Wait until you hear what this top Democrat suggests we do to illegal aliens

The Democrats have gone off the deep end on the immigration issues.

From promoting open border policies to abolishing ICE, much of the party isn’t anywhere close to the views of mainstream Americans.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when compared to the latest proposal from one top Democrat.

Democrat Caucus Chair Joe Crowley wants to financially “compensate” illegal aliens who crossed the border and were separated under Trump’s zero-tolerance border enforcement.


“To have these children ripped apart and separated is one of the most reprehensible things I’ve witnessed in my twenty years of service here in the House of Representatives.”
The damage that has been done to these children will be lifelong, to the families units will be lifelong as well and in fact, I suggest they need to be compensated for what this administration did to them.

The Daily Caller noted:

The New York Congressman is referencing President Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy that essentially ended “catch and release.” Instead, under Trump’s policy, people who were apprehended trying to come into the country illegally were separated and held until their hearings, whereas under previous administrations, those who were caught trying to illegally cross the border were released and expected to show up to their court date.

Crowley was once considered a top pick to replace Pelosi as leader of the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives.

But then the ten term incumbent lost to 28-year-old Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Now he, along with much of the rest of the Democrat party, is moving further toward Ocasio-Cortez’s radical position on immigration.

Ocasio-Cortez recently said Trump’s zero tolerance policy was on the same “spectrum” as “ethnic cleansing.”

What are your thoughts on Crowley proposing to “compensate” illegal aliens for breaking the law and crossing America’s southern border?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Kerry,

  2. Kerry,

  3. Beth,
    You sd it all and sd it very well.If we don’t stop these democrates and illegals we will no longer have our country.But i know we will prevail and kick out of our country omar rashida aoc pressley and linda sour who disregards all her arab womans abuse and now involved in our country in the womans movements. Wow linda and omar you ignore your own womans rights.Soon you will be gone.

  4. You have understated the hypocrisy of the Dems. They have forsaken all patriotism, honesty and common decency.
    If Hitler was their Party leader, they would follow him in lockstep fashion.

  5. John Decker your solution is extremely DUMB!!!
    It may cost you a lot more than you think, because what you are trying to do is called fraud.

  6. Ethnic cleansing, eh? It seems the Democrat Party has been “ethically” cleansed – all human ethics have been successfully purged from their thought processes, leaving nothing but the machinery of destruction, financial devastation, moral demolition, and denial of all logic.

  7. Janice, are you high on something, or maybe you like to emulate an ostrich. Obominator did more to wreck the country than he did to help it grow, other than in dis-unity. I guess you prefer the divisions obominator created. If you are in agreement with the foolish talk about President Trump being racist or any of that other trash, then I guess you also think the world is flat, and that the sun orbits the earth.

  8. What is common knowledge to many of us is criminal activity at best in the democrats point of view. We say, common sense, they scream racism, or child hater, or anything else that is derogatory that comes to mind.

  9. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m driving to Texas. I’m gonna park my car in walking distance of the border, then cross into Mexico. When I walk across from where my car is parked I’m going to cross back into Texas and tell them I’m an illegal and collect my money. Then I’m gonna drive farther down the border and do it again. The border is a couple hundred miles long, so as long as I don’t do it so close that the same guy catches me twice it sounds like easy money. And if it’s cash, I don’t have to report it to Social Security, so they won’t dock my check. If I’d known about this years ago, I could’a done it instead of a regular job.

  10. When WW3 breaks out here in the USA, the hispanic illegals & muslims will wish they had left the USA voluntarily…..Their empty heads have prevailed due to their aim to collect free money………..Only all educated people know you can’t spend money after you are 6ft. under………

  11. I really can’t understand why people think our country has an endless supply of money; I am incredulous that our elected ‘civil servants’ can be this far removed from reality. Under Obama our national debt began skyrocketing out of control; Trump is trying to get it under control, and we certainly can’t afford to be giving money to non-citizens. If/when Democrats start to control things again we are likely to actually begin defaulting on our national debt; it is becoming a burden on the Middle Class now!!

  12. IF THE DIP SH~t Lib Nut cases want all their new friends here they should pay for out of their own pockets until it balances out no matter how much it costs them . And then they all can be held accountable for all murders and dope dealers they all love so much and deserve to live here more than us red blooded Americans do. These F’n are mental cases

  13. To keep them together.
    Load all of them on C 130 and fly them to our base in Brazil. Hand them $10.00 each to help them get home. Word would get out about the long walk home. And this B S might stop.

  14. To many politicians saw the “invasion” as a way to get more of what they wanted. Votes, and lower cost workers. That, as a thumb nail sketch of their agenda is all they were interested in. The rest of us, well, just shut up, vote for us, and do as we tell you to do. Let us run the country as we see fit, rank and file of Americans, we see you as to stupid to know what is best for our agenda, so be quiet and stop fighting what we want done. That, is the agenda of many in our government. They just do not have the “guts” to admit it.

  15. What you say is very true, but one should consider the point of view of the democrats, and their ally, the media. All of this is to work on the emotions of the people to gain their sympathy for these children. They do not want people to see a point of view such as what you have made in your message. The democrats want votes. Putting the issue forward to gain the emotional response is how they want the people to view this issue, and to vote for them to correct it. Reason, as you have pointed out, is to them, what a light turned on is to a roach. By all means, make that light as blindingly brilliant as is possible. Maybe, just maybe, others will see that your point of view is correct, and to turn against the democrats. Something people do not realize is that the communist party of America decided that the best way to get their ideology into America was to join, and to become part of the democratic party. It has reached the point that what the democrats want, is mirrored by what the communist party wants. Trusting the democrats is not unlike trusting thin ice to support you as you attempt to cross a lake. Getting across, warm and dry is unlikely.


  17. Why not just have these people (illegal migrants ) stay home, contact the demoncrat politician of their choice whose district they would like to live in and have him send them a welfare check each month, this way the family can stay together and Comfortable in their own residence, but, than the libartards would have nothing to complain about.also it would give these libartards a reason to go on a sabatical to check if their constituents are doing ok…..

  18. I want to know what insane asylum has left it’s doors unlocked; because that could be the only explanation for where these lunatics have come from.

  19. I’m with you Linda S. These invaders ILLEGALS need to be put i their place. send them back to wherever they came from, better yet let our troops shoot them and let god sort them out. Since when do we pay a criminal to do a crime???? Invasion of a country is a WAR crime to me anyway and that should make up for killing these invaders.. Matter of fact these ILLEGAL criminals are killing American citizens and the DEMONRATS are letting them get away with it.

  20. These communists that call themselves democrat polititions should be put in getmo prison hung for being traitors to the U.S.

  21. You hit the nail on the head perfectly! I have not
    read a better argument against the Democrats
    love of illegal aliens and the democrats want to

    You need to run for Congress and you can help
    President Trump to drain the swamp!


  23. I agree with that. It’s not Trump’s fault. It was Obamas wrong doing, he should fix it, oh wait he’s not good at fixing things. I agree. Don’t let them in.

  24. Children are not ripped from their parents. How dramatic. They are taken from their parents. As the law requires. The parents should be held responsible for bringing their kids in illegally. Ignoring our laws shows people the illegals don’t respect our laws. We don’t need more law breakers in the US.

  25. When people come here and are caught with drugs or have criminal records these people are jailed and their kids are separated . This has always been the policy and not a word from the hypocrite libs. I guess we should stop arresting these people or put their kids in jail with the parents.



  27. Just when you think you have heard the dumbest thing ever another libtard out stupids them. Please stop the lunacy! Actually it is probably helping us on the conservative side with this dumb crap. Keep it up idiots.

  28. Is this guy on Drugs or something??? What the hell is he talking about ??
    It’s lunacy like that …..THEN WHAT GIVE THEM AUTOMATIC CITIZENSHIP…. THIS IS why we and I SAY WE TAX THE Payers- Country ARE
    21 Trillion In Debut….//…/

  29. Of there were hundreds of rapists and murderers, how come we have only heard about a very few rapes or murders committed by these people in the last 20 months that Trump has been president and not hundreds.

