Wait until you see how Ted Cruz’s opponent just attacked police

Democrat Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke is the left’s darling in Texas.

He regularly spews the radical left’s rhetoric.

But O’Rourke just crossed the line when he said this about our police.

Beto O’Rourke was invited to a townhall meeting at Prairie View A&M University in Texas.

During the event he slammed law enforcement calling it “the new Jim Crow”

He said:

“Talking about criminal justice reform, let’s talk about where this problem started. When contractors needed labor, they would talk to local law enforcement who would arrest African-Americans for idling, for petty crimes, frivolous offenses. Those contractors would describe the number of bodies that they needed and law enforcement would provide those bodies… in a system that was radically unjust, following what we thought was the end of that injustice at the end of the civil war.

That injustice, to many more people here than I know firsthand, continues to persist today. That system of suspecting somebody, solely based on the color of their skin; searching that person solely based on the color of their skin; stopping that person solely based on the color of their skin; shooting that person solely based on the color of their skin; throwing the book at that person and letting them rot behind bars solely based on the color of their skin, is why some have called this, I think it is an apt description, the new Jim Crow.”


Without providing any evidence, O’Rourke is accusing our law enforcement of perpetuating injustice.

But this is typical behavior for Democrats.

Democrats like O’Rourke use victim storylines to push their radical agendas.

It should also be noted that Beto O’Rourke has had a run-in with the police in the past.

In 1998 O’Rourke was arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol after causing an accident.

The truth is, Democrats like O’Rourke won’t stop playing the identity politics game pitting groups in society against each other.


  1. It is the best they can get. Liberals have become the trash in the country they’ve all had felonies that’s who they are they get points for that.

  2. I just can’t handle much more of these idiots! They truly are picking from the bottom of the rancid barrel! Are all the demonRATS that have thrown their greedy hands into the campaign fundraising pot really the best we have in this country?!? Where are all the men and women with honor, dignity, morals and a true desire to better America and the lives of AMERICANS? When did we get all these greedy no soul morally corrupt Constitution hating Foreigners?

  3. I just can’t handle much more of these idiots! They truly are pu kicking from the bottom of the rancid barrel! Are all the demonRATS that have thrown their greedy hands into the campaign fundraising pot really the best we have in this country?!? Where are all the men and women with honor, dignity, morals and a true desire to better America and the lives of AMWEICANS? When did we get all these greedy no soul morally corrupt Constitution hating Foreigners?

  4. Forget DrJD, Diane, Ricb, et al. They like the rest of liberal progressive left like to talk down to us every day hard working Americans. They truly believe they better than us.
    As Senator Graham(sp) said, God forbid if they get power.
    Get out and vote straight Republican ticket.
    God bless America and President Trump.
    Former Democratic

  5. robert francis o’rourke!!!!! He is just a two-faced liar. He is pro-amnesty, open borders, voter rights for illegals, government assistance for illegals, social security for illegals, higher taxes on those that work and the list has just begun…

  6. I doubt there is any Hispanic or Irish i his blood. Both have traits of hard honest work and only while telling a good joke/story. He can not claim either trait, thus he fits into the fake Demon Rats gang well. I gladly already voted to Ted! Go get them, Sen. Cruz!

  7. That is the democrat party. A party of lies, crime, resistance, hypocrisy to obtain power. As someone said, demonrats.

  8. I would like to remind all the decent citizens anywhere. How would you like it if there were no police. I bet even the loons would not like this,

  9. Actually we are on similar thought waves. I too am concerned about supporting Cruz because of his reactions to Trump. However, all the presidential candidates he and Rubio are the only two who actually got over it and stepped up and realized that Trump is doing some good stuff. It is for this reason that I am supporting Ted Cruz. VOTE NO BETO THE FAUX LATINO????

  10. Blah blah blah. & the B.S. jd speaketh. The new
    RR site psycho analyst. Mostly i read 1 sentence & ‘Move 0n’.
    & probably will ‘Move 0ut’ lol. Too much dr. Ford. GAK.
    > Claim your ‘domain’ ??? (to the ‘peep’s that read your ink)
    No place to go. ??? Like you said B.S.jd, Take Prevagen.

