Wait until you see what Rosie O’Donnell just did

It’s no secret President Trump and Rosie O’Donnell don’t get along.

In that past, O’Donnell has said Trump is “mentally unstable” and Trump once jokingly called O’Donnell a “fat pig” at a GOP debate in response to a prompt from Megyn Kelly.


  1. She and all that said they would leave if
    Trump was elected, don’t have to leave,
    just breathing cause that is a waste of good

  2. I am a Korean vet(51-53 USMC) why are these
    idiots allowed to threaten our elected
    President and remain outside our prison.
    They should have been with us in 52(30 below)
    We defended their rights to protest but not
    their right to end a duly elected president

  3. If all of those people left the country as they
    said they would USA would be a much
    better country. I agree it was a lot rotten
    garbage. What county in their right mind
    would have them

  4. I would rather push Rosis off a cliff just to see if that fat pig would bounce once she hit bottom

  5. Rosie O Donnell along with Obama should be made to leave the country him back to his own country. Rosie along with both Clintons in prison wouldn’t hurt to send Megan Kelly for a ride with them.

  6. Noz, the subject in this thread is O’Donnel, NOT Trump
    If you were the subject of her rants, would you accept her trash talk????????

  7. Rosie, Madonna, Judd are all has been’s that never were. They’re jealous of people like the Trump family that have made it Big o there own. They can’t believe that Mr. Trump is he President. They would like to see the U.S. go to pot, like it was going under the last administration. People who love the U.S. should want to make it great again. President Trump won fair and square. The illegal’s didn’t vote for him, like they did for Hillary. These liberal’s should wake up from there nightmare and should start defending our great President.

  8. President Trump called Rosie O’Donnell a “fat pig”. To date no one has called him a liar or even remotely disputed that claim.

  9. WWJD He would definitely implore Christians to pray for her lost soul.If you are a Christian, you understand. If you don’t understand, ask a Christian to pray for you and explain to you why they are doing that.(WWJD translation – What Would Jesus Do?)

  10. Lock Rosie up and throw away the key. Besides, she was going to leave the Country if Mr. Trump become President.

  11. As aforementioned, I do believe that she would have a much more positive response were she to promote a game of “pushing ROSIE over the edge of the Grand Canyon” AND there would be a hugh amount of extra points for just getting her to the edge, without using hydraulic equipment!! If she wanted to make money selling that game… there would be many more buyers of “rosie, over the edge” than PRESIDENT TRUMP! If you were to not believe this then do your own pole about who is more popular at this time!!! rosie, you would end up on the bottom of either the skill game, the financial game and/or the political game. The Donald was lenient when he referred to you as a “FAT PIG”!! Your personality is even more undesirable than is your bodily profile.

  12. Oh, you guys. It’s her first amendment right to be stupid and/or deranged with her hate and hurt feelings. Either ignore it, or reply with good speech about what you believe. Getting “even” or threatening is just as bad as her bad behavior. I doubt seriously if anyone will be moved to actually push Trump into a volcano! Of course, if her raving urged persons unknown to set fire to cars, break windows, riot in the streets, etc. that would be across the line. If a cartoon disgusts you to the level you seem to be hitting at “punishing” her I call into doubt. Most people didn’t do much about answering the degrading cartoons that were published about Italians, the Irish, Jews, Blacks, etc. for more than a century in the United States. (You can find these on the Internet, and they are really disgusting.)
    The first amendment even allows burning the American flag as a free speech protest. And all have the freedom to leave the USA if they don’t like it and its laws. All the posturing of “I’ll leave the country if Trump gets elected!” is just BS. I can be pretty “brave” if I’m allowed to make such false from the start statements, and then stay here to enjoy the benefits of a free, capitalist society.
    As bad as it gets, just remember, everybody with half a brain wants to live here. The problem is that the other half of their brain wants to still live like they did where they didn’t like living. Go figure.
    Anyway, don’t let the snowflakes get you down.

