Veterans suffer at hands of California’s Governor in his latest disgusting action

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s actions during the coronavirus outbreak have earned him the nickname “Gruesome Newsom.”

But it turns out his worst act is yet to come.

And now America’s veterans will suffer at the hands of California’s Governor after his latest disgusting action.

One could argue that nowhere has the government response to the coronavirus been worse than in the state of California.

Radical leftist Governor Gavin Newsom and his socialist majority in Sacramento have made sure to take advantage of the crisis to advance their socialist vision.

And it’s the people of California who are suffering.

But, not content to merely shut down the economy, force thousands of businesses to leave the state, and force hard-working taxpayers to fund drug fueled parties for the homeless, Gruesome Newsom has gone even farther.

And this time his actions will directly hurt those men and women who gave their life to defending the very freedoms Newsom is stripping away from Californians.

The Golden State socialist wonder boy decided to shut down a veterans’ nursing home and giving the money allocated to the veterans, estimated to be about $80 million, instead to illegal aliens in California.

That’s right, illegal aliens, many of whom are hardened criminals and gang members, will be receiving money that was meant for America’s finest – our veterans.

Newsom’s plan is to give direct cash payments from the veterans’ money to illegals in California who weren’t eligible to receive any money from the massive federal coronavirus stimulus packages.

After finding out about the scheme, Judicial Watch, a conservative government watchdog group initially requested a temporary restraining order to stop Newsom from taking hard-earned taxpayer dollars from the veterans who fought for our country.

But the Judge ruled against the filing by Judicial Watch.

The group’s President Tom Fitton said, “It is astonishing that a court would allow a public official to ignore the law and spend tax money with no legal authority. Simply put, as the court seems to acknowledge, the governor has no independent legal authority to spend state taxpayer money for cash payments to illegal aliens. We will appeal the court’s manifest error.”

Released last week, Newsom’s budget proposed to “initiate the closure” of the Veterans Home of California-Barstow.

In total, the Governor’s revised budget would cut $6.1 billion from the state’s budget. The cuts are part of his plan to try and cover a $54.3 billion budget deficit.

While normally socialist like Newsom don’t care about such deficits, even he realizes this time they are being caused by his mandatory, statewide stay-at-home orders.

The order has cracked down on individual freedoms and forced most businesses to close putting more than 4.7 million people out of work.

While the Democrat-controlled legislature is expected to ram through the Governor’s changes to the budget, many Californians are rising up to fight both the crack downs on freedom, and schemes like this one.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Well let’s spread the word and get Donald involved! I take the “Top Down” approach to a problem. We need to take the Dems out! They are “OWNED” by Mr. George Soros. Search on “European Union” please? And “Open Borders Foundation”. You might learn “What’s Really Going On”? I’m a Navy “Tin Can” veteran that refused to reenlist due to the Vietnam War. I knew why we were there, and I wouldn’t go defend the French from the Vietnamese. To bad they don’t teach “Real History” in public schools. Go to “heyjackass dot com” and see what’s going on in Chicago? You won’t believe the numbers?

  2. well scott27 at least you do have respect for the military vets.but i think trump’s done more for the vets than anyone since reagan!

  3. History has taught us over and over. When push comes to shove, the ultimate protectors of Freedom and Liberty are the brave men and women in our Armed Forces. Throughout our history, they’ve answered the call in bravery and sacrifice. Our brothers in arms past & present thank you for your service to this country. Also my prayers go out Special Warfare Operators in the Dark Zones of Clandestine Operations. God Bless the United States and our veterans for they are the ones who let us have the right to speak freely, even though they have let the lap dog media take this right to far to the left with nonsense…

  4. hey wtf! right on!did two tours there and for what?it’s ok for people to be upset about the war but why take it out on the veterans?because they’re cowards that’s why! like hanoi jane i will never forgive her for being a treasonous wtf atsy good my brother and to all the vets out there remember what president has supported the most since reagan!

  5. Does this surprise any of us who returned from Vietnam! Some spit at us but most didn’t care to get invovolved and let it go. Veteran population is less than 1% of the population. The new campaign to thank vets is most in stores where millennials are told to thanks us by management. All we have is each other just like when we were in the fight. So stay close and think of each other and help each other don’t expect anything from the VA or government except a hole in the ground when you exit this screwed up existences. Remember 22 vets commit sluiced every day and nobody but the few of us left care.