  11. 0’Rourke is exceeding Detrimental to USA.
    Cruz seems to be ‘missing’ 1 leg. aka ‘member’
    aka ‘stick’.

  12. He read in the democrat party play book. He is only vomiting up what the party line is. People like this have no thinking brain of their own. They only parrot what his handlers tell him to. Sometimes it is like watching a ventriloquist act. I just have to wonder whose hand is up hi but making his mouth move?

  13. If Mr. O’Rourke (I do not use his stolen Hispanic nickname of Beto, because he is not Hispanic in any way) is so incensed against “Jim Crow Laws” he should resign from the democratic party. It is the Democrat Party who were pro-slavery, formed the KKK, and instituted the “Jim Crow Laws”. He is against the very thing that his party were forcing on people nearly 200 years ago. Mr. O’Rourke is in essence a pure blood 100% hypocrite.

  14. David – you are so right. I’m mid 70’s……..seen alotta bad on both sides. But Trump is what we need now – not more pandering and kissing rears while they stuff their pockets. Show me one former president who did not come out better off – other than Truman. Another super honest man……Trump doesn’t even get paid for this abuse………He just keeps putting one foot in front of the other and keeping promises. God Bless Him. And protect him from the Rhinos in government

  15. No Doc. You are mistaken. More of the Liberal myth – Even Hllary’s mentor Byrd was Racist KKK from the south. They ONLY pretended to be for civil rights when they realized they could pull the wool over the uneducated blacks and get their vote. Southern Democrats were the KKK. They just wear black hoodies now instead of white capes. And cities are full of welfare minded liberals who depend on govt for everything – got some in the country also, but not as much $$$$$ to throw around so we tend to work for a living…….and proud of it.

  16. The poor little flowers. They both act like biker mamas. They deserve as much respect as they dish out. Diane talks like a gutter slut. Killery cussed her staff like a sailor. I thought liberal women wanted equality.

  17. This is the second time this week he’s spewed some real crap. He told a black audience he was trying to impress, that immigrants are needed to pick cotton.

  18. The issue is not Beto spewing this crap. The issue is whether the voters of Texas will be stupid enough to fall for it.

  19. What are you, 12 years of age? You do no credit to yourself with such ignorant postings, rafael. Just shows you are an ignorant low life.

  20. You know, you guys LOVE to call people names, like “libturds” and “demoncrats” and you wonder about polarization. Well, it can go both ways. Have a liberal I know that calls you Trumpons, like Tampons but heads up another orifice. Doesn’t help the dialogue, does it?

    I am glad you are only joking . . . but you all really gang up on Diane, and give her insults and a bunch of nasty vulgarities. Sometimes it appears, that you like to insult a lot of females, like Hillary and have a grand time finding fault with others, while refusing to look at any fault within yourselves. I recognize the pattern, it is classic — you feel comfortable when you find someone else to belittle.

  21. Diane , go play with your 12″ Dildo ; you do need it very bad .
    Fool Full of Hate . Diane you are a F****** Mess .

  22. Respectfully disagree. Despite Trump’s pomposity regarding Cruz during 2016, Cruz supports him in every way he can…..including being the only Republican to stand and vote favorable to Trump. I love ’em both. Definitely what we need instead of morons like Beto

  23. Dr. I was only joking. I have no interest in meeting Diane. I threatened nobody. As far a bring so called African Americans to my house , I would make them welcome. If they came in peace. If not, I have a remedy for that. Same for my fellow honkies. Don’t put words in my mouth. Another favorite pastime for libturds.

  24. Not only have we heard that before, but it has been debunked by the head of the NEWS division at FOX news. Hannity promotes a lot of these false conspiracy theories, and the News people at Fox know that much of what Hannity says he makes up for ratings.
    Uranium one debunking:

  25. I want to add, Dan and others, since many of you have said racist things (not most of you, but only a few, like Dan), how would it be received if I said I knew whom you are (I don’t) and thought I would bring over some of the African-Americans to have coffee at your house? Would that not be taken as a threat especially if I also included insults that you were a “racist jerk” and unhinged?

