Vice President Pence just destroyed NFL anthem protesters with his latest action

Vice President Mike Pence attended the Colts-49ers NFL game on Sunday to celebrate Peyton Manning’s career in Indianapolis.

But when 23 players on the 49ers knelt during the anthem, Pence left the game in disgust.

And what 49ers safety Eric Reid said about it exposes just how out of touch these coddled millionaires are.

President Trump tweeted that Pence’s trip to Indianapolis was “long planned” — presumably before NFL players began kneeling for the anthem en-masse two weeks ago.

Now, their petulant anti-American anthem protests are causing football fans to ditch the NFL left and right.

Nevertheless, Reid claimed Pence left early as a “PR stunt” and called it an example of “systemic oppression.”

“He knew our team has had the most players protest. He knew we were probably going to do it again. And so this is what systemic oppression looks like—a man with power comes to the game, tweets a couple things out and leaves the game with an attempt to thwart our efforts.”

Reid, who signed a 4-year contract for $8.48 million, complete with a $4.55 million signing bonus to play a game claims to be a victim of systemic oppression because the Vice President walked out and refused to stand for their childish disrespect of our flag, our anthem, and our country.

The Vice President’s salary, by contrast, is $230,700 per year.

Reid may want to look at third world dictatorships to see what “a man with power” lives like compared to that of his citizens.

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe was a political despot who brutally oppressed his people while they lived in abject poverty.

His net worth was estimated between $10 and $30 million.

If Eric Reid and other NFL anthem protestors took a hard look at countries where people do actually suffer under systemic oppression, they’d realize how blessed they are to live and work in a free country.

America is not perfect. No country is. But it’s damn sure better than the alternatives out there.

What do you think about Pence leaving after the disrespectful anthem protests?

Would you have left the game if you were him? Would you have attended at all?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I appreciate Vice President Pence’s actions in walking out. However, I also personally resent the nation-wide television coverage given in showing the protester’s actions on camera. Let them protest in their own venue, not publicized by the television networks as part of the game.

  2. They have the right to kneel & I would fight for that right even if I don’t believe in what they are doing! The fans however have the right to walk out, not go, not watch any of the games. Lets see what happens then there is not enough fan coming to the game. It’s a pitiful way to lose you well paid job.

  3. I am glad so many are backing our country, God and Flag and I praise Pense for leaving, Thank God some people have the guts to stand up for is right, Thank you all. Love God Love Country/Flag.

  4. So it’s ok for you NFL multi millionaires to disrespect all your fans but it’s not ok for the Vice President to protest your rude behavior? If you people want to protest do it on your own time. People pay a LOT of money to come to a game with their families. And you spit in their faces! Just do your job we don’t pay to see your disgusting behavior of offending our vets, country, and our flag! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. Pence did the right thing by walking out. I also believe the S.F.49er players knew Pence would be at the game and that’s why so many players took to kneeling. The players didn’t think Pence would react the way he did by walking out.

  6. The disrespect the NFL and NBA shows to the military, the flag and the country is the reason no tax dollars should go to them. Stop subsidizing millionaires now.

  7. I gave up watching football decades ago. It is a dull, boring, monotonous game. A one hour game that takes three hours to play. So you waste two hours of your afternoon going to a football game. The only decent physical contact sport, apart from hockey, is rugby. But these coddled, overpaid, overweight morons don’t have the strength or the stamina to play rugby. And the skills require BRAINS, which most of them don’t have.

  8. I Think Reid should go live in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe was a political despot who brutally oppressed his people while they lived in abject poverty. There he can get some perspective. By the way Reid, what military service did you do?

  9. All I see in this comment thread is racism gone amok. You talk about patriotism and freedom but then attack the NFL for actually having the audacity to implement those rights. It seems everyone has
    forgotten what this whole kneeling thing
    is about in the first place. This is just
    one more way our “so called” president is
    dividing this country. Trying to deflect from his own incompetency. At our expense! People, please don’t let that happen.

