Wall Street set one record that was Donald Trump’s worst nightmare

The stock market roller coaster shows no sign of stopping.

Ever since the Chinese coronavirus began spreading across America the stock market’s wild fluctuations disturbed millions of Americans.

And Wall Street set one record that was Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.

On Monday, the stock market plunged by the largest percentage since “Black Monday” way back in 1987.

The Dow Jones Industrial average plummeted just under 3,000 points in the largest single day point drop in history.

Breitbart reports, “The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 2.997 points, or 12.93 percent. The S&P 500 fell 11.98 percent. The Nasdaq Composite fell 12.32 percent. The Russell index of smaller companies fell 14.27.

This was the worst percentage drop since October 1987 for the Dow and S&P 500. It was the worst drop ever for the Nasdaq.

Every sector of the S&P 500 was down, with nine out of eleven down by double digits. Consumer staples were down by 6.99 percent and heath care stocks were down 9.99 percent.”

The stock market was an on 11-year bull run reaching a high of 29,000 in February.

Donald Trump planned to make the market gains and overall health of the economy the centerpiece of his 2020 re-election campaign.

That all changed with coronavirus.

Now the President’s re-election campaign hinges on one issue.

And that will be how the public judges the federal response to the coronavirus.

The early returns on that front are promising.

A Morning Consult poll found 47 percent approved of the President’s response and 43 percent disapproved.

If the public judges the President to have skillfully handled the crisis, then voters will ignore the stock market yo-yoing up and down or the economy going into a coronavirus-induced recession and reward the President with his leadership in a crisis that he did not create with a second term.

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  1. President Trump is doing every thing right. The goofy leftists are trying to shout him down but they can’t. He and his administration will get us through this crisis with lower death numbers than any of the Obama/Biden viruses. The stock market will be back, so it is a good time to buy, besides we need something to do while we stay at home. So for all the naysayers, stay at home, sell your stocks before you lose everything and SHUT UP! MAGA KAG DCC

  2. Recall seeing some signs of a crisis or a form of a collapse approximately one year ago. Never knew exactly what that “crisis” was ever going to be. Just noted those such messages, though.

  3. And here I thought Sanders and Biden were the democrat’s worst nightmare.
    One is a communist and the other is senile, and both are very old white men with health problems.

  4. Okay folks, try to write legible sentences. Our biggest problem is going to be all the jerks out there who think “I won’t get this” or “Everyone will get it, so we might as well do as we please.” Today was St. Patrick’s Day, yet the bars were empty or closed, so somebody’s listening. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve had the CV, but didn’t even notice it, and I’m 71. Yes, we should have jumped right on this thing, and had the ability to test everyone as soon as possible. Blame that on the Chinese, who punished doctors who tried to sound the alarm, and refused to let experts from all over the world come in. The first doctor died of the virus. Now we’re screaming “racism”, like we have screamed so many other things to try to silence, or blame, anyone who disagrees with us. The fact is, in China, the people call this the “Wuhan Virus” There’s nothing “racist” about it. That’s where it started.
    If they would just get toilet paper back on the shelves. Facial tissue doesn’t flush that well. I don’t know if the problem is that people are scared, the paper companies are shut down, or people think they can sell the TP and make a fortune. But it’s not helping our personal hygiene, and that we don’t need.

  5. This coronavirus crisis is not just Donald Trump’s worst nightmare, it’s a nightmare for everyone. It’s time to stop trying to put the blame on President Trump.

  6. You dummy’s can talk down the President all you want but he is the best in my life time I am 54 ! So talk all the negative bs you want and no matter what you liberals say bad or lie about him I am still voting for Trump !!!

  7. Cousin Wilma Lovelace the center for disease control is still alive and well. Nice try but no cigar. Just go vote republican and be glad.

  8. James 75th regiment the fake Dan shows up now and then. He’s a fool. Just like crack head Wilma Lovelace.

  9. There president can not do what he deems best not even using this own words. The Congress and Senate dictate what he is allowed to say and the terminology he is allowed to use. He has run the US like a business man. That was the best thing for us. Everyone else past ,present and future will us that power for their advantage good or bad.We shouldn’t find fault because he is not superhuman. Presenident Trump is only a man. We need to pray for him and our country for the God Almight to send ALL of wisdom and not blame anyone person. WE ALL AT FAULT for keeping our heads in the sand and not making our voices be heard until it was too late. We all share in the blame !! May God give us wisdom and the grace to stand united. For United we stand Devided we fall. We can make it through TOGETHER.!!!

  10. Yes, Trump didn’t cause this situation but he SURELY didn’t take in with any seriousness. First he stated it’s a “hoax” Then next it will go away come April then just a couple of days later it’s a national emergency. Strange huh???? You don’t know what planet this guy is on from day to day…..

  11. No Julio. Trump is STILL leading. Remember the Swine Flu? Check out the Polls and REAP IT!! TRUMP 2020!!!!

  12. “What goes down must comes up!” Our President is Blessed! The Lord our God is watching over HIM!!! He will not FALL, nor FAIL!

  13. This situation could have been much easier to control, if Trump hadn’t disband the
    office for the control of diseases. it would have been easier to get medicine to control
    this problem.

  14. Trump will help get us through this. And I’m glad that it’s him in charge instead of any of the commiecrats. Trump didn’t cause this crisis and is doing all that he can. So come on commiecrats. Go into attack mode. You will lose again.

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