  26. I’d like to know from where O’Rouke is getting his history? It sounds like he is referring to “chain gang” labor. He certainly doesn’t understand business. No business that wants to stay in business is only looking for “bodies.” Even construction jobs are skilled labor and require teamwork to complete work effectively and efficiently to make a profit. What ever happened to critical thinking? There is a responsibility of the audience to question the garbage they are being fed. I guess that’s why these kind of garbage shovelers like to speak on college campuses. Wake up parents! Talk to your kids about reality.

  27. The southern Dixiecrats were Democrats at the time, and when the Northern Democrats, like the Kennedys supported the Civil Rights Act in 1965 and stood up to the KKK and followers, after the Civil Rights law passed, the southern Democrats became Republicans and turned the south solid red. The Republicans did not pass the Civil Rights Act, and because the northern Democrats supported it, the southerners turned on them and many of them are in your party right now. The white supremacists and KKK marched for Trump in Charlottesville and were filmed giving the Nazi salute and exclaiming “Heil Trump”.

  28. Even though I disagree with most of you a lot, I have to disagree with O’Rourke and his statement on the police. Like the FBI, every organization has a few bad apples. But, by in large, our police officers put themselves at risk protecting us, and most work very hard at protecting us. We should appreciate them for protecting us from becoming victims of criminals, for removing those elements and putting them, after conviction, into prison. Perhaps there are a few bad apples, but that does not make the work of most of them mean they should be judged by the few.

    One favorite story I love is Richard Pryor did a movie about prison and it was filmed in Arizona state prison with actually prisoners. Pryer thought he was cool, so between takes he would “talk to the brothers,” which he did several times. He said after doing that he learned” “Thank GOD there are prisons!”

  29. I look at it as “the lesser of two evils” between Beto and Cruz.

    I personally think that Cruz is a self serving presidential wanna be who does whatever he can to thwart President Trump just to make himself look “better” for his next attempt to run for president. (Compare him and you’ll see a less sophisticated version of Ryan!)

    Beto on the other hand is a total moron, following the liberal rhetoric to the letter and would be simply another pawn of the deep state that is giving the directions to the Democrats in Congress.

    Given the 2 options, I’d go with Cruz every time. Given a different option within the Republican side, I’d have difficulty deciding to vote for Cruz.

  30. Ted Cruz needs to bring these Questions/Points up in his debate with this Libratard MORON Question 1) Where were you re;the Murder of the Ft.Worth Police Office when you were all over the news re: the murder of Botham John .Question 2)Why did your campaign office ask that there be no America flags at the VFW when you speak when you are standing in front of an American flag in your T.V. ad,,We Republican/Conservatives see right threw you O’Rourke What a freaking Hypocrite

  31. This kind of talk from a Politician is disgraceful. Democrats still trying to keep up Obama’s Great Divide in our Country & working against Law Enforcement. What is happening in our Country, can U only imagine if Hillary was elected? Total Chaos.

  32. Robert Taylor, what does this have to do with the topic – – we did not get into anything about the UN – -sounds like a personal issue of yours.

    And speaking of that, about all I have seen from this post this far is slamming of O’Rourke. It seems all too often conservatives whole platform is slamming others – – “vote for me because the other person is bad or evil.” I know Cruz ran for president, is one of the most disliked persons in the Senate, Trump falsely blamed Ted’s father for involvement in the killing of JFK, Cruz said Trump was the biggest liar in America. But just what has Cruz done in his time in the Senate that has warranted another term?

  33. I just noticed that he has a slight Kennedy look to him, and Damnocrats are big on superficial appearances to get vote from the “little people” out there. Hope that factor doesn’t work. Actually, I see Hogg in him by appearance and word.

  34. It is obvious that you do not like Cruz. I am appreciative of the fact that they do not like him because he rocked the boat in congress and refused to play by their rules. We need more men of such character and not a bunch of liver lipped thumb sucking yes men.

  35. Joan have a clue?republicans don’t want healthcare for children with existing conditions..wow are u tapped.another anti American brain dead asshat

  36. True! But those were the Dixiecrats, and they have virtually all left the Democrat party and become Republicans. Now the south is solidly Republican but some of that is changing in the cities, which tend to support education and democratic social issues.

