Video bloggers Diamond and Silk just slammed Maxine Waters

Rep. Maxine Waters has drawn the ire of many Americans for her divisive rhetoric and attacks on President Trump and his staff.

The criticisms have come from members of her own party including Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

So when video bloggers Diamond and Silk were asked about Maxine Waters they didn’t hold back.

President Trump has repeatedly labeled Rep. Maxine Waters as a “low IQ individual.”

Diamond told Fox News’ Jesse Watters she agreed with the President.

But moments later she took it a step further, saying “we look at her as a domestic terrorist.”


WATTERS: Maxine is in a bit of a beef with some of the top Democrats. Chuck Schumer told her to pipe down with all the crazy talk about rushing people at restaurants, and now a bunch of black Democrats are saying, “Hey, leave Maxine alone, Crying Chuck,” it’s just a little civil war over there on the Democratic side. What do you guys think?

DIAMOND: Oh, yes, it is and the President is right. Maxine Waters’ IQ is very low. Anytime a Congresswoman go around and she – we look at her as a domestic terrorist. She is telling Americans to attack other Americans. It’s a problem.

But you know what? Maxine Waters and her rhetoric is like the gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party, so we want her to keep talking.

Silk quickly chimed in, “That’s right.”

But while Jesse Watters said he wouldn’t go so far as to call her a “domestic terrorist,” the dynamic duo doubled down on Twitter.

After their appearance aired they retweeted a tweet they sent out in June saying Waters and other “intolerant racist Democrats” should be deemed domestic terrorists for “inciting violence.”

At least two radical leftists have been arrested for threatening the lives of Senator Rand Paul and his family and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai after Waters poured gasoline on the fire of The Resistance.

What are your thoughts about Maxine Waters’ comments inciting radical leftists to harass and intimidate members of the Trump administration?

Do you agree with Diamond and Silk that it rises to the level of “domestic terrorism”?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. if you follow and really listen to maxine Waters you can only conclude her brain is like an empty tin can. FILL it with a handful of rocks and you’ll hear a lot of noise from inside the can. that’s MAXINE’S BRAIN. THAT IS WHY WE NEAR TERM LIMITS. She is a waste of taxpaper money.

  2. Why has she not been removed from office? She is a violent person following a radical group and also a person with criminal background. How did she get to run for office again?

  3. Neither Waters or Diamond & Silk are wrong. Maxine had become the perfect arsonist. She starts a fire then retreats to see how far it will go. She is a criminal for using $750.000 of campaign money to funnel to her daughter for what ever she and her daughter need for themselves. Then when it all come out Maxine retreats and next time its the FEC filing a case against her for her opening her mount and the $750,000 to her daughter. She stirs them up to let them do the job for her. She is low IQ and a sick crazy woman who should never have gotten a vote to send her to DC. Maybe its time for a change and her district has a republication who is running against her. Please give him you vote. God Bless the President and Vice-President.

  4. They should send Maxipad to Obedience School. Yes, DOG Obedience School. She would fit right in on all fours and no one would notice the difference in the group.
    Except that the dogs will be better looking.

  5. J Thomas, YES, anything good out of CA? HE is called DEVIN NUNES ! Trump has said that he has a future! Trump really likes him. He is from Central CA, Fresno and Tulare area. We also sent REAGAN as well! Don’t throw us all in with those liberal DEM’s in CA. REP’s actually have a larger area of CA. But the DEM’s have SF bay area and down the coast to LA area, minus Anaheim. They are bunched up in that smaller area. I wish I could post a couple of photos, they are funny. We make fun of these liberals here !
    Signs that went on the Welcome to CA signs on the highways that looked legit. Except they made fun of the idiot libs here ! They were very creative and funny !

  6. Maxine waters is a domestic terrorist along with George Soros who funds antifa and black lives matter.

  7. We must counter their lies with truth and friendship. The left goes to minorities and lies to them about whatever non-Democrat is running, give the goodies, register them, drive them to voting pre incts and generally has used this plan rather effectively.
    I’m 73, and I’m pounding the pavement in my precinct, with warmth and truth … wish me luck.

  8. Yes, she is under the spell of evil. Look up the Rainbow Coalition ~ she’s part of this ugly, lying, un-American group, and part of Communists pushing its errors.

  9. Nothing will happen to Maxine — she will NEVER be held accountable. Or haven’t you people been paying attention to the fact that NO RAVING DEMOCRAT wITH CRIMES UNDER HIS OR HER BELT has YET TO BE held (punished) accountable. We can beat our heads on the pavement and scream bloody murder (I have, for two years). It’s about time WE ALL figured out HOW EXACTLY to help POTUS instead of wasting our time ranting on these blogs. It should make us all feel better – venting our feelings – but it’s only frustration with NO END IN SIGHT. I have several interesting ideas, which I’ve emailed to the White House. If you’all have anything constructive to say to POTUS, now would be the time.