  30. Linda S. Everything that you said I agree heartily! The wall should have been built many years ago now look at the mess we’re in !!! Donald Trump has my vote in 2020 God Bless him and his family and God bless the USA!

  31. ABSOLUTLEY not!!!!!! Obama had been doing the same thing for years!!!!! Why try to make this Trumps fault??? This as another of BAMALOOS RULES he should pay for it!!!
    Send them all back to where they came from and let them know this is their compensation for illegally crossing our boarders period.

  32. Oh John, you are so wrong…this thing with ripping children from their parents when the parents are committing a crime was going on with Bush and especially Obama. Trump in no way started this BUT HE IS TRYING TO CORRECT IT STARTING WITH THE PARENTS…HE TOLD THEM THEY ARE WELCOME WHEN & IF THEY COME IN THE RIGHT WAY, JUST LIKE ALL THE ONES BEFORE THEM CAME IN CORRECTLY…NOT SNEAK ACROSS THE BORDER.

  33. This is ridiculous!
    They are criminals! They committed a crime with their (or others) children in tow. It is their fault! If you robbed a bank and got caught you would go to jail and any children you brought along on your crime spree would be taken from you and put up for adoption. It is child abuse and they should be held responsible and sent back to their countries to be disciplined for their acts. They could be welcomed in through the correct legal process. Mexico encouraged the foreigners to invade the US. They let them in to begin with. They should keep them. Other countries would have shot the invaders at the borders.
    It is illegal to invade a country. And then the Demos want to support them when we can’t even support our own elderly and poor?! Our own veterans are in need, why can we not help them? They gave their lives and health to fight for our rights that the Demos want to give away to the invaders.
    We owe our veterans for fighting and protecting our homes & lives! From illegal dishonest invaders! And our elderly that deserve our care not the criminals who break in! Close the borders and the crime and drug trade will stop. Stop the invading criminals, and their boats and subs from bringing in the drugs & crime into our country. Fight to Protect our America!
    Perhaps we should bring all of our troops home to stand on our ground and protect our borders from the illegals? Shoot the criminals! Protect American First!

  34. Anna, You asked why they didn’t have a problem with this when Obama did it? Didn’t you know that under Obama, being an Illegal Immigrant was a “Get Out of Jail Free Card”? He let criminals who were illegal immigrants out of jail, no matter what they were arrested for. Hundreds of murderers and hundreds of rapists were released onto to the streets to continue their crime sprees.O was so caring to his fellow Ilegals.

  35. Well said! These illegals are immigration invaders of the US. They are breaking our laws intentionally and laughing at us for being so stupid. They bring some kids, any kids along to get sympathy as they make fools of us. They break our laws, and we reward them with lots of freebees.. we can’t afford
    To send our kids to college even though we work two jobs. But we pay fir illegals kids to go to college. How stupid!!! If they were really running for safety they could have stopped in MexMexico. But they get everything give to them here. They break the law
    This invasion should have been stoppedImmediately when it first started by, taking them back over the biorder. They are NOT coming here because they want to be an American. They don’t bother to learn the language. Some illegals have been here fir decades and still not bothered to become citizens because they don’t care about Americans. They just want the

  36. You would prefer the kids go to jail with their “parents”? Some of those kids were abducted to begin with. So, being “ripped from their “parents” is setting them free for bondage. Perhaps you agree with human trafficking, so people not the legal parents, or some other blood relative, should have the right to freely abduct kids and use them as they see fit? Bush ignored the law, did not enforce it. Obominator DID put kids in cages. The law is being upheld, as it should be. If you are against the law being upheld, then why would you complain against illegal activity visited on you, since you are against the law being upheld? If those seeking entry into America, do it the right way, no kids are taken from their parents. The key is, doing it the right way. You are against doing things the right way? Need money, go steal it? Need a car, take it from the owner who has been paying for it? You do not like the immigration laws being upheld, why uphold any others? The kids who are “ripped from their parents, are well taken care of, IF you have paid attention to those reports.

  37. It is just terrible that children have to be “ripped” from their parents. Some don’t even have some parents to be ripped from. This terrible thing has not happened since Bush and Obama.

  38. If the Demos want to compensate then give up their salaries for this cause. DO NOT ASK TAX PAYERS FOR THIS. Trump gave up his salary.

  39. Wake up America! I hope you are listening to the Democrats policy on immigration. Open the borders, let everyone in and compensate them. Really…!

  40. Would he favor compensating people who were sent to prison for malum prohibitum crimes where there is no victim like those who were convicted and imprisoned for crimes like gambling, or buying marijuana? Many of those people were and still are separated from their children. That would make more sense, which sadly is something this fool does not have.

  41. This man is nothing more than a Democrat ‘blowhard’ trying to garner votes. Why wasn’t this a problem under Obama. The parents that brought or sent them are lawbreakers that do not respect the ‘rights’ of American citizens. They know they can come here and live off all of us American taxpayers. I say no more! Our Constitution was designed to protect American citizens not someone here illegally. Mexico has it’s own constitution;read it sometime. You or I wouldn’t dare enter Mexico and ‘demand’ anything as we’d end up in jail in a flash. Mexico’s constitution clearly states it recognizes the rights of its citizens only! This guy cannot be serious.

  42. Butchy #1 is a conservative
    Butchy #2 is a “crazy” liberal
    There will be no question in your mind which is which. Butchy #1 is a “deplorable” warrior and Butchy #2 is a Trump and deplorables hater.

  43. Margaret, the real number is 350 Billion. It costs the taxpayers $16,250.00 per student for public school education. The small county I live in has 452 illegal aliens in the school system. Multiply that times the number of counties in this country and the number gets larger and larger. Then on top of that we supply them with free lunches and food to take home for weekends. This is madness at it’s best. I sent a letter to President Trump and offered to help build his wall. No reply yet.

  44. Any parent that would illegally invade a country with their children and knowingly put their children in harms way are guilty of child abuse. The citizens of our country that are suspected of child abuse have they children immediately taken away from them. It’s for the protection of the children. Why should these law breakers be treated any better? A lot of these children don’t belong to these people, they are being used to gain entry. They are saying they are escaping persecution in their home country, that is a lie or they would stop in Mexico. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t mind people butting in line and pushing their way to the front so they can be served first? I have never heard one person say they are fine with that. That is exactly what invaders are doing, pushing to the front of the line. They have no respect for our laws. They are just looking for a free ride as fast as they can get it. I have huge respect for people willing to follow the proper channels to become citizens. I once read a story about a German immigrant that told his family they were only allowed to speak English in their home, no German; because they were American now. He hung the Stars and Stripes everywhere, he was so proud to be American. I LOVE people like that! That’s what we need in this country, not invaders! These people don’t respect our laws, the minute they invade our country they are criminals. If they are dragging their children along, they are child abusers.

  45. What A dumb ass he is!! Give them A swift kick in the ASS!! We owe them nothing but prosicution for breaking the law!!!

  46. Rick
    Great testamony to your wife – you must be very proud!
    After all she has been through and her will to accomplish all of that I am sure that she was proud to become a Republican. It sounds like she certainly has the belief and values of a great REPUBLICAN!
    If Democrats had the same beliefs that they are not put here to get everything FREE. But are here to earn their own way! NO ONE should have a free ride we are here to work hard and earn our own way. People are not owed free education, food, housing, medical, etc. the big difference in Demos and Republicans. So frustrating but I wish everyone had the values to understand life is a gift and we are all here to provide for ourselves and thank God for his blessings on us. TRUMPET 2020 ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????GOD BLESS THE USA! There is still no better place to live. We can be thankful for people like Trump and Republicans that serve us!!!

  47. Joe Crowley you are crazy!!! You can pay these people yourself out of your paycheck if you want to do that but the USA SHOULD NOT BE PAYING THESE ILLIGAL IMMIGRANTS A DIME. Some of these were not even their own children – just used to get freedom here quickly.
    This was Obama’s Rules that Trump got stuck with and now gets blamed with. These illegals chose to come here we did not invite them!!