  13. Rosie O’Donnell should be felt sorry for, first she is not playing with a full deck. Second she hangs with a the Liberal side of the Democratic Party. Third she is on the down side of her carrer.
    So the only thing she has to look forward to is a visit from the Secret Service.

  14. Rosie and Kathy need prayer. They do not have faith and will never be happy unless this ever changes. Homosexuality is not in the design of Creation. The only way they can get right with our Creator is to abstain from this learned behavior.

    I would not blame President Trump for using the Secret Service to interrogate Rosie for her hateful ways, especially when it is so blatant.

  15. I don’t know why the FBI don’t go after these people. He is the President of the US and people should show respect.

  16. Hell no then we would need to feed here. Better off letting he get fat on her own dime. She is a fat pig and stupid one at that.

  17. Isn’t Rosie one of the crazy’s that offered to leave the country? Is there someway we can enforce her wishes and get here to leave permanently?

  18. NO it is NOT okay and in good fun. People are talking about killing the man. They all should be put in jail!!!

  19. If these LaLa land worn-outs were locked up for a while, they might think before they give ideas to more sickos just like them. Some read this and think in terms of it being real. They have no clue how to separate reality from fiction.

  20. Rosi the old sow from hollyweird made a veiled threat against the President. Isn’t it about time these people are rounded up, tried, convicted and jailed for a very, very long time and then expelled from the US to North Korea? Hell, those people are starving. Maybe we can offer her up as a sacrificial Kow and peace offering. She could probably feed an entire village.

  21. It is so sad when many of our countrymen don’t even know what they want. So many want the country to run their way or no way. Some people say Columbus was a pig, but they forget the other side of the coin: without his life, we might not be here to have this conversation. Some don’t know who the pilgrims were: they came here to escape religious prosecution. Some blame the white man for slavery: believe it or not, blacks in America owned slaves, too! Some in this country refuse to take responsibility for their personal failures. Some use their circumstances to justify hate. We are a very divided people that needs to refocus on its history, its traditions, one language of commerce, one law, and respect for each other and authority. We need to put punishment back into lawbreakers. . . give them a reason to never re-offend. Education needs to focus more on learning how to live using our brains, leave the electives as nice to haves if time and funds permit. Every citizen should take a look at “The American’s Creed.” And if we want to get background on how our Constitution came to be, read “The Federalist” and “The 5000 Year Leap.” To learn how the Founders felt and thought, read “The Declaration of Independence” and “The Constitution of the United States.” And for those who came to the United States for refuge or to become citizens, remember our system of law. Don’t break it and don’t try to make us into what you left behind. You came to our house and ignorance is no excuse.


  23. Nobody should want push Trump off a cliff. He might lose his life and that would be murder. Only the great presidents have lost their lives by the hands of someone else. We don’t want to give Trump that legacy.

  24. More illogical comments by the liberal left filled with revenge, hate and violence; seems this is all they know. She should be investigated to show she is being watched. She needs a padded cell not a regular one.

  25. i am a 72 year old army disabled vet and love this country and all americans. did not like oboma but never said wanted him dead. this is in my eyes is nothing but treasion and should be treated as such. anyone who preaches kill the president is maby a member of isis??

  26. Greaseball rosie doesn’t have any taste, nor any manners; no need for her to apologize, she should just go find a big tree and hang herself.

  27. B.S. Obama and the Clintons have gotten away with murder and nothing is ever done. Total corruption from those 3 but the media is as corrupt so nothing is reported.

  28. Yea! Can you imagine if all these threats were against Obama. Everyone one would have been locked up, or worse. These kind of people have no clue about what Pres. Trump is trying to do. They are all dumb, ignorant, simpleminded numbskulls.


  30. “O’Donald” in Irish genealogy means grandchild of Donald. I wonder if………. NO, that’s not possible.

  31. I don’t think it’s fair to call this bucket of liberal vomit a fat pig. Not fair to pigs, I mean.

  32. Rosie is in the grasp of Satan, (as are those who support abortion, assisted suicide, gender ideology, religious persecution etc.) spewing out anger, and inciting others into confusion. The US needs to come to ORDER, (along with other countries, including my Canada) with the intervention of God our Creator. The war is between good and evil. Let us ask God for help!

