Unsealed court documents name Bill Clinton’s disturbing link to Jeffrey Epstein

After Jeffrey Epstein’s mysterious death, Americans thought they would never know the truth about the alleged pedophile’s link to Bill Clinton.

But they may have been proven wrong.

And that’s because unsealed court documents name Bill Clinton’s disturbing link to Jeffrey Epstein.

After the FBI arrested Epstein’s alleged Madame Ghislaine Maxwell, a judge ordered court documents unsealed.

The documents showed a witness alleging that Clinton was at Epstein’s private island with Maxwell and “two young girls.”

Prior to this bombshell, the only allegations against Clinton was that he flew on Epstein’s private plane over 20 times and on some occasions Clinton traveled without his secret service detail.

There was never any hint of criminal behavior.

And while these allegations do not contain any accusation Clinton did anything wrong, they are the first time a witness went on the record putting Clinton on Epstein’s private island and in the company of the young girls Epstein was notorious for traveling with and abusing.

When Esptein turned up dead in his Manhattan jail cell few believed the official story of a suicide.

Epstein’s long rumored connections to rich and powerful men led many to believe Epstein was murdered in his jail cell to make sure he took his secrets to the grave.

But Maxwell’s arrest and a judge unsealing old court documents now gives Americans a glimpse into the accusations and evidence against Epstein and some of the famous individuals he traveled and partied with.

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