  48. Peggy, you are wrong. Your view on gun laws and the control of guns is also wrong. There is no need for new gun laws with what we already have on the books. You are accepting the rhetoric of people hoping that you are too ignorant to know what they are talking about, much less questioning it. Like a fish, you have swallowed their baited hook, hook, sinker, line, rod and reel, and wanting more. Silly woman, you only know what you have heard and are reacting only to what you have heard, without any thought to anything beyond that. You REALLY need to get the real facts from the FBI and their findings as well as from the NRA. I doubt that is going to happen because you are obviously quite happy accepting the swill that the left is feeding to you. There are MANY FBI, as well as police department and police associations that will tell you the truth. Guns, in the hands of law abiding citizens is an aid to keeping the peace in America. Get the real facts, IF you dare to do so.

  49. Let’s just leave the dimwit far lefties alone and allow them to dig their burial holes deeper. These Democrat thugs, along with the RINO thugs will eventually feel the wrath of the American Conservative voters come the 2018 mid terms. In the meantime, give them all the rope they need to hanf high and then be buried in their own self dug deep holes!

  50. If you’re an American Citizen you’ll just get the book thrown at you and be jailed. The laws for them are leniency, but for us, we pay the penalty.

  51. Ahemtonto,

    What part of “came here legally don’t you understand? I suggest you have somebody read what he wrote and explain it so you can figure it out. Have them bring lots of bananas.

  52. Scott27 Please wake up smell the roses In Nonmember I hope every Dem. suffer a lose. If the Dem take back both houses that may be a start of another Civil War, and your people will not win, because the Lib don’t have guns, and we do.

  53. She still violated U.S. Immigration Statutes and jumped from what should have been her rightful place in the legal immigration line ahead of millions that await legal immigration. She placed herself above the rule of law. Why did she not stay in Mexico and fight the good fight to make Mexico a more sought after place to live? Like all of the illegal immigrants they come here to avoid any pain and inconveniences to improve their homelands and those that they left behind. Here they have been assured by open border politicians they will be given all of the support they need to live the life they wanted back home but were too lazy and uncommitted to achieve. Send her back! We, the American taxpayers paid for everything thing she was able to do. Why don’t we extend that kind of helping hand to those Americans that deserve assistance from their fellow Americans?

  54. Hey good Butchy! We know there is an imposter out there. If and when I refer to you it is as Butchy #1 and the idiot as Butchy #2. I know it is maddening to you but we immediately know which is which.


  56. Yea, I’ll bet these ‘poor’ children are crying when they are reunited with their (?) parents. They have probably NEVER HAD IT SO GOOD as when they were cared for by the U.S. Government — three square meals and a CLEAN, safe bed to sleep in. The BIG problem facing the Government officials was –‘who do these children REALLY belong to’?? It is COMMON KNOWLEDGE that many of them were kidnapped and USED as a free ticket into the USA. Why don’t these ‘bleeding hearts’ wise up and see what’s REALLY going on. Certainly we feel for these children — why don’t the democrats ???

  57. GOD BLESS President Trump for MAKING THE USA GREAT AGAIN……….Now all we have to do is get rid of the liberals, illegals, & muslims and the USA will be TRIPLED in greatness..

  58. What Sanitarium are you chained to.???……..You definitely belong to the uneducated and worthless liberals.

  59. Compensate them for breaking the law? HMMMMMM sounds like a good idea. I think I’ll go out and break the law today because I could use i little free money/

  60. michael,

    Brilliant!! How many bananas did it take for you to come up with that? Now go back to your perch and scratch your armpits. Your trainer will be by later with a big box on bananas to teach something else. Now clap your hands and smile for the tourists.

  61. Damn good idea Paul…. Work for me!!! The liberals needs the votes otherwise we would never hear from the jerks!!

  62. They were right by his side!!!! Its only case Trump won we have this insane crap going on!!!! THANK GOD TRUMP WON!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!

  63. Bender,

    You have been on a bender and are delusional. As the old saying goes, you are mixing apples with oranges. It isn’t the same and you are only proving your ignorance. We have been paying ILLEGALS for far too long with our tax dollars that could have been used for LEGAL citizens of this country who are truly in need.

    Why should any taxpayer have their hard earned dollars forked out to anyone who entered this country ILLEGALLY? Next thing we will be hearing from you demomorons is that we need to pay all the criminals in jail an hourly wage. Can you lemmings get any more ignorant? Are you so desperate to get voters, you will forsake this country and the LEGAL citizens?

    As Forrest Gump said “Stupid is as stupid does” and you idiots have reached new levels of stupid. You lemmings are truly eat up with a severe case of dumb a$$.

  64. We want to be compensated for the money stolen from us by Obama via Obamacare. This has done serious damage to our financial and physical well being and is still felt today! Does this scumbag think that all the taxpayers in this Country should be on the hook to pay invaders? Another unbelievable scheme by the unhinged Left!

  65. What kind of disjointed non-sense is this? Do you always wander around, never producing a coherent thought, in what you think you want to express?

  66. And let Trump and the rethuglicans pay the welfare bill for the farmers Trump needs to bailout because of his trade war. Maybe they wouldn’t need it if they didn’t have iPhones. Should they also take drug tests to get their welfare payments?

  67. He doesn’t care what the actual truth is. He is after the emotional “knee jerk” reaction of people who act first, and do not think about what they are doing, to get his political agenda supported. So long as they can get something for themselves out of it, bio-mass objects, like Crowley do not care about the law. All they care about is their agenda.

  68. I’m not paying a dime to ANY ILLEGALS for anything! They are not owed anything for coming to my country Illegally! Who the hell do these morons think they are!? This is ludicrous!! Outrageous!! And disturbing all in one! Don’t come here is you don’t want to be arrested DUH!! Stop breaking the laws dumb asses and quit putting your children in harms way!! Geez.. are they that stupid!?

  69. Our government is not being fair to those immigrants that came here the correct way and paid to become a citizen. if I were them I would speak out. I know one family that came with a green card. His green card was about to expire so he made an appoint with our embassy in his country to restate his card when arriving in his country the embassy changed the hearing 3 month out . Most all the 17,000 dollars they had saved to become a citizen, they had to spend because he was not working. Now he has to save again. Why do we cater to the illegal ones and not to the people that are trying to do it the right way. We owe the illegals nothing but a trip back to the country they came from. If they want asylum then go to our embassy in the country they reside in and ask for help

  70. Lets Let these idiot Left radicals cough up out of their own pockets the money to support their agendas of Freebies to the Illegals they so Pine for…..they always want to spend the Taxpayers Hard Earned Money with their Stupid Ideas….Anyone can say they are here because of hardships in their homelands, yet they don’t go through our Ports of Entry, instead they Illegally cross our border wherever they can….If these Illegals want what Citizens have here in the USA then let them stay in their own countries and change their laws and government there, use that energy they have to walk across Mexico to reform their own country instead of coming here causing all this discord among our people….weather you want to believe it or not They are Dragging our Country down to becoming a Third World Country jus so the Democrats can brain wash them into voting for them….The Left wants Power & Low Wages for our Citizens just to Get into Power in Washington….Wake Up People before you can’t recognize our country and the destruction of the so called American Dream…..

  71. Gee, when the Nazis threw whole families of Jews into prison camps together, they didn’t tell anybody, because they knew it was wrong! Especially when they planned on killing them, and never releasing them. Now the Dems want to keep them all together as prisoners, until Crowley decided to put them up in hotel rooms, at taxpayer expense! Hotel rooms are not jails. Who’s going to make sure they stay there, until their case is adjudicated? Oh wait, that’s right, in Dem’s eyes, they are NOT, ILLEGAL aliens. Once they make it here, they can just walk away! Eventually, the Dems will find a way to give them the vote, then they’ll show their gratitude for voting for the Dems! Yep, nutty plans, alright! What a party!

  72. Foreign Criminal Invaders are breaking and entering, holding American citizens hostage,and demanding the citizens own elected officials assist and condone the break in and robbery of the American citizens, and pass laws to decriminalize those lawless actions by the Criminal Invaders ! Where in the world do these judges, representatives, and senators get the rights to protect and promote the lawbreaker, over the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS OF THE AMERICAN CITIZENS ?

