Wait until you hear what Roger Goodell said about the NFL’s anti-American protests

When Trump slammed players for kneeling during the national anthem, Goodell condemned Trump’s comments as “divisive.”

When did calling for people to respect America’s flag and national anthem become divisive?

But after NFL teams responded with more protests, you won’t believe Goodell’s response.

“The way we reacted… made me proud,” Goodell told Sports Illustrated, “I’m proud of our league.”

Sports Illustrated reports:

Sunday’s demonstrations, Goodell said, did not surprise him. “They reflected the frustration, the disappointment, of the players over the divisive rhetoric we heard [from Trump],” he said.
Asked what the league could do now about the festering problems between the president and the country’s most popular game, Goodell said: “I think we have to be focused on what the NFL is doing—staying true to our values, unifying people and continuing an effort to understand and help improve our communities.”

Protesting during the national anthem and disrespecting the American flag is “unifying”?

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by Goodell’s tone-deaf response to outraged Americans.

To the NFL and their buddies in the national media, NBC’s Bob Costas’ 2012 comments on gun control weren’t “divisive.”

Players so-called “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” protests in support of the Ferguson riots weren’t “divisive” either.

Neither was Colin Kaepernick’s infamous decision to disrespect our nation’s flag beginning during the 2016 NFL preseason — or his comparison of cops to slave patrols with this Tweet below.

The NFL doesn’t care about dividing the God-fearing, freedom-loving Americans who would be fired the moment we began using our jobs as a platform for our political views.

They care only about “divisions” among themselves.

To the NFL and its coddled millionaire players, that was President Donald Trump’s great sin when he called on owners to crack down on anthem “protests.”

He dared to call out the NFL’s anti-Americanism for what it is.

In NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s ridiculously clumsy and selfish response decrying the President’s “divisive” comments, he showed the NFL’s utter disregard for its fans,

We’re just supposed to take it, shut up and keep watching.

But if you’re done “taking it,” sign the petition below and let Roger Goodell know how you really feel.

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  1. I agree Roman . the NFL can kiss my a$$,they will get NONE of my money , or my patronage . they will stand for the ANTHEM & FLAG , but they will still be thinking the same old thing & laughing their butts off !!!!!!

  2. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!
    They are decisive!!!!
    Colin said we need consequences which is a direct contradiction to what he says he is protesting. When you committ crimes you do not get to choose your punishment. The cops do their job, the courts do theirs and you go to jail. It is not the cops fault you committ crimes, are decisive, break the laws. The only thing that would make these people happy is no one to enforce the law. This will be a lawless country and will be taken over by thugs.

  3. Goodell should be fired and the others released as soon as they can be replaced so that I can start watching football again .

    This is my one and only comment.

  4. Goodell should be fired and the others released as soon as they can be replaced so that I can start watching football again .

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