  6. This is the bottomline. Someone said it already. It is all about the VOTES. The Democrats want to stay in office – period. I think we all probably know that many people on the left do not take the time to even read and understand the issues. This is how many Democrats get elected. The voters on the left just vote the ticket, because they do not take the time to know any better. This is why it is crucial to get out and vote, based on the facts. Not what the FAKE News (i.e., CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, etc.) reports.

  7. So who is Scott27?????
    Wonder what to whom you represent really. Really tell us instead of posting things in a shallow argument against fellow bloggers.. In your own writing please please write something that WILL contribute to an AMERICAN UNITY. Your’re 1st amendment got that, and NOT TO FOGET. That Millions upon Millions died for your Opportunity for such a freedom. Please tell us something ‘ PROFOUND ‘ tell US something OF WISDOM. Tell us Something that can Change anything in AMERICAN LIFE.!!!!!!Don’t care what POLITICAL PARTY who you care for. What is your Statement to AMERICAN’S as A NATION PERIOD..Are you a BASEMENT BED WETTER OR are you A concerned AMERICAN. Putting Politics aside..Please argue with us….

  8. Laura Wagner
    Way to Much Wisdon your are putting out there.. The many don’t care considering that. They are venting anger as they see it in their own understanding. In my Field it’s called the RED BOOK of Operations. Don’t fear never fear.. This has to play OUT, and it will… MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS Of Americans… ARE NOT GOING TO LET THIS HAPPEN…..

  9. When was the last time anyone has read Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince?’ I am terrified that the dems are using stuff straight out of that book. Release your criminals until the citizens beg that you come in with force and take over. You are then the undisputed ruler of that country. If this continues we will no longer be United states, we will be California, New York, etc. We will be separate little sh**hole countries with power hungry despots.

  10. POPE.
    It’s because that California ” Residents ” VOTED for THEM!!!!! At the same time those Politicians have a certain amount of immunity from prosecution… Their defense is and aways will be… ” THE PEOPLE Voted for THEM……” California what are YOU THINKING RIGHT ABOUT NOW??????… I was in San’ FRIED’ CRISCO and saw ALL the perfect buildings.. But the 80,000 plus homeless. In the streets it looked like the GHETTOS of Germany of WW 2….California, as well as N.Y. it’s UP TO YOU..Call upon the rest of Americans when or if you make a choice for the better… If not you will GET DIAL TONE……………..’ IT’S NOT WHAT PARTY TO WHOM YOU WANT IN OFFICE!!!!! IT’S A AMERICAN DREAM… THAT IS WHAT GOT US HERE!!!! PEORID!!!!!!!!!

  11. Why isn’t that IDIOT locked up???? For all crap Newsome is doing against the American people, karma’s gonna bit him in his ass.Cant wait to see it!!!

  12. Bob… and while you’re looking over there, we taxpayers are actually playing a much bigger santa claus to millionaires and billionaires (and one soon-to-be trillionaire); and the top 1 percent of the corporate world… not to mention we have now paid the equivalent of 335 years of presidential salary on GOLF. Not bad for a guy who said he’d be too busy to golf.

  13. Democrats are on a roll:
    Commit fraud on voting
    China over Americans
    Illegals over Americans
    Lie when open mouth
    Commit treason
    Lie to judges
    Lie in court
    Wiretap anyone they don’t like
    Lock up Americans while release prisoners
    Put seniors back in nursing homes with covid-19
    Shut down Veterans homes
    Don’t take care of people in their own state
    Not prepared for health emergency
    Bribe people
    Don’t know how to shut up
    Tell African Americans they can’t think on own
    Steal PPP money
    Open abortion clinics but not churches
    Can’t come out of house till vaccine found
    If President Trump likes it do opposite
    Keep their family’s safe while you can’t come out of home
    Point proven
    Looking good democrats NOT

  14. BOB !!!
    Now that is the POINT PERIOD!!!!! Outstanding… Plain Facts…. Thank You… BOB Finally… ‘ WE THE PEOPLE ‘ NOT THEM!!! Of the United States of America..

  15. I dearly hope that newsom goes to Trump and asks for more federal assistance and Trump tells him to go pound sand. I have lived in California all my life and I’ll be damned if I am moving to another state so newsom can open it up to the invaders. Newsom wants to pull out of the US so he can be king of a commie country. He decided during this pandemic that California was so high and mighty he didn’t need the federal government, that California had enough clout to set up his own deals for medical supplies. Guess who had to go crawling to Trump to beg for help? He has betrayed this state and worse than than that he has betrayed our vets. Count the days Newsom you’ll soon be eating ice cream with your disgusting aunt.

