Wall Street hit Donald Trump with one rude awakening that left him speechless

Donald Trump was counting on the booming economy to carry him to victory in his re-election campaign.

But all those plans were scrambled by the spread of the mysterious coronavirus.

And now Wall Street hit Donald Trump with one rude awakening that left him speechless.

The stock market is in the midst of a major correction.

Wall Street is set for its worst week of losses since the 2008 financial crisis.

CNBC reported “The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted 1,190.95 points, or 4.4%, to close at 25,766.64. The S&P 500 slid 4.4% to 2,978.76 while the Nasdaq Composite dropped 4.6% to 8,566.48. The Dow had its worst day since February 2018 while the Nasdaq and S&P 500 posted its biggest one-day loss since August 2011.”

Moody’s Analytics is now forecasting a 40 percent chance the coronavirus breaks out into a global pandemic.

Mark Zandi – the chief economist for Moody’s – stated that if the coronavirus breaks out into a global pandemic it will cause a recession in the United States and other countries around the world.

A recession would certainly increase the Democrats chances of victory as it would deprive Trump and the Republicans of their strongest talking point in the 2020 campaign.

But while the chances of a recession are increasing, they are not the most likely scenario.

Zandi forecast the coronavirus would cut six tenths of a point of projected U.S. economic growth in 2020 and reduce it from just under two percent to 1.3 percent.

The President and his supporters believe voters would not hold an economic slowdown caused by Chinese virus against the President so long as the administration’s response effectively manages any potential outbreak in the United States.

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  1. Just something to think about. 80% of the generic drugs used in America come from China.

    Some of you may remember the FDA fighting drugs fro Canada that were actually produced in America.

    Don’t you think is strange a Federal Judge picked this time to rule against keeping illegals in Mexico?

    I don’t believe for one minute Corona knows the difference in Conservatives & Liberal/Leftists. Bet CA Representatives & Senators don’t go home much while this is going on

  2. Democrats traitors to the American way they need to pay the American people for all the waste of time they’ve gotten paid for three and a half years for doing nothing but it obstruct our governments.. our President Donald Trump . Has accomplished more in the time he’s been in office than they’ve in all their life…. They all need to be held accountable maybe we should give them Alcatraz Island and they can all stay there or even California make them be self-sufficient and . Suck off each other.. they’re parasites2 Society is what they’re trying to push on us.. as for the coronavirus more people die from the cold and flu so far left is trying to politicize it also they’re sick
    God bless Donald Trump and his values

  3. The commiecrats are probably sabotaging the stock market. No more explanation needed. But it will blow up just like most of their attacks on Trump.

  4. “Cui bono???” The entire sleaze brigade that make up the Demoncrapic presidential “roster” and their minions in the Main Sewer Stream Fake Media apparently are more concerned with scoring cheap calumnious points on the President than trying to form a consensus on the situation. The fact that there are still people that make allowances for these “verminous felons” does not augur well for the future!!!

  5. Nothing the Trump administration did caused this economic downturn. It was inevitable to occur due to an over bought market looking for an event to drive market managers to take profits. It will slowly recover as people adjust to the virus’s existence. Certain equities will do better than others especially those that minimize the viruses effect on our lives.
    This will not hurt Trumps reelection efforts. The Democrats will try to take advantage by convincing the ignorant populous Trump is doing nothing and the spread of the virus is due to his inaction. Those that know better can see through the Democrats rue.

  6. The typical working/middle class person is not directly impacted by the behavior of the stock market (retirement savings have plenty of time to recover). The coronavirus is not going to make voters change their opinion of Trump. No democrat presidential candidate can point to anything they did to alleviate the virus. The only people benefiting from the virus are the usual suspects who always manipulate the markets.

  7. First we are told that Bill Gates owns/has money in the company that developed coronavirus and that he wants to reduce the world’s population by 15% albeit not in the same breath. We know Soros wants to reduce the world’s population as well. Now we find that Rod Rosenstein’s sister is somehow connected to the coronavirus also. Remember him? His wife was on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation along with Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Lois Lerner et al. Snug bunch eh? The Keystone cops of the left. Add to this lot Adam Schiff, (a dead ringer for Chief Inspector Dreyfus of Pink Panther fame), and a cast of thousands – all trying to bring down Trump…..and yes it will be a comedy!

