Walmart just attacked Trump supporters. Here is how one Senator responded

Big corporations have realized there is big money in going “woke.”

Major companies used to be considered bastions of Republicanism, but now they are the economic enforcers of the Left’s political agenda.

And now Walmart just attacked Trump supporters. Here is how one Senator responded.

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley announced he would object to the results of the Electoral College and force a two hour debate and vote on accepting the results.

Hawley made the announcement on social media and in a since deleted Tweet Walmart’s official account slammed Senator Hawley ripping him as a “sore loser.”

Walmart later deleted the Tweet and apologized, but the damage was done.

Americans saw that another major corporation fell under the thrall of the Left.

Hawley responded on Fox News by pointing out how big corporations hate conservatives and all supported Joe Biden in 2020.

“I’m not surprised,” Hawley began.

“I mean, these big corporations, these multinationals, they are — first of all, they’re all woke now. They all supported Joe Biden. And they all secretly look down on the people they supposedly serve. I was stunned by that tweet by Walmart. I mean, you talk about insulting, you talk about condescending. I look forward to them explaining that to the millions of people who shop there, by the way, including me and my family.”

“It’s certainly an interesting choice on their part,” Senator Hawley continued.

“And I imagine their customers will have something to say about it.”

Conservatives began to take note of companies bending the knee in the name of social justice as Black Lives Matter burned down cities across America as CEOs of the biggest corporations in America pumped hundreds of millions dollars into Black Lives Matter’s coffers.

It continued into the election where every “vote” campaign was subtly designed to push Americans to vote for Biden.

Now Walmart – which is often lampooned on the Left as being a haven for working class whites without a college degree – popularized by the “people of Walmart” social media pages – now made it clear it is an institution wholly anchored on the Left.

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