  73. Why is it that none of the crazy schemes to gain votes that the left comes up with surprise me anymore? Maybe we show give them new cars when they get done illegally entering our country? How about mink coats too? NOTHING they come up with shocks me anymoreb and thats pretty sad, because they come up with some real nutty plans these days

  74. Why is it that none of the crazy schemes to gain votes that the left comes up with surprise me anymore? Maybe we show give them new cars when they get done illegally entering our country? How about mink coats too? NOTHING they come up with shocks me anymoreb and thats pretty sad, because they come up with some real nutty plans these days

  75. Dave…You were right the firtst time…..”ILLEGAL ALIENS.” Illegal Aliens is the term that always been the term used by our government in official terms in our immigration laws. ILLEGAL ALIEN is as ILLEGAL ALIENS are…

  76. That is a great ???? idea, let these big congress Democratics
    Pay for the migrants that they choose. Not just dictating
    To spend the taxpayers money. Trump better get a lot
    Tougher on this immigration or things will just go to Anarchy
    Then you will have trouble.

  77. Can somebody suggest to Crowley to introduce to Congress that expense for compensating
    the illegals should come from salary of Congressmen? Wish Crowley will double his share.

  78. Arrest all Parents for Child Abuse, how many Parents would drag their Children across a whole Country, filled with all sorts of danger? What kind of responsible Parent would so this, or turn their Children over to strangers? We do not need people here that lack character, intelligence, and the basic Parenting skill of protecting your Children.

  79. By the way, do you knoww what happens to an American citizen who is arrested with their children in their care? Their kids do not get to go to jail with them!! There will be a serious attempt to contact a family member to come and get the children, but if a family member is not available, a call is made to Child Protective Service and the kids are place in their care. THE CHILDREN ARE SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS! Do the Democrats really want to treat illegal alien (I’m sorry – undocumented aliens) better than they treat American citizens? We need to show compassion and kindness, but we should not everyone who can get across the borders live on our dollars for years without even having to contribute anything, not even any form of work to earn their keep!

  80. If he has been in congress for 20 years then it is time for him to be retired! Since he wants to compensate those who entered our country illegally, I think his government retirement should be given to the people in his home district who have entered in this manner. And the only reason we don’t have a more firm immigration policy is because congress has done nothing to address this problem. Fortunately, our president has set up a situation where they must act. If they don’t act, I say throw them all out of office and try a new crop of representatives who are not “political do nothings!” If an American enters Mexico illegally, they will be sumarily thrown into a Mexican prison for one year! And their prisons are not private rooms with color TV! I say the only compensation they should be given is a one way ticket home with the exception of those who actually do need to be here for their physical safety.

  81. it is time to stop blaming America. put the blame where it belongs….on the immigrants. America does not owe them a red cent America did not invite THEM or force them to come here. just put them on the other side of the border give them ZERO DOLLARS UNTIL THE US TAKES A HARD STAND, THEY WILL COME AND WANT HANDOUTS FOREVER. I know the DEMS WANT TO PAY THEM. but that money could go to our vets or homeless. we do not owe the immigrants anything but a GOODBYE they have broken our laws and are now criminals. THEY PUT THEIR CHILDREN IN THIS SITUATION, NOW THEY CAN GET THEM AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM. PARENTS DO NOT TREAT THEIR CHILDREN LIKE THIS IF THEY CARE ABOUT THEM, THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY.

  82. Most of the children that were separated did not come in through the legal point of entry and were brought by smugglers.

  83. Rick, Thank you for taking time to write your great comment. A lot of young people are liberals were too young to remember a lot of your comment. I am honestly afraid for the future of our Country.

  84. Someone, anyone answer this. When and where did Joe Crowley witness a child being ripped apart and separated from a parent. Didn’t know abortion clinics had such loose restrictions that they would allow a non-relative observe. No Joe you saw immigration law in action and done properly to protect the children being brought to our border by a person who may or may not be a parent of that child or a legal guardian.

  85. Hey, I didn’t fall for the garbage you folks keep eating. I am an independent voter and after seeing the real truth and then verifying it, there was no way I could even think about voting for the Hilldebeast.

    Your party IS the repressive, lieing, self-serving party here. You stifle the speech of those that disagree with you. You try in every aspect to restrict the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens. And now members of your party want to pay these ILLEGALS for ICE adhering to the laws of this country. When facts are presented to you, you choose to ignore them rather than see them for what they really are – the truth. Why haven’t you looked at the link I sent you? Why don’t you look up the information I referred to? Is it because you are truly afraid of the truth? A perfect example of the ugly truth is Mad Maxine Waters committing an act of sedition by enciting acts of hate on Trump’s cabinet members.

    These elected Democrat representatives swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution and they have failed miserably. Promoting ILLEGAL aliens to enter this country is a violation of law. Slowly stripping us of our second amendment rights is a violation of the Constitution. Repressing our first amendment rights is a violation of the Constitution. Yet, this is happening every day by members of your party.

    It clearly seems to me that you are the ones doing the song and dance routine while you desperately try to keep blowing smoke up our backsides.

  86. It’s NOT just people from Mexico illegally crossing our southern border. We don’t know who or what they are unless they enter the country via proper Chanels!

    I for one am VERY grateful that President Trump is keeping his promise to keep dangerous countries from sending people to the U.S.A. who HATE us to kill us!

    It is NOT a “Muslim ban” by the way! I for one wish it WAS! According to the Pew Research Center in 2010, there were 50 Muslim-majority countries. Around 62% of the world’s Muslims live in the Asia-Pacific region (from Turkey to Indonesia), with over 1 billion adherents.

    The US Supreme Court has upheld a ban by President Donald Trump on travel to the US from seven countries! Only 5 of the 7 are “Muslim countries!” North Korea, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Venezuela.

    3 guesses which of the 4 out of 9 justices voted in opposition of President Trumps travel ban… That right all 4 dissenting justices, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Master-Bader Ginsburg were appointed by liberal Democrats! Why? Because they don’t give a damn if Americans are killed by Muslims who hate America!

    In the 5-4 opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court finds that Trump’s travel restriction fell “squarely” within the president’s authority.

    Obama, “Don’t worry about Islamic Muslim immigrants they are all subject to passing vigorous federal background checks!”

    Obama, “Federal background checks simply do not work, therefore we must ban all assault type weapons!”

    Yes, Liberals really are that STUPID!

    Bill Clinton let it happen 9/11/01 All Visas for all 19 9/11/01 Islamic Muslim terrorists were handed out by liberal democrats under the Clinton administration!

    All 19 learned to fly and did not want to learn how to land under the Clinton administration! These Muslims were already in the country when Bush took office!

    The list below is the names of all 19 Islamic Muslim terrorists that murdered 3000 Americans on 9/11/10.. We need to make sure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! How can we do that? Keep voting Republicans because DemocRats do NOT care about anything but getting votes NOT about American lives!

    1) Khalid Al-Midhar
    2) Majed Moqed
    3) Nawaq Alhamzi
    4) Salem Alhamzi
    5) Hani Hanjour
    6) Satam Al Suqami
    7) Waleed M. Alshehri
    8) Wail Alshehri
    9 ) Mohamed Atta
    10) Abdulaziz Alomari
    11) Marwan Al-Shehhi
    12) Fayez Ahmed
    13) Ahmed Alghamdi
    14) Hamza Alghamdi
    15) Mohald Alshehri
    16) Saeed Alghamdi
    17) Ahmed Alhaznawi
    18) Ahmed Alnami
    19) Ziad Jarrahi

  87. Where were they when Obama separated illegal children during his administration? It was OK then but now its wrong to follow the law and treat illegals as invaders of our nation, separating children that may not be with parents but with smugglers instead. many of the current children are not family after DNA tests. Liberal Democrats simply want illegals invested to vote for them and pay their way with taxpayer money. They had the money to pay to get to the border, why should taxpayers support them.

  88. Seriously, JH? There is no truth or soul in your trump world. I’m sorry but you’ve sold both for what? a promise, a song a dance?

  89. That was a GREAT episode of M.A.S.H. I love that show! Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok and his lover Lisa Page remind me of Majors Margaret Houlihan and Frank Burns. Always conspiring against Hawkeye, Trapper John and later BJ Hunnicutt.

