The verdict issued in the Kate Steinle case will leave you sick to your stomach

In July 2015, 32-year-old Kate Steinle was killed after being shot in the back.

The man who pulled the trigger was Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, an illegal immigrant and convicted felon who had been deported five times.

But the verdict just came out of the sanctuary city of San Francisco and it will make your heart drop.

Zarate was found not guilty of murdering Kate Steinle.

Fox News reports:

Zarate was acquitted of first and second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. He also was found not guilty of assault with a semi-automatic weapon. He was found guilty of possessing a firearm by a felon. The jury had deliberated for six days.

This tragic verdict will do nothing to provide closure for Kate Steinle’s family.

Zarate will be deported, but what’s to stop him from slithering his way back into our country yet again?

President Trump, who won the 2016 election largely because of his America First immigration policy and promise to build a border wall, sent of a flurry of scathing tweets about the verdict.

After the release of the verdict, Zarate’s lawyer – San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi – immediately took to a press gaggle where he slammed President Trump.

Adachi accused Trump of unfairly politicizing Steinle’s tragedy.

But what he ignored is the fact that grassroots conservatives have been clamoring for a stronger border for decades.

The fact is, Kate Steinle would still be alive today if it weren’t for an illegal immigrant who defied our country’s laws at least five times.

Congress has so far failed to enact the biggest planks in President Trump’s platform.

But this ruling could light a fire in Washington, D.C. to force them to finally build the wall.

What do you think? Will Congress finally act to build the wall?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. maybe it is better to take the law in your own hands instead of leaving it in the hands of the justice system especially when it comes to prosecuting known illegal felons God knows we might offend them HANG the Bastards

    • This is what the future holds for anyone in the sanctuary Cities/states of the far left. Anyone with an ounce of decency should immediately move out of these areas lest they be caught in the cross-fire between the illegals and the liberals.

  2. If you enter… GUN USED TO KILL KATE STEINLE … in your browser you will see that the weapon is a SIG Sauer P239 .40 caliber pistol. The weapon is a favorite of Navy Seals for one simple reason… it does NOT accidently discharge, even when dropped. The trigger must be pulled with between 4.5 to 9 pounds of pressure to fire the weapon. Jurors asked to examine the weapon to determine if it could be fired by accident BUT the Judge refused their request… WHY??? Had this happened in any other state, except for Possibly New York, Kate’s killer would’ve gotten life without parole, or even the ‘needle’ I lived in California for 42 years, still have friends there and most all are disgusted with such a travesty of justice. Smartest move I made was getting the hell out of Calif. going on eleven years ago.

    • Dick, you are so lucky to get out of the cesspool I’ve been stuck in! These judges need to get FIRED, for the lack of balls, integrity, and heart! Pieces of garbage! We need to wipe out all the jerry browns lookalike! PRISON for treason for endangering the lives of American folks! These vermin don’t care about any of us! But God is good, and payback time is coming!

    • I agree, Jarhead, and I assume you are a Marine like me: fed up with the political bs. I am 89 and I hope to live long enough to see some sanity reappear in California, and all the other states that protect criminals, in most cases to get their %R#$!$* votes. Semper Fi.
      Donald Clark, Cpl, USMC

  3. Considering he cross a nation line of sovereignty I think the DOJ as a very good case to make here. He basically invaded this country and did harm to an American and he never should have been armed. Remember the soldier who make a wrong turn in Mexico and where did he end up in Jail for a while. He is and was an invader into this country for he had no right to be here!!!! INVADER is what I would call him and this is the trouble with being nice to these people for they are invaders!!!!