  16. More payoffs by the demuckrats to their “constituency”.
    They play Santa Claus with tax payer funds to expand their power base.
    It is ALL about the acquisition and the retention of power with them. Nothing else. Their supporters think that they care about them. The reality of the situation couldn’t be further from the truth of it.

  17. well, steveo, thank you for your service to the nation. I don’t think you can be an effective leader when you have a history of, and continue to run cons and frauds and not care a whit about your followers, only yourself. Believing trump actually cares about you, or me, or anyone outside himself is the very definition of foolhardy.

  18. No Scott27 I’m a realist.been to nam twice and know weak leaders first hand.and it’s not Kennedy Johnson or Obama

  19. well, steveo… you did sort of prove my point; and, let me guess, you’re a flat-earther too.

  20. manuel…. you’ve got that a** backwards. It’s you brownshirts that are fighting for a nazi-style dictatorship here. How is it you all can twist your minds to see up as down, inward as outward; and deny science, objective reality, common decency, ethics, integrity and the law to support a proven life-long con man and proven fraud? I don’t get it.

  21. You voted for a Nazi style Govt, that’s what you get time to recall that Nazi or still be facing more criminal injustices against the American people in CA.

  22. New some needs to take care of the veterans and the citizens of the state. Let the rich people in Silicon Valley and Hollywood give the money to illegals if they want to. New one and Aunt Nancy needs to be shone the door. We do not want communism in the US.

  23. Deeply grateful for the service to all courageous veterans. Appalled by the corrupt actions by Governor Newsom in favoring illegal immigrants over brave patriots. Unfortunately, Communist China has deep deep pockets and Newsom is just one of their puppets along with other Californians Pelosi, Feinstein, Schiff. Thank God for President Trump and his love for our nation to protect borders for the safety of its citizens. On this Memorial Day, the sacrifices of all veterans is blessedly remembered. To honor the fallen, individual Americans pledge truth, allegiance, and, honor to God.

  24. Deeply grateful for the service to all courageous veterans. Appalled by the corrupt actions by Governor Newsom in favoring illegal immigrants over brave patriots. Unfortunately, Communist China has deep deep pockets and Newsom is just one of their puppets along with other Californians Pelosi, Feinstein, Schiff. Thank God for President Trump and his love for our nation to protect borders for the safety of its citizens. On this Memorial Day, the sacrifices of all veterans is blessedly remembered. To honor the fallen, individual Americans pledge truth, allegiance, and, honor to God.

  25. The level of the english language on this page is almost comical. Only to be outdone by the fabrications that incite the debates on it.

  26. Scott27 you lying piece of commie sh-t. You can’t be an American, you must be a plant.
    Back to topic: Nudesome, what a giant POS he is. A clone of his nasty auntie piglosi, so what did we expect. Veterans of CA unite and vote these a-holes in the demoncratic party out of office. Jerry Brown is Teddy Bear next to this piece of scum in there now.
    He needs to be removed by any means necessary!

  27. Well, at least the normal working class and vets now know exactly where you stand! What are you waitin for?


  29. Hey marvin, GFY, you POS! You must be a illegal alien scumbag! If I lived in crackaforna I would submit to the idea of killing this POS governor! This crap must stop, time for a civil war!

  30. Hey marvin, GFY, you POS! You must be a illegal alien scumbag! If I lived in crackaforna I would submit to the idea of killing this POS governor! This crap must stop, time for a civil war!

  31. Legal action should be in the works to stop this leftist ! Is he really an American ?
    Some of his actions can be explained because he is Nutty Nancy Pelosi’s nephew but this closing of a Veterans facility and giving 80 million dollars to Illegal Aliens is a “Bridge too Far”and the Federal government should step in and correct this !

  32. It is time Gavin Newsome steps down before California becomes its own worst enemy. Why are we waiting for an earthquake to detach California from North America? I say let them become their own third world nation who gets nothing from us to help its third world natives. Of course, anyone who doesn’t want to become part of a third world nation can leave now. That leaves the once great state of California with druggies, illegals, pornos, weirdos and , of course, Hollyweirdos. Yay.