    Peter Strzok like Frank burns looks like a no chin weasel, a REAL “Ferret face” and I’d love to knock that stupid smirk off his Ferret face! I for one can’t wait to see that stupid smirk turn upside down when he is sentenced to prison for obstruction of justice, I bet he cryes like a little baby!

    Bob Mueller should also BE CHARGED With Conspiracy against a sitting U.S. President Trump!

    Liberals ALWAYS WRONG! But damn proud of themselves….

    Obama had 8 years in office to corrupt all branches of the federal bureaucracy. Lets face it NOT even President Trump can fix it in less that two years! Perfect example Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok is STILL an FBI agent! And we have an obstructionist democRat party refusing to approve President Trumps appointees! And lets NOT forget about the disgraced former FBI Director James Comey who let the pantsuit Pig off scot-free free!

  90. We already compensate the illegal which a recent government study showed!! Do you know last year we gave with our taxpayer money $190billion in benefits to illegal alien?? Of that $190billion, 51% went to them for welfare benefits and of that 51% welfare payment, 21% have been receiving them have been receiving welfare benefits for over 20 years with welfare benefits!! Now here is the crazy part, every last dime of that taxpayer money is illegal because Congress never approved that money as the Constitution requires. Welcome to being totally screwed by the Democrat Party for their leadership did this under President Obama without Congress knowing!!!….

  91. God even has a Great Wall in heaven to keep idiot liberals OUT! Revelations 21; 12. And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:.

    2 Chronicles 14:7

    For he said to Judah, “Let us build these cities and surround them with walls and towers, gates and bars. The land is still ours because we have sought the LORD our God; we have sought Him, and He has given us rest on every side.” So they built and prospered.

    21 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

    2 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

    God even has a Great Wall in heaven to keep idiot liberals OUT! Revelations 21; 12. And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:.

    Revelation 21:12-19
    It had a great and high wall, with twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels; and names were written on them, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the sons of Israel. There were three gates on the east and three gates on the north and three gates on the south and three gates on the west. And the wall of the city had twelve foundation stones, and on them were the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

    The one who spoke with me had a gold measuring rod to measure the city, and its gates and its wall. The city is laid out as a square, and its length is as great as the width; and he measured the city with the rod, fifteen hundred miles; its length and width and height are equal. And he measured its wall, seventy-two yards, according to human measurements, which are also angelic measurements. The material of the wall was jasper; and the city was pure gold, like clear glass. The foundation stones of the city wall were adorned with every kind of precious stone The first foundation stone was jasper; the second, sapphire; the third, chalcedony; the fourth, emerald;

    Revelation 21:21

    21And the twelve gates were twelve pearls, with each gate consisting of a single pearl. The main street of the city was pure gold, as pure as transparent glass. 22But I saw no temple in the city, because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple.…

    Matthew 16:19

    19I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

  92. EXCELLENT, this is a happy comment and I am glad to see it. ALL others need to follow her and her family in how they come to America.

  93. 100% AGREE.Count me in on your comment about being racist. The other things about voter ID are all to true. One point to make here for those who think blacks are useless. Those who want nothing to do with them. If they ever need a blood transfusion, they need to refuse it. Why? Because a black doctor in the 1930’s developed blood typing, and made transfusions safe. Reminds me of the MASH episode with the guy that did not want any “black” blood. BJ and Honeycutt painted him up while he was asleep. Love the comment the black nurse made to him.

  94. Legal Welfare citizens should be able to vote. The key words “legal citizens” The way the left wants it there would be nothing for our legal people to receive un -till they get on their feet&
    As more become impoverished
    due to crimes by illegals & payments going to their care
    From a leftist run gov.amen

  95. Legal Welfare citizens should be able to vote. The key words “legal citizens” The way the left wants it there would be nothing for our legal people to receive un -till they get on their feet&
    As more become impoverished
    due to crimes by illegals & payments going to their care
    From a leftist run gov.

  96. And what about the children of American Citizens who are in prison for various crimes? We have prisons FULL OF AMERICANS all across the U.S.A. Most of those prisoners have kids! Shall we lock up their children with them as well? Or maybe you want to tear down all American prisons so the prisoners can be free to be with their kids?

    Trump isn’t forcing children away from parents. He’s enforcing the law on the books. The legislature can fix that law at any time. The facilities he’s using are the same facilities Obama used. Pretending that this is Japanese internment (as Laura Bush suggested) or the Holocaust (as General Michael Hayden suggested) is ridiculous. This policy ought to be fixed. But lying about it isn’t designed to fix it. It’s designed to prevent a fix by allowing Democrats to play political football with children, believing they’re winning a victory by holding Trump’s feet to the fire with pictures of crying children.

    Modern education and left wing media = creating people stupid enough to follow liberals and repeat what they’re told, and dumb enough to think this makes them smarter than everyone else…

    It is a shame that things like this have to explained to the left, especially when you people laughably hold yourself in such high educational regards.

    It is still illegal to be an undocumented alien.

  97. I agree with this guy 100% … I think every registered Democrat should taken in an illegal family and adopt their children. They should move them into their homes, feed them, give them money and send their children through college…it’s only fair after what they’ve done illegally that they should take care of them.

  98. My wife and her family LEGALY moved to the U.S.A. from Juarez Mexico and received “resident alien” status. when she was 13. She did NOT speak a word of English. I met her at 19 and first thought she was born here because she spoke English like it was her first language.

    She now has a BA an MBA and a CPA. She is 48 years old now and pays over $7,500.00 a year in income taxes and $6000.00 a year in property taxes and pays for her own healthcare insurance!

    She wanted to get her citizenship so she could vote Republican!

    So she paid the $900.00 fee. She just went and passed her American history exam at the Federal building. And was sworen in Tuesday July 10, 2018 and is now an American Citizen!

    She and her family came to this country the RIGHT WAY, THE LEGAL WAY! Giving all the illegals amnesty is a slap in her face and the face of every legal immagrant that EVER set foot in the U.S.A. BUILD THE WALL AND DEPORT THE ILLEGALS NOW!

  99. If being “racist” means that I don’t want my country filled with “ILLEGAL aliens” radicallised refugees from countries that hate America, and American Christian values, attacking people in the street because of their religion, yelling “ Death to America, Death to infidels” stabbing inocent bystanders with butcher knifes, and driving over people with their cars, then yes, I am a “racist!”
    100% of all ILLEAGAL aliens in the U.S.A. are CRIMINALS! What part of the term “ILLEGAL / ALIEN”do you NOT understand? Help me help you!

    Liberals think black people and Mexicans are inferior to white people…

    Liberals are so racist, they are against “voter ID law” for blacks, Mexicans and other minorities because they think they are too stupid to know how or unable to get or afford an ID….. They think it is easy for smart white people!

    The truth is…… they know if everybody was required to show an ID while voting illegals and minorities will NOT be able to illegally vote democRat multiple times!

    That is their only hope of winning and getting free stuff!

  100. The cost of the border wall 20 – 25 billion….

    The Cost of Illegal Immigration to the United States. At the federal, state, and local levels, acording to ”F.A.I.R.” Federation for American Immigration Reform, taxpayers shell out approximately $134.9 billion PER YEAR!

    That amounts to EVERY U.S. taxpayer a burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member and a total of $115,894,597,664. The total cost of illegal immigration to U.S. taxpayers is both staggering and crippling.

    Soon we won’t be able to feed the libtards on welfare because the Government is going broke because of the 10 + trillion Obama added to the debt in his 8 year rain of tyranny! Not counting the 2.8 Trillion ACA!

    If libtards want to keep their “free stuff” they need to decide who is more important, their families or the families of illegal aliens?

    Iran and Libtards LOVE our traitor Obama! After all he gave them “Iran our enemy” 150 billion in cash + another 20 billion in interest! Not a single libtard complained!

    But President Trump wants 15 – 20 billion for a border wall to protect the sovereignty of our southern border and libtards complain about that WTF? We could have built 8 border walls and still would have had 10 billion left over with that money!