  4. It’s not the lawyers that are at fault; law is, by its nature, an adversarial proceeding, with each side presenting its case. It is left to the judge or the jury to decide on the merits of each presentation how to rule. The idiots on the jury, coming from California, have been so brainwashed that they think that this represents justice – a young girl, cut down in her prime, by a repeat felon and drug offender, with no consequences. If I were the father, I would be waiting a football field away from the courthouse with a scoped hunting rifle when this scumbag walked out the front door; when your child has been murdered, your life is over, anyway, so who cares what the outcome is No more border crossing, no more repeat felony for that ball of slime – just a pine box. When the justice system is as broken as it is in California and the 9th District, only vigilante justice will restore balance – and the idiots who propagandize on behalf of open borders need to be in the sights of outraged snipers as well. This is no longer a war of opinion or ideology; this is a brainless ruling class of brainwashed lemmings that is killing innocents by backing the guilty illegal felons who treat borders like another Obama line in the sand. At some point, this insanity will bring the guns out and the slaughter of the left will commence – people have a breaking point when it comes to outrageous injustice like this. California secede? How about let’s throw them out!

  5. Very sad for our country and for Kate’s family. I hope people, true voters and conservatives will fight against ANYTHING LIBERAL. We need GUNS, THE CONSTITUTION, CAPITALISM, PATRIOTS, MILITARY BUT MOSTLY THIS COUNTRY NEEDS TO TURN TO GOD AT EVERY DECISION. Protection is warranted. God calls us to protect our hearts and minds from the work of the devil. The Vatican protects its city against threats. The wall and any screening, vetting etc is would allow protection and allow people that want to help themselves WHILE HELPING AMERICA to do so. Anything, ANYTHING that goes against the safety or advancement of AMERICA should not be allowed. We need to recognize and call out EVIL AND FIGHT AGAINST IT. TALK ABOUT IT, SPREAD OUR LOVE FOR THE LAW, JUSTICE, AND GOD. Need to get rid of as many LIBERAL judges and lawyers and laws that allow this crap as possible!! God bless America. God bless all our veterans especially the Vietnam vet suffering from poisoning. My brother died in Vietnam. So much sacrifice you gave.

  6. This is a prime example for a corrupted attorney/case system. It has always been corrupted and this is nothing new to me here. Remember both sides of the lawyer do get paid for their job whether you are guilty or not. Both sides will win because they got paid, period! It is not about protecting the innocent or nor their guilty, either way the lawyer will win their side with money. People follow money. The judge maybe even get paid under the table before trial even get started. The judges are just as bad. Therefore the way the system should file that if the innocent loses the case then the other lawyer will pay for it for all the money that was involved on the whole case and this goes vice versa. This way either your for innocent or against it you will have to prove it then the money will follow the case! Meaning you have to care the innocent or against depends on which you are for. So the law is so corrupted that you have no say! This is why in this country we have 3/4 percent lawyers in this country alone to compare the rest around the world! The only way is take to the highest court to change the system at once but this means they need to be above the judges, attorneys and lawyers in order win the case. It has to go across the board. The liability in this country has been tortured in every way. It wasn’t like this back in 1970’s when they were honest and the law were able to follow in a clean slate. So think again! Sorry what had happen! Amen!

    • When you get to be educated in a law school, you might find yourself being brainwashed with greed. The law professors would teach to think like a liberal that can find a way to trash any good law with feel-good mumbo jumbo crap. Unfortunately, you may be right that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose the case, as long as it pays good on both sides.

      We are now dealing with the minority rights over the majority rights that created political correctness. Thru PC, it also created white guilt. It later created hostility toward capitalism where we are now witnessing the rise of Antifa protesters running amok in our streets. The lawyers and judges are crowd pleasers that refuse to defend the immigration laws.

      We have veggie people that hate meat, creating a new hostility toward the hunters with guns. Our 2nd Amendment become in danger now. Our government is handing over their sovereignty to the UN.

      Indeed there is a long list of other liberal causes. What a mess we are in 21st century.