  33. To all you veterans on this forum….. I literally owe you my life and therefore my freedom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️!!!.To all the one liner and one hit wonder drive by smug arrogant leftists on here…. I will pray for you that you get what you deserve in California,In this world and the next! His judgment is coming!!!

  34. “While the Democrat-controlled legislature is expected to ram through the Governor’s changes to the budget, many Californians are rising up to fight both the crack downs on freedom, and schemes like this one.”

    Meaningless unless they’re willing to literally “fight”. I doubt there enough Americans left in Mexifornia to do that.

  35. I have a good friend who just recently moved to Southern California because of a job he just received there. I told him that I used to live there back in the 80s and 90s and that he is making a huge mistake by moving there. I’m pretty sure in the next few months he will figure out that he made the biggest mistake of his life moving there. Oh well, we all make mistakes in our lives, but this one is a doozy. What is sad here is he moved his whole family there as well. When he experiences the high cost of living in Southern California, such as paying for a home there, paying for auto insurance on his cars, paying nearly double for gasoline, paying for expensive food, traveling every day on those bumper to bumper congested freeways, and paying the high cost of taxation everywhere he goes there, I suspect he will not be living in Southern California for very long. I for one was happy as could be moving out of there. I wouldn’t go back to California and live there even if I had a job making a quarter of $1 million a year.

  36. Control your elected Democrat. Let he or she know that they work for and report to you.
    If California continues electing Democrats things will get worse.

  37. The US Constitution guarantees that every state will have a Republican form of government. It is clear that the government in California has become Communist, which is anti-American anti-Constitutional corrupt and a violation of the US Constitution. The US Commander-in-Chief would be well within his Constitutional authority to declare marshal law in California, send in US troops, and clean up the mess, eliminating all of the TREASONOUS trouble makers.

  38. Since the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America declares that all powers not defined in the document are in the hands of the states and the people, the Federal government cannot do much about the California debacle. We need new laws, enacted by Congress, that declare that all illegal aliens are to be considered enemies of the state, and then go after any state or federal officials that aid and abet them.

  39. I don’t understand why citizens of the USA want to give their hard earned money to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who have raped and killed our citizens. We cannot save the WORLD. We must protect our own. Our country is not PERFECT, but we try to help as much as possible. The Veterans have given their lives, the lost of body parts and in some cases have lost their own families in protecting our Country. WHERE ELSE WOULD YOU GO FOR SAFETY?

  40. Yet people continue to vote for the scum.
    There has to be something the President
    can do if it means sending in troops.
    One thing for certain they should not receive a dime of federal funds along with
    other San stuart Cities like Chicago..
    Portland..Seattle and others.
    Urgent call for Americans…you either
    fight for your FREEDOM or this great
    country is finished.

  41. We know what a POS this crook is…… the trouble is, we keep letting him get away with it.

  42. Delores I am sorry for the loss of your brother a true patriot. There are a lot of young people who take for granted what our brave soldiers stand for. Although I did not serve several of my family members did. I have nothing but respect and will go out of my way to say thank you for your service. So once again thank you and have a blessed day.

  43. Newsom and Auntie Pelosi are substandard and bad for America. Make California defund the money to veterans, not illegal aliens.


  45. Gruesome Newsom is doing nothing more than pandering to illegal aliens. Used to be only a US citizen had the right to vote? How and when did this change? Dems know the only way they can win is to allow illegal voters, and the real citizens of California must object to this abuse of their tax dollars. No surprise her with Newsom as he is related to the hag Nancy Pelosi. Why don’t they care that their districts are the worst slums in the country while they live in the lap of luxury? They are self-enriching POS.

  46. If Newsome is taking money from veterans and giving it to illegals in California, we can expect Andy Cuomo to do the same thing in New York State.

  47. The illegal’s make up a huge part of California’s Democrat voter base. Yes, they vote and there are millions of them.

  48. Dr. Bruce…. please. How can anyone claiming to have a Ph.D. be that blantantly ignorant? If you truly have a doctorate, it only serves to prove that one can be educated and still be dumber than a box of rocks in the real world.

  49. hey marvin did you ever hear of the draft!we served to protect americans even dumb ones like you!sorry you couldn’t make it in the cub scouts!idiot!

  50. as a two tour nam vet i’m disgusted at what’s happening in that state!many homeless there including vets and now giving money to illegals to buy he’s asking the government for more money! how stupid is that.he will not get it!i feel sorry for the vets,my brothers,who have to live under this idiot but don’t feel sory for the people of california that voted for him as you’re getting what you voted for!