  101. On Monday July 16, 2018 a federal judge AN OBAMA APOINTEE Dolly Gee in Los Angeles rejected the Trump administration’s efforts to detain immigrant families keeping them together in long-term facilities, calling it a “cynical attempt to undo a longstanding court settlement.”

    U.S. District Judge Dolly Gee said the government had failed to present new evidence to support revising a court order that limits the detention of children who crossed the border illegally.

    The Department of Justice asked Gee to alter a 1997 settlement, which provides the framework for how to handle detained immigrant children, so it could detain families together for longer periods.

    Three years ago, Gee rejected a similar effort by the Obama administration. She ruled at the time that immigrant children generally can’t be held longer than 20 days.

    Also lets not forget that President Obama did the same thing in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq. Obama’s state department stopped processing Iraqi refugee requests for six months, and the libtards said NOTHING!

    Also under Obama he enacted H.R.158 the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 (expanded to all seven countries “of concern” in February 2016).

    Libtards are such stupid hypocrites!

  102. If you are indeed being sarcastic, that is okay. If not, you’re NUTS! I have an idea for sending them home. Old, barely functional rail road box cars. Stuff them full of these people, get on a usable line back into Mexico, get the cars moving as fast as possible, then have the engineer slam on the brakes, stop his locomotive, and let the box cars keep going into Mexico.

  103. Keep believing that bovine excrement you have been fed. There are plenty of actions and videos to prove otherwise from scumbags of your party. However, you won’t look it up because you don’t want the real truth.

  104. And you demolemmings wouldn’t abolish free speech for those that opposed you? You are doing it all over the country now! Your party is also working to eliminate the second amendment each and every day.

    You are no better than the NAA ZZZs with your constant lies and double standards. You are the oppressors of this century and this country.

  105. Couldn’t agree with you more. He and the rest if the libturds need to understand and comprehend the meaning of ILLEGAL. Can’t fix stupid.


  107. I also wonder about families who have children taken from them because an illegal alien brutally killed them. Aren’t these families traumatized and worthy of Democrat’s care? Apparently not to democrats.

  108. How do we know that illegals are not voting? In many states, the Liberals have made it against the law to ask for a government issued photo ID. So your analogy would have been more correct with a Bumblebee can’t fly according to science, but they do. 😉

  109. Peggy, I guess you get your views from somewhere other than the US press because that is exactly what they have advocated. They start with we want you to give up “A”. Then we want you to give up “B” and when they are finished you have lost it all. Feinstein herself was an advocate of banning “assault weapons” and taking them away from people by force if need be. But yet she could not even tell the difference between a rifle that looked scary to her and the same rifle type in wood instead of plastic.

  110. Start a fund for those illegals, then check to see how many Libs donate to it! Talk is cheap using other citizens money

  111. Peggy,
    Obviously you didn’t get on fact check and find out the truth. Please don’t continue to say any more because you are showing your complete naive ignorance each time.

    Look up “cost of illegal immigration” on fact check to find out the truth.

  112. Put your crack pipe away, you are hallucinating. That is absolutely stupid. Please move to Mexico, we do not need idiots like you.

  113. First of all, they are all NUTS!! They need to be committed to a Rubber Ramada. As for payments, if these people want them to have payments, then they need to empty their own bank accounts, investment accounts, and go for it. Once they become homeless vagrants for having no money, toss them in jail as a public nuisance. Those people CHOSE to come to America. What happens to them is their fault. Since so many of the demorats think our laws should be ignored, lets go all the way, all laws for everyone should be ignored, the fit survive. That of course means rape becomes allowable. Now, she who thinks the separation thing is so bad, how about it? No laws for anyone. Rape becomes acceptable. How much of that do you want to come your way? None, for all of your many reasons why not, well, that means there needs to be laws for protection. So why should you be protected, but the rest of the country not, by allowing illegals to flood the country?

  114. IT IS OUTRAGEOUS! To hold our president responsible for the separation of these families, illegally crossing our borders and defiantly violating our laws. It is not our nation obligation nor responsibility to welcome them, nor succumb to their demands. Have this blatant Joe Crowley, Soros and all the Liberal multimillionaires, including the Hollywood elitists and the corrupt self serving politicians assume the responsibility of providing shelter and support to this lawless tsunami of illegal trespassers, criminals among them, inundating our nation, and stop blaming our president.

  115. Send them back from whence they came…and take bill blue dress,hilLIARy, sorass, mad maxine, and ditsies pelosi & pokahantass and let aliens dig into their pockets for ‘goodies’ and NOT OUT OF OURS..!E’nuff is E’nuff!

  116. That’s sarcasm if ever you’d see it! Screw them all, illegal is still illegal!

  117. This Democrat Joe Crowley is one big Idiot. He should be put in a straitjacket. What a stupid jackass.

  118. I. agree with your statement. Personally I think the only thing an illegal deserves is immediate deportation, no day in court, nothing, he/she is not an american citizen and only deserves to be treated humanly while in custody. but that is all.

  119. He shows how bad he needs a vote, illegals, oh so he can then get them to vote for him ! Sorry we don’t need anymore burden! We already pay for millions on WELFARE which only 25% deserve it ! I think if you don’t pay your way you shouldn’t have a say ! NO VOTING FOR WELFARE RECIPIENTS !!!

  120. I do believe that is what you call sarcasm!! LOL I think Obama should have to compensate all those HE had separated at the border AND all of the kids he had sleeping stacked up by 2’s and 3’s on top of each other in wire cages-OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET! TYPICAL DEMOCRAT STRATEGY. Accuse the Republicans of what YOU are guilty of, to get the attention of your misdeeds!

  121. Of course Democrat Crowley has decided to totally ignore the fact that the current treatment of illegal alien families is exactly the same as what his former leader, Barack Obama did to illegals. Democrats refuse to look at a whole picture — ever.

  122. Amen ????????! I’d just love to see Mr. Crowley pay for these Illegal immigrants out of his own stuffed pockets, instead of using American Taxpayer money!

  123. what a fool. I’ll work three jobs so democrats can raise my taxes. to pay people that are here illegally. and give them a VOTE. because they don’t care about the American people. VOTE republicans…

  124. I assume that you are also for compensating the children of actual CITIZENS, who, having committed a crime and been convicted of said crime, are spending time in jail for their law-breaking, MINUS the company of any of their non-law-breaking family (which most likely includes children)? Where are you able to find the money to fund that act of “compassion”? Or are you saying that illegal Invaders have more rights and “entitlements” than those who immigrated legally or we’re actually born here?

  125. So, Crowley, here’s an idea. YOU pay for them. I’m already strapped just trying to keep up with everything like, utilities, groceries, clothing, etc. If those ILLEGALS don’t want to be separated from their children, then instead of entering OUR country ILLEGALLY, they should go to a LEGAL Port of Entry and apply for sanctuary. That way they won’t be separated. They will be taken in, vetted, and given a card to stay here, UNTIL they BECOME LEGAL Citizens. That’s the way it works. That’s the way it has ALWAYS worked for LEGAL Immigrants from ANY country. Obey the laws of our land. It’s there for a reason.

  126. He won’t need to buy his way out… he’ll just convince a whole bunch of simple-minded folks unable to think critically or for themselves to follow his every word and they’ll be convinced. He’s already convinced many that up is down; circles are squares and what he says is truth. Terrible for this once great nation.

  127. Common sense has been replaced with greed and a lust for power. Liberals don’t give a crap about the American people or immigrants either. They just want their votes so they can regain power. Many of the illegals are bringing children to get into the US. Some have admitted not even knowing the “children” they are hauling into the country, but they figure, having one with them will allow them to stay. If liberals ever had any sense, they lost it years ago.

  128. Well I think every U.S.A citizen born here should have to include in their tax payment 20 dollars for the Federal Government to distribute equally to illegals. Those citizens not born in the USA should be assessed 50 dollars each.

    All educational expenses should be paid by the government from pre-school to graduation with a Masters Degree regardless of how long it takes them to achieve their goal.

    They should be given a home valued at 200,000 and utilities paid for life.