  37. Diane: Do you know anything other than the Progressive politics of personal destruction? There are polenty of people who may not know or use good grammer, but they DO know right from wrong, unlike the Left.

  38. They were obviously dumb enough to elect Ted Cruz in the first place. Ted is one of the most disliked people in Congress. His dog won’t even play with him even with a pork chop tied around Ted’s neck. He called Trump the most dishonest guy in America.

  39. Unfortunately, about half of Congress DOES believe that crap, and so does about just under half the the country’s voters. That’s why Democrat cheating is so effective. They only have to do a relative “little” amount of cheating to effect a win, which is why they were so confident about Hillary wining in ’16.

  40. THese lefties.. Dems or what they should be called Communists… want
    Sanctuary cities,
    Open borders
    Turn back the tax relief
    Healthcare for all illegals
    Get rid of Ice
    Illegals able to vote as well as felons
    Free college.. let the taxpayers pay… which tells us these people never plan on jobs

    They want to turn Texas into Calif.. which was just announced to have more poverty than any other state. These Dems have turned a beautiful $$ state into on where the middle class are not welcome.
    Unfortunately for those of us in great states, many have left Calif because of what their votes caused.. no jobs, high taxes, disrespect for laws and this country.. and have come to our states and have not learned their lessons…. All lib DEMS. SO California here comes Texas if these Dems are elected.

  41. He even looks like a horse face S.O. B.,,Look at the big teeth on this Liberal Moron. I would also like to point out that he was all over the news re: the Botham John murder,but a no show on the news re: the Ft.Worth police officer killing,,Hey am I wrong or were those black men and thug kids who murdered the Ft.Worth Police Officer !

  42. In the picture I see, he has a nose ring not sure if it is a shadow or a ring if it is a ring Soros most have a rope attached and pulls that jackass won a be KENEDY LOOK ALIKE piece of garbage and LOONATICK into THE RUBBER ROOM WHIT THAT IDIOT

  43. If Beto is ahead in he polls they must be skewed. Regardless, all patriotic Texans must be sure to vote come November. This is not a time to go fishing while our freedom is at risk.

  44. Beto, or whatever your name is, do you really think the good people in Texas would vote for you over Ted? They are smarter than that and you are a complete scumbag!!

  45. We live in a world today where liberal whites base everything on a persons race, ethnicity, gender, or gender orientation. Where these same liberal whites call for the genocide of whites but refuse to kill themselves and their offspring to get the ball rolling. Lead by example if whites suck so bad. Eat a bullet help solve the evil white male problem. Libs also love to mention white serial killers as a problem. They truly are. Yet all the white serial killers in USA history have not killed as many people as blacks kill each other or blacks kill whites in a year in the USA. When will this be a problem

  46. What an amazing idiot this guy is. If they elect someone like this Idiot then they deserve what they get! Sad day in America when these views are actually entertained!????

  47. When he went to the historical point “where it all started,” he left out the fact that is was the southern democrats who controlled the South. Like it or not.

  48. Guess you like liars, con men,racist, bigots, no health care for children with existing conditions and the list goes on. You like this type of person you must be like him congrats another hater of man kind

  49. I know a lot of Texas people. They are smart, intelligent people. I cannot believe anyone, Democrat or Republican, would want someone with his stupidity to represent them in Congress. If he believes what he wrote, he does not deserve to even have a job, let alone be a member of Congress.
    If all the members of Congress believed like he does, this country would be worse than Nazi Germany during Hitlers rein. Even the Trump haters should throw this idiot in the gutter, where he belongs.

  50. Look at history unfortunately like it or not it is the truth and racists are in the white house. Whites also attempt to flee the crime if your guilty you run. I am white and believe in equality which seems to be dead. Color should not judge who you are. If they really did something wrong that is different but we still live in a world that judges by color of your skin. Son of sam was white as the boston strangler.

  51. pot calling kettle black. he offers no proof, and you people suck it up like candy that is simply rhetoric to inflame weak minds. if you have the courage, demand proof, he doesn’t have anything to support his contentions, just rhetoric. Sad.