  8. This was the deep throat states plan to get this kind of virus out before the election to get Trump out. They all know especially the democracts that they can’t beat Trump on a fair election so they do this instead. It was a plan all along and it’s gullible Americans who believe the democracts than anything else. It’s to bad we can’t put the democracts in with the billionaires pushing this in the same room as this virus closing the door. Pathetic how the democracts and these wolf wall street jerk would play with people’s lives it should be theirs being messed with

  9. Tha DEMORATS are so happy about the Coronavirus! Instead of being concerned about all of us! They are blaming the virus on PRESIDENT Trump & spreading lies! Like always! They cant get any lower! They’re DISGUSTING!

  10. Stupid is as stupid does! It is really stupid of anyone to blame President Trump for the Coronavirus when it is a manmade bioweapon concocted by either China or the deep state leftists. We Trump supporters will stand by our man – TRUMP!

  11. If you want to know why the Stock Market is in free fall, just take a gander. The rich like Soros, Bloomberg and Steyer can sell of billions of dollars in stock and then, blame it on the Virus. Remember what the Democrat Hokey of Hillary and Obama said? Never let a problem go without being used for their advantages.

  12. F them bastards! We all know it was Chinas doing and the foul democrats can kiss our butts because WE WILL STILL VOTE FOR TRUMP! I would rather have that virus then to ever have them in the WH! F that damn virus because we all know our president will still raise our economy!

  13. Not hard to believe this virus is caused by TRUMP! The friggin economy failing is cause of TRUMP! The SOROS CRAUTS are so desparate, they blame TRUMP!THEY ARE THE ONES POLLUTING EVERYTHING FROM THEIR POISONOUS GASES THEY FART OUT OF THEIR BRAINS!

  14. President Trump is the best president ever. Democrats playing the blame game are so tiresome. They are obsessed with their hatred for President Trump. Thankfully I believe most Americans can see how totally unhinged the democrats are. They have accomplished nothing during the last three years except a failed impeachment. What a waste of time and money. They should be made to repay the Treasury for the cost of Mueller’s investigation, the cost of the impeachment, and every penney of the salary those idiots received.

  15. November 2020 is right months away. That’s the elections. One dead today, now known cure or treatment for the coronovirus. But delicate to others after budget cuts to the CDC in 2018 doctor’s who usually treat their patients are in hospitals preparing to help, but no antibiotics that are guaranteed to cure you, no shot to kill it yet. Just hope and pray. So much for waiting for November. Remember anything that enters this country from any country that has the virus has a chance to become a method of transport, not just people. A great thought.

  16. My trust is still with POTUS. And even if America’s economy is being affected by the virus so are other countries. So it does not matter what the MSM and the Democrats want to blame Trump for, what can they do? The whole world’s economy is affected. Nice try democrats for trying to infect us with your BS.

  17. How long does the flu stay around? About 3 months then it is gone. THEN what is restricting the economy? Nothing is.

  18. If Trump is blamed for this we need to open more meental hospitals cause a lot of people our going to need to put in them. China turned down Trump’s help. Them ass##### don’t care about human life to turn down and offer to make a vaccine. They should be accountable for their actions.

  19. If you like your paycheck, you can keep your paycheck…if you love your country, you can keep your country.

    The political screenplay of the century is here…
    and the title is…

    By screenwriter Douglas Paige.
    America has fallen and can’t get up,
    the overindulgence of America has become
    the failure of America, now it seems our federal
    government has murdered the
    United States of America. Yes, even our federal
    government will want a private viewing of…


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    for three months. Contact info for purchase;;
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  20. It seems like everyone wants to blame Trump for coronavirus. The panic is out of hand.Like any other disease there are people more prone to it than others. The over all percentage of deaths is no higher than any other virus. Will it affect the stock market.it can because a lot of trading has been put on hold for the time being. Then again the stock market is long over do for a correction. I suppose we are going to blame that on Trump to.

  21. The people should know that this problem wasn’t caused by Trump. But no worries. It will be straightened out by election.

  22. Uncle Hoppy
    As you already know, there are milions of idiots who already want a Commie and then millions more who will blame Trump for things he has no control over.
    This could be the catalyst for the civil war that Democrats have been pushing so hard to start.

  23. Wall street will not hurt Trump because everybody knows the Coronavirus is not Trump’s fault. And even if you want to blame Trump for it, what is your alternative?
    So you’re upset about wall street and your going to do a complete 180 and vote for communism? What idiot would do that?

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