Wait until you hear what Roger Goodell said about the NFL’s anti-American protests

When Trump slammed players for kneeling during the national anthem, Goodell condemned Trump’s comments as “divisive.”

When did calling for people to respect America’s flag and national anthem become divisive?

But after NFL teams responded with more protests, you won’t believe Goodell’s response.

“The way we reacted… made me proud,” Goodell told Sports Illustrated, “I’m proud of our league.”

Sports Illustrated reports:

Sunday’s demonstrations, Goodell said, did not surprise him. “They reflected the frustration, the disappointment, of the players over the divisive rhetoric we heard [from Trump],” he said.
Asked what the league could do now about the festering problems between the president and the country’s most popular game, Goodell said: “I think we have to be focused on what the NFL is doing—staying true to our values, unifying people and continuing an effort to understand and help improve our communities.”

Protesting during the national anthem and disrespecting the American flag is “unifying”?

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by Goodell’s tone-deaf response to outraged Americans.

To the NFL and their buddies in the national media, NBC’s Bob Costas’ 2012 comments on gun control weren’t “divisive.”

Players so-called “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” protests in support of the Ferguson riots weren’t “divisive” either.

Neither was Colin Kaepernick’s infamous decision to disrespect our nation’s flag beginning during the 2016 NFL preseason — or his comparison of cops to slave patrols with this Tweet below.

The NFL doesn’t care about dividing the God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans who would be fired the moment we began using our jobs as a platform for our political views.

They care only about “divisions” among themselves.

To the NFL and its coddled millionaire players, that was President Donald Trump’s great sin when he called on owners to crack down on anthem “protests.”

He dared to call out the NFL’s anti-Americanism for what it is.

In NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s ridiculously clumsy and selfish response decrying the President’s “divisive” comments, he showed the NFL’s utter disregard for its fans,

We’re just supposed to take it, shut up and keep watching.

But if you’re done “taking it,” sign the petition below and let Roger Goodell know how you really feel.

Boycott NFL banner


  1. I agree Roman . the NFL can kiss my a$$,they will get NONE of my money , or my patronage . they will stand for the ANTHEM & FLAG , but they will still be thinking the same old thing & laughing their butts off !!!!!!

  2. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!
    They are decisive!!!!
    Colin said we need consequences which is a direct contradiction to what he says he is protesting. When you committ crimes you do not get to choose your punishment. The cops do their job, the courts do theirs and you go to jail. It is not the cops fault you committ crimes, are decisive, break the laws. The only thing that would make these people happy is no one to enforce the law. This will be a lawless country and will be taken over by thugs.

  3. Goodell should be fired and the others released as soon as they can be replaced so that I can start watching football again .

    This is my one and only comment.

  4. Goodell should be fired and the others released as soon as they can be replaced so that I can start watching football again .

  5. He’ll be fired before that happens
    The owners are going to get tired of losing millons of dollars
    There is also talk of pulling all tax money away from them

  6. I was a young teenager during WWII and treasure my memories of the national spirit that prevailed at that time. We were a nation dedicated to making this world a better place to live. Everyone did their part – old, young, and in-between…most people were proud to be part of something bigger than themselves…May such a spirit prevail once again!
    Our flag and national anthem were highly respected!



  9. Roger Goodell stays only for the $45 million per year salary. He enforces some rules but, if it offends a black person, he does not enforce it. He waffles back and forth on issues and really is not a good leader…for any organization. Fire him and let Condoleza Rice take over.

  10. I wonder what would happen if the fans stormed the field and prevented the players from even playing? Call in the cops? Lol the same cops they derided, mocked, disrespected? You think the NFLwould finally ” get” it? We have a problem in America, from the media outlets, to hollywood, to professional sports, to congresss….they have forgotten who they work for….and Trump just burst the bubble they surrounded themselves with! No more hiding…they have been exposed!

  11. Yes! I challenge EVERYONE who disagrees with the “kneeling during the anthem” to STOP FUNDING THE NFL, make them pay for their anti-American stands!

  12. Roger Goodell is greedy and very ignorant. We the fans need to stay away in droves and purchase nothing even remotely related to football. We have the power to do serious damage to their wallets.