  10. I believe both charges (possibly more) should be brought against Maxine Waters. Treason, for using her political office to promote violence against a sitting U. S. A. President, his family, and Cabinet. Promoting domestic terrorism, for the act itself.
    After a psychological review. The death sentence could be waved, and natural life sentence imposed.

  11. Lulu, That is a great idea, but recently a peaceful protest outside her headquarters was met by her demonic supporters carrying metal pipes and bats. You see, only the party of open minded tolerance may harass and threaten.

  12. Ricky, I am I’m complete agreement with every word you wrote. So why is all this continuing to be ALLOWED? I wish there was an answer.

  13. I know he wasn’t born there… but does President Ronald Reagan count for any and the only thing.

  14. Maxi in insane, only someone without a brain would incite people to harrass and riot!! She needs to be in prison for inciting violence!! She must be a Satan follower, no Christian who belongs to Jesus would do the evil things she does!! And for that matter no demonRAT is a Jesus follower!! You cannot be a Christian and be pro abortion like ALL THE DEMONRATS ARE!! ABORTION IS MURDER OF A HUMAN BEING WITH A SOUL, GODS CHILD!! DO YOU PPL THINK GOD APPROVES OF THE MURDER OF HIS BABIES, HE DOESN’T, ABORTION (MURDER) IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD!! Thank you diamond and silk, keep up the good work!!

  15. Can’t wait for the Midterms. THESE LOSERS AND MAD MAXINE ( Actually she has Mad COWS DISEASE ) TOO BAD!

    YOU LOSE, WATERS., Please don’t stop with your juvenile rhetoric. We Love it!

  16. Maxine Waters suggestions that conservative Americans be attacked, harassed, threatened and refused service, just show that she really is limited to a VERY LOW LEVEL ON INTELLIGENCE. This is downright attacking of people who have committed no wrong. That’s a criminal act. She needs to be charged with the evil of these vicious attacks, and needs to be found guilty in court of her promotion of violence. A jail cell would be appropriate for her — she could be given a comic book to have something she can understand for the purpose of trying to make her mind work.

  17. If the evil liberal demoncrat Nazi’s Commie party traitors to America continue to go unpunished(Hollywood ,RINOs etc)! They’ll continue their treasonous ways! Enough is enough with this Deep State BS! Drain the rat infested swamp, ASAP! President Trump!

  18. Diamond and Silk are two sweethearts. They are not afraid to call out people like Mad Cow Max, something the Republican Party doesn’t have the balls to do. Good on you ladies.

  19. Because the Media Conglomerates owned and controlled by the globalist elites protect them!

  20. IF this were during the Obama presidency we would be arrested and sent to jail for doing what Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris are doing. Why is it that Democrats can use their double standard card to do whatever they want and get away with it?

  21. That’s a viable statement. That would make Gilibrandt, Navarro most CNN, MSNBC personalities and guests “Agitators” Antifa, BLM and all those that carry out their orders the “Domestic Terrorists”. All are associated with the Democratic Party which would make the Democratic Party a Terrorists hotbed

  22. Waters is not technically a local terrorist because she does not do the damage herself. She is however, a terrorist instigator…Noun. 1. instigator – someone who deliberately foments trouble; “she was the instigator of their quarrel” inciter, instigant, provoker, firebrand. ringleader – a person who leads (especially in illicit activities). Noun. 1. A terrorist is a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

  23. After giving it due diligence, I believe she is the most likely recipient of AHZ drugs.

  24. I think Louis Farrakhan was Maxine Water’s prom date in High School and keeps in touch on a regular basis. Maybe that’s where she gets her ideas. Just saying.

  25. Mad Max is an idiot!!! She needs to be removed from office immediately. She is definitely a Domestic Anarchist!! Just imagine if a Republican had incited people to riot and harass other Americans. Keep on keeping on – Diamond and Silk!!!

  26. Mad Max needs to keep her mouth shut ! She is what us DEPLORABLES call a lost cause. Send her to Gitmo

  27. Some times you just have to stop and laugh at what is in reality honesty, but has a twist that makes one laugh. Thanks!!