  33. ROSIE the pig has little menial resources. she needs to be put in a straight jacket.ALONG WITH OTHER IDIOTS BEGGING FOR ATTENTION AND KNOW THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN GET.

  34. An evil woman with a foul mouth, an arrogant attitude, dismissive of thoughtful commentary and totally enthralled with her own stature. Her reality is that everyone waits breathlessly for her opinions and worships at her self aggrandized image, which, if described by the conservative public would probably look like Medusa. At the least she speaks with a forked tongue.

  35. Trump got it right the first time…..She is a fat pig who is so disgusted with herself that she lashes out at other people. She needs serious psychotherapy to help her over eating and her bad potty mouth. I am assuming she has a rare form of tourette’s syndrome.

  36. Yea, they aught to go back and look at all the comments that Obama and Bill Clinton received and compare which was worse. These comment from Rosie a minimal compared to some of those received by those two from the Republicans.

  37. Personal who really cares what Rosie has to say about anything, she’s a typical loudmouth lesbian who thinks she’s speaks for the gay Community just like all these left-wing Nut Cases think they represent us and are protecting us. They don’t. Just like Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson think they represent the black community, it’s a disgrace the way they act. every black friend I have say they do not represent them as people like Rosie don’t represent me or My gay friends. She’s an embarrassment to our community.

  38. I thought she had promised to relocate her fat ass to another country if Trump won the election. I guess that was just hot air from an ultra-liberal blowhard.

  39. Pigs are not the nicest animals around, and this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Actually, as I think about it, calling Rosie a fat pig is an insult to fat pigs the world over.

  40. Rosie O’Donnell is just a bitter old troll – who has no career left – so she makes outrageous statements to get some attention. Maybe if someone would just give her a quarter she would go back under her bridge for a while.

  41. Rosie needs to get off the drugs, put down the whiskey, and come into the REAL world, where Donald Trump IS HER PRESIDENT!!! Trump was elected by a majority of Americans (but not by the illegal alien vote, which doesn’t count), and he’s doing what ordinary Americans WANT him to do. The Swamp dwellers and leftist maniac liberals don’t like that, but guess what? THEY LOST! Now they need to go see their Psychiatrists, get into treatment, and understand they are swimming upstream in a liberal swamp, and we want that swamp DRAINED! If Rosie likes the swamp, it’s HER problem. It will NEVER become out problem. Get with the times,Rosie. Your opinion doesn’t count anymore, and certainly your rabid hatred of Trump is pathological.

  42. The very worst that you can do to a FORMER CELEBRITY is to ignore her.
    I seriously doubt that she could possibly be all that upset with our PRESIDENT >>>>> But I can assure you that were there to be NO FEEDBACK or RIDICULE coming at her for this latest blast she would be devastated and feel that no one had noticed….exactly the proper course to follow. watch the cow squirm.

  43. YES…Ditto for me. There are limits to what is a “bad joke” and what is OK. This is
    neither. Investigation is TRULY needed. Norman in Utah,

  44. Like all lefties she has a better than anyone else attitude, personally I’d like to push here where she belongs “HELL”!!Just more stupidity from hollywood !!

  45. This pig should be forced to keep her promise and leave the country now that Trump is President!

  46. Whether or not you like the man,(which I do) shouldn’t we respect the office. I got to the point during the last presidency that I could not watch him (Obama) speak but I always thought of the presidency and that regardless of my personal feelings for him – he was my president.

  47. Take her out to the hog renderin’ shack and hook her up to bleed her out. I don’t believe I want any bacon or ham from that nasty sow.

  48. Her and Kathy Griffin should be put in the same cell and be fed bread and water like the old days for prisoners for a week and not allowed to apologize but be tried for threatening the President. If it was a Male we would be in jail as we are just regular people.


  50. The Secret Service ought to pay her a visit, place her under arrest, lock her up, and put her on a gurney, and stick her!

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