she seemingly Thinks happened with Mistaken Identity if anything happened that they came up with without her knowing Where it supposedly happened, how many Breweskies did she have must have been quite a few if she doesn’t even know where she was.

  20. After running for a open office in my state over 40 years ago…I found out its not the person,party,platform,skin color or gender! Its how much $$$ you spend. CURE…Remove the cloak of Immunity from all Judges, at all levels, Congressman/Women, Federal, State, City and County Positions. Remove Attorneys from the Legislative and Executive branches of Government. Follow the Origional Constitution, this country was founded on. Term Limits for all, Lifetime Appointments for the Supreme Courts should be thrown out! Any of these clowns cause harm to individuals or their family…Sue the Bastards. They hide behind British Law. Which is why we went to war against these stuffed shirts and their tyranny…and kicked their asses! Our beloved freedoms were paid for in American Blood, but since the schools are corrupted, our children don’t get taught the truth! God Bless America, Lock & Load…

    • Thank you as you conveyed my sentiments much better than I did myself. And Congress wasn’t paid in the beginning it was an honor to serve their fellow man and then go home and continue working. If anyone should get paid for life it’s our Veterans and First Responders that put their lives on the line every day for us. Also our First Nation People that we keep taking from should stop, they’re the victims of our Free Nation.

      • Thank You Celeste: You are spot on with your thoughts. Unfortunately America picked up some of the British Ideas of old Rome and tried to become a One World Ruler! Eventually we found they crossed the line in the sand that we drew, regarding the freedoms we are blessed with. We then kicked their asses, on the surface…but did you know the BAR attorney’s hide behind = British Approved Registry”? And we are still beholding to them, and their mouthpieces have created a 2nd US Constitution, bring the US under Admiralty Law in all courts…which is why there is no Justice any longer in America!

        Sorry, we are a land of mutts, from all over the world. We have different upbringing, cultures, thoughts and ideas. Can we please stop getting into pissing matches over such trivial BS. If we can rise to that occasion, we will be a Unstoppable Force to drain the swamp and restore the America we have been taught we live in…not the lies being propagated in Public Schools today!
        Nuff Said…Tom

    • Officer TOM. I love the idea of term limits for judges. I did some research, not completely thorough, but cannot find any other nation that has lifetime appointment for judges. That’s nuts. Because when we are talking about extremely important decisions like many make, and say a judge is quite old and may have the onset of Alzheimer’s (sp?), which may not be detected until later, we don’t need a person like that making decisions.

      • Dr. J.D. Thanks for the kind reply…I am suffering with ADD, and from a infant fall that gave me a bit of brain damage. Wish I could learn how to do research properly on these damn computers! But I don’t understand them, 3 repeat classes on Intro to Computers, didn’t help! Stay Safe! Tom

  21. No the DEMS have not a chance of doing a thing but threaten and lie, cheat and rant and rave. This is always their MO when they have pushed thing to the edge and do not know how to get past the last trick. The trick being this DR Ford. She is a idiot for being the PAWN that the DEMS thought was a sure thing. If she is smart she should ask for help to get out of this. Her family should be her first thought. But she is conflicted and her mind is unclear so maybe her husband needs to step in and call for help before something really bad happens. I have read every piece written about this situation and I find it strange that a woman of quality education got herself all caught up in the DEMS game. I read the article that there was a guy in Kavanaugh’s class that looked a lot like him and a friend had commented on it. His parents house was also known in the area Dr. Cook thought might have been where the party was held. The address was mentioned and then I did not see another word about it. Probably because the DEMS had it taken down. This is the DEMS way of handling things. It worked for the MOB so they will use it.Time will tell and if anyone can find the publication it ran 2 days a go, I can’t remember, what name was on the publication, I’m 70 years old and my memory sometimes takes and puts important things in hiding.

    • People who accuse, then start making their demands, have something to hide. Why demand he face questions first? Why demand an investigation by the FBI when there is only her word? Something stinks about this. Make her face the Judge and accuse him to his face. Only a sorry, low-down human would pull this kind of dirty trick.

