This video of Debbie Wasserman Schultz looks a lot like obstruction of justice

Observers were baffled when former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz bullied the Capitol Police Chief in a subcommittee hearing back in May.



  1. you cross hillery and her money people aND YOU COMIT SUASIDE.SHOOT YOUR SELF TO DETH AND HIDE THE GUN.

  2. DWS is a shanda to her community. She acts like a little dictator and actually threatened the DC police before a national audience. She and her mentor HRC are both “D”eplorables because everything the DNC says about the other is a characteristic of the the capital “D”EMOCRATS and not our democracy. The difference between the two words is the CAPITAL(OL) is a noun meaning nothing other than they do not belong to another party. The lower case democracy means a value system where John Podesta and Hilary and Iranian Kerry don’t give away the USA to those who are scandalous to DNC values. You people have made a mess of our government but the Republic will not wither in the face of your climactic criminal dispositions.

  3. She will never be prosecuted. The whole OBAMA administration and DNC along with 38 members of congress should all serve jail time but the feckless spineless RINO leadership will never do it. Hillary and the rest of the criminal traitors will walk while this witchunt against Trump and his family continues . Some justice !!

  4. The Citizens of this country are sick and tired of seeing these high profile criminals walk free, keep their black money and continue their life of crime and deceit. They as public officials should be held to a higher standard then the rest of us. They do not seem to be held to any standard at all.

  5. Everyone will give an account of the things they have done some day at Judgement Day! It’s not too late to confess and turn from their evil deeds.

  6. She certainly should resign! She has become one of the main player ina diabolical scheme to undermine the president’s agenda! This will create more and more divisiveness within congress! If she does resign she should be forced to resign under the clouds of criminality she has become engulfed in! How can she be trusted with classified information ever again?

  7. Why are these people caught obstructing justice with traitorus behavior being allowed to resign and are not being prosecuted? Theyy will just regroup and attack again later. They need to be taught a serious lesson and suffer consequences for their deeds.

  8. You all talk of jail time, I think not. We shall see if it happens, don’t hold your breath. It should happen, but it will not, I think.

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