  13. They wish to completely break down this society and to remake it how they see fit.
    Listen closely. Hillary wants the Electoral College gone. Popular vote is mob rule.
    This deal with the flag is aimed at our constitution. They want to rewrite it.
    I am having no part of it.

  14. Love it! Most people don’t realize how quickly society breaks down when we don’t have law and order, they will return to mob rule & savagery. You only have to look to Ferguson and other cities on what happens. Glad I have lots of ammo, just in case, and would not be afraid to use it.

  15. Don’t forget gun control: Most liberal pukes are anti-2nd amendment rights, so if the government HAD taken our guns away while Obummer was in office, we would be at the mercy of criminals. Lucky for us that Trump isn’t so stupid as to think the government should be in complete control over the people.

  16. What people fail to realize is this protesting is not just disrespectful it is subversive and treasonous. The protest started with Kaepernick telling everyone that the blacks are targets for the police and that the police forces should be dismantled. Let’s look at this carefully, disregarding the actual crimes statistics that show the truth. For giggles suppose we did dismantle the police forces, what then? No one to respond when you’re being beaten and robbed. No one to respond when the women in your family are being raped. The criminals would take over and anarchy would reign. There would be no courts to give a fair trial because no arrests are being made, jails would close no one is being sent to jail by the courts. It would be like the Wild West Days all over again, except this time the bad guys would be using machine guns. Our safety would be in jeopardy every day. What does “K” think because the police go away the criminals will stop?
    If Kaepernick thinks the military would take over, he’s insane because a military regime would take away our freedoms in the interests of keeping order.
    So when you think about it, he is being subversive regarding our current form of government and is advocating actions that would put our safety at risk. Add on his disrespect of our flag and anthem makes him and everyone supporting him TRAITORS of our country.

  17. I hope everyone stops attending the games, and refuses to watch them on TV. Also don’t buy any NFL gear!
    Hit them in the pocket book, it’s the only message they’ll understand!

  18. What these players are in protest of is all lies,they were started by Holder,O and picked up by Lynch then Hillary. If people would take time and look for the booklet put out by the Communist,it will show them this is a step they recommend. They have a page full of things they planned to do to conquer the U S,to make it a Communist country. It is sickening to read but I did and this was just one of the steps,they planned to divide,it’s easier to get control that way,and they wanted it to be along racial lines. O got started as soon as he came in and the bad thing is he is still going.He and his group told a huge lie and kept spreading it till it took hold.

  19. Well,Mr.Gotohell.seems to me your ahead of this football league which contains two groups. The NFL(national football league) and The AFC (american football league), Which both are to represent by using the two terms:( NFC,and AFC ), The United States of America.Now I don,t Know how old you are but I do not believe your parents would of have raised a child who did not know what the words Nation and American refer to, but I would venture to say it,s The United States Of America. So if you want to stand up with football protesters to use the United States Flag,and the National Anthem to divide a Nation,then you and your football leagues have done nothing to bring this Nation together as one.
    Politics are one thing, football is another, individual rights are another but The United States of America is you, me, and everyone else who has the right to be here.So if you and your leagues do not feel like standing take the N and A off both leagues and put M for moron;s and B for babies.

  20. Was it not started by a football “playa”?
    Lots more of us patriotic Americans exist than you ever
    dreamed of Roger!!! We will see who lasts longer, the NFL or
    WE THE PEOPLE. Good luck Mr. BADELL! Remember who started
    this crap. Craperneck!!! President Trump, go gettem!!! MAGA!!!

  21. Roger Goodell, what is wrong with you? How can you be such an idiot to lose your Customers prospective; who respect our great flag! Did you get dinged in the head once too much? You disallow all kinds of individual expressions, but allow the worst disrespect for our flag and therefore our country. It’s time to get a real American in as commissioner of NFL before there is no league left.

  22. the true meaning of the NFL should now be “Not For Long”. It is time for us to protest the NFL by not watching or spending any of our hard earned money on anything to do with them or the league.

  23. Precisely! You can’t have your country if you disrespect it. Find a country you DO respect, move there, and don’t come back. We won’t shed one single tear when you leave.

  24. If you are getting rich in America then stop biting the hand that is feeding you! Go to another country and try this sort of disrespect and see where it gets you. If America is so bad leave and try making the money you do here.