  7. This is simply another example after the Bowie Bergdahl decision, a self-admitted Deserter and traitor who got off practically with nothing but a fine. THAT was by a military Court, likely full of Obama appointed officers. That decision would NEVER have been rendered in my Vietnam Service years and Now, they are trying to restore his BENEFITS! Kate Steinle is dead and,there is little real penalty for it and it could have happened to ANY ONE OF US. The Democrats and their Marxist courts appointments are responsible for the increasing loss of freedoms and choices for American Citizens whose only remaining Rights are to pay for the benefits never earned but provided to illegals and Jihadists, so-called refugees, unvetted and all sorts of foreign felons as EVERY illegal immigrant is since their 1st act on this soil is to violate American Law and be REWARDED for it by the uber left and their RINO aiders and abettors! How much longer are Americans going to put up with these ABUSES? I am a 73 year old 100% disabled Vietnam Vet made so not by enemy action but, by the lied about and unconscionable use of Dioxin as a defoliant in Vietnam which has likely killed more American soldiers than did the enemy in the 15 years we were involved there! The stuff is so insidious it can show no symptoms for decades then assault one with multiple conditions. It killed many within a few months or years of exposure. I am proud of my service then, but ashamed of the DEGENERATE and DEPRAVED Society and Government this country has become since and all Americans should avail themselves of a 2nd Amendment RIGHT to protect themselves since police and law enforcement can only RESPOND AFTER THE FACT,OF ACTS BY TERRORISTS OR PSYCHOTIC INDIVIDUALS WHO SEEMINGLY RUN AMOK BECAUSE OF CONGRESS AND THEIR BLATANT STUPIDITY AND UNWILLINGNESS TO FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION AND ITS PROTOCOLS AND GUARANTEED RIGHTS OF AMERICAN CITIZENS! Here is ONE American who believes in the concept of the American Citizen-Soldier and WILL defend himself, home, family and property against any and ALL threats; including any emanating from our utterly criminally corrupt government which seeks to rape and rob all Seniors, Veterans and the rapidly shrinking Middle Class to pay off the $20 TRILLION debt they created by their criminal incompetence. period. When you GO to the polls in 2018, make it a figurative bloodbath for the lunatic left and every RINO you can by voting them out of office in DROVES, and continuing to do so in EVERY following election until the swamp is either drained or we have to seek more vicious and final alternatives to take back OUR COUNTRY from those who are taking it from US!

  8. Perhaps the best thing to do is let the “sanctuary cities” (and states) issue weapons to every illegal alien that crosses the border so long as there is a map included as to where the uber-liberal gated communities are. Nice way to thin the herd, I’m thinking……

  9. Daddy, help me. Move along, nothing more to see here! These lines will ring in the ears of every American outraged by this verdict. I am so very, very ashamed to live in California. I am surrounded by progressive filth that dances with the devil. Lets see how much Google money will flow to help SF when Trump slams the door on Sanctuary City money….as I hope he will.

      • You go Brad. The only thing I disagree with is it,s not just the gated communities.. My Ex BEST friend feels the same way about letting illegals in. We, e been friends for more than 25 years and she no longer talks to me. She calls me a fascist and a Nazi. She,s extremely smart so I don,t understand why she thinks that way. She,saw college honors graduate from Ma. And lives in Ca. I only went to H.S. In the Bronx and I,m not half as smart as she is. I don,t understand but maybe it,s because I,m an old fogie. She thinks Berkeley is great. God help us all and God help the poor Stanlie family. If it was my daughter I would be waiting for that pig to come out of the jail and shoot him like a rabid dog. I,m old, but not dead yet.

  10. we have the Marines in Camp Pend.
    lets put ’em on the Border with orders to shot and kill all that trash that arrives without permission.
    “Calif. the Toilet of the Nation.”

  11. just show how weak calf people are scared what those criminals from mexico that place ned to have quack and float from shores of america

  12. This POS needs to be found and killed and tossed to the curb. Kate just might smile when looking down from above and seees someone here evened the score. Being she is with the Lord she might have to hide her smile. But inside she will have a smile.

  13. All sanctuary cities had better realize they are setting up the perfect storm for vigilantism. Crimes will not get reported but instead citizens will take things into their own hands and deliver justice without trial.
    This would create a more dangerous society for everyone. But we can blame the leftist lovers of criminal illegals!

  14. If it had been my daughter, he would not make it to the boarder to be deported. It’s a big slice of desert between here and there and I have to believe there are ICE agents with a conscience and sense of justice that doesn’t exist in CA. If it’d been Brown’s daughter, he’d never made it to trial I think.