    Of course free medical from cradle to grave equal to the policy House and Senate members have

    Their heirs should not have to bear the cost of burying them so the government should provide at least 30,000 dollars to cover those expenses.

  129. But they still get it – and all the ‘free’ stuff allows them to send a lot of money back to their home land. And they still contribute NOTHING

  130. What about our legal children in the womb? Dems do not care about their welfare and are ok with getting rid of them, who is watching it for these children. Illegal is still illegal.

  131. They have gone completely insane. Bring on the straight jackets and sedatives. He has been in Congress for 20 years and has failed to see the last 2 administrations separated them too. During Obamas admin. they were even abused. The liberals are so far removed from reality, it’s no wonder they are dangerous. Speaking of making payments, who is going to pay the taxpayers back for the billions we paid to keep them in just one year. Maryland, one of the smaller states spent $1.76 billion in one year. How much have the rest paid? We could pay a huge portion of the National debt, with the money Congress has wasted in the last 16 years.

  132. I was taught that no man is above the law. If we don’t respect each other than there is chaos. Elitist would love that, they are well protected with their own security force. Good reason to disarm America and turn us into a third world country.

  133. Knowing what a big, moronic knucklehead Crowley is (as witnessed by his “pay ’em off with as much taxpayer money as I think I can get away with” statement), Cortez is much, much worse. Watch her every word and her every move CLOSELY, then go on the counter-attack to her insane demands.

  134. Separating the children from their parent/s started under Obama in 2014. Trump was just continuing the policy in place. Ain’t it funny there was no uproar under Obama. And many parents who have been reunited and in the deportation process are purposely leaving their children behind in the good ole USA. Funny how there are so many protests and complaints about the USA, like the NFL etc., but the whole world wants to come here.

  135. My thoughts exactly – Pay them out of their pockets –
    NO Social Security, no welfare, NOTHING coming from American taxpayers – Nothing given would discourage a lot of them from coming here –

  136. Sticks and stones. Do you ever have anything to say Reb that isn’t trashy elementary school stuff? Or is that the stuff you’ve been told to say?

  137. If the Dems want to compensate, they should be able to use the millions out of the DNC treasury. After all if they use the money to try to get more dummies elected they are wastuing their funds anyway.

  138. Crowley is an idiot and I’m glad he had been voted out of office, now we just have to pray that a true Republican will take his place. Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t have the slightest idea of what is going on, she needs to move to China and see what Communism is like.

  139. i agree compansate the illegals , comfiscate every penny every democrat has and give it the illegals , then democrats can get in the same welfare line as the people they seem to love so much, seeing how they can’t stand americans , democrats never spend their own money but love wasting yours

  140. If you don’t want to be separated from your children and arrested for coming here illegally then don’t come here. If you try and get caught the consequences are on you. Sorry but that’s how it works. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. ICE is here to stay and safeguard our great country so stay out. You will be caught.

  141. If she is so ignorant about “Ethnic Cleansing” she sure doesn’t belong in any position of leadership,.,the difference is common knowledge to most people and generations, and the handling of the illegals is NOWHERE NEAR THE SAME!!! HER IGNORANCE IS SHOWING IN SEVERAL AREAS, AND I WOULD NEVER VOTE FOR ANYONE THAT IS THAT UNKNOWING!!! Also, If she is so inclined to give money to them,,,,let her be and example and start a fund with her own money!

  142. so now they feel the heat and want to buy their vote… what?? the dems can’t win on their own merit.. fake promises aren’t enough???

  143. If The United States of America has that kind of money to throw in another black hole, I want my taxes back with another round of tax cuts deeper than the last one.

  144. I myself prefer a “Cabbage Head”. A lot more “Solid”. Much more so than any “Dumbocraps” head. I’d hate to have to see what’s inside one of those!
    Unless of course, someone made a “Canoe” out of one.

  145. Think again Peggy. You really believe that. Talk to some vets who serviced protecting our freedom and don’t forget the disable people or seniors. These people get free housing, money, healthcare, food stamps and yes even a free cell phone to call home to their country. Now they even take our jobs at a fraction of the money that you would get paid. WAKE UP. Their stories are starting show they are also liars.

  146. I don’t think a person can really be that stupid. This moron wants to compensate someone for breaking the law? They would not be separated if they did not crossed the border illegally.

  147. I don’t think a person can really be that stupid. This moron wants to compensate someone for breaking the law law? They would not be separated if they did not crossed the border illegally.

  148. what about these people paying for all the “freebie” that have been given to them since they’ve been in this country “illegally” which means they are “criminals” “lawbreakers”! what happens to Americans when we break the law? we have to pay for what we’ve done! wake up America! that democrat is crazy! is he gonna spend his money to upkeep these “illegals”?

  149. Ya know Reb, I think someone said those same things to me… like in the third grade; which seems to be the level of intelligence here.

  150. Numbers don’t matter at this point because it is costing the U.S. 53 BILLION YES BILLION DOLLARS TO SUPPORT THE ILLEGALS. It can come from your pocket but not mine.

  151. What an excellent way to have more illegals bring children hoping they will be separated so they can make some $$$. What is wrong with people. Just build the wall and have Jeff Sessions change or immigration policy regarding asylum. The GOP just blew a chance to do this! Where is the common sense this country had many years ago. Our foundation is eroding little by little until we become a third world country as well.

  152. I go to Laredo tx every weak I speak many Mexican people and I’ve ask the question do the people coming a cross the border know that their children will be taken from them answer is yes now if they break the law they are separated from their children because they broke the law now we created family detention centers well we as Americans if we break the law we go to jail where’s our family detention center so we are not separated from our children just saying

  153. Only a dumbocrap would come up with paying people to break the law.(seen better heads on lettuce)

  154. John, I think research means actually paying attention to something beyond Fox Propaganda Network and Breitbart.

  155. Just as we would immediately evict an uninvited guest found in our homes, so must we immediately evict an uninvited guest found in our country, without exception.

  156. And of course the world is flat, the sky is green and mr. trump never told a fib. Where have you been?

  157. Yet, I happen to know for a fact that they do get this “help”! They get the same benefits as US citizens. All they have to do is have one baby.

  158. Surely he meant to say “deport”. These illegal aliens are responsible for their conditions.

  159. I do not see you being able to refute his figures. If you think he is wrong then prove it yourself. Do the research. Maybe you will learn something.

  160. You can thank George Soros for funding People without Borders. This invasion isn’t by accident. They are at war with our country and our Constitution. Progressives are a cancer to our liberty!!

  161. He’s free to give as much of his own money as he desires. If he tries to give any of mine, he’ll go to bed without his supper. Permanently.

  162. Audrey, at least half of what you say here is provably false; and he wasn’t a senator in Connecticut… it was Illinois. And pulling us out of the economic collapse we were in saved your butt and mine. Meanwhile, why aren’t you complaining about mr. trump, for whom we taxpayers have already paid $72 million for his weekend golf trips?

  163. If he wants to compensate them let him do it from his own assets whatever that may be. The taxpayers owe nothing to the invaders except to turn them around at the border. Lets compensate our military veterans for services to the country…..

  164. These people had no business herr to begin with. Let these liberal leftist demos give them money from ther pockets, not taxpayers.

  165. And meanwhile, I received a pittance from the new tax cuts, which has quickly been eaten up by inflation, higher gas prices, etc. while the 1 percent are flourishing in dough.

    And thank you, Peggy, for bringing some sense here.

  166. It really is such unsubstantiated drivel that is the true enemy within.. and people who believe it and spread it. And why is it the “fake news” continues to be proven truthful?

  167. You obviously don’t live near the border or just don’t care about the future of your family.

  168. The biggest problem in our country is,”the enemy within”…the liberal (D)’s !
    If it were not for them, we would not have illegals pouring in, we would not have Muslims,(that have not been properly vetted) in our government/country!
    We would have the wall completed years ago that was previously approved!
    Obama would NEVER have been nominated for Senator, let alone President.

  169. The biggest problem in our country is,”the enemy within”…the liberal (D)’s !
    If it were not for them, we would not have illegals pouring in, we would not have Muslims,(that have not been properly vetted) in our government/country! We would have the wall completed years ago that was previously approved!