      • Betty Jay, you are oh, so correct. I have already heard her story: she remembers NOTHING but the Judge’s name. Judge Kavanaugh has not faced his accuser yet, but he has stated that he is innocent and wants to be questioned by the senators. No matter that we have not heard the words out of her mouth, I have already decided that the woman is a liar. It seems as though we already know her side of the story. She does not have one. There is just too much that does not make sense to a reasonable person. She should face the Judge and accuse him to his face. I actually believe that she will not show up; she can say that she offered to show up, and the panel of senators refused to do what she wanted. She has provided herself an out so that she won’t have to face the Judge. She is not only a liar, but a coward. She should know better than to do what she is doing; she has two sons herself. How would she feel if one of her sons was in Judge Kavanaugh’s place? She would be talking out of the other side of her lying mouth.

    • Amen to that and I know that memory problem well. It’s true though most of the Dems are a part of the Deep State which is today’s MOB but worse because they are against everyone’s well being just to line their pockets with more millions or should I say billions as they pay out millions to get the results they want!

  22. People who threaten his family should spend many years in jail
    Idiots who believe a whore over a decent man will answer to Satan
    Democrats are Satan’s children and the lowest life forms on planet earth with very very few exceptions.

    • Kavanaugh wife getting threatening e-mail. the left is so far gone. they don’t know if there coming or going. VOTE this man in. He can take more than the sissy left flakes can take .

      • That’s one thing the media doesn’t mention much, Ms Kavanaugh and children getting death threats. Only ms king gets death threats so she will put certain stipulations on how and when she will testify, ( if she does at all). The longer this goes on, the more i disbelieve ms king. AND BY THE WAY I AM A WOMAN. Just didn’t want the men blamed by the dem woman senator again. Can’t remember where she was from, just thought what she said made her look like an idiot!!!!

      • It’s not low enough for them to threaten his wife, his little girls are getting death threats. If they get this simey because they lost an election that they had put so much money and effort into winning, imagine what they’d do for SERIOUS hurts.

  23. I think this the lowest of the low. But what do you expect from these far left radicals. They said in the beginning they would do anything to stop one of Trumps appointments. How can any one in their righg mind be a democrat?

  24. i thought we had laws against this $hit , why ain’t they being enforced , just like they don’t want to enforce our immigration laws ,electing politicians that don’t respect our laws , just what kind of country are we, seems to me it’s a country of a$$ holes and criminals

  25. Well just when I thought that the DEMOCOMMIES had already reached the lowest denominator of Classless behaviour and Human Decorum….THey found a new lOW…BTW with so many sO called “LAWYERS” in their midst have they ever LEARNED that the RULE OF LAW IS ” INNOCENT BEFORE the VERDICT”?? BUT they already have MSM convicting JUDGE K without any PROOF as they IGNORE GROPER COREY HOOKER ad ELLISON beating up TWO WHITE WOMEN…I thing NEW LOWS can be EXPECTED !!!

  26. All I can see here is the writer of this clip is helping the left by repeating verbatim what they say. I for one don’t need to be reminded of the earlier letter about this. I guess I should just stop reading these things.

  27. I think the whole thing is a shinning example of the morons and vicious followers of the Demon-Crap party. They are the murders, rapists, liars the corrupt everything they touch. They show them selves to be the lowest form of humanity.

    • The Police should step up to the plate and do everything their power to hunt down these dogs and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. They have no business harassing Bret Kavanaugh’s family. The democrats are beyond shame and to stupid to know it.


  28. I read someplace that both could be right. How about a look alike, I believe the Judge 100 % and I hope he is seated soon so all can relax. I hope Mr. Schumer has to eat his words.

  29. These liberal knuckle heads can’t even see that they have been used and brainwashed for the last 24 yrs. They have been spoonfed all that crap and they believe it. They can’t even uses their own brains to figure it out. Talk about the sheep to the slaughter. When the dems go off the bridge these idiots are going to follow.. May be that would be good riddance in away. Hope they wake up before going off the bridge.!!

    • It is a fact that the Demon-Craps have been dumbed down and will swallow anything their IDOLES say. We have their leadership urging them to riot, attack, and get in every ones face that don’t agree with them.

    • This is demeaning to women everywhere who REALLY have been raped! Look at how the women clinton raped and groped were treated…LIKE DIRT by GUESS WHO…the dumbocrats!!!! Really for women aren’t they???