      • Kate’s father needs to sue the mayor of San Fran PERSONALLY (so he can’t use taxpayer funds for his defense) for making the city a sanctuary city. Also sue governor Jerry Brown PERSONALLY for making it a sanctuary state. Then sue the ex muslime liar in chief obama PERSONALLY for allowing this to happen and encouraging the Federal CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS to come here. Sue all the San Fran council members who went along with the mayor.

  15. If this is what the people of California want,so be it! The innocent blood is on their hands. They voted all the liberal nuts into office, keep voting them in and ditto for any liberal idea on the ballots. We do need to stop any funding for the sanctuary cities and send all the illegals to the states that say they are welcome there. That way, we get rid of the illegals and they get what they want, a third world toilet state.

  16. Today the jury will pick up the newspaper and discover what a big mistake they made, and blame KateSteinle’s lawyer and the justice department for the coverup of the crimes this guy made.
    Will they be able to sleep tonight knowing they rendered not guilty to a murder? Tomorrow one of their children may be murdered by an illegal alien and will get no justice.

  17. Is there any justice anymore? Criminals and Killers go free…while the innocent pay.
    If this is allowed to continue…what will it be like when CA becomes a Sanctuary State?
    Deport, lock em’ up and Build the Wall!

    • If only this beautiful young lady had been a black man then san fran would be burning right now. That’s the way the blm and progressives roll. Let them go and we will burn the town down after we loot it.


  19. I believe that ICE should deport all illegal aliens to Calif. and cut all federal funds,they seem to love them and refugees more then their citizens.

    • Let’s BUILD the WALL on California’s eastern coast as California is just a revolving door for these illegals. There are 81 tunnels from Mexico to California so the WALL wouldn’t do shit if they are not sealed!!

  20. He got off because they said he did not have intent on shooting or killing her. I just looked up the definition of involuntary manslaughter and it basically said it meant killing someone without intent. This is the very least he should have been convicted of. The jury did not follow the law. I guess if I ever murder someone I should do it in Californcation and change my name to Rodriguez and say I didn’t mean too…..sounds a bit like what Killary said about her crimes.

  21. Not due to this killing. Were the victim a family member of someone of power, wealth and influence, different story. Same if the victim had been one such person herself. As it is, the death of an ordinary citizen doesn’t count for much, or so I expect. I do expect however, that if some member of Kate’s family were to shoot her killer on the street, that a trial verdict might have been different.

  22. “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord” – If I lived in San Francisco I would be getting out quick – with all of the disasters that have happened around the world this year – I wouldn’t want to on that “fault” line.

  23. This is what is wrong with sanctuary cities, counties and states. These people claim to be so SMART, well how is it that they think that they will never be the targets? Since the entire state of California has shown to be a sanctuary state, under to very corrupt leadership of Jerry Brown, is there any other way to get justice for the people, other than to turn the prosecution over to the federal government? Even though I’m not in favor of expanding the power of the federal government, someone has to take over the prosecution of criminals, they just can’t be allowed to roam free and commit crimes in this country.

  24. This just show that we need stronger borders and the people who do not want to go through the proper channels to become citizens need to be taken out of this country. Why do I have to lose money to let illegals get money from the government ie.. food stamps, housing help. I see it all the time here in GA and SC. I am sorry they dont like there own country but I have to work and pay taxes. I work with truck drivers all day and some of the people hauling do not even have the proper licences to drive the trucks but yet they are still on the road..


  26. The so called judge and jury in this trial should be sentenced to the punishment that this pile of slimy crap sub human deserved.YOU should all beg FOR FORGIVENESS.

  27. Yet an honest Philippine citizen with a spotless criminal record, not even a parking ticket can not get a visitors visa to travel to the US with her US citizen husband. She owns substantial business interests in the US and has never had the opportunity to visit and inspect her investments. After 4 trips to the Embassy, and $3000 in expenses, she is still denied a visitors visa. The reason, given is that she has no compelling reason to go home after her visit. So we welcome illegal criminals, but a retired 62 year old nurse is not welcome in the USA. What has my country come to? This is total insanity.