  52. How in the world is this idiot able to run for office knowing he was arrested under the influence of alcohol does it make any sense well I guess is the corrupt demo rat committee

  53. I’m a Republican over 60 years old. In my lifetime the Republican Presidents have been chicken sh!t from the top down and the Democrat Presidents have been chicken sh!t from the bottom up. The only President in my lifetime that has had America’s best interest at heart is President Trump. The opposite of good for America is Beto O’Dorke.

  54. @Diane – I wonder if Beto-off even knows that the Democrats instigated the ‘Jim Crow laws’, the KKK and FOUGHT the Republicans to NOT pass the Civil Rights Act?

  55. O’Rourke also wanted a VFW hall to take down the American flags before his speech, and the commander told him “…Hell NO.”

  56. Dan – None of you are invited for coffee……….ever. I’d rather poke my eyes out with sticks. And there’s no way Kyle or anybody else will EVER find out who I am because I’m not a paid troll. Never have been. That’s your paranoia in action. You actually “believe Kyle’s crap, too? OMG, are you an easy mark. Ignorant AND paranoid. Not a good combination

  57. I bet you don’t even know that the Leftist Politicians with the Fake Conservatives Sold %20 of the USA Uranium o Russia, Syria and Iran, while they were all getting kickbacks from supposedly USA Enemies. The Clintons’s Foundation got $145 Millions just from these “Enemies”

  58. Dan – You’ve got to be dumbest male on this asinine website. No wonder you’re a Trump supporter- You’re as stupid as he is and believe all the lies the con artist spews out……….”Them things”. Seriously???? Did you even finish 4th grade? I have serious doubts.

  59. I believe our good Texans will oust this maggot from the left. Cruz has opened up a lead in the polls recently .

  60. Beto is really the cesspool of Texas. A very dangerous individual that is completely for the unrestricted borders and completely against the gun ownership rights. This guy is bad, bad news. Bad.

    True Texans must get out of bed to vote. Be proactive.

  61. This guy sounds likehe favors this because of the UN. There is more going on than anyone out here can imagine.
    I think when President Trump mentioned that he was thinking about removing the USA from the UN he opened himself up to be removed from office they (the one world order group) want him out so bad they are even breaking our Federal laws to accomplish their goal.

    This charter has the same effect on the USA as any other treaty. Thus the Supreme Court has ruled against the Constitution and cited the UN charter as the Supreme law of the land.
    “…UN Charter Invalidates Alien Land Law: United Nations. Treaties. UN Charter Is Supreme Law of the Land and Invalidates California Alien Land Law
    Stanford Law Review”
    Vol. 2, No. 4 (Jul., 1950), pp. 797-809
    Published by: Stanford Law Review
    DOI: 10.2307/1226126
    Page Count: 13
    ”…September 20, 2012
    In the “Review of the United Nations Charter” published by the 83rd Congress, 2nd session, January 7, 1954, covers the whole plan and aims of the United Nations. It discusses a flag flying above the United States flag, the United Nations law superseding that of the United States and the Constitution, and it also discusses an array of other objectives that the United Nations has.”

    “The Charter of the United Nations was signed on 26 June 1945, in San Francisco, at the conclusion of the United Nations Conference on International Organization, and came into force on 24 October 1945. The Statute of the International Court of Justice is an integral part of the Charter.

    Senate Ratifies United Nations Charter, July 28, 1945. On this day in 1945, as World War II drew to a close, the Senate ratified the United Nations Charter by 89-2. Its approval signaled a sea change in U.S. involvement in world affairs.

    Just over a week later, on August 8, President Truman signed the UN Charter… in the background was also the aftermath of the first ever atomic bomb, dropped on Hiroshima two days earlier.” Taken from Heidi Tworek is an Assistant Professor of International History at the University of British Columbia.

  62. This statement by this jerk is doing nothing but continuing racial conflict. He was reported to have praised the police a week or so before that. He’s a lying liberal Demoncrap. I hope that Texans realize this, and vote for Senator Cruz.

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