    • It turns out that Rikki Seidman is involved with this Ford bimbo, which explains it ALL. Seidman is supposedly “helping Ford to deal with the government”, but she is one of the legal beagles behind Anita Hill. Remember Clarence Thomas, same type of attempted defamation? Now we see that one of the Democrat players involved in THAT is back again for a redux. Anita Hill the 2nd, we have here.

  30. NO PROOF. === NO. CRIME. Kavanaugh is innocent until proven guilty. She has shown NO evidence. Then he is innocent. Why would anyone be vile enough to go after his family? His wife and girls are definitely innocent. How dare you? Your mother would be so disappointed in you going after a woman and 2little girls.

    • The Democrats are so worried about the Professor, What about Mrs. Kavanaugh and her children. This has been going on to long and is getting worse by the minute. The Republicans should go ahead with Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation and tell the Democrats that the end has come. Republicans should get some backbone and vote before the crazy Democrats do something worse. You can never trust a Democrat, they never tell the truth, and they can’t stand to be wrong. We Real Americans know what the Democrats are doing, they do it all the time. This time the Republicans should not let them get away with all this crap.

      • They WANT to create harm for those they are after. Look at Maxi Waters asking the goons to attack and harm Republicans, and ESPECIALLY Trump. That IS a crime that should have her impeached.

      • My heart and prayers go out to Mrs. Kavanaugh,her children and to Judge Kavanaugh. I am so sick of hearing about the death threats to Mrs. Ford but nothing about threats to the Kavanaughs. This is so political it reeks of another event paid for by Soros. He paid for all the outcry by the gooney loons at his hearing. Her lawyer worked for one of his organizations. The democrats showed their liberal agenda and lack of Constitutional knowledge so what is going on and on is no surprise. Senator Grassley has been too accommodating in my opinion and this should stop NOW! Mrs. Ford has right to be making demands! She called the shot to be heard so let us hear NOW without any demands and get Judge Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court where he showed he is worthy of this seat during his responses in his hearing. We the people need to be heard re this matter. I am sick and tired of hearing liberal lawyers on media..they are so ignorant they think an accuser should speak before the accused!

    • It really doesn’t matter who or what is behind all of this, what really matters is we need to get these dumacrats out of our America while we still have an America to call home.
      Dumacrats are more detrimental to our wellbeing than any hostile country could ever be.


      • Goldfinger: I could not have said it any better. You are so right – look what happened with Hillary Clinton and her crooked husband. We need to clean the swamp (the DEMOCRATS} have to go. The country will be better off without them. Let the people govern and don’t vote anymore Democrats get into our government. We are near losing our country, pretty soon we will not have any say in anything that happens to our wonderful country. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP

      • And what if, when the Democrats return to power, which they likely will be, the Democrats held that same idea about you and all members of the GOP?

  31. Democrats are evil. I’m sure they paid Mrs Ford to make this story up. The accounts have changed many times and her media accounts deleted. If their was any truth to this she would remember every detail and the story wouldn’t be changing.

    • Jessica
      Sounds a lot like the Trump Tower meeting. Well actually the Trump Tower explanation has been changing from it never happened to they did but it isn’t illegal. There are a few more steps in between the denial to admission about that meeting. Actually I know Putin wants to damage us, has interfered and preferred Trump. Did you miss the Helsinki news conference?

  32. The left has steered this nation far off course and she has become sick. This is all the more reason we need solid constitutional judges seated on the high bench.

  33. My fellow patriots, the only solution is to defeat Dimocraps at the polls in November. If the lying corrupt seditious left takes the House and the Senate then revolution will be at hand and it will be our turn to RESIST by ANY MEANS NECESSARY

  34. These Democrats and Democrats supporters are LOW LIFE scumbags. They can’t accept anybody that does not obey them and think their way.

  35. This whole episode reeks of a hate crime and Ms Feinstien should be held accountable! If and all anyone can say is “IF” Mrs Ford and her husband were so upset about this attempted rape 12 years ago and had to see a counsler, they should have followed the law and legally accuse Mr K at that time. One can only perceive that at this time it is an attempt to Politicize and obstruct justice. There should be consequences for Ms Feinstein as well as this 36 year old accusation.

    • I absolutely agree with you 100 per cent. I smell the fine hand of George Soros mixed up in this some way, and not just Diane Feinstein. If so, Soros needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for disrupting a legal process and causing unmitigated anguish to Judge Kavanaugh and his family.