  28. Diamond and Silk, What do you think about what she and Pelosi have said about MS13 gang members? How about if they do it agian we make them take them into their houses and they have to provide food and medical care for them out of their own pockets. they both act like they don’t have a brain left in their heads, I do think that Pelosi has Alzheimer’s. A pharmacist from the DC area that delivers meds to the capitol building said that someone there is on Alz. meds.

  29. Also, we should start placing names and addresses of people harassing Trump supporters so we can invade their privacy as well. Where does Mad Max live and where does she go in her free time?

  30. Also, we should start placing names and addresses of people harassing Trump supporters so we can invade their privacy as well. Where does Mad Max live and where does she go in her free time?

  31. Bender you Troll. The big difference was that the people going to Trump rallies were being harassed, beaten and bullied just for going to the rallies. Antifa and BLM (Soros soulless paid thugs)terrorised innocent people. Trump merely wanted them to defend themselves.

  32. Maxine is in serious need of a 72-hour involuntary commitment so that she can be medically evaluated for her obvious loss of mental capacity…because any reasonable mental health professional would deem her “bat-crap crazy!”

  33. The first thing that I’ve noticed is: Diamond has lost a great amount of weight and she looks WONDERFUL! Keep the weight down Diamond!

  34. Ye she is trying to start something violent and it is going to happen sooner or later, Maxine got it stated now she better stop this crazy idea. People get hurt or killed it is her fault and the ones that does something bad to Trump staffers. Stop it now Maxine

  35. If in fact Ms Waters is a Domestic Terrorists, there is but only one absolute action to eliminate terrorists and incarceration is NOT it, NEUTRALIZATION is it. Terrorism is a mind set.

  36. So right Linda…..and I might add that Maxine Waters appears to be inciting a RIOT ! As an elected official, she should go to prison for that! A larger number of younger people than ever before are violent and I could see them easily reacting to Waters diatribe!

  37. Mad Maxine should be censored, asked to step down and then arrested for inciting civil disobedience.

  38. I agree Danna,Maxine Waters is inciting violence and she has already caused serious trouble.If some crazy decides to follow thru and hurts or kills someone I think Waters should pay dearly!!

  39. What’s the difference between what the liberals do, and what the klan and isis does? NOTHING! They terrorize those they disagree with by using violence and scare tactics. It seems like Todays liberals are mo better the racists who used to rule the south. FYI, I am a black man.

  40. Agree, she is actually helping our cause, BUT also agree she SHOULD be arrested for inciting violence. If someone ends up getting injured/killed as a result of this, she should go up for life MINIMUM!!! NO REPRIEVE!!!

  41. Me Trump was only an individual running for office, and for the first time. Maxine Waters is and has been a politician for years. Sine president Trump took office He has not said anything like that.

  42. I like that line, as far as the Republicans are concerned she is the gift that keeps on giving.

  43. YES I agree that Waters is a domwstic terrorist. She is actually promoting hate crimes against their enemy party. She should be treated like anyone else who might so this. THE DEMOCRATS ARE LAWLESS AND DESTRUCTIVE.

  44. The protesters were trouble makers they should go behind the wood shed to be taught a lesson!! Waters wants conservatives eating In public places harassed and intimidated there’s your difference hypocrite!!

  45. Maxine Waters is nothing but a big mouth ignorant politician who should resign from office…nothing gives her the right to incite riots n targeting innocent Americans to violence…how would she like it if the conservative Republicans got in her face…stupid ignorant racist people should not be in political office n in no way represent the American people…shut ur ugly ignorant mouth Maxine m crawl back into the hole u came out of !!!!!!

  46. Yes, but Waters has to actually commit terrorism (physicallly) to be called a “terrorist”. All she’s done is incite people to terrorism; therefore, technically, what she correctly IS is a “domestic anarchist”. Just as bad. Sorry, I actually did the research.

  47. I agree that “Domestic Anarchist is the more correct word. However Maxine Watters is advocating terror.

  48. I wish someone would close her hateful vile mouth. She never stops because she can get away with it. Another above the law DEMORAT.

  49. I called my congressman’s office to have this crazy women put away. All they did was take my name and said they will look into it. What a bunch of crap! You ladies need to be careful too.

  50. It’s called ‘Inciting to Riot’, which is a crime a felony! Maxine, and others like her, belong in jail!

  51. except to yours. He was joking, or don’t you know a joke when you hear one. Obviously your a Liberal

  52. More irresponsible clap trap from high profile Dims and soon, this will be escalated into bloody violence. I know it will not make one wit of difference to Waters and those of her ilk, but when it gets bloody, I want to remind people, the conservatives believe in the 2nd Amendment and most Dims do not.

  53. How is it different than when Trump said he would pay legal fees to hillbillies who beat up protesters at his rallies? Can you guys say hypocrite?