    • The President is not dividing anything.
      And now that you talk about racisms…ask the same question to Kaepernick…
      Because, this country is 70% of white people and only 20 % blacks… so he decide to insult to the majority of the country.
      Let me tell you that Racism is a two way street… The spin that you try, is not working anymore.
      And if you don’t like here, you can go. Nobody is holding you… You guys lost…. accepted it…. You feel better…
      The “so called” president…. IS YOUR PRESIDENT TOO…. What are you?… A FU…ING COMMUNIST ANTI- AMERICA LIKE KAEPERNICK?…. Good luck with that….

    • The whole “Kneeling thing” is a protest against white cops shooting the blacks at traffic stops, etc.. Well, if they would just Comply with the cops when asked to do something, they probably wouldn’t get shot. Just like on the news last night (Oct 8th) they showed a 51 yr. old black guy being stopped, when they checked him out they found out he had about 3 felony warrants against him. They were trying to handcuff him and he was saying he was going to cut someone. Then he decided to run, took out a knife and turned around and refused to stop, then they shot him, which they were justified to do. Had he just complied, he would still be alive. Nobody’s fault but HIS OWN.

  10. Until the NFL starts enforcing their own “By Laws”, that require Players to stand and hold their Helmet with their left hand and place their right hand over their heart during the National Anthem, I will continue not to watch the Sport. They should Fine and bench any Player that refuses to follow the “By Law” and if they continue, void their Contracts and let them go play in the Canadian Football League. Rodger Goodell should be fired immediately for allowing this unacceptable behavior to continue! Kudos to the Vice President for standing up for America! It feels great, after eight long years, to finally have a “President of the United States” and not a “Community Organizer” in charge!

  11. Which is more important, to honor Peyton Manning or to honor our country? The Vice President either bought or was given his ticket before the players started disrespecting our country. When the time came, he made the right choice. Everyone else in the stands should have followed him out.

  12. Anheiser Busch has set up a line for their consumers to call voicing their opinions. They are using these results to decide if they should pull their advertising money from the NFL. The Number is 1 800 342 5283 press 1 for their NFL Comment section!!

    • Jackson, they shouldn’t need a Poll to decide this, they just need to CANCEL anything to do with the NFL….. Screw the NFL, they’re digging their own GRAVE…..

  13. I am glad that our Vice President went to the Game and did what he did, as this showed these MORONS that kneeling, sitting or not being present they are only showing exactly that they do not appreciate what they have, nor do they have any Respect or HONOR to any of the many who have fought and Died for this GREAT, GREAT NATIONAL of OURS…..
    Eric Reid needs to be escorted to the nearest place to remove him from this Country and never allowed back in….
    Awww, he is so oppressed, wait till he enters another Country, then he might see what he has…..and appreciate it, but don’t count on it….. The whole NFL needs to be totally dismantled and Goodell ( scumbag ) shown the exit door from his Office…..never to return….
    The NFL has DUG there own Grave and players such as REID continue to make matters worse….. Statistics and Reality show what these protests are supposedly about, is ALL FALSE in what they so claim…..they need to do there Homework ( if capable )…..or they are also a Bunch of LIARS as well as the Disrespectful, Disgraceful, Dishonorable Motons that they really are….. GOD BLESS AMERICA, OUR FLAG, OUT COUNTRY and OUR VETERANS and as of recently those in Las Vegas…..

      • Robert,I can go along with you in that there are some players, actually a lot of players who do quite a bit for the community’s they are with from each team…. The unfortunate fact though is the ones who do show their lack of Respect and Honor to OUR FLAG, COUNTRY, VETERANS and recently those in Las Vegas they need to be removed, as well as the Owners be Fined for each player that displays this type of behaviour…
        ThE FANS should ALL display their anger by not showing to Games and not watching the games on TV….. Trump should remove the Federal Funds and ALL Sponsors should CANCEL what they have with the NFL….. Watch what they do then…..Crawl on their Bellys begging for Forgiveness !