    • I, a conservative Republican, charge the Democratic left of instilling fear by their threats against my government and the constitution of the United States. They continue to instill seditious actions…….now if they can why can’t we conservatives charge them?

  36. Diane, Ford receiving death threats? Really? I need this proof. Why? None of our GOP reps called for physical harassment against the Democrat reps, like Maxine Waters and MANY others did. Is that true, Diane?

    By the way, it is very, very disgusting of your liberal comrades to spew all these threats against Kavanaugh and especially his family. Disgusting.

    Oh, by the way, didn’t Ford delete all her social media accounts? That tells you that she is not a honest person, despite the fact that she is a clinical psychologist. D-amn. She is really a very strange one.

    I hope she forgot to sweep something under the rug.

  37. These sewer rats of the democratic asylum deserve to to be locked up until they can obtain some resemblance of humanity,instead of pushing their hate and violence on american Citizens

  38. To attack his wife is one of the most un Christine things I have ever heard of may thay rest in HELL tell thay burn so bad thay will wish thay had never been born. I hope this will not Discourge hem and he gosh on and gets nominated for Judge Ship. We need hem and let the the Democrats be D—— he is just rite for the Positen.

  39. The Democrats will say anything or do anything to hurt other people so please if you are a Demcrate please don’t vote for a Demecrat I’m not asking you to vote for a republican So please don’t vote for anyone the democrats does not need to be in the goverment st all

  40. This family does not need to be treated this way. How would they feel if their family or families were getting these death threats.

    You do not call someones wife at her job and leave death threats like this, and you sure as HELL DO NOT camp outside their home, whether it is the Newspaper stations, and you sure as HELL DO NOT go to their neighbors asking questions about the Kavanaugh family.

    Senator Feinstein is just like Senator Maxine Waters, she has brought up a letter that she received back in July, kept it to herself until, just when Judge Kavanaugh was suppose to be heading for a vote and confirmation to the Supreme Court, that’s when Senator Feinstein decides that she is going to say something about this so call letter that she had received, to bring up this false allegation that Dr. Ford is suppose to have went through during her time in high school at a party where there was alcohol involved. if it was not reported to the police during that time,my question is this, ” WHY in the HELL did she wait until now to send the letter?”, and my other question is, ” If she reported it to her parents, did her parents even get the police involved then during that time also?”

    Democrats are going to get someone either hurt really bad, or they are either going to get someone KILLED, and then they will be saying, ” I DIDN’T CAUSE THAT!” If they aren’t the ones calling for all of the RESISTANCE and OBSTRUCT, THEN WHO IN THE HELL IS?”

    Judge Kavanaugh and his family needs to continue believing in their faith and trust everything with GOD and HOPEFULLY, WITH HIS FELLOW REPUBLICANS and his SUPPORTERS to get him CONFIRMED to the SUPREME COURT A.S.A.P. NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I sure as HELL do TRUST JUDGE KAVANAUGH to be appointed to the SUPREME COURT NOW!!

    Senator Grassley, PLEASE,” GET ON WITH THE VOTING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get Judge Kavanaugh confirmed to the SUPREME COURT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. So they want to threaten families? Wow!!! Stay armed , stay ready and pray. Civil war is coming. The left will start it , we will finish it. That’s why they want our guns.

    • Dan
      Who will you shoot? The threats are coming from both sides. I don’t approve of threats from either side. It’s real easy to talk trash when a person is anonymous. Before I talk trash I think “would I say that to a person’s face first”. If the answer is no, I just don’t say it.

      • New guy I’m with you on the threats. If I’ll say it on this blog I’ll say it in public. I’m not afraid to bleed. I was referring to people on the left resorting to violence. It’s already happening.

        • Dan
          Actually I’m Slick50. I’m being blocked and my posts are being taken down. It’s not my imagination. I had two disappear today and others just not post.

      • I HIGHLY DOUBT anyone on the Republican side is threatening anyone – that’s not what Republicans do – that’s what demon-rats do. I’d like to see PROOF of threats to Mrs Ford and where they came from. But I’m CERTAIN the demon-rats HAVE sent threats to Mrs Kavanaugh… it happened at her place of business. I hope it’s investigated and they prosecute the people threatening her and the children.