  54. I recently emailed Diamond & Silk the following message: LADIES: When you recently referred to Maxine Waters as a “domestic terrorist”, and Jesse Watters rebutted, I thought he might be “quick enough” to call Maxine Waters what she REALLY is –but he didn’t and I immediately saw that frown on your faces, so may I offer the benefit of my own political thinking. For the record, you were pretty close, but for the future I think you can feel perfectly correct and comfortable in referring to Maxine Waters as a “Domestic Anarchist”. This hits the nail right on the head. Again, you two are PRICELESS – your comments are always right on the money – and I’d like them to stay that way. You’ve got an awful lot of genuine respect going across this country, and we sure do need you. So, from this diehard Base Trumper, I send my very best wishes to you both. Keep On Trumpin’ !!!!

  55. YES! Maxine Waters is a domestic terrorist here in our own country, when she is calling for supporters to attack President Trump’s administration in public. She needs to be held accountable for her actions.

    When Maxine Waters is suggesting for her supporters to attack his administration wherever they may be, what’s to say that her supporter’s want attack innocent civilians, just like the other day at at What-a-burger restaurant, where this man took a MAGA hat off of a 16 year old teenager, and then he threw a drink in the tenagers face and left with the hat while he was cursing to the teenager while the man was walking out the door while still carrying the hat with him.

    The teenager was sitting there with some of his friends when this full grown man walks up to the teenager asking ” Why are you wearing this MAGA hat?” The teenager told him, ” Because I support President Trump!” That’s when the man stole the hat, and then turned around and threw the drink in the teenagers face and left out laughing.

    Maxine Waters is a dangerous person to every American citizen, calling for her supporters to harass every cabinet member and administration staff personnel to be harassed either at a gas station, or a restaurant, or at a department store. She also told her supporters to tell them, that they are not welcome anywhere, anymore, and she told them to create a crowd and push back on President Trump’s cabinet members and his administration staff.

    She needs to be held accountable, and she needs to be voted out of office, because, ” WE DO NOT NEED SOMEONE LIKE THAT IN OFFICE!” PERIOD!!!!!!!!


    Maxine Waters is causing Liberals here in our own country to attack innocent people, and there are some Liberals attacking some Congressmen on the Republicans side.


  56. YES Maxine Waters is definitely inciting violence against the American people & specifically the Republican Party including our own legally elected President! Many of us Americans did vote for him and he is doing a GREAT job! He may be tough but he the most honest President we have seen in decades! The corrupt Clintons did unspeakable criminal acts and are planning to come back again! And look what Obama set in place before he departed the office! And they are all still spending our taxes like they are privileged. The lairs and cheaters that use and traded human rights & lives like it is a game. It is not a game to those of us who have to actually live it! The Soldiers, some of which fought and died for our rights, & and their families trying to live and pay bills too. The working people from which we would not have our homes & schools with power & plumbing or the roads to drive on! Hard working Americans built this country we all call home! Most of us not in some big beautiful white house with no concern of how to make ends meet. The current Democratic party has lost all direction and credibility. And Maxine needs to be punished for the disrespectful & evil threats she has made against our President & the American people! She is most definitely a terrorist on American ground!! The threats! And the anger! She is being prejudices against Republicans & Americans! And we give her air time?!# She needs to be out of the office and the public eye and pocketbook! We do not all agree with every official elected,(who chose Maxine?!# REALLY? You should be so proud of that decision!) but we do not go public with how to abuse & terrorize the party! She is using the platform, those who voted her in office put her on, to voice her personal opinion of the current administration! Why is anyone listening to this crazy woman?
    So wrong in so many ways!

  57. Just love Diamond and Silk, and they are right. Maxine Waters and the rest of the ilk is a domestic terrorist. If a Republican had said the things she has said, they would be on a terrorist list and perhaps under arrest. Keep going Diamond and Silk. Love everything you say.

  58. Pass on this message to everyone: Maxine Waters from California is “low IQ individual”.

    By the way, EXPEL her from Congress permanently! It was a felony!

    MAGA for life! Vote Trump 2020!

  59. Yes, Mad Maxine, low IQ Max, is a domestic terrorist. She is telling her equally low IQ “followers” to break the law by harassing Conservatives just because they support President Trump. She flaps her lips and tells her lies at the top of her lungs at every opportunity. She needs to be sanctioned at the very least and asked to resign if she doesn’t stop inciting violence.

  60. If a Republican had said the things Waters said the Democrats would be demanding their removal from office. Yes I agree with Diamond 100%

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