        • I agree with you Ronald. Yes there are MANY NFL player who help their community. I was good to saw what Deshaun Watson did. AND YOU ARE ALSO CORRECT, not many players don’t show the RESPECT for our FLAG. Yes I am also a Vet, Viet Nam.. Even during those years, Fans, coaches, and players STOOD up for THE FLAG…. Even with all its faults, OUR COUNTRY is still THE GREATEST in the World… Thank GOD for all the BLESSING HE has given us. Hope GOD will CONTINUE to Bless America!

  14. I agree with all these comments NFL is what 70% black? These deplorable men protesting went to college on scholarships catching or running a football. They are entertainers no less no more the college’s they attended must surely have low admission qualifications. N F L NEVER FOLLOW LONGER

  15. I would have attended the game if for no other reason than to honor Peyton Manning. I’m a Patriot and a Veteran and I love my country! I stand proudly when our anthem is played and our flag is displayed….I kneeling for prayer! When the disrespect started, as it Did, I would probably have beat the VP out of the stadium. God bless Vice President Pence!!!

  16. Just how minutes does he play in the game? Maybe 30 at the max., and he is being mistreated. Did somebody piss in his sandbox? If each one of these babies took half their pay check an donated to those neighborhoods that need help. Just how many millions would that generate?

  17. NFL players please get out of America. We do not want or need you low life TRASH in America. Cuba needs low life’s like you. Perhaps 🇰🇵 would be a better fit. You suck.

  18. i gave up nfl awhile back,they are just a bunch of entertainers that were basket weaver majors in college that excelled physically.that make the same stupid plays and dumb mistakes they made in high school and get paid millions for they are insulting me(10 yr navy vietnam vet).all my vet friends,my anthem of my flag,my country and all the men and women representing that flag.bye bye kaepernickerslarry herring


  20. God Bless VP Pence for leaving the game when all those stupid players would not stand for our flag and country. Send them to Africa and see how much they would get there. I lost my brother at age 21 in World War 2.

  21. Since I have quit the NFL I most likely would not have been in attendance, but had I been there yes I would get up and leave just as the VP did. What a great showing for the VP to put on creeps like reid and bennett.

  22. There is no other country that is more fair with minorities. How many country’s offer something like affirmative action. How many countries would allow the disrespect and lawless demonstrations. These ingratful millionars are more than welcome to leave I’ll help buy the ticket.


  24. Bravo for VP Pence! We need military to fight n protect our country. NFL players don’t care abt our country n let terrorists n ISIS come in n kill us??? Uneducated players want money only. Hey terrorists, go get these players first!

  25. I never would’ve gone like most of you and V.P. Pence certainly did the right thing. As for Eric Reid, anyone else who kneels and the NFL, they can kneel and kiss my patriotic, country loving ass right in the middle. These unAmerican candy asses aren’t standing against oppression, they’re doing this for the attention plain and simple. If the NFL had any balls and started fining these clowns every time they kneeled and I don’t mean some little fine, say a $250,000 fine every time they do it, plus them sitting out the entire game, they’d knock that shit off real quick, but the NFL won’t do that, so the best thing is for fans to hurt them where it counts most, in their bank accounts by not showing up anymore. They don’t deserve to have any fans.

  26. IF THESE PLAYERS don’t like the national anthem, then they should be invited to
    leave the stadium and sit the game out, maybe for the rest of their career.

  27. I’m with the Vice President. I am a 100% disable Veteran of the Vietnam War and I have not watched a football game for the last 4 years and will not watch any pro games where the players do not pay respect o our Flag and Anthem. I served on PBR’s in Nam and lost 3 of my men whom I will never forget. Those players that do not pay respect to our Flag and Anthem should be fired and unable to play in any Pro Organization for the rest of their life. I took an OATH back in 1958 and to my knowledge that OATH never had a end date. I will stand and salute my FLAG and ANTHEM for as long as I live.

    • I took that same oath in 1958 and have lived by it totally since then. I am proud to have served, there is no greater feeling when you are in a military parade and the flag is front and center. I am totally ashamed of our football players who are disrespecting our country, our flag and all military services. Disgusting they are. Crybabies.