  25. As a former combat veteran, I find the responses of the NFL morons despicable, un-American, ignorant and stupid. I say fire every DAMN one of them.

  26. Fire Goodell and get someone in there who respects our flag and all those who died defending this idiot’s right to say stupid things. He is tooooo soft, like a cupcake.

  27. Follow the money…somewhere somehow soros or the left are bankrolling this.

    As far as viewer participation. I’m done.

  28. some of the best post I have ever seen, if they started exciling some of these that disrespect our country this BS would stop

  29. What the hell are these players protesting? They make more money in a year than most of us made in a lifetime. They are all a bunch of selfish liberal idiots who don’t deserve a cent.

  30. How about the rule book , where it states you must stand or be fined or worse ….. Nobody seem to read anymore … Unless it benefits the NFL …. That now stands for not for long if action continues

  31. I’m no longer going to be watching any pro sports activities period. When they all apologize, then maybe i’ll reconsider. Hope everyone drops these foul-mouthed babies. Bet they’ll change their tune when the revenue stops coming in.

  32. I’m sure Goodell is proud of the league – it’s the mess he created. He better get used to kneeling – thats where he will be when he is begging the fans to come back.

  33. This is so sad for all involved..The ones that love the game of football but love our American Flag, American Anthem and our America more and the ones that disrespect all three …

  34. These so called “Protest” against our national anthem was started by black american
    racist. Where were they when Obama was president? In less than a year in office
    the President has been accused of the big racial divide that exist in America today.
    We know as white Americans, Afro Americans will blame us for everything bad that’s
    ever happen to them. I guess most of them pay no attention or could care less about
    those who suffer starvation and the worst of humanity in Africa. These phonies only care about calling out Whites as racist. They should try fixing their own communities
    and thank us for helping those in these communities regardless of Race. Injustice my ass.

  35. I have been a die hard Steeler fan for over 60 years, but if the NFL is going to disrespect the American Flag & the Veterans who died for it. I will no longer support the NFL in anyway! I belong to a club of 600 veteran members and more worldwide who have supported the NFL and now will now longer show there games or make trips to there games. If I did these stunts at my workplace, I would be fired. But the NFL would rather fine the players who dance in the end zone or ruff up another player.

  36. Roger Goodell is nothing but a non American pro money making SOB that thinks more about money than his country that gave him all his wealth. He deserves none of it !!!

  37. We need to see MILLIONS of “fans” to NOT buy game tickets, NFL clothing etc… If you’re not WITH the Flag and America, then you’re against us.

  38. The comments by Goddell only enforces the NFL total disregard for its fans. Wake up commissioner your losing the respect of the fans who by the way pay all of your salaries. So Stand up for our country and its Vets and be a real man like Allejandro Villanueva.

  39. Roger Goodell is obvious a flaming liberal democrat so naturally he sides with the players that disgrace our Country because he thinks it’s the political correct thing to do. The players are 100% democrat anti Trump and this is just another action by the left to try and hurt Trump. You will have a hard time ever finding a republican that disgraces our flag and country. Goodell has done a terrible job as Commissioner and needs to be replaced.

  40. Christianity is being run out of everything…not to the betterment of humanity; sadly the masses do not see the truth.

  41. The NFL has it wrong…They act as police when it came to action against players who broke the law beating their wife…now the stand up for people who dis-respect the flag…One should have been left up to law enforcement with a rule a player under investagation be under supension…and a sport who wants to be the american sport just steped in it….looking for nascar info to increase!

  42. Absolutely agree 100%. Thank you Kotoc, you hit the nail square on the head! They ran Tim Tebow out of the NFL for his quiet Christian devotional on the sidelines what we are seeing now is the “other side” of the same coin.

  43. Roger is unfit to be the NFL Commissioner, an American enterprise that Goodell does not represent in the proper capacity. If he finds it permissible to bash our flag and our anthem, maybe he would be better served to be a commissioner outside of the US, and then he could allow George Soros to pull his strings. Soros is a pox on our country and needs to be exiled.

  44. Oh, for goodness sake… what is “divisive” about Trump’s remarks regarding patriotism for country? It is the PLAYERS that are the problem. If they are unwilling to play FOR “Team America” then they should be booted out of America and play for Team Cuba, or Team North Korea… let them figure out what they really lost later on when reality sets in.

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