  42. That is totally wrong. Has anybody thought about innocent until proven guilty or that doesn’t mean anything in democratic bizzaro world? It is morally wrong to blame the spouse of a convicted criminal even more so for the spouse of a innocent man. Sounds like terroristic threats should be used.

  43. Just like I’ve always said. Demorates are very sick DISCUSTING people. They don’t love GOD they love the devil 😈.. sick people

  44. The problem is that anyone can say what they want about another and have no repercussions from allegations. The problem is that the accused has the right to hear from his accuser and then defend his reputation. I am sure that if all the other people out there were in his shoes they would want justice. Unfortunately, the left has already determined that he is guilty, along with your Hollywood elites. That should show you what they think of your rights as an American citizen.

  45. Absolutely nothing the liberals do these days surprises me. We have seen their hatefulness before. They are certainly a party of hate, intolerance, and insanity.

    • Oh and Trump supporters aren’t? Then why is Professor Ford getting death threats? And Kavanaugh has suddenly become the “victim” in all this? Then why is SHE suggesting the FBI do an investigation (knowing it’s a crime to lie to the FBI)??? You’d think Kavanaugh would want to clear his name and reputation and demand the same thing….but Kavanaugh doesn’t want the FBI to investigate. Something fishy here.

      • The FBI already have investigated him,,,,SIX TIMES.!!!! They didn’t find anything then and they refuse to do it again NOW !!!!! The fishy thing that I smell is this woman coming out with this right now, after 36 years. I don’t even remember where I was living 36 years ago. Of course, we were and are a military family so that’s not surprising. What IS surprising is that she waited this long. Also, why was she wearing a bathing suit, and was in a bedroom at a party. 36 years ago people had parents or adults at most parties and the only rooms you were allowed in was the dance room and the bathroom. Where was HER parents?? Why wasn’t it reported THEN?? I think you are championing a liar and someone looking for money. Probably has a lot of it right now that the FBI should be investigating on HER !!!!!

        • You are so right Judge Kavanaughs Mother was a Judge back when this was saposed to have happened and she was a judge on this accusers parents home going in to forcloser and she is trying to get back at Judge Kavanaugh for what his mother had to do by the law. But it will all come out in the hearing. And then thay should be an investigation in to all party’s that were in on this charade and thay should go to jail that means Fighstein in the lead that started it all.

      • If the FBI wouldn’t do it for the Senate; intelligent Judge Kavanaugh knows the FBI wouldn’t do it, even if he requested. And why is that? Because he knows our laws backwards and forwards, as proven in the open hearings. There is no better person for the Supreme Court open position tha Brett Kavanaugh.

      • Nancy you’re very poorly read, Kavanaugh was investigated six times before by the FBI in their vetting process. Kavanaugh has become the VICTIM, because he’s being accused of a crime without ANY corroborating evidence. Let’s see, she thought she might get raped and even murdered at this party. But she cant remember what year it was, who’s home it was, how she got there and how she got home. If any of that was so terrifying, you would damn well remember every detail of that. She pointed out three people as witnesses,”that she thought were there and they ALL said that it NEVER happened! So Nancy… “Where’s the beef.” In our America, you’re considered innocent until proven guilty. Mrs, Ford’s case wouldn’t even get to a real court in our great country, because its a nothing burger! Mrs, Ford and her husband are both Dumbocrat activists. He worksed for the “dirty tricks” division of Planned Parenthood and she’s been outspoken about her hatred of Trump. So Nancy, while you go about your hissy fit, TYrump continues to kick the asses that you’re trying to kiss. Kavanaugh marches on towards confornmation and there’s not one damn thing you whiners can do. Hey Nanc, its not in the FBI’s perview to investigate some thirty six old accusation about a local crime. Read, learn. Investigate and stop posting your misplaced drivel.

      • Moron. The FBI does not have jurisdiction. Further,Judge Kavanaugh has never said he did not want the FBI to investigate. He has never addressed that issue. Wake up and educate yourself.

      • The FBI demand is just a delaying tactic and you know it. She will never agree to do anything because she knows or her lawyers know what the penalty is for lying to Congress. They picked the wrong guy to shame. Of course, unless she has a blue dress like Monica to shame clinton (small c ). democrat women would still get on their knees for billy

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