  28. VP Pence and his wife did the right thing, even though I would not attended at all. My days of watching Professional Football are over. From one that has served in combat,that displays my flag except in inclement weather, stand and place my hand over my heart when OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM is played even when I am indoors. The traitors that want to kneel. Go to Iran, North Korea, China or Russia and see how long You are able to kneel.

  29. I did leave a reply…but they did not post it!
    I stand with President Trump and VP Pence as VP Pence did the right thing to leave!
    If these NFL players think they are above, our Country’s flag and National Anthem, then let them go to another country and see if
    they receive that kind, of money and respect, that the American people have given them there!

  30. I think this whole stunt begins with ignorance. They know nothing about the history of our country and the sacrifices that had been made so that they can be free.

  31. I applaud him for going to the game at all after these selfish “Oppressed” multi millionaires who make more money than Pence does actually I don’t think he even gets a salary he may do like the president does and take a dollar a year! If these player really want to do something why don’t they give up their salary then we might think they were serious! Better yet trade salaries with our vets!

  32. I will NEVER watch or attend another NFL game; I quit when these idiotic protests began! At the very least the NFL and the individual teams owe Americans a public apology for their ignorant disrespect!

  33. Yes he did the right thing and those players are intentionally using the wrong format and it seems the owners do not care. I wonder how the NFL cares or do they stop this saying this is the wrong venue to do this in.

  34. Good! These overpaid, pampered, childish, malcontents don’t have the brain capacity to know, as they say, on which their golden bread is buttered. They are too ignorant, dare I say stupid, to know they are abusing the very freedoms which gives them the right to be the asses they are showing that they are.

    • What’s with Black people lately? Stirring up mayhem with riots in cities and now tarnishing a great American tradition. It is simply an attention-getter that backfires in their faces giving them the reputation as thugs and spoiled brats. Final solution: MOVE TO AFRICA to be among equals in color and everything else.

      • They ruined Africa, now they want to ruin THIS country. All they know how to do is fight, pretty sure it’s in their DNA. You just have to look at Somalia to see how they act, like savages.

  35. These over paid babies should have to be deported to a country that has no freedoms if they can’t respect our flag and anthem that gives them the right to play and make their millions of dollars that we the people pay for! I am a veteran and many more veterans gave their lives defending those freedoms!

  36. These over paid babies should have to be deported to a country that has no freedoms if they can’t respect our flag and anthem that gives them the right to play and make their millions of dollars that we the people pay for! I am a veteran and many more veterans gave their lives defending those freedoms!

  37. Oh tell us of your personal oppression whiny one. If you feel you are causing anyone any ill with the stupidity called solidarity , you are sadly mistaken. Want to stand for oppressed people in other countries, than take your millions and go there.

  38. Obviously, the owners are complicit. All they need to do is say “Stop this crap” or you’ll be suspended for one game. And you won’t get paid for it. Do it again and you’ll be suspended for the rest of the season. All these players understand is money – and (maybe) how to run an easy pass play. If they’re willing to give up their cushy jobs and all the perks that go with it, then let them go out and get a real job.

      • Why doesn’t the government take away all the millions that the armed forces and the government give to the NFL, they could feed thousands of hungry children and pay Medicare back what they borrowed from them, so much more good could be done instead of Filling the pockets of all the pockets of millionairs, Does Nancy Pelosi still have her private government paid plane so she doesn’t have to change planes that inconviences her,so many politicians have it so easy and I don’t think it will change.

    • I’m not even sure they understand money. You would think by now they have seen enough of the fans reactions to know this protest isn’t getting them any positive press. I think they so enamored with the camera, they don’t want to lose all the attention.

  39. Behind him all the way. I would never have went to the game in the first place, but hey, that’s just me, what do I know. There’s still TOO MANY fans in the stadiums, what’s wrong with these un-American people.