    • you must be total idiot He stoled the gun and fired the gun that killed kate
      and was deported five times.What more evidence do you need you moron

    • Certainly wasn’t mistaken identity as his finger prints we’re found on the gun used in the shooting. His defense was it was an accidental shooting when HE pulled the trigger. This is a major Injustice and another case why we need stronger laws to outlaw and deport illegal aliens. I 100 percent support building the wall to keep trash like this man out of our country!!!;

  28. The only thing that congress knows to pass is something for there selves. They really don’t care about the American people this is the reason that we need term limits as our Fore Fathers had it! This is a disgrace and I feel sorry for her family!

  29. Only in Crazyfornia could a verdict like this be returned. Illegal immigrants should have NO RIGHTS under our constitution, we would have none in any other foreign country!There are many good people in California, but the crazy liberals outshout them at every turn. Time to cut all federal funding, NO EXCEPTIONS !!!

  30. filthy bastard and the stupid people of California are all idiots Kate would still be alive if this slimy bastard had been kept out of this country, build the wall and cut off all federal funds to sanctuary city’s and states deport all these lowlife thiefs and murderers to hell with ms13 and la raza

  31. All federal funds should be stopped to all states that allow sanctuary cities. Why should tax payers support states that break the law. Oh that’s right the liberals then let the illegals vote for them. Build the wall, cut tax dollars from CA and any other state that allows this. Just think of the money we would save and how much of the federal debt would be reduced.

    • My feelings exactly; I live in San DIego and am constantly angry about our governor and what he is doing with our taxes escalating everywhere! And to pay for illegal immigrants entering our state; what is his thinking, not about us residents and tax payers and VOTERS?

      • I feel for you and all the conservatives living in your state. There has to be way to take the star back to the citizens. In your state, it only takes one liberal judge to override the majority votes. Sickening.

      • FYI: They’re illegal aliens, not ‘immigrants’. Immigrants came here and did it the right way, became naturalized US citizens and realized this was and is the way to become Americans and prosper in America.

        • True. In a few years, it had been reported that there was a meeting involving many editor-in-chief from major news media, discussing which words should to be used in the news. Instead of “illegal aliens”, they use “undocumented immigrants”. Words of influence and persuasion as a liberal attempt to re-educate the society. True, but sad. Let us stay with “illegal aliens”.

  32. Lets hope Kates parents sue the city of SF and the state of California..maybe in civil court ?..and who says illegal aliens have any rights here in america..would you have any rights in Mexico ? doubt it..

    • Would suing do any good, the judges are liberal idiots. It is California and anything illegal is legal there. Maybe if this happened to one of the hollywood elites, something might get done.

  33. This jury deliberated for what, two hours? I believe that I’m correct in that & if I am…then this jury has made me think of another case in CA…! Believe me…there’s a message being sent here! I believe I know what that message is! Question is…do you?

    • NavyDoc, they deliberated for a couple of days. I knew when it took longer than a day that this would be the result. I told my wife after one day of deliberation ”That m$&@:)(-)$:7/&-&:$:)/$ is going to walk. But if it had been an American citizen we would have been drawn and quartered.” I live in the Bay Area and watching the news that he had been found not guilty the reporters almost seemed happy about it.

      • No doubt my friend! There was a very defining message here & people better get their $hit together because it’s only going to get worse! I just don’t get the jury acquitting this numb-nut! They’ve got to be some kind of Bat$hit crazy!
        Anywho…I feel empathetic & am completely sorrowful for Kate’s family & will continually keep them all in our prayers.
        Yer Powder dry,
        Yer Mag full, &
        Yer Aim…Dead on!

  34. My mouth just dropped open, along with my sick stomach when I listened to the verdict. I really didn’t expect that, but when you stop and think about it, I suppose it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Crazy California strikes again….

  35. Liberal Bastards need to be deported with him. President Trump needs to hold the state of California and the democrats libel for any action committed by this asshole

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