  51. When is enough enough!
    First of all California makes it a law to have health insurance or you will be fined or they can help you financially to afford it. How obtuse, to fine people whom are already over taxed just to decide for you to take your hard earned money and give it to those whom do not live here and or are not legal citizens of the United States of America.
    Where are the lawyers, remember folks they work for US not the other way around!

  52. The someone that left the back door open would be Bill Clinton and George Soros. The same Bill Clinton that let by brothers be drug through the streets of Mogadishu by some Muslim spider monkeys with AK-47’s and RPGS. Then he apologized to who wasn’t quite clear. But it did get Omar and some of the residents sitting in our back yard. Great job Demorats, would be war mongers but never finish what you start like Libya, now the biggest slave trade market in the world.

  53. Veterans fought the communists and defeated them, for a time.
    But then someone left the back door unlocked and they snuck in.
    Now the communists control the media, academia, and half the government.

  54. This idiot is extremely sick and has no business being a governor or even a dog catcher. But it’s not surprising. Dems have thrown God out and worship satan. They have no morals and do not care about right and wrong

  55. We American Veterans spent our lives and our Youth fighting scum like this pathetic excuse for an American! HE, and those like him don’t deserve to live in America. Time we sent him, and ALL the activist Judges who use their positions of Trust to make LAWS! Time for the Impeachment of these so-called judges too (Small ‘j’intended!). America has NO need for garbage like Newscum to even live here. Deport/BANISH the bastard, and all who follow his lead, to Central America!!!


  57. Here we go again with these activist judges giving their middle finger to federal law.
    You would think all judges have to rule on the side of federal law but more and more we see judges just make up their own laws as they go along. Always democrat of course.
    The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRIRA) amended 8 U.S.C. § 1325 to provide that an alien apprehended while entering or attempting to enter the United States at a time or place other than as designated by immigration officers shall be subject to a civil penalty.

  58. Totally disgusting. He should be impeached. American vets first, not illegal aliens. They don’t deserve anything over legal citizens and our wounded war vets.

  59. As long as the people put up with this “Newscumb” they can expect things like this to happen, it would seem that that the people of Mexifornia have all lost what ever courage the might have had or they would have already stormed his hide out and strung him up on a lamp post for all the others to see.

  60. National VFW and American Legion should raise the roof about this. What Newsom has done is totally irrational, ignorant, stupid, and many more words that I should not use.

  61. Rip off the veterans. Give money to the illegal wetbacks. California should go ahead and fall into the pacific. After the more intelligent life has moved away.

  62. I do hope the STUPID Colorado voters are watching what this Grusom bastard is doing because this is what the Communist Governor of Colorado is going to do. Especially now that he is setting Colorado up for massive voter fraud. The likes that have never been seen. I am appealing to all of the Christian people in Colorado to step in and stop this Communist bastard from making Colorado far worse than California has ever been. Heavenly FATHER I pray that You help all Christian men and women throughout America to STOP all of these Satan filled Communist/liberalist ilk from taking over our Free Nation. I pray in Jesus Name AMEN.

  63. What a sad excuse for a governor of a state in America. Taking from veterans to give to illegal aliens is disgusting. Of course he is Nasty Pelosi’s nephew, and she wants the next stimulus to be given to illegals too.

  64. ANYONE who votes demonRAT deserves EXACTLY what they get, Robbed, Raped, Looted, and Pillaged….. and Gruesome-Newsome And this Story are a prime piece of Proof of THAT happening….. hiel Comrade Gruesome-newsome, der western region party Commissar…

  65. Newsom’s atrocity puts him in the same place as many of those he governs. He is a criminal.

  66. Do we have any Laws to stop of this crazy bastard from stealing money what is not belong to him ? … or we going to fail into outlaw deep grave under these idiots from democrapic party ?

  67. Iam so sick of the corrupt Democrats. The veterans deserve the money. They have given their lives fighting for our country and some came back with serious health problems. The damn illegals have done nothing to help our
    Country. Newsome is Pelosi’s nephew, so what this tell you. I had two brother,a husband and a son who served in the military. One brother didn’t make it back.

  68. The most disgusting thing is, they bear no shame for their actions! Normal people wouldn’t be able to walk by a mirror.

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