  40. The NFL players who are protesting the National Anthem and the American Flag have caused ticket sales to games to plummet; television viewership to plummet; listenership to radio broadcasts of NFL games to plummet…..In short, if this continues the owners of NFL teams will have to make a financial decision at some point….some of those primma donnas may be out of a job…Steve Ruble

    • I wouldn’t have gone in the first place, but our v.p. showed the country how to react to this disrepectfull childish crap. I am proud of our pres. and v.p >God bless america and to hell with the NFL.

      • I fully agree with total abandonment of the NFL. If patriots, everywhere, refused to buy the tickets and thier junk jerseys, etc., these overpaid jocks would soon be searching for occupations or other ways of making a living. It is true that they use up their body strength at a young age, which deserves some consideration. But, they are not worth the BIG BUCKS to advance a ball down the field. America should leave them to their own political vices and seek other entertainment.

        • Better yet if they all walked out after the anthem was played even for 1 game it might change their minds. Unless the 70% who are against these actions the. It will blow over.

    • I would not have gone . But glad he left. And 8.49 million dollars with a sign on bonus of 4.55 million is ridiculous. He is over priced by far !!! Should never have to beg anyone to play for that much money !! To do what !! As you see there not worth it!!

    • That’s right: I would NOT have gone in the first place, when a man makes millions of dollars a year playing a game, and our V.P. only makes 270K per year to do what he does, then something is surely out of wack! Then this jackass complains, he ought to be ashamed of his deplorable behavior! I am sure he is not ashamed, because big babies think they are special,and they are NOT! Professional sports…I am done w/it and buy nothing nor support these overpaid babies! Funny too: seems most of the men that protest are black! It it me or is this a protest over the flag or over what they seem to think is a race issue? It’s always a race issue according to these boneheads! Even though most people don’t care about the race issue, most people that are crybabies do make this the issue! I say: GROW UP!!

      • The only thing that will stop this is if the fans turn the Money faucet OFF! Lighten their wallets, and they will pay attention REAL quick.

    • I’m glad he did go. That will show these babies that there are more than just he and the President opposed to their antics. I just wish the stands would start showing empty seats. TV revenue will go down also. Keep the faith folks and hang in there. We will prevail.

      • Agree!!…. The VP put them on the spot…. Because if they respected the flag and anthem, they lose…
        If they did not…. They lose too….
        They chose to save face… they lost… again…
        NFL… have to go down…. like many other private enterprises went down along the years on this country….
        Their job don’t affect our national security… so… GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE INGRATES…

    • remember, Pence is a COLT fan and Peyton Manning was being inducted into their, the Colts’, HoF with the deication of a statue outside the stadium. My guess is that would be the reason for VPOTUS attending….

    • What do people think? Personally, I think these “ghetto dwellers” will never be able to assimilate into the population. They are jungle dwellers, and that is the only life they know. They were sold into slavery BY THEIR OWN KIND, all over the world, this is one of the few countries that corrected that injustice over a century ago. However, these reprobates of today feel that we of America owe them. It is not my responsibility contribute to their continuing lifetime care. With their freedoms that my ancestors fought and died for on their behalf, comes the responsibility for these “people” to continue to “work” toward a better life for themselves, & their family! They are given th same opportunities of every other citizen of this great land. Why is it that every other “people” that have been “brought” to America has excelled way beyond the “black” population that were born here..GROW UP, take responsibility for your actions,GET EDUCATED, then like everyone else, EARN YOUR OWN WAY. With that comes the respect that you seek. Not being “white” doesen’t entitle you to special laws and privileges either. We ALL, in this country live by the same laws! If YOU don’t like it here, you have the FREEDOM to move to the country of your choice (providing they will accept YOU!!)!

      • I think it got this way because the DemocRATS let the women on Welfare have as many kids as they wanted and gave them more money each time they had one, why WOULD they work then?

    • Agree. I won’t watch NFL games until they stop the disrespect of our Flag & Country. Don’t care about their rational for kneeling: If they want to do something for victims, spend some of their time and money helping their communities get out of poverty. When little kids in school football teams kneel like their heros in the NFL, what part of humanity have you, the NFL, helped?

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