  170. our government needs to address real problems in the country, immigration has to be the least of our worries!!

  171. Does anyone really believe the libs are really concerned about the illegals? The ONLY concern they have is getting & staying in power. To do this they need many, many votes to do so. The best way to do this is to give handouts to illegals to “buy” their votes. I know ,illegals can’t vote. An airplane can’t fly either but it does.

  172. Peggy, Elizabeth Warren said if elected, she would raise the tax rate to 50 %. You are the one that needs to get your facts straight!!!!

  173. Where can I start, no one has ever advocated doing away with the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution this is just pure silliness. Gun control laws that are enforceable are wonderful and right now they’re not enforceable that’s all anybody is asking for is common sense although common sense is not all that common. I personally would like to take away all of the careers of the ice officials who knowingly separated children from their parents and then listed them officially on government documents as unaccompanied minors. This was a violation of any kind of common decency. To think the Republican party used to stand up for justice and equality. Those officers of our ICE enforcement should be fired for doing such a heinous thing. I still do not comprehend the exclusion of people with dissenting ideas from a presidential meeting is appropriate it is through compromise that integrity and Justice is achieved not by lying on a government form saying this child that you’ve just taken from his mother’s parms doesn’t exist.

  174. He has evidently suffered a mental collapse. Perhaps his Obamacare can provide treatment or therapy.

  175. That law goes back to when slick Willie was POTUS; well before O/Clinton’s reign. It’s not new and yes they knew, or should have done. They KNEW they were breaking our laws and what their home nations do to lawbreakers; they should’ve expected SOME measure of penalty. And any “harm”to the kids for life is ON THOSE PARENTS who chose to defy our laws anyway and drag them in here, even after being WARNED at the border they would be separated.

  176. Please don’t? Leftists take that as a challenge and work to show you than can go lower or be dumber every time.

  177. You’re right; there was NO assistance beyond a sponsor here to help new arrivals navigate an unfamiliar nation and its laws to become contributing citizens. Even the sponsor was a 20th century addition to the process. As for “compensation” they got FAR TOO MUCH of that already, when they got into the nation at all! If he wants them paid he’s free to start writing checks for them on his PERSONAL accounts only!

  178. Unfortunately, we must keep repeating their hypocrisy and ignorance until even the most ignorant can understand how ridiculous the liberal idiots are!
    It can start by weeding out the ignorant of history teachers in our public schools. Adequate education can do much to solve these problems for the future.

  179. Just those whose kids were separated from them. Of course our own citizens’ kids are separated from them when they go to jail for committing crimes too, so why wouldn’t we do that with illegal invaders’ questions.

  180. WRONG POTUS you’re labeling Trump; that was O’s behavior for 8 years! Where was your protest when he lied EVERY TIME his mouth opened? When he violated the Constitution and YOUR rights every other day practicallY? The hypocrisy is strong with you!

  181. Unfortunately, Obama has set a precedent. Now any illegal squatter in this country can aspire to be president unless we do something to stop the precedent now.

  182. According to the United States Supreme Court, illegal immigrants have NO standing in this country. Yes, America was built on many immigrants – – – L E G A L IMMIGRANTS who came into America, the right way. Illegal immigrants are costing us tax payers over $103 B I L L I O N a year in different forms of aid and assistance. Illegal immigrants receive almost $1,000.00 more a year, in financial assistance, than a U S citizen in poverty! WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!!! Illegal immigrants are draining our medicare entitlements (they never contributed one penny) and they are draining state medicare programs as well. SEND THEM A L L BACK HOME – – YESTERDAY!!! NO COURT NECESSARY (THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY CIVIL STANDING IN AMERICA). THEY ARE I L L E G A L!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE! ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS!!SECURE OUR BORDERS! LET YOUR SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN/WOMAN KNOW YOU WANT THEM TO SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMPS PILLAR IMMIGRATION REFORM.

  183. Trump would love to do away with “freedom of speech” for anyone and anything that doesn’t agree with his viewpoints. You state no one is above the law. Time will show that holds true for Trump or will he just do his usual and “buy” his way out of trouble???

  184. If he believes this is the way to go, garnish 100% of his wages and contribute
    it to the Medicaid, food stamps program, or any of the other Government programs that these people already take advantage as soon as they can. He should put his money where
    his mouth is!

  185. When these so called elected officials no longer need to lie to get reelected they all seem to show their true colors before leaving office. Just another slime leaving the cesspool. Just like those in Chicago wanting to give every person in the city $500.00 while they are billions in debt. Hmmmm maybe they should do like Seattle or listen to Pocahontas Warren and raise taxes 50% on the middle class on up or to business so they end up with no way to make a living?

  186. Bruce your so right. Some of them were kids that didn’t belong to anyone. Lets hear from these ignorant Democrat Social Liberals in Congress. Obama wasn’t even Legal to be a President. We now know that. His Birth Certificate was a fake. So how many Congressman allowed him to become a President and he was an Illegal to begin with. Some great bunch of Seat Warmers that put a man in that wasn’t even a Citizen of the USA. They had his Birth Certificate made up and then noted that he was a Senator where. In Connecticut and then he never sponsored a Bill while there. No wonder Obozo didn’t know what to do . Raised Taxes like a good little person and then he and Michelle went places that nobody ever heard of and spent money that nobody had and kids were going hungry in America just so he could be a Muslim Prince.

  187. Once a stupid idea is tossed in public, it is going to be another headache to dealt with. The Democrats keep spewing another wild idea after another one. Abolishing ICE, for example. Repeal the 2nd Amendment. Gee.

    Anyone encouraging a stand-up to your face would escalate anyone to the new level: a counterprotest attack against a peaceful rally or speech. Clearly a violation of freedom of speech. Everything they are against just keep escalating from bad to worse. We already have our elected representatives being attacked at the restaurants and private home areas.

    Then why is that the government did not act? Maybe they will not act until someone get murdered? What is the result of Las Vegas concert mass shooting? Was it another government cover-up?

    By the way, aren’t we supposed to enforce the existing laws to keep the aliens out? A law is a law. It has to be enforced. If we refuse to heed the law, then what do we need the court for? Seem that the liberals already lost the understanding of what the law meant to be. It requires civility and respect.

    Crowley is promoting the idea of rebellion. We still need the wall to end it.

    No one is above the law.

  188. How stupid can this man be. He thinks we should pay “illegal” aliens that cross into the US. What an idiot. He should be kicked out of office.

  189. I love it when these libtard Democrats emphasize their ignorance with such certainty; and they do so publicly! Keep it up! No one who pays federal taxes likes the idea of providing welfare or any other form of compensation to foreign criminals…those who have entered this country illegally…or even those who have illegally overstayed a prior authorization to be here.

    As a large majority of our citizens believe that a secure border and border enforcement are essential elements of a sovereign nation, and that WE get to decide who can enter or just be here, the prospects for a big “red wave” bode very well for the November, 2018 elections, and beyond.

  190. Joe Crowley just cut his own throat again. He was so sure of himself and laxadaisical that he lost to a moron who doesn’t even know where she is half the time. A TRUE COMMUNIST now to stand with her is even worse than we thought. some were hoping Joe, I one of his constituents – sorry to say _ but we will do all the keep this loggerhead out of Congress. Even suggested Joe run independently, as he would surely beat her but now we don’t want him anymore either. sucks up to Pelosi!

  191. He and everyone else that takes this stance should be be dismissed permanently from office and sent home in disgrace. He is not representing the People, but betraying them. It is time the People spoke up loud and clear, and that they vote out these brain dead traitors from office by rallying together to vote in new Congressmen who will represent the People and do what they want.

  192. What about all the illegal immigrant families that were separated under the ObamASS “DARK AGE”. There was absolutely no concern about the problem them then.

  193. The care immigrants get in the USA fair exceed the care they can provide for themselves or care by other countries. WHY DO YO THINK THEY COME HERE…and not ask for asylum in a number of other countries that offer it?

  194. nonsense. they knew the law before they crossed our border which dates back to Clinton-Obama and they should not had attempted to bring their children with them in the first place for they knew the consequences. also, many of the children did